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Dating African Women: The Ultimate Guide To Conquering Them

Dating girls from another country or even side of the globe is always an exciting experience. Everything feels new to you, and you are willing to get closer to your partner as soon as possible. At the same time, you may feel a bit awkward if you are dating a foreigner since you may not know what is usual for the dating culture they are used to. To remove this confusion, we decided to create this helpful guide for you: here, you will find out how to date African women, how they are different from other women, and what the secrets of seducing them are. After reading this guide, beautiful African women will not be a hard nut to crack for you.


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Determining African Women

First, we’d like to introduce pretty African girls to you and let you know their personalities at their best. Below, you will find the detailed portrait of a modern African woman and understand why she wants to date foreign men.


How do they look?

Women in Africa are some of the most exotic you can find in the world. All of them are unique in their looks since their genetics is quite different from that of Western, European, and Asian women. They vary in shapes and sizes so you will find whom you’re looking for here: in Africa women are tall and short, slim and curvy, their skin is deep-toned or slightly tanned, etc. All of them have expressive eyes, tender facial features, and sexy bodies, so there is no surprise many African women succeed as commercial and runway models. Would you like to have a girlfriend who is the next Naomi? You can meet her in Africa.

african girls


As for the beauty standards, we can say that beautiful African girls go beyond them. Their appearance is authentic, and they know how to make it stand out with the right outfits. They love unusual jewelry, bright outfits, and feminine clothes as much as African American women, but their love for ethno-style accessories is even deeper. Therefore, if you want to date a woman who will draw the attention of everyone around her, consider dating a beautiful African woman.


Below, you will find out the reasons why Black African girls want to meet foreign men. The most popular ones include:

  • The desire to avoid abuse and cheating. Since Africa is a land of old traditions and customs, local women are still suffering from forced marriages and abusive relationships from a young age. East African women and girls from Central Africa get married at the age of fifteen years old or even younger: such a custom does not contribute to their wellbeing and long life. The situation is even worse for West Africa girls who become wives before they turn fifteen years old, according to statistics from UNICEF. Besides this, they are often cheated on by their older partners or treated with neglect and cruelty. That’s why West Africa women are looking for the chance to move out of their countries to get an education and meet foreign men for marriage.
  • The striving for a better life. Since educational and professional opportunities are limited for African girls much more than for modern African American girls, the former try to use all means to move to more developed countries, get an education there, and return to their home countries to work there. Some of them prefer staying in countries where they got their education, apply for a job, and start a family there. All this is for the better of their kids and husbands.
  • The curiosity about the world beyond Africa. Many African women decide to travel abroad to study foreign languages and explore new cultures. They travel a lot until they find the place where they are comfortable living and working. Eventually, they meet their partners there and dedicate their lives to their families and kids.
beautiful african women


Now that you know why every West and East African girl wants to meet a boyfriend from overseas, you may feel that you are ready to meet them right away. Don’t rush to do that. Instead, know the African women’s features first to make sure they fit your expectations.

African women are fun

This is the first thing you will notice once you meet either an African American girl or a lady from Africa: both of them are quite positive and outgoing. They love big companies and are ready to have fun any time: they are into active leisure, board games, and getting tanned on a beach. Hot African women rarely spend time at home doing nothing, they always have work to do and after that, they dedicate their evenings to their parents and siblings.

They are family-oriented

Family values are very strong in Africa. Although the majority of women get married against their will, they love their babies a lot. They care about them, teach them everything they know to help them grow up happier than their parents. Therefore, if you want to have a kind and caring mother for your kids, choosing a wife among African women is a wise decision.

They cook well

Another positive feature of pretty African girls is that they cook perfectly. They will not cook sushi or hamburgers for you though, but they can get plenty of local dishes done. If you are ready to diversify your diet with a few authentic African dishes, don’t miss the chance to meet hot African women.

They are romantic

Every West and East African girl dreams about having a fairy tale relationship with her Prince Charming who will do everything to make her happy. Since living in African society is not easy, many local girls dream of getting another chance to build up their future in a more successful and peaceful surrounding. Consequently, they consider foreign boyfriends as their saviors who can protect them from poverty and abuse.

They are not spoiled

As you might have guessed from the previous paragraph, dating African women is not expensive: due to the lack of luxury in their lives, they are not spoiled or demanding. They know their worth, but they don’t expect men to spend a fortune on expensive gifts or designer jewelry. Instead, they will be grateful for everything done for them by men so take it into account when you start dating Africa women.

african woman

How to Date African Women? 

  1. Be straightforward and sincere. This is the most universal advice we can give you regarding conquering an Africa woman. All you need to do to make the whole relationship successful is be sincere and open with your girlfriend: she needs to see your intentions clearly to understand whether your relationship has a future;
  2. Be ready to lead the relationship. As we already noted, women in Africa are conservative and traditional, so they believe that men should lead the dating process and they just need to follow them. You should be brave enough to take on this responsibility if you want to date African women;
  3. Don’t promise or compliment too much. Since African girls are not spoiled and self-assured, they are not comfortable hearing a lot of compliments about themselves. Therefore, don’t say a lot about them on your first dates: occasional compliments are welcome, but don’t turn your date into a constant praising of your African girl;
  4. Don’t express your interest in other women. African women will be surprised if you try to compliment other women in their presence or decide to date a few women at a time. They will put up a fight at least or even break up with you immediately without any chance to bring your relationship back. Keep in mind that African girls take dating seriously so they will be hurt deeply if you cheat on them;
  5. Do more than talk. Last but not least important is to remember that African women notice every step you take and count every word you say, so make sure you do more than you promise. Such a strategy will take you far and provide you the chance to date an African woman and create a family with her.

Where to Meet African Women?

Now that you know how to date African girls, you are probably interested in where to meet them. There are a few options that differ by complexity, expenses, and effort you need to put into to get the African women’s attention.

african women

Best cities to meet African women

Firstly, we suggest that you look through the list of cities where the most beautiful and successful African American women live. If you travel to either of them, you will have high chances of meeting local brides:

  • Southfield, Detroit, Michigan;
  • New Rochelle, New York City;
  • Missouri City, Texas;
  • Alexandria, Virginia;
  • Pembroke Pines, Florida;
  • Inglewood, California;
  • Fairfield, California;
  • Sandy Springs, Georgia;
  • Rancho Cucamonga, California;
  • Grand Prairie, Texas.

The mentioned cities have the highest living standards, wages, and educational opportunities for Black African girls, so the most persistent of them live there. These cities are also the safest for Black women in the USA, so they are comfortable living and meeting people there. If you live in either of the mentioned states, traveling there for dating African women will be convenient for you.

If we are to talk about African cities, we suggest that you visit the most developed ones since they are the most secure for foreigners. They include Johannesburg, Cape Town, Accra, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam.

Local places to meet African women

Now, let’s take a look at particular spots where you can meet African American girls in the USA. It can be shopping malls, authentic and fancy bars, beaches, and big city parks. If you are into dating intellectual girls, you can try to approach ladies at co-working spaces, college libraries or campuses, or book shops downtown. All you need to do is to be open and ready to introduce yourself any time, at any place.

As for dating African women in Africa, consider visiting the most crowded places in the cities you are visiting: central city squares, coffee shops, and clubs nearby, etc. Girls in big African cities are similar to those you can meet in the US, so you can try to look for them in the same places as in America.

Online dating sites

The last and most convenient spot to meet African women is an online dating site. It can be either an African-specific website or a world dating app like Tinder or Badoo where you can meet local girls once you come to a certain African country. On the contrary, if you have no time for organizing a trip to Africa, you can sign up for a free account on an African dating website, and start meeting women online. This option suits those who have never dated African women or are shy to approach women offline.

All you need to do is to choose a reliable dating platform, register there, and start exploring the website. First, we suggest that you read reviews about African dating sites, compare their services and prices, and then choose the most trustworthy one for you.


Next, you will need to create an attractive profile to get the attention of African brides. To do that, choose a few good pictures of yourself, and dedicate some time to filling out your profile in detail. Make sure you don’t publish any personal information to your profile, but still, reflect your personality on your page.

After that, choose a membership package that meets your needs, and start texting women online. You can use the search engine on the website to find women with the same interests as yours. Also, you can filter the search results by age, country of origin, details of appearance, religion, etc. Once you find women that you like, start texting or sending them flirt signs. Get ready for having small talk or an even more meaningful conversation immediately.

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Tips On How To Attract African Women

Below, you can find a few tips on how to grab the attention of pretty African girls and initiate the first contact. Consider implementing them into your conduct to intrigue African ladies and make them interested in you.

  • Be polite. This is the first thing that you can do to attract African girls either online, or in real life. Acting with dignity will put you higher than all African men that your potential girlfriend has seen before. You shouldn’t pretend to be an English lord (especially, if you aren’t one), but good manners can conquer almost any woman;
  • Don’t emphasize her exotic look. If you are a young white man from the US while your girlfriend is a lady with a chocolate tan from somewhere in the middle of Africa, she will notice that you are different. Therefore, there is no need to emphasize this fact during your dates even if you want to compliment her. Instead, try to find common interests and values on a first date to start your conversation somewhere;
  • Express your interest in learning more about her culture. Every beautiful African woman will like to hear that you are interested in the culture of the region she comes from. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about her country, language, traditions, etc. to get to know her better. During such a conversation, you may find the points of convergence that unite you, and your communication will be more effective;
  • Chivalry is key. Beautiful African women dream about respectful and caring treatment, so get ready to provide it. They want their foreign boyfriends to be attentive, well-mannered, generous, and loving. If you have these features or know how to develop them, you can start dating African women easily;
  • Make her feel that she can rely on you. Being a loyal and reliable man is a must if you want to build a long-term relationship with an African girl. She needs to feel that you are always there for her, so make sure you make your effort visible from the first date;
  • Treat her like an equal individual. Every African lady wants to be perceived as an equal partner in a relationship just like an African American woman. Your task is to create an atmosphere of care without overprotectiveness. After all, you are dating a grown-up woman, not a child.

The Final Thoughts On Dating African Women

Now that you know what African women are like and what they are looking for, you are fully equipped to date them online or offline. It is up to you to decide whether you will date local African American girls or women from Africa. The only tip we will give you is to be yourself and be open to new people, so that a new partner could come into your life.

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Jennifer Joy Butler

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