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How to Conquer French Girls: Practical Dating Guide

France is one of those countries that needs no introduction. It is admired for its magnificent architecture, incredible history, and passionate people. Meanwhile, the City of Paris has become widely known as the center of romance. No wonder that many single men visit the country to meet hot French women. Among the population of almost 70 million, there are lots of girls who are flawless from top to bottom. Whatever body shape or skin color you prefer, you will surely find it in France.

When it comes to dating, French women like to play by their own rules that differ considerably from other European cultures. Despite having a passionate nature, French girls approach the world of dating in a far less aggressive way. They go for what they want by using their inborn charm and charisma. In this review, you will get a better understanding of how to conquer French girls in this beautiful country.

French women have always been the subject of men’s desire. They combine their naturalness, sexuality, and openness with ease.


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What Do French Girls Look Like?

French women have always been the subject of men’s desire. They combine their naturalness, sexuality, and openness with ease. While these characteristics can be found in all girls, there are still some differences that let French women stand out from the crowd. If you think of dating one of them, you should definitely know more about their features. So, what do local girls look like?


An average French woman has pale aristocratic skin, long brown hair, and sparkling green or blue eyes. She pays much attention to her appearance to look presentable in society. Natural beauty is her priority, while makeup is used only on special occasions. So, if you decide to conquer one of the French ladies on the Internet, you can be sure that the girls in the photos look the same in real life. She is confident enough to post her photos without filters.

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Compared to women from other Western countries, French women look quite exotic. When it comes to their sense of fashion, they try to follow the latest trends even if they have just a few euros in their pocket. Wherever they go, they want to be all dressed up. That’s how they express themselves. Whether it comes to young girls or mature women, wearing something old or shabby is not an option for any of them. Maybe it’s part of their plan on attracting men. If so, it actually works. You will hardly find a man who will want to cheat on such girls.

An average French woman has pale aristocratic skin, long brown hair, and sparkling green or blue eyes. She pays much attention to her appearance to look presentable in society.


French girls are made from love. They are incredibly romantic, which makes them fall in love easily. They often dream about the perfect husband to spend their whole life with. They know how to be sensitive and passionate at the same time. Have you ever heard about a famous “French kiss”? Well, it’s not a myth. Local girls are great kissers and lovers. When you find yourself in the same bed with one of these girls, she won’t stop surprising you with her talents.

French women are great mothers and wives. Their children are always well-cared, while their husbands are deeply loved. French girls are positive and friendly, very communicative, and welcoming. Although they want to settle down with the man they love, they never forget about their career prospects. Thanks to good education, they have all the knowledge and skills to become successful businesswomen.

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French girls are positive and friendly, very communicative, and welcoming. Although they want to settle down with the man they love, they never forget about their career prospects.


French culture features the notes of tranquility that leaves no space for stress, sadness, and despair. The same thing goes for local girls who are some of the most optimistic females in the world. French women’s inborn optimism helps them achieve their goals, whether it comes to appearance, romance, or career. These girls’ attitude to life is filled with confidence in their own strength. This kind of energy makes them so attractive to men. Once you see one of these ladies, you will never want to let her go. A typical French woman knows how to express herself in her words and actions. You can hardly imagine a situation where she can be lost or doesn’t know what to do. Even the most challenging situation won’t put her in despair.


French women manage to stay calm about all the ups and downs of their life. This easy-going nature makes them very likable amongst men. They know what they want, and they make their aspirations come true step by step. Their attitude is simple, and that’s how they like their men to be too. A typical French beauty has a flirting personality that helps her communicate with men. In fact, she doesn’t wait for a man to take the initiative into his hands. If she likes you, she will approach you with all the passion of hers. It doesn’t mean that French girl doesn’t want you to take the first step though.

Good manners happen to be an inherent part of a French woman. Whatever situation she is in, she will never start yelling and swearing at you. Raising a voice at other people is an expression of disrespect. And this is something she cannot allow herself.

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Tips for Dating a French Girl

International dating is always based on a whole bunch of cultural differences. So, if you consider dating a French girl, you should learn how to treat her the right way. The following tips will make it easier for you to impress one of these girls:

  • Think what you do and say. Don’t forget that you and your French girl come from two different worlds. If you are not well-familiar with French culture, you should be careful with your actions and expressions. Even a seemingly innocent phrase may offend her. For example, French girls don’t like vulgarity as a form of flirting. So, you should find a more sophisticated way to impress these girls.
  • Show respect to her country. Your French girl is proud of her country, and she surely wants you to be in love with France too. It won’t be that difficult for you to ask her a couple of questions about French traditions, religion, food, and so on. But if you talk about politics, you should be careful with your judgments. This is one of those topics that causes unpleasant debates.
  • Make your intentions clear to her. Even though French girls like flirting, they are still serious about relationships. It’s in your very best interest to reveal your pure intentions to them as soon as possible. Once girls feel safe in your hands, they’ll reveal their true nature to you.
  • Be determined in your words and actions. When you say or do something, you should really mean it. French girls want to see a determined man by their side. They are smart enough to understand when you are lying.
  • Give her freedom. Pretty French women are very independent by their nature. If you think that it is something bad, you are wrong. Freedom in a relationship has nothing to do with an open relationship. Your French girl is not about to be unfaithful to you. She just wants to have some time for herself by doing her hobby or meeting with friends. To avoid conflicts in your relationship, you should make your girl feel comfortable. The attempts to control her won’t take you anywhere. After all, the independent nature of these girls is not a sign of dissatisfaction but rather a part of their character.
  • Behave like a gentleman. If you want to impress your sexy French woman, you should be yourself or a little bit more than that. If you don’t have gentlemen manners in your arsenal, you should get some. For instance, girls often want men to hold a door for them or bring them flowers on the first date.

Where to Meet French Women

Once you are in Paris, you need to know the best places where you could meet Parisian girls. Luckily, the “capital of love” offers lots of date spots where foreigners could try their chances with French girls. Whether you are interested in a day game or nightlife, you will have more than enough options to stick to.

Paris Nightlife (list of nightclubs) and Daygame Spots

Are you looking for a Parisian girl for dating? Or are you interested in a one-night stand? Paris nightlife isn’t short of places to find all that. It has the all-night party atmosphere compared to many other European cities.

french girls

The Oberkampf is the popular nightlife area where many local babes can be found. But you should be ready to wait in long queues and spend a fortune on drinks for French women. At the same time, this is the best place to meet hot girls that look like models. In fact, there are bar districts all over the city. You can try your chances in the St German des Pres District and Le Marais where you will see many beautiful French girls. As for the best clubs and bars in the city, consider visiting one of the following facilities in Paris:

  • Rex Club
  • Nuits Fauves
  • Mix Club
  • Harry’s New York Bar
  • L’Alimantation Generale
  • Au P’tit Garage
  • Le Mansart
  • Au Petit Fer a Cheval
  • Le Baron Paris
  • Point Ephemere

If your night adventure wasn’t that fruitful, you should try your chances in a day game. After all, Paris has great spots to meet French women at any time. These include multiple galleries, museums, cafes, and parks. Local girls admire their historical heritage, so they often spend time in the places like:

  • Cathedral Notre Dame de Paris
  • Eifel Tower
  • Louve Museum
  • Champs-Elysees

Local Places

If you are serious about dating French women, Paris will be sending you romantic vibes wherever you go. For example, the Marais is an excellent spot for a day game. By visiting this district, you will see plenty of beautiful historical buildings, busy foot traffic, and countless cafes for a day date. If you want to continue “hunting” on Parisian girls in a less crowded place, these spots in Paris might be a good deal:

  • Centre Commercial Beaugrenelle
  • Westfield Forum des Halles
  • Carrousel du Louvre
  • Montparnasse Rive Gauche

Online Dating

Finding girlfriends on the Internet is becoming a more and more popular option in France. In fact, almost 40% of French people use online dating sites or apps. Around 70% of French women aged 25-34 years old have already dated someone they met online. So, if you are not planning to visit France in the near time, you still have pretty high chances of meeting some hot chicks online. Just imagine how much time and money you can save. After all, there is no guarantee that you will find some nice girls during your vacation. Going to singles bars and hitting on French girls in the tourist areas are not suitable for everyone. However, it does make sense to meet one of these girls on the Internet and then visit her in France.



Considering the growing popularity of online dating among local girls, the number of dating sites is also increasing. Thus, it is getting hard to distinguish a reliable resource from a scam. Before relying on this or that dating site, make sure it has good reviews and offers quality services. Once you are done with it, check the girls in the library, send a couple of messages to them, and wait for their replies. This way you can find women from all of the world: Russia, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, etc.

The Final Thoughts on Dating French Women

France has always been an embodiment of romantics. When you think of French girl beauty, you automatically feel the passion in the air. Foreigners dream about dating these girls as they are elegant, modern, and simply stunning. They know how to love and how to be loved. When you settle down with one of them, you will feel powerful and full of strength like never before.

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