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Pakistani Women: Appearance, Personality Traits, and Dating Specifics

Pakistan is a country of sun-drenched beaches, majestic mountains, ancient civilizations, and some of the hottest women in the world. If you have ever dreamt of visiting this country to date a Pakistani beauty, this extensive guide is for you.

Learn about the country, its women, and check helpful dating advice to get a Pakistani girlfriend as soon as possible.


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Female Population112.4 mln
Popular CitiesKarachi, Lahore, Islamabad
Most Popular Dating AppTinder
Average Age of Marriage for Women18.3

Some Facts About Pakistan

Pakistan might be an overlooked location to date and marry girls. While most guys seek wives in Brazil, Thailand, or Indonesia, Pakistani girls are real hidden gems of the dating industry.


Country Overview

Pakistan is an Islamic country in South Asia. It borders Afghanistan, India, and China. Besides, it has an Arabian sea coastal line. Let’s take a look at Pakistan’s characteristics:

  • Official religion – Islam.
  • Official languages – English and Urdu.
  • Total population – over 225 million.
  • GDP per capita – $5,839.
  • Visa requirements – you have to obtain a visa in advance.
pakistani girl

Cost of Living

Pakistan is an affordable designation in general. The locals earn about $200 per month after fax, so accommodation, rent, food, transposition, and entertainment are super cheap there.

As for traveling, you can spend about $929 per week comfortably, assuming that you have an excellent time with a Pakistan girl there.

Climate of Pakistan

Pakistan has several seasons – cold winter, dry spring, rainy summer, and moderate fall.

The average annual temperature reaches 69° F. You may want to visit this country in May – October.

Pakistan is overall a beautiful destination, with a tourist industry generating over $948 million every year. It is also a home for lovely people. No wonder that so many guys wish to get Pakistani girls for marriage. So check why and how to date Pakistani women below.

What Are Pakistani Women Like?

Pakistani brides have plenty of desirable traits, from beautiful appearances to mild and loyal characters. Learn more about them below.

Gorgeous Appearances

Pakistan women have a sexy olive complexion, naturally thick lips, and beautiful big eyes.

They have prominent eyebrows and embrace femininity as much as possible. These ladies have long black thick hair and hourglass figures with seductive curves.

Most ladies also look younger than they are due to delicate facial features and a 5’1 average height.

Pakistanis generally have lower overweight risks as well. Most Pakistan girls keep to the diet to preserve their health and beauty as much as they can.

pakistani women

Characteristics of Women in Pakistan

A lot of personality traits of Pakistani people come from their faith and upbringing. Pakistan is an Islamic country, which implies the locals have developed somewhat conservative views on family, children, and gender roles. Check the following traits native Pakistani women embraced due to their culture and religion.

Gentle and Obedient

In Pakistan, obedience is the primary personal quality that most men appreciate in women.

The Pakistani parents nurture girls within a patriarchal environment. They should obey their fathers and be ready to accept the leadership of their future husbands.

In Pakistan, a man is a breadwinner and the leading force of the society, while his Pakistani woman accompanies him, supports him, and raises their children.

Family success also comes from the woman’s ability to agree with her husband and support him in his endeavors.

Loving and Loyal

Loyalty is another quality all Pakistani women strive for because there is nothing more important than a healthy family with parents loving each other and raising children together in prosperity.

Infidelity doesn’t fit this context, and society condemns it as much as possible.

If anyone knows that a Pakistan woman cheats on her husband, her family reputation will hardly recover from it.

While this is a seemingly fair concept, it involves several challenges for both men and women in this country.

Also, Pakistani men are legally allowed to have several wives. Islamic communities allow men to have more than one wife. Pakistan is no exception, which involves plenty of challenges.

It contributes to gender inequality when men have the right to choose between several women. The girls have to sit tight and accept that their husbands share a bed with other women. For a Western person, it’s legalized one-sided infidelity, which causes many families to fall apart.

Many Pakistani Practice Arranged Marriages

Some Pakistani women may never feel true love in their lives as their parents force them to marry someone they consider appropriate.

Some marriages originate from cold calculations rather than feelings and commitment. Assuming that men have many more rights in family life than women, the arranged nature of some families builds up the pressure.

They Are Caring and Devoted

Pakistani women teach their daughters to appreciate family values, help the elderly, and do domestic work.

As a result, Pakistani ladies are used to domestic routines. They also believe that cooking, cleaning, ironing, and babysitting are exclusive women’s chores.

As a result, Pakistani men may only deal with home appliances when they need maintenance.

Pakistani Women infographic

Family and Children Are Above All

Most Pakistani women consider a prosperous family the epitome of ultimate success. As a result, most of them sacrifice careers and entrust their lives to their husbands for the sake of family happiness.

Healthy Lifestyles

Pakistani women consume less tobacco and alcohol compared to American girls. Thus, only 6.4% of Pakistani women smoked in 2018. In the US, two times more women smoke cigarettes – 13.5%. As for alcohol consumption, Pakistani ladies also stand out – they drink only 0.3 liters of pure alcohol, compared to 9.87 liters consumed in the United States.

No Causal Dating

Casual dating doesn’t exist in Pakistan due to religious beliefs and cultural heritage. You can’t date several people at a time before you consider someone exclusive. You can’t also have sex with no strings attached.

Yet, only women fall under such old-fashioned restrictions. On the contrary, married men can search for more partners and might not even notify their first wives about new relationships.

pakistan women

Most Common Pakistani Women Stereotypes

Every nation falls victim to certain stereotypes. Check whether popular stereotypes about Pakistanis reflect in their daily lives.

Pakistani Women Do Nothing but Cook and Nurture Children

It’s true that many women in Islamic countries still have no access to bank accounts and jobs. Being literal servants for their husbands, they have nothing left to do but cook and take care of children. Meanwhile, Pakistani women seem to break these stereotypes.

These ladies drive cars and apply for full-time jobs in many industries. They are self-respected and strive for as much independence within their culture as possible.

Pakistani Women Never Have Sex Before Wedding

Sex before marriage is unacceptable in Pakistan. Yet, in practice, both men and women may have sexual life before legally registering their union.

Indeed, most cultural beliefs and norms in patriarchal societies create unrealistic expectations for people. A few preserve chastity for decades or have sex only to produce children.

Pakistani Women Are Not Allowed to Have Education

Islamic countries have some of the highest gender gaps in education. But Pakistan is not the case – all Pakistani women have an inherent right to education. Given that, all women in the country can receive high-standard tertiary education.

Pakistani Women Only Want to Date Foreigners

More and more Pakistani women want to establish careers and families abroad as they fail to fulfill their ambitions at home.

For the most part, social pressure, gender inequality, and male domination force them to leave the country and search for international relationships. It is among a few true stereotypes about Pakistani women. Indeed, many local girls want to apply for any job they want and date or marry anyone they like.

Consequently, they have far more chances to make their dreams come true beyond Pakistan. For this, many women in this country date guys overseas. There are several reasons for that.

Pakistan is one of the most religious places, where women are far from gender equality. Despite the challenges women have in this country, there are always women who become more successful. Here are the 4 most successful and renowned ladies from Pakistan:

  • Dr. Sania Nishtar. She’s a health and development leader. She’s working as a Specialist Assistant to the Prime Minister on Poverty Alleviation and Social Protection. She struggles to improve the social and economic conditions of people living in extreme poverty in Pakistan. She’s been working hard to eradicate the huge gap between the rich and poor people of her country.
  • Dr. Sarah Qureshi. Pakistan is where talented and smart women live. Dr. Sarah Qureshi is just proof. She’s a Pakistani aerospace engineer. Despite the fact that her field is more represented by men, she’s succeeded in becoming a symbol of strong women who can succeed a lot in their lives.  She’s one of the most brilliant ladies of her generation who continues to contribute to her country.
  • Sana Mir. Those who adore cricket know this name for sure. Sana Mir is a famous cricket star. She’s been the face of women’s cricket for a long time. She was an inspiration for many girls interested in cricket. She managed to top in ODI rankings in 2018, which made her even more popular in her own country. She’s one of the most successful spinners in the history of Pakistani cricket.
  • Muniba Mazari. She’s Pakistan’s UN Goodwill Ambassador. She’s one of the fiercest activists to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment. At the same time, she’s an artist, singer, and writer. When she was 21, she had an accident, after which she was half-paralyzed. Despite being bound to a wheelchair, she managed to overcome many problems in her life. Thus, she’s called the iron woman of Pakistan.

Top Tips for an Easy Dating Ride in Pakistan

We have picked some universal, time-proven tips to date Pakistani women in their home country. Read further to check them out.

No Public Display of Affection

Once you visit the country and ask your Pakistani girl out, forget about hugging and kissing her in public. She wants that, but the whole situation will make her want the ground to swallow her. The matter is that Pakistanis condemn the public display of affection. You would want to be involved in physical interaction in a private setting. Don’t try to break the rules people have been following for centuries.

Be Assertive and Confident

Your Pakistani girl will expect you to lead the relationship. So she will get more amenable than initiative through all the stages of your dating experience. That’s why you will be the first to text her and ask her out. In return, she will reward you with compassion, affection, and care.

Show Chivalry

Many Pakistani women strive for equality but not to an extreme extent like Norwegian girls.

In relationships, they still want their boyfriends to be caring and attentive gentlemen. Consequently, you will melt the heart of your beautiful Pakistani girl faster if you open the door for her, pull the chair for her, and help her out of the car. Traditional women prefer traditional dating games.

Pay for the restaurant check and entertainment as well. Never ask your lady to split the bill. Pakistani women may take it as an insult and utter indifference to their culture and social status.

pakistani girls

Where to Meet Beautiful Pakistani Women

A trip to Pakistan ensures that you will get into the crowds of sexy girls. However, you will make your dating success closer if you arrive at the best Pakistani cities. Learn about them below.

Best Cities to Find Beautiful Pakistani Girls

The best cities have a lot of spectacular spots to settle in, many people to come across, and a lot of things to do. The following three cities combine all the exciting features.


Islamabad is the densely populated capital of Pakistan, with over a million people living there.

It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Pakistan, offering spectacular mountain sceneries and vibrant culture.

That’s why it is one of the best places to date high and middle-class Pakistani girls.

It also hosts some breathtaking landmarks:

  • Lok Virsa Museum.
  • Shakarparian Park.
  • Pakistan monument museum.

Besides, you can visit the Margalla Hills National Park within Islamabad. It’s a perfect hiking destination all nature lovers will enjoy.


Lahore is Pakistan’s second-largest city. Its population reaches 11 million so you can choose between thousands of gorgeous Pakistani brides there.

Abundant in museums, restaurants, parks, and UNESCO world heritage sites, this city will become an ideal destination for dating Pakistani girl.


Karachi is by far the best city in Pakistan. It’s the largest and the richest one in the country. Additionally, Karachi has a marvelous coastal line of the Arabian Sea. So you can enjoy luxurious beach resorts all day and all night. Over 14 million people live there, making this city the country’s business and cultural center.

Online Dating Websites

Getting to the best Pakistani cities is a good idea, but it usually implies that you have already met a girl. The problem is that most Pakistani women never meet anyone on the street. Approaching them in public places, be they parks, shopping malls, or clubs, is a waste of time.

If you do so, nine out of ten women will deny everything and pretend they don’t understand why the heck you talk to them.

But texting them online is a whole different story as they will feel safe and out of social pressure. As a result, you will better find Pakistani women online.

For this, getting to Pakistani girl dating sites (representing Pakistani audiences specifically) will be your best bet.

An average premium online dating subscription costs as little as $30-$40 per month. It allows you to browse and text thousands of ladies. Choose the one you like the most and step toward a happy family life. Also, you would want to follow several dating tips to avoid online scams.


Never Share Your Personal Information

Online dating websites might encourage you to input as much information into your dating profile as possible. They will also assure you that no third party will access your data.

But no digital security options will keep all scammers at bay. Therefore, do not share your phone number, email address, or other information associated with your bank account in your dating profile.

Also, never share such info with anyone on a dating website. The best you can do is communicate using a built-in chat.

beautiful pakistani women

Let’s say your online girlfriend shares a weird-looking link with you, and you click on it.

If you follow links to external resources, you may come to websites that infect browsers or devices with malicious code. As a result, scammers may steal your passwords and banking details.

Never Give Money to Anyone

If your online girlfriend asks you to send her money because someone has robbed her, or she needs help, block her. She’s a scammer.

Note that you should never give money to a person you know for a little while, especially people who reside thousands of miles away from you.

Notify Your Friends and Family About Your Trip

Have you just arranged a date and packed your bags? If yes, tell your family and friends when and where you go. It should help if anything goes wrong during your trip.

Final Thoughts

If you search for a combination of beauty, loyalty, and excellent domestic skills, you can opt for Pakistani brides without hesitation. These beautiful women will listen to your advice, take care of your children, and keep your house clean and shiny.

The best way to date Pakistani brides is through dating websites. Find a Pakistani girl online from the best three cities – Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Be a gentleman, and your woman will soon dream of being your wife.

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  1. When seeking girls for dating, I didn’t even pay attention to finding and meeting a woman from an Islamic country like Pakistan. I was motivated by a wrong opinion that Muslim women can’t be interesting to date. This is where I was wrong. Now I cherish an idea and desire to find and date women from Pakistan.

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