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Check Top 15 Hottest Brazilian Women

Brazil is one of the biggest countries of South America and is the place hosting thousands of hot beauties. You can see them everywhere, from a TV screen to Instagram feed. Why are there so many hot Brazilian women out there? Where to look for them and who is the sexiest? There are many answers for that, from local culture of showing off to ethnic heritage that combines various bloods from corners of the world.

Sexy Brazilian women may be temptations, horny, and emotional. One thing for sure, you’ve come to the right place in search of them. In this article, we collected hot Brazilian girls that dominate Internet space in 2021. The women from today’s list are models, social network influencers, and just surely sexy. You can click any of them to get a dating opportunity. Interested how that works out for you? Then, read our top Hispanic pick to the last paragraph.

Why Are Brazilian Women Considered to Look So Hot?

Hot Brazil babes have a fabulous look because of the level of self-care and genetics. In Brazil, it’s common for Latin women to use plastic surgery, injections, and lots of makeup. Brazilan girls have not invented beach bikinis, but they look so much better than pale European girls in them. Why do the hottest Brazilian models look like gorgeous beauties from Playboy magazine? We found at least 4 reasons that explain the magic of their top appearance and the magic of attracting men.

Hot Brazil babes have a fabulous look because of the level of self-care and genetics.

Brazilian Women and Their Beauty

Sexy Brazilian girls are very protective about saving their beauty for later. That’s because even 40+ babes from Instagram look glorious with their shaped up bodies and tanned, bronze skin color. Their beauty depends on them, that’s why when you see chicks that look sexy, be sure that they’ve spent a tremendous amount of time in the gym, spa, and beauty salons. Indeed, these women get the richest admirers who want to impress them with the richest restaurants.

Physical Features

Most beautiful Brazilian women have the same features that match the attractiveness cliches about this nation. When looking at the horny girls from this top, you’ll notice the same physical features that they share in common:

  • Brown-to-bronze skin color. Brazilian models want to look like on the magazine cover.
  • Athletic body shape. Hips are often pumped up after the gym.
  • Above-average height.
  • Broad hips and large breasts.
  • Curvy dark hair.

Culture and Traditions

Brazile is the land of carnivals, pictures from the web don’t lie, and this applies to every aspect of life these girls have. For example, food isn’t just about getting over hunger. This is a tradition for them, when a family gathers to talk, throw jokes, and get along with each other. When dressing, local ladies spend hours to prepare. They use so much makeup, western girls would be shocked to find out. Generally, Brazilian culture is about hedonism and enjoying life at any moment.

Popularity Among Men

Western guys are in the top of appreciators of the hottest ladies from Brazil. Westerners are bored by feminist impact on fashion and self-care among local women. Local ladies are also not as good physically in their mid years than Brazilians. Europeans are only entering the chase for the South American beauties, this is still not as popular. Eastern men are the most conservative from this list. They have only started to explore Asia and Europe to get sexiest girls on their rich radar. Brazil is a completely exotic option for them.


Top 15 Hottest Brazilian Women

We present the top of the hottest women from Brazil that you’ll want to keep bookmarked in your browser. These girls are hot, and most importantly, not that hard to find to check how good they are. Greet 15 hot girls we find honorable and worthy of your time. Having a look at them would be a breeze for a man after a working day.

1. Gizele Oliveira

Gizele Oliveira

Gizele Oliveira was born on May 7, 1993. She is a fashion model and her career is all about modeling and working with such popular magazines as Vogue, Elle, and L’Officiel. She began her career in 2013 when she got recruited by Mc2 Models, the agency from Miami. Her first international cover was for Elle Argentina.

Oliveira is mostly famous for her iconic walking at Victoria’s Fashion show in 2017 and 2018. She did the walking so perfectly, the footage spread virally across social networks and fashion news channels.

2. Juliana Salimeni

Juliana Salimeni

Juliana is a fashion model born on September 24, 1986. Her hometown is San Paulu. Her zodiac sign is libra, making her a person of mood. That’s true because Juliana is expressive and proactive, but sometimes she fades away from a public eye to engage into a new hobby or just have a rest. Her list of interests includes traveling, sports, music, and reading of modern fiction. Today, she focuses on her Instagram account that generates more followers each single month. That’s why Juliana becomes more of an Instagram influencer than a real-life model.

Juliana is famous for her physical shape. She looks athletic and girlish, much younger than women of her age. She frequently meets her fans during special face-to-face conversation sessions.

3. Emanuela De Paula

Emanuela De Paula

Born on April 25, 1989, Emanuela is a veteran of Brazilian fashion industry. In fact, she began her career at the age of 9. She is one of the most expensive models in Brazilian industry. Top global agencies hunt for photo sessions with her. The model appeared as a headliner for Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, and Vogue.

Emanuela is famous for her position in 15 of the highest paid supermodels of the world. She is also one of the most desired women by men according to the digital media polls.

4. Viviane Castro

Viviane Castro

Viviana Castro was born on June 29, 1983 and has a seemingly familiar surname, yet she isn’t from Fidel’s family. Viviane is extremely open for new experiments. At some point in her career, she decided that conventional modeling business doesn’t offer new opportunities. She shifted to erotic scene, and that choice was one of the best in her career. Her naked photo sessions tremble fantasies of many men, and maybe even women. She has a juicy body that looks more like a 20-year old.

She is famous for her roles in movies like Bah!, No Batida, and Lotus. She also starred in 18+ movies He She Highway 8 and Girls Who Like Guys Who Like Trannies

5. Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart

Izabel Goulart (October 23, 1984) is a Brazilian supermodel that got worldwide recognition during her career. In school, Izabel was bullied for her appearance being nicknamed Giraffe. Today, Goulard is a top-paid model working for such brands like H&M, Armani, Dsquared, and Express. She is not the youngest model from the list. But her appearance and talent is still unprecedented for Brazilian model industry.

She became famous for the quirky occasion during one of her first shows. Her top fell to the ground and everyone saw her breast. It’s still the most associated fact with Izabel.

6. Lais Ribeiro

Lais Ribeiro

Lais was born on October 5, 1990, and her career as a model is an amazing case of how simple Brazilian girls charm global brands with their beauty and sensitive looks. Before she started her career, Lais wanted to be a nurse. It’s spectacular but Lais started her career after giving birth to her son Alexandre. Most models end their career for that reason. Nevertheless, Lais Ribeiro worked with such gurus of the fashion world like Shiatzy Chen and Louis Vitton.

Lais Ribeiro is most famous for the time when she was Victoria’s Secret Angel.

7. Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio

Born on April 11, 1981, Alessandra Ambrosio is a legendary Brazilian model and actress. She began her career very early. When Alessandra was 12 years old, her parents brought her to acting classes. There, the girl quickly showed off and beat other classmates. By the age of 14, she was in line with Elite magazine. Later on, Alessandra worked with Dior, Armani, and Ralph Lauren.

Alessandra is famous for being the first spokesmodel of Victoria’s PINK line. She was also ranked 5th in the list of highest-paid fashion models.

8. Camila Rodrigues

Camila Rodrigues

Camila was born on August 23, 1983. She started her career as a soap opera actress. The actress continues to excel in cinema and television. Her latest TV projects are Genesis and Topissima 2. In 2015, she got high appraisals for Elanda’s role in Os Homens nao Menstruam.

Camila is the legend of Brazilian TV and big screens. She has many fans and doesn’t plan to end her ascension to Brazilian pantheon of media fame.

9. Andressa Soares

Andressa Soares

Andressa was born on March 28, 1988 in Rio de Janeiro. She is a dancer, show host, and a model. After leaving the MC Creu, Andressa jumped into a solo singer career. Her hit Velocity 6 can still be heard in some parts of Rio. On TV, Andressa appeared in TV shows like Zorra Total and A Fazenda. However, she managed to be at the center of a female trafficking scandal. Brazilian authorities accuse Andressa of organizing luxury escort services. Yet, the investigation still continues.

Andressa is famous for her appearance on PlayBoy. She appeared on the cover the whole 3 times. One of the editions where she was on cover was a best-seller (2008).

10. Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli Fontana

Isabeli Fontana (July 4, 1983) is a Brazilian model born in Curitiba. She has mixed roots of Portuguese and Italian origin. She started her career at the age of 13 for Elite Model Look magazine. Fontana worked with global brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Escanda, Hugo Boss, and Victoria’s. In September 2004, she was a star of Vogue where she appeared as one of the Models of the Moment.

The model is famous for being a part of 2008’s list of The World’s 15 Top-Earning Models where she got an 11th position.

11. Caroline Trentini

Caroline Trentini

Caroline Trentini is a Brazilian model born on July 6, 1987. Caroline’s career began randomly in 2000. She was walking down the street when she was noticed by the same agent who hunted Gisele Bundchen. Her career developed rapidly. She appeared on the covers of ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, and managed to work with Vogue. The hour of fame happened in 2005 for Caroline. She made her name heard in Victoria’s Fashion Show and continued to do so from 2006 to 2009.

Caroline is famous for getting ranked as one of the top 50 models in the entire industry according to Models Dot.

12. Gracie Carvalho

Gracie Carvalho

Gracie is a 30-year-old model born on July 23, 1990. She originates from Brazil, and her career started back in 2007. In São Paulo, she entered a local fashion contest. Gracie was noticed by L’Officiel, Vogue, and Elle. She has been working with Marilyn Agency, walking for Karl Lagerfeld, Vera Wang, and other popular houses since then. From 2010 to 2015, Gracie also walked for Victoria’s Fashion Show.

Gracie is famous for her lingerie and swimsuit portfolio. She worked with H&M and Calzedonia.

13. Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz Barros

Ana Beatriz was born on May 29, 1982. She is a superstar model. As several models from our list, she also started her career at the age of 13. She was on Vacation in Rio when an Elite Model Management agent noticed her. Barros started her career with GUESS. Her debut soon led the young model to advertising contracts with Dior, Armani, and Victoria’s. She even promoted Jennifer Lopez’s JLO fashion brand.

Ana Beatriz is famous for her work with GUESS, Chanel, and Victoria’s underwear.

14. Fernanda Tavares

Fernanda Tavares

Fernanda saw the world on September 22, 1980. At the age of 9, she appeared in numerous local shows winning Elite Look of the Year when she was just 13. She appeared on the covers of such magazines as L’Officiel Paris, Vogue, and Marie Claire. She also signed a top deal with Guerlain perfume company that cost the manufacturer $1.3 million. Fernanda is a member of PETA and supports the anti-fur protest movement.

Fernanda is known as one of the highest paid models for Marilyn Modeling Agency in New York and Paris.

15. Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen was born on July 20, 1980. She combines unique qualities of an actress, model, businesswoman, and social activist. From 2001, Gisele has kept the status of a superstar model in the world. In 2007, she got a 16th position in the list of highest earning models. Bundchen worked with Victoria from 2000 to 2007 as an Angel. It was one of the biggest contracts ever signed by Victoria with any model. She appeared in such movies as Taxi and The Devil Wears Prada. Gisele was also in the director’s chair. She was an executive producer for the environmental animation Gisele & the Green Team. Gisele is also famous for creating the so-called “horse walk” that was adopted by many beginner models.

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  2. Gizele Oliveira is one of the most charming ladies I’ve seen so far. She’s indeed cute, sexy, and appealing. She has some cool photos on her Instagram account, so I suggest following her, as she knows how to impress her followers.

  3. I can’t stop looking at the photos of these women. These ladies are the sexiest in the world. Any such a list of Argentinian women?

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