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Meet German Women: The Ultimate Guide To Conquering German Ladies

Germany is one of the richest and most developed countries in modern Europe, but what do we know about it besides the information from the country guides? It is a land of wide woods, the beautiful Neuschwanstein castle, Oktoberfest holiday, and the tastiest sausages with beer. Besides this, Germany has to offer something more: its fantastic people. Local women are beautiful, smart, and pretty self-sufficient, which makes them so tempting to Western men. If you are eager to find out their key features and ways to conquer these ladies, don’t hesitate to read our German women dating guide.


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Female Population42.6 mln
Popular CitiesBerlin, Munich, Hamburg
Most Popular Dating AppLovoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women32.2

German Women Characteristics


The first feature of German girls we’d like to mention is their looks. In Germany, you can meet women of all shapes and sizes: short, tall, blonde, brunette, curvy, and skinny. Yet all of them have light facial features, piercing eyes, and thoughtful facial expressions. The majority of German women look like the descendants of countesses and baronesses: there is something in their vibe that makes every man feel special in their company. If you’d like to find out what it’s like to be a boyfriend of such amazing ladies, consider meeting beautiful German women.

They are sporty

In Germany women pay a lot of attention to their health and wellness. Therefore, many of them spend time in a gym or outdoors to look fit. You will notice this immediately after coming to any student city of Germany: local girls are some of the most attractive and sexy in the country. Are you ready to spend weekends actively with your date? The German girl is a good match for you.

They are self-confident

Every German girl is full of self-respect and understanding of her self-worth. Thus, no German lady will accept negligence and abuse from the man’s side. You will need to put an effort into your relationship with a German female since she knows what she is looking for and who should be by her side to make her happy. If you are not ready to have a mentally strong and stable partner, better look for other women to date.

german girls

What Do German Women Look Like

They exude the sense of confidence

Every German lady is an outspoken and intelligent personality who is not afraid to state her position on any issue; however, she will never judge anyone for having an alternative view on things. German women are very tolerant of others and they accept the variety of people’s views easily, that is why the whole German society is one of the most progressive in Europe.

They are law-abiding

Another feature of women of Germany that Western men like is that they are law-abiding and precise in following various rules. This is also a national feature of the German population: local men and women rarely dare to breach the regulations set by authorities or morals. If you are a person of the same kind (e.g. cannot imagine your life without clear instructions and laws), you will enjoy living with a girl in German society.



They are smart and educated

Probably, you have already guessed that German women are well-educated and intellectual from the previous paragraphs, but we’d like to emphasize it once more: the level of education and overall expertise of Germany girls is undeniable. They are given the best education from a young age, and they are taught to study and grasp new knowledge fast. Also, local women understand the value of a good education in life and career, so they never stop getting new training during their lives.

They are humble

There is a stereotype about German people and their arrogance, but that’s not true: German women and men are not too proud of themselves. They do not look down on others, nor do they let anyone act arrogantly to their friends or colleagues. What is more, beautiful German girls are humble and not used to compliments, so keep it in mind before you start meeting them.


They are not looking for wealthy men

It is known that Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with good social guarantees to its people. That is why local women are safe in this country and happy to have great opportunities for getting an education and well-paid jobs. As a result, they support themselves on their own and do not need their partners to pay their bills and everyday expenditures.

They seek equal relationships

Since pretty German girls are self-sufficient, they are looking for men who want to be their equal partners. A German bride will not expect you to put more financial effort into creating your common place of living or financing the future of your children. Also, she will be ready to support you during your hard times, isn’t it a great relationship to start?

german women

German Women VS American Women

Below, we provide a short comparison of German women vs. American ladies. This is for you to understand what to expect from the former while dating them:

  1. German girls are more restrained than American ones. Surely, German ladies have a sense of humor and can enjoy a good laugh, but their manners are far more sophisticated than those of American women;
  2. German women don’t like compliments and signs of chivalry as much as American brides. They also don’t expect men to be the leaders of the relationships;
  3. German girls are not that into marriage than American ladies. Although family ties are close in Germany, modern women there do not rush to get married. Sometimes they even chose to have a child with their partner and tie the knot only after that.
German Women

Statistics You Should Know About German Women

Germany is the most populous country in the EU, and that’s why you won’t have problems finding an ideal lady for dating and creating long-term bonds. You won’t have problems finding sexy German women online, as dating sites and apps are quite popular in Germany. But before you start dating these European women, you should know more about them. Here are some interesting facts to discover:

  • The decline in marriages. Actually, there are many marriages taking place in this country, but in recent years, much has changed. There’s been a decline in marriages, and according to some reports, this can be explained by pandemics. Still, when considering the last 5 years, there were more than 400K marriages a year. At least, you can be sure that marriage is still among the plans of German women. Since ladies in Germany are independent, educated, and free, they’re more career-oriented.
  • Divorce rates in Germany. While marriages continue to decline, the same can be said about divorces in Germany. Divorces are less popular in Germany nowadays than 10 years ago, demonstrating that marriages are getting stable. In 2020, there were 143K cases of divorce, which is 23% less than the number of divorce cases in 2010.  Still, divorce happens, but what causes them? Like in the cases of divorce, there’s been a shift in causes as well. While violence, alcoholism, and betrayal were among the main reasons several years ago, communication problems and lack of common interests are now among the main causes of divorces in Germany.
  • Low fertility rates. For the most populous country in the EU, the fertility rate is quite low. It’s about 1.5 kids per woman. But why so low? Nowadays, Germany is facing some economic problems, and increasing jobless rates are among the main reasons why couples don’t decide to have kids. Still, much is being done to increase fertility rates. Much effort is put into increasing the rate above 1.6 kids per woman.

How to Attract a German Woman?

Be punctual. German women are always on time, be it a date, a business meeting, or a discussion in the university. They do not come late even to a party, so if you want to be successful in dating them, learn to manage your time. This skill will improve your life dramatically even if you end up dating a woman of another nationality. Besides this, your dates also should be scheduled in advance to avoid ruining the plans of either of you;

Be honest. This feature is also valued a lot by German people who are not used to acting diplomatically in everyday life. If your girlfriend in Germany does not like something during your date or in your relationships in general, you’ll know it for sure. We advise you to accept the straightforward attitude of German women as a gift: they will not play you like American girls nor will they say make you doubt their words;

Forget pick-up tips and filthy compliments. Germans are not those who flirt and flatter. Therefore, they may not understand and appreciate your attempts to pick them up or try to win their attention by too sophisticated compliments. The best strategy to conquer them will be to state your intentions clearly and show your admiration without long-winded phrases;

Be clear about your intentions. The previous tip applies to your relationships with Germanic women as well: be straightforward when it comes to discussing the terms of your dating or living together. German women consider themselves as equal partners who are worth talking to and being informed about all the key issues that apply to your relationships;

Don’t try to pay for the date on your own. Don’t get us wrong, we do not say you will be cursed for trying to be generous; however, German women are not used to chivalry as much as Eastern European women or even American girls. Therefore, you have to be ready to split your bill immediately on a first date and continue to do that often. Occasionally, your girlfriend may even want to pay on her own for your date;

Discuss any issue that is important to you. The last, but not least piece of advice is to be ready to talk to your partner about anything that worries you. Silencing your problems will not help to resolve them, so feel free to be open with your girlfriend and show your emotions as well.

german girl

Where to meet German Girls?


The most popular cities for dating in Germany are Berlin, Leipzig, Hannover, Munich, and Dusseldorf. These cities offer a wide range of social activities for single people who want to find a partner. You can go anywhere you like there: from museums, art galleries, and concerts to board games and speed dating events. Besides this, you can meet women in Germany shopping malls, amusement parks, city parks, and beaches. Your only limit is your personal preferences regarding where to come up to women to get acquainted with them;

Nightlife (Local bars, dances)

If you cannot imagine visiting new countries and cities without hitting the nightclubs, we gathered a few spots for you to check. All of them are located in big cities where you can meet a lot of girls for dating. These places are considered to be the best of the best in Germany, so add them to your travel must-visit list: Hakesche Hoefe and Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin (the best nightclubs of the capital city are located here); Reepanbahn district in Hamburg, Schwabing in Munich, and Innenstadt in Frankfurt;


Hate partying in the clubs? We get you: loud music, flashing lights, and darkness are not the best environment to get to know a girl best. Therefore, you can opt for meeting women and dating them during the day. German coffee shops, shopping malls, and restaurants are the places for you. If you are in Berlin, we suggest that you go to Mitte District or Kreuzberg (both are the regions with the fanciest cafes to visit). As for the shopping centers, you can check out the Mall of Berlin, Alexa, Sony Center, etc.

Online Dating sites

If the old-fashioned way of meeting people in real life is a bit embarrassing to you, we advise you to take a look at the online dating options that you can use in Germany. The variety of German online dating apps and websites provide a real chance to find your love. All you need to do is to choose the platform that suits your needs and expectations best and start using it. After all, if you do not speak German, you can opt for international dating apps like Badoo or Tinder to meet German women.

Top Rules to Follow in Dating German Women

The final tips we’d like to give you will be regarding strengthening your bond with a German girl and making your relationship last. You can apply these tips at the beginning of your relationship, as well as after long years of living together: they will be effective in both cases.

Get acquainted with her family

Family is one of the most important values in German society, so you will not have a chance to omit meeting your German girlfriend’s parents. Therefore, your task is to make this moment perfect from the first attempt since you will not have another possibility to impress them. Feel free to initiate this acquaintance by inviting the family of your German woman to a cozy restaurant to talk to them.

If you have been dating for some time now, consider gathering with her family from time to time to keep your relations warm. This will be seen as care on your side.

Be ready to support your girlfriend’s initiative

We’ve already mentioned the level of German women emancipation, so it’s time to let your girlfriend diversify your activities and dates. We’re sure your bride has a lot to offer for your vacation or even the nearest weekend. What you need to do is to accept her suggestions regarding your pastime and see what will happen next. We bet she will surprise you.

Meet her friends and make them like you

Another thing you have to do is to win your German girl’s friends and keep in contact with them. Having a large social circle is normal for Germans, so you will have to try to become part of your girlfriend’s one (unless you did not meet at some party of either your or her friends).


Be yourself and don’t be afraid to be misunderstood

Since you are a foreigner in Germany, you may feel like you don’t fit in in this society. Don’t worry. We understand your confusion, but you should not try hard to be like a German among Germans. You are an American, and it’s okay that you are different. You were born in another culture and denying that is not reasonable. Probably, your difference, origin, background, and your personality are the things that make you special for your partner, so why should you try to change yourself?

Discuss when you want to have kids

Lately, having kids has become less popular in Germany. Although the family is very important to local people, they often choose to have kids later in life (in their 30s) or even refrain from having any. The majority of young German women wish to get career success before starting a family. Therefore, you need to talk honestly on this topic with your date, especially if you want to have babies soon after dating them. Your partner may not be ready for that fast, but still, you should not hide your thoughts from them. Discussing such an important issue during your dating can be decisive for your relationships and future.

Let your girlfriend know if you are not going to get married

This is another issue you should not hide from your girlfriend. Marriage is not an easy decision and many people prefer to postpone it even till they have kids with their brides or grooms. However, if you know that marriage is important to your girl but not you, consider talking on this topic honestly. She has the right to know if you are not going to get married anytime soon, as well as you have a right to be with a person who will not intend to marry you as soon as possible.

Yet we believe that postponing or refraining from getting married will not be a problem in modern Germany. More and more women decide to not get married even though they may have kids with their partners. Thus, you have all chances to find a common language regarding marriage and wedding with your German woman.


Now that you know everything about German girls, you can start dating them everywhere, be it a vibrant bar in Berlin or a dating app for German youth. All you need to do is to get out of your comfort zone and start paying attention to the ladies you see around you. It may be surprising, but conquering an attractive German girl is much easier than you expect.

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  3. I’ve got a question.. what’s you advice for an older gentleman such as myself… what are the more mature German ladies looking for?.. wouldn’t mine meeting a fun, and classy Fräulein… what’s important to them a relation ship? What are they looking for in a potential relationship with a reasonably handsome older guy looking to having fun together , perhaps a cocktail or two, get to know you , who can be hilariously funny, enjoys life kinda guy? Tips and advice greatly appreciated.. (oh and I’m 69 by the way!) … still got some living to do… Vielen Dank…. Ray

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