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Tips on How To Meet Beautiful Cali Colombian Women

Cali girls are known for many things. Beauty, warmth, and affectionate nature are some qualities that Cali girls are renowned for. 

Cali, which is located in Colombia, is a place that excites and relaxes people. The cool summer breeze is like a balm to the senses. 

The coffee and delicacies are to die for; the subtle sense of danger unleashes short bursts of adrenaline from time to time. Cali women are warm and friendly; others could send shivers down your spine. 

The city could leave the best memories one would ever have. It could also land a person into deep trouble. It all depends on one’s conduct when touring the city. 

This is why every tourist (especially male tourists) looking to visit Cali Colombia needs a detailed and helpful guide on how to navigate the city, make great memories with great people, and have a good time.

Cali Colombian women have unique traits and characteristics that easily set them apart from their contemporaries. Usually, they are traditional in their approach to and perspective of gender roles in relationships.


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Cali: The Capital of Fun

Some cities are known for having a rich cultural heritage. Some are renowned locations for spending holidays. Others are famous for their scenic beauty. 

Cali (formerly known as Santiago de Cali) is a bona fide city to enjoy the simple things of life. An easy morning sipping rich coffee. A warm afternoon at the beach with some great company. A quiet dinner with mouth-watering local dishes or a fun night at the club, grooving to rhythmic salsa music. This city is the ideal place for tourists.

Cali happens to be quite populated and essential to the Colombian economy. The population of the city is about 2.5 million. Aside from that, the city has a huge industrial presence. 

Additionally, agriculture is widely practiced in the city. This is not surprising though: Cali’s countryside is immensely lush and fertile.

Although there are amazing things about Cali, the city has a dark undertone to it. In previous years, Cali was renowned for its dangerous ambiance for a reason. 

Criminals and extortionists had resorted to kidnapping tourists and demanding huge ransoms from their families. This was only a part of the danger that tourists were liable to face back then. Occasionally, a tourist’s body would be found in seedy parts of the city. But all that is in the past.

Recently, many tourists have testified that their experience in Cali was devoid of any life-threatening situation. So, Cali is at par with other cities in Colombia (like Bogota) in terms of safety to meet Cali women. 

cali colombian women

However, tourists still need to be cautious of the kind of people they relate with and how they move around and present themselves. If one is interested in looking for trouble, it will be easy to find it in Cali, especially at night. Scammers and robbers are on the prowl. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

To stay safe, the best course of action would be to restrict all movement to the urban areas. Cali’s nightlife can be less dangerous and much more exciting, but it’s not wise to stay out too late. Always take a taxi or any other certified means of transportation. 

However, do not assume that staying in the city could make tourists miss out on all the fun or ruin the chances of meeting beautiful Cali Colombian women. 

Speaking of Cali Colombian women, tourists have everything to gain in this regard. This is because Cali Colombia girls are among the most amazing women to relate with. Their beauty, composure, and personality are impeccable.

Tourists that have the patience to sift through potential gold diggers and find Cali Colombian women that are genuinely interested in making new friends always have the best fun with them.

Women in Cali do have physical features that are similar to those of women in other Latin countries. They have wide hips, brown skin, dark luxuriant hair, and curvy bodies.


Cali Colombian Women: Who They Are


Women in Cali do have physical features that are similar to those of women in other Latin countries. They have wide hips, brown skin, dark luxuriant hair, and curvy bodies. Yet, the defining qualities of women in Cali are their faces and bodies. They have dark brown and beautiful eyes and their lips are soft and full. 


Cali women are also known for their obsession with having curvy bodies. Thus, many women have undergone plastic surgery to enhance their booties and boobs.

Despite this, Cali Colombian girls are incredibly cute. There is none of that drop-dead gorgeous quality that you might find in other Latina or Colombian women


Cali Colombian women have unique traits and characteristics that easily set them apart from their contemporaries. Usually, they are traditional in their approach to and perspective of gender roles in relationships. 

A Cali woman is not entirely docile, but she does subscribe to the idea of women being submissive to male partners in relationships. 

Women in Cali also believe that they have to care for the home while the man works and earns money for the family’s upkeep. 

cali colombia woman


As stated earlier, Cali Colombian girls have wonderful personalities. This quality alone makes the experience of being in their company more worthwhile. In Colombia, it is common for you to find affectionate and warm people everywhere. Cali is no exception. A typical Cali girl (or Calena, as the locals are wont to say) is friendly and outgoing. She could be shy when meeting tourists at first. However, she’d become relaxed and cool once the awkwardness of the first encounter is over.


Cali girls are known for many things. Beauty, warmth, and affectionate nature are some qualities that Cali girls are renowned for. 

Sadly, it should be noted that a few Cali women make a living off unsuspecting tourists. To avoid being entrapped by women like these, always cut off all communication the moment any Cali woman attempts to ask for money, especially when you’ve just met each other. 

Anyone serious about dating a girl from Cali Colombia needs to be aware of some essential tips.

Important Things to Know About Cali Colombian Women 

Speaking Spanish goes a long way 

The majority of Cali Colombian women do not speak English. Since Spanish is the official language of Colombia, it’s the language that most Cali inhabitants speak. It warms the heart of a Cali girl to meet a foreigner who can speak a language she understands, and like most people, a Cali Colombian woman would never forget this feeling.

Cali Colombian women love virile men

The kind of man that a woman in Cali finds attractive is a man that has a macho attitude and can be controlling. However, a man who is too controlling scares them. A little tenderness added to this attitude is the right approach and behavior that a Cali Colombian girl expects from men.

cali colombia nightlife

Cali Colombian women can be possessive

Cali Columbian women can be ferocious when it comes to ensuring their partner’s fidelity. One shouldn’t be surprised though. Due to the ubiquitous nature of sexy girls in Cali, it is very common for men to cheat on their partners with other Cali Colombian girls. So, Cali Colombian women would want to have a firm grip on their male partners.

Looks are very important

Just as Cali Colombian women enjoy taking care of their looks and appearance, they expect the same effort from men who are interested in them. Many Cali Colombian girls love guys who grow and groom their facial hair. To them, the beard amplifies the man’s hotness and masculinity.

Grooming is also important. In Cali, antiperspirants and deodorants are essential must-haves for every man (local or foreign). 


Where to Meet Cali Colombian Girls?


Some people might think that Cali is an uninteresting city. This is borne from feelings about the city based on their personal experiences. The city, aside from having many spots to relax and meet new people, is full of places where one can meet Cali Colombian women. As exciting as Cali Colombian nightlife is, the daytime is much safer for tourists. Here are some places where one can meet Cali Colombian women during the day:

  • Malls and cafes are usually the best places to find and meet Cali Colombian women because of the cool environment. Moreover, these malls also have bars where people can relax and hang out. 
  • Chipichape Mall, Unicentro, Mall, Palmetto Plaza amongst others are among the top places to meet Cali women during the day.

Cali Colombia Nightlife

Naturally, the best place to meet Cali Colombian girls is at Salsa clubs. Cali isn’t referred to as the World Capital of Salsa for nothing. Any tourist who is interested in Salsa can take some classes at any of the Salsa clubs in the city. Bars like the Martyn’s Bar, the Mikasa Bar, and Dubai nightclubs are some of the best and safest places to have fun and meet beautiful Calenas. Cali Colombia nightlife will leave you with lasting memories once you get to experience it.

Online Dating

The online dating sphere in Cali is not so expanded. Sites like Tinder and Badoo are acceptable but it’s easy to run into fraudsters there. However, sites like Colombian Cupid are reputed to be the best ones for meeting genuine Cali Colombian women. 

The Final Thoughts on Dating Cali Colombian girls

Cali Colombian women might not be drop-dead gorgeous, but they are certainly amazing in character, having good hearts and lovely looking bodies. Aside from a few nasty traits like possessiveness and a superficial obsession with looks, Cali Colombian girls are some of the best women to have a relationship with. If you are interested in dating or marrying a Cali Colombian woman, your interests can be met in the right place. 

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