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Colombian Women: Get Acquainted With Main Treasure of South America

All women are beautiful in their own way, but South American ladies have always been standing out of the mass. Colombian women aren’t the exception to the standards. If you want to try dating one of these beautiful ladies but have no idea how to approach them, you may need this guide.

All women are beautiful in their own way, but South American ladies have always been standing out of the mass. Colombian women aren’t the exception to the standards. If you want to try dating one of these beautiful ladies but have no idea how to approach them, you may need this guide.

What do you know about Colombia besides it’s one of the global leaders of coffee production; it’s a country with a huge cultural and historical heritage; it’s a homeland for Pablo Escobar; it’s a place where carnivals happen all the time, etc. When we try to remember something about Colombia, only coffee and drug trafficking come to mind; however, this country has many features to boast of. Colombia was named for Christopher Columbus, who is considered to be the discoverer of the New World. This country is a unique place because you can take a walking trip to the mountains and take a tour of the equatorial forest the next day.

It may seem that Colombia should be packed with tourists, but it only seems so. The majority of people consider Colombia a dangerous place: tourists are afraid of being kidnapped, murdered, or involved in drug wars. However, even the bad reputation of Colombia doesn’t prevent some people from visiting it. If you also dream about getting acquainted with this country, its food, culture, and people, but some stories from other travelers scare you, keep calm. A trip to Colombia can be safe when you know how to behave and what places to avoid. Stay in big cities and stay away from dangerous neighborhoods.

Since you already know that simple rules can save you from trouble, nothing can prevent you from meeting amazing Colombian women in person. Colombian girls have much in common with other Latin American women and significantly differ from females living on the other continents. International dating is at its peak, so Colombia women are eager to date European and American men. You should prepare thoroughly before taking a trip to this place because some men note that local ladies are difficult to approach rather than European beauties: Norwegian, Danish or Spanish. But when you know certain secrets of dating, any girl will be yours.


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Female Population25.5 mln
Popular CitiesBogota, Medellin, Cali
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women22.3

What Should You Know About Colombian Women?

If you’re reading this, you’ve already planned a trip to Colombia. Moreover, you don’t just aim to visit a beautiful country and meet its people; you plan to embark on the journey to happiness. Let’s go through these women’s main traits so that we will be sure you know everything about Colombian women you need to know before meeting them.

colombian women

A strong feminine air

This aspect made Colombian women one of the most desirable ladies in the world; men from different countries are obsessed with them. It’s not enough to look like and dress like a woman to be her, and all ladies in Colombia know it. When we say that they are feminine, we mean that they know how to behave with men and take care of the household. Colombian girls are respectful and obedient, whereas US and European women lack this trait.

An embodiment of beauty

Colombia is a land of beautiful women. You’ve probably seen these girls on TV or on Instagram. By the way, world-famous singer Shakira and actress Sofia Vergara were born in Colombia. All Colombian girls share the same features: they have dark hair, dark eyes, similar facial features, etc. Their type of shape is a dream of millions of women worldwide: wide breasts, thin waist, and wide hips. If you’re looking for a hot woman, Colombian ones are your choice. 

All Colombian girls share the same features: they have dark hair, dark eyes, similar facial features, etc. Their type of shape is a dream of millions of women worldwide: wide breasts, thin waist, and wide hips. If you’re looking for a hot woman, Colombian ones are your choice. 


Characteristics of Colombian women

We’ve already mentioned that ladies in Colombia have much in common in terms of appearance unless they decide to color their hair or change the face using plastic surgery or cosmetology, but it’s very rare. All Colombian women pay attention to how they look: they want to be attractive all the time. Therefore, they do their hair and wear make up every day; they carefully choose outfits and always wear high heels. Even a strong heat can’t stop them from it.

Women’s personality

If you’re used to dating American and Hungarian women, Colombian women’s personality traits may surprise you. These ladies are far more family-oriented and obedient than Western women. It may seem that hot Colombian women can’t be faithful, but they are some of the best women for serious relationships. Their innate passion is expressed in everything: if they love, they devote themselves to it and do it wholeheartedly. Sociability is another important feature that makes approaching these girls on the streets easier.

colombian women dating

Colombian traditions

Colombian women respect traditions and values. Colombian dating is traditional in the literal sense of this word. Almost every hot lady you meet in Colombia is a perfect wife who is ready to cook food and care about her husband. Colombian brides choose men who have good work and can feed the family not because they’re selfish and materialistic: Colombian ladies prefer traditional relationships where men bring money, and women keep the household.

Colombian women infographic

Stereotypes About Colombian Women

Since you set out to start relationships with a Colombian woman, it’s not the first article or guide you’re reading. You might notice that different authors provide different information and their opinions on particular aspects don’t coincide. At this point, you may find it difficult to get to the truth. We want to save you from illusory superstitions: gain insight into the most widespread stereotypes about Colombian women they hate to hear:

  • They are ready to get laid with everyone. Some travelers state that they managed to get laid with almost any girl they picked up. Don’t believe rumors — many men try to show themselves in the best light and can’t admit failure. There are a lot of forward-looking and open-minded girls who aren’t against casual relationships, but even these ladies need time to get to know a man before having any affairs with him.
  • Girls are involved in drug trafficking. This assumption is very offensive to most Colombians. Even though this country is known for being the largest cocaine producer in the world, it doesn’t mean all people here either sell it or take it. 
  • All Colombian women dance salsa. Colombians adore dancing, it’s undoubtedly, but let’s not limit dancing to salsa alone. Imagine that each foreigner asks them about salsa, and it continues day by day. Get acquainted with the Colombian culture before going there, and you’ll impress any Colombian lady you’ll like.
  • All Colombian ladies are supermodels. Many world-famous supermodels were born in Colombia, but it doesn’t mean that any girl you meet in Bogota streets is a model. There are a lot of beautiful girls; however, be ready that they may look different from the women on Instagram or on TV screens. 
Colombian girls

Colombian Dating Culture

When thinking of dating with Colombian women, you should know 2 things. The first thing is about why you should be dating them. Secondly, how you better date them, considering their cultural differences.

Top 5 reasons to date Colombian girls

It’s known that among the most charming ladies, Colombian women stand out and have a reason for being called the most gorgeous ones. Definitely, ladies like Macri Sanchez, Andrea Serna, or Daniela Lopez Osoria can be the motivation to find Colombian ladies for dating. But there are other reasons as well. Discover some of them:

  • Romantic women. Colombian dating culture is a really romantic one. You’ll be showered with attention, love, and cute nicknames. 
  • Dances with passion. You can become an expert in dancing when dating your Colombian, as dances will be a key part of getting closer.
  • Learning Spanish. Passionate women will be your best teachers when it comes to learning Spanish.
  • Many new friends. You’ll never feel lonely when dating a Colombian woman, as you simply become a part of her large social circle where you’ll meet and make new friends.
  • Much great food. While dating Colombian women, you’ll have a chance to try food like aborrajado, cholao, fiambre, etc.

Once you know why you should date Colombian ladies, it’s time to discover how you can date them.

Top 5 tips on dating Colombian woman

Dating Colombian women isn’t a challenging task at all if you really respect them. You should start your relationship based on mutual respect and trust. After that, you better keep in mind the following 5 tips:

  • Be clear and straightforward. Make it clear what you want from your relationship. No need to be shy or hide something when you date Colombian girls.
  • Make good compliments. The best way to impress your lady is to make her smile. Why not try with great compliments? You better do that in Spanish to ensure that your lady will melt.
  • Ask her about her family. What’s so common about Latinas is their love and care for their families. Be sure you’re the one to care about them too.
  • Be a good listener. They love talking. They love sharing their dreams. They love making plans. So, you better be a good listener to make them feel important.
  • Be patient with her. They can be jealous, considering how emotional they’re. They can be late for dating. Thus, you better be considerate and patient enough.

How to Succeed in Dating a Colombian woman?

Cross-cultural dating has certain peculiarities, and you should be informed about them if you want your relationships to be successful. Let’s start with discussing the key tips for dating a Columbian girl that’ll make you closer to winning her over. On the whole, most of the Colombian women are interested in meeting and dating foreigners, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t control your behavior and know some ways to woman’s heart:

On the whole, most of the Colombian women are interested in meeting and dating foreigners.

  • Learn how to dance. Find out what dance is more popular in the area you stay in and learn them. When you go out with a Colombian woman, you should be ready to dance with her.
  • Don’t pay attention to flakiness. Colombian girls can often be late, and you can do nothing with this habit. Being flaky is a part of Colombian culture, so you’d better put up with it.
  • Learn Spanish a little. Even though ladies know the basics of English, you’d better get acquainted with Spanish to avoid the language barrier and make your date understand that you’re truly interested in dating her.
  • Pay for her. You don’t need to boast of your earnings because it will only scare off the girl. What is required from you is to be a gentleman to all Colombian women: pay for dinners and taxi. If you want to please her with a small gift, do it but not too often.
  • Set up the first date in a coffee shop. It’s a rather popular way of meeting a girl for the first time. You don’t spend much money and will spend time in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

How to Get a Colombian Woman to Fall in Love With You

Now you’re aware of some effective tips that will help you in dating a Colombian woman. Let’s imagine that you’ve met a pretty girl and had one or two dates with her. The first you should do to attract her is to show your masculine nature. All Colombian women are looking for strong and serious men, so prove to her you’re the man she is looking for. Don’t treat her like a queen, no matter how beautiful she is. Your woman should understand that you also have the choice.

Local guys are rather aggressive. Moreover, Colombian girls suffer from domestic and sexual violence, so control your behavior. If you see that your girl wants to see you 3-4 times a week, call you, and text you every day, you may think you achieved your aim. Don’t forget that you also risk falling in love with a Colombian lady without even noticing it.

hot colombian girls

Where to Meet Colombian Women

You should carefully prepare for your trip. The city where you’ll stay plays a big role in your success. We hope you understand that booking an apartment in a rural area and the attempts to pick up Colombian girls there is doomed to failure. Moreover, you should remember that living in a big and crowded city is a guarantee of your safety. Let’s review the five biggest Colombian cities and define what your chances of meeting women in this or that area are.


It’s the capital city of Colombia. If you can stay here, do it because you’ll never regret this decision. Bogota women are the most forward-looking and progressive. Bogota is a city where you can meet beautiful Colombian women and enjoy seeing the sights. It’s full of Colonial-Era landmarks, museums, and other interesting places to visit. Bogota has a vivid nightlife and is full of beautiful and well-educated girls from Colombia and neighboring countries. Here females don’t pay much attention to traditions that are an advantage for you. 

colombian girls nightlife


Medellin is the second-largest city in Colombia. If you can start your dating journey in Bogota, do it here. If you can’t stand much heat, Medellin is a perfect place for you. The average temperature here is 23-25 C, so you can easily meet Medellin girls during a day without being exhausted by the heat. Local ladies are accustomed to the presence of foreigners and are ready to mingle.


It’s the third-largest city of Colombia by population, but it’s not the best choice for those who want to meet Cali Colombian women. Even though this city is actively growing and densely populated, it’s hard to say that Cali is safe. Some travelers state that girls in the Cali area are even more friendly than those in Medellin and Bogota, but they aren’t as beautiful. If you prefer a day game, Cali isn’t your choice. The city is boring, and the chances of meeting someone are rather low.


This city started to grow not so long ago, that’s why it’s not very popular among foreigners. However, there are good things about it. Women from big cities get tired of foreigners sometimes, but the same cannot be said of Colombian women in Pereira. However, you should bear in mind that Pereira ladies may not be westernized. If you’re ready to put up with some cultural biases, go to Pereira.


Manizales is worth visiting at least because it’s a center of coffee production. Moreover, Manizales is an educational center because seven universities are situated here. It means that you can easily meet a young Colombian lady here. All experienced travelers state that student cities are always worth visiting. Let’s not forget that Manizales lies on the mountain range, so beautiful views will please your eyes all the time.

meeting colombian women

Places To Meet Girls

As you understand, each city has its advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it’s up to you to choose which one suits you the most. We understand that you need time to take this decision, so we’ll give you the list of places to visit in each of the cities discussed above. We’ve included bars, nightclubs, malls, parks, dances, etc. 


  • Rooftop La Cupula;
    • Irish Bar;
    • La Plaza;
    • Barcelona Bar;
    • Multicentre Star Mall;
    • Parque Caldas.


  • El Coq;
    • Quiebra Canto;
    • BAUM;
    • Santa Ana Mall;
    • Centro Comercial Santa Fe;
    • Armando Records.


  • La Circunvalar;
    • Elephant Club;
    • Avalon Club;
    • Victoria Mall;
    • Bolivar Plaza;
    • Parque El Lago.


  • Eliptica;
    • Jala Jala Club;
    • Chango Club Discoteca:
    • Jardín Plaza Shopping Mall;
    • Downtown San Antonio;
    • Palmetto Plaza:


  • Antro;
    • Gusto Nightclub;
    • Luxury Club:
    • Unicentro Mall;
    • Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex;
    • Vintrash.

Can You Meet Colombian Women on Dating Sites?

It’s impossible to overlook online dating with Colombian women when discussing the places for meeting girls. Many single girls, for example, Estonian or Lithuanian, who don’t like meeting men in nightclubs, bars, or on the streets prefer online communication. Thousands of people found love online, so if you have some doubts about this type of dating, it’s time to dispel them. Some people don’t have the opportunity to travel to the country and spend some time there. You may try finding Colombian girls on some dating sites and text some of them to get acquainted with the Colombian culture. We advise you to choose niche dating services that cater to Colombian ladies only, but the choice is up to you.


Most foreign men prefer to find Colombian women for marriage by using this universal way. Local girls are very loyal and dream of becoming Colombian brides.

The Bottom Line on Dating Colombian Women

We tried to cover all aspects of meeting and dating Colombian women in this guide to show you there’s nothing difficult. Colombian women dating tips and top spots, the most widespread stereotypes, these amazing ladies’ characteristics — you can find everything you need in this article. You should keep in mind that not all girls here wait for the foreigner to get laid with him. Colombian women are hot and beautiful, so they know how valuable they are. 

You won’t succeed without adapting your mindset to the environment in this country. Culture and traditions still play an important role, and no woman will agree to date a foreigner who doesn’t respect them. Keep the information you’ve read in mind, and don’t forget to use it when the moment comes.

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  1. I live in Canada, but I’m from Colombia, and thanks for providing the real info about these ladies. I’m proud to be from a place of the sexiest women in the world.

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