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Japanese Women: Discover Japanese Girls On Top Sites

It happens that people can be interested in meeting and dating ladies living in Asian countries, and for some people single Japanese women are among the most popular choices. There are lots of Western men seeking a chance to date Japanese women, but not all of them are aware of how and where to meet Japanese girls.

Thus, there’s a need for more information on Japan women for marriage.

Dating a Japanese girl is a great experience thanks to the variety of cool features she can have, and if you’re determined about dating a Japanese woman, there are plenty of options to consider. That’s why you need this in-depth guide on Japanese women for marriage to discover more about these charming ladies and even more. Stay tuned to reveal all you need to know.


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Japanese Women: Start Dating A Japanese Girl Online

Interesting statistics to know about

When considering Japanese girls, there are lots of interesting things to know about them. First of all, have a look at their average marriage age. It indicates that they don’t rush to be married. This is thanks to improved conditions for Japanese women.

When considering Japanese girls, there are lots of interesting things to know about them. First of all, have a look at their average marriage age. It indicates that they don’t rush to be married. This is thanks to improved conditions for Japanese women.

Female Population64.9 mln
Popular CitiesTokyo, Kyoto, Osaka
Most Popular Dating AppPairs
Average Age of Marriage for Women29.3
Male to female ratio95 males to 100 females
Divorce rate35%
Fertility rate1.34

10 features of Japanese women

Once you meet Japanese women, you’ll be sure that they’re so special, and even a typical Japanese woman can be charming and mesmerizing at the same time.

Before meeting the Japanese girl of your dreams, you should understand more about them. The more you know about women in Japan, the better outcomes you can expect from dating Japanese girl.

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1. Charming appearance a Japanese lady

Japanese women tend to care about their charm and appearance. Much effort is put into looking better and younger. More and more foreign men are attracted to these oriental women, and the unearthly charm of a Japanese lady makes her special when compared to women from other countries.

Perhaps, Japanese men might take the charm and elegance of a Japanese woman for granted, but they are quite popular around the world. If you look at Japanese women like Aya Omasa, Momo Hirai, Haruna Kawaguchi, etc., you’ll simply understand that their beauty is worth attention and makes Japanese girls popular.

2. Japanese obsession with beauty

A Japanese girl is not just a cute person who’s pleasant to talk to. It can be said that beauty is really important in Japanese culture. Did you know that plastic surgery is considered common and normal by many Japanese women? Ladies in this country do their best to add up to their natural beauty by undergoing plastic surgery.

Skincare products are also among the popular products in Japanese society that prioritizes the appearance of a Japanese woman. In other words, like in the case of Korean women, Japanese girls focus on how and what they look like. Thus, it’s not surprising that your future Japanese girl might look like Kyoko Fukada.

3. Younger looks of Japanese girls

When it comes to their appearance, you might be interested in discovering the age of Japanese women prior to dating them. Why is it so? It happens that they might look much younger than their real age. It’s believed that Japanese ladies tend to age not in the same way as other women. So, it’s common for a Japanese woman for marriage to look really young.

This is what makes spending time with Japanese girls even more amazing. You’ll always be in the companionship of a charming lady from Japan. Many Asian women can look young, but it’s hard to find ladies who will rival Japanese women in terms of looking much younger.

4. Passionate nature of Japanese ladies

When thinking of women in Japan, it’s common to imagine a humble, polite, and cute woman, but a Japanese lady has something else to enchant you. Sex is quite common in Japanese dating culture, and it can be said that Japanese ladies are quite obsessed with sex, which is quite common among many Japanese dames.

Thus, there should be no doubt that your future wife from Japan might not be great in bed. She’ll do her best to make you happy and content. This is one of the main benefits that make them appealing to foreign men interested in meeting Japanese ladies.

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5. Docile nature of Japanese women

One of the most striking features of Japanese girls is the fact that they’re not obsessed with Western values. Women in Japan are calm, traditional, and not feminists. In other words, they don’t have problems with traditional gender roles, making them more appealing to foreign guys looking for traditional ladies.

In addition to this, you shouldn’t forget that it’s common for these women to be docile in a relationship. They don’t tend to argue or object to their partners. They’ll treat their partners with patience and submissiveness. Thus, dating in Japan is something full of customs dating back to ancient times. That’s why many foreign guys want to get married to ladies living in Japan.

6. Calm nature of Japanese people

Men can meet singles from Japan in bars or clubs. You can also meet them in other places during your travels. No matter where you go, you’ll find that they’ll treat you with respect and calm nature. Indeed, Japanese women seem to never be upset about anything.

They do their best not to burden you with their problems. They don’t like arguing or fighting. In other words, it can be said that Japanese ladies are among the most peaceful partners to date. This is another feature that makes them quite popular.

7. Amazing cooking skills

Whenever you read an article or post on the blog on women in Japan, it’s common to come across their cooking skills. Interestingly, cooking is quite popular not only among women but also among men living in Japan. Everyone tries to excel in cooking, and thus, Japanese girls are ready to impress foreigners with their cooking talents.

A relationship with a Japanese woman is not only a chance to be impressed in bed, but it’s an opportunity to taste the best dishes popular almost everywhere. Dating women in Japan is about trying dishes like tofu, tempura, sushi, ramen, etc.

8. Intelligence of a Japanese woman

When talking about Japanese girls, it’s hard to deny the fact that they’re among the smartest women in the world. Japan has always been a place where education is considered to be the most important aspect of every person.

Thus, don’t get surprised if a Japanese woman will impress you not only by looking great but also by being really witty. You’ll never get bored with Japanese girls, and you’ll never spend your time in vain when dating Japanese girls.

9. Religious backgrounds

When talking about Japanese ladies, you can imagine quite modern women, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But interestingly, religion is quite an important aspect of the daily lives of these people. When visiting Japan, many foreign guys might notice the Shinto shrines across the country, indicating that most people are quite religious.

Almost 80% of people living in Japan claim to have faith. Thus, it’s one of the most religious countries, but there’s no need to worry, as women in Japan don’t tend to be too conservative when it comes to having a relationship with any guy.


10. Respectful attitude

With the rise of international brides, one of the main trends has focused not only on getting a chance to meet someone hot and sexy but also on finding someone who can be more respectful in a relationship or marriage.

And when talking about respect and similar values, there’s no one better than ladies living in Japan. Japanese girls are known for their kind attitude, but their respect is more admirable. This is one of the main features making these cute ladies more demanded among Western men. So, how about finding a romantic partner from this country?

Where to meet a Japanese girl?

If you like traveling around the world, perhaps you might be interested in visiting Japan, which is one of the most popular destinations. You can meet local girls, spend time with them, find a girlfriend, and even more. There are myriad reasons why you might want to visit this place.

But before traveling to Japan, it’s worth mentioning that a trip to this country might be quite costly when compared to other countries. For foreigners, visiting Japan for 1 week might cost $800 on average, but again, the prices of traveling can be even higher. But it’s worth spending a lot to see and date local girls. Now it’s time to consider which cities you should visit. 

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Top 5 cities to visit

Japanese cities and towns are really enigmatic, and while visiting them, you can’t help but admire the cultural differences and peculiarities. Japan is a land of wonders and interesting places.

But at the same time, don’t forget that it offers a wide range of nightlife venues like bars and clubs to meet and date local girls. Let’s discover the top 5 cities to meet your future girlfriend.


When reading any comment made by tourists going to Japan, you’ll notice that this capital stands out among other places. So, the first thing to do is to spend a great time in Tokyo.

There are many attractions for any foreigner coming to this city. For example, don’t miss your chance to visit Electric Town. Or you might be enthusiastic about seeing the oldest temple in Tokyo, known as Sensoji Shrine.


Looking for traditional and family-oriented women in Japan? You better consider traveling to another amazing city, Kyoto. This is a place where foreigners are given a chance to learn more about Japanese culture, history, and society.

Although this city can seem far from Tokyo, you can get there by train in 2 hours. One of the best things to do in this place is to visit the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.


If you’re tired of a crowded city like Tokyo, there’s a laid-back place waiting for you. This is a place ideal for your first date. It’s an ideal place to feel the rural Japanese charm, and you’ll be interested in discovering Japanese girls who are enthusiastic about meeting foreign guys.

If you’re planning to get married to a Japanese woman, you better start your journey in this romantic place. Don’t forget to visit places like Osaka Castle, the Open Air Museum, and Bunraku theaters.


Of course, it’s not as big as Tokyo, but it’s quite a charming place to visit. Besides offering a wide range of clubs and bars where foreign men can meet hot Japanese singles, Hiroshima offers cool places to visit during the daytime.

A visit to the feudal Hiroshima Castle is a good idea where you can meet many local girls. In addition to this, you might be interested in discovering the popular Floating Torii Gate. What’s more, this place is also known for the skeletal ruins of the Atomic Bomb Dome.

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Going to this city can be a good date idea to consider. This is a place popular among foreigners interested in ski resorts, making it different from Tokyo. This city is known to host the Winter Olympics in 1972.

But winter resorts are not the only places to meet new friends and dates. You can also visit the Ishiya Chocolate Factory where you’ll be offered to taste the white chocolate. The best time to visit this city is in February when the Sapporo Snow Festival is held.

Meeting Japanese women online

Where can foreigners meet girls from Japan if they don’t have time or plans to visit this country? This is where online sites can be great. You can easily date singles without the need to travel anywhere.

But is the online option as great as traveling to meet a Japanese girl in person? It’s time to consider some great aspects of online ventures.

Convenience in dating

For hectic and busy guys, dating sites are a great option to consider. You can simply access the site or app of Japanese women without the need to leave your place. You just register, create a new account, and start searching for an ideal girlfriend or wife candidate.

Online dating offers an incredible and comfortable experience, as you get access to myriads of women who might want to meet and get married to you. So, you don’t have to waste time looking for the best local woman to meet your future soulmate.

Mobile Experience

Why not date on the go? With mobile sites or apps, you can easily be dating your future girl on the go. Most online platforms offer a mobile app or mobile site that will work on your mobile devices, making your online venture more exciting.

You just get a mobile device and start dating hassle-free. Simply put, all you need to have is internet access.

A wide range of girls

Planning to find the girl of your dreams? With a great site, you can be as picky as you wish. All you need is to set your personal parameters and use filters to narrow down possible candidates. Thus, you can find a perfect match within a short time.

Affordable Alternative

Going to clubs and finding someone who’ll tickle your interest can be cool, but what if you don’t like conventional means of courtship? Besides, you might not want to spend money on traveling. Thus, online dating is a solution, as it’s quite a cost-effective way of dating a Japanese girl.

The online venture will cost you less than a real trip to Japan. Thus, you better consider choosing the top platform.

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No language barrier

The English language is quite popular, especially among younger ladies. And even though not every girl in this country might know English, it’s not challenging to talk to them online. There’s always the service of translation, eliminating the language problem. 

The good news is that you can even check the language level of your partner before you start communicating with her. That information on language proficiency will be accessible on the profile page.

Why are Japanese women popular?

It’s no secret that more and more foreign guys are looking for Japanese girls to date. But what makes these women so popular among foreigners? There are many good points about having Japanese dates, and thus foreign guys are looking forward to having a relationship with these dames.

Of course, one of the main great points of these girls is that they’re far from Western values, which can be disturbing for some Western singles.

They don’t tend to undermine the role of men in their relationship, and they’re not in the pursuit of feministic values. Instead, a Japanese girl is enthusiastic about meeting a strong and self-sufficient guy who’ll take care of her.

Tips on impressing Japanese girls

Japanese women are great life partners. They can be more than supportive friends, and they make perfect wives, as they know how to make you happy.

If you want to change your life, it’s time to consider how you can impress your Japanese lady. Here are some interesting tips to following:

  • Understand and value her culture. Any guy dating them should understand that they represent different yet unique culture, so respect the cultural values of your date.
  • Don’t rush with sex. Sex is what you might expect from dating a female from this country, but don’t rush, as it takes time before she might want to indulge in intimacy with you.
  • Be romantic and interesting. A Japanese lady expects her guy to be quite romantic. Besides, she’ll expect him to impress her with his intelligence, which is really valued and respected.
  • Be ready for commitment. One of the main mistakes made by foreigners is to expect Japanese dates to hook up with them. Actually, it’s not common for them to be indulging in casual flings. They’re more family oriented.
  • Learn some phrases in the Japanese language. How about impressing your date with some cool phrases in the Japanese language? Learn some compliments to impress your lady.
  • Talk less, listen more. One of the main things to know is that you should be quite an attentive listener. Women in Japan love sharing a lot about their lives and everything related to their family.
  • Be ready for crowded dates. Gokon is one of the most interesting things about Japanese dating culture. Women in Japan love showing up on a date with their friends. That might seem strange, but you better be ready for that.
  • Show your interest in your date. Japanese women won’t call or message you first, so always show interest in them whenever it’s possible.
  • Don’t make any negative comment about your dame. One of the main pieces of advice, when you are with Japanese women, is to avoid any criticism or negative comment, as they don’t like that.
  • Meet the family of your soulmate. Finally, you might be expected and asked to meet the family of your dame, so be ready to meet her family members.
japanese women

Final thoughts

How about marrying a Japanese woman? If you’re planning it, you better discover the top platform where you can find hot and sexy Japanese women for marriage. With such websites, you can easily meet women from Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, and other major cities.


Do Japanese girls like Americans?

There are many women from Japan seeking a chance to be married to Americans, who are among the most popular foreign guy options for them.

Is it challenging to date Japanese women?

They might not be the easiest women to date in the world, but it’s not quite challenging to date them. They should be treated with kindness, patience, and care.

Where to meet Japanese women?

The best way to meet them is through dating websites where you can access the most gorgeous dames from Japan, not to mention that the online experience is more effective, faster, and more pragmatic.

Is a Japanese woman gorgeous?

One of the most striking features of Japanese women is the unearthly appearance that makes them look great in addition to their obsession with great and appealing appearances. Thus, there’s no need to have doubts about their charming nature.

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