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Read to Know How One of Beautiful Indian Women Can Become Your Faithful Wife

Indian women are full of femininity and special magical charm. Their movements, honed in magical dances, are fluid and graceful. Their bright and airy sarees, as well as sparkling gold jewelry, attract the attention of men. Many Indian women look like Bollywood actresses. These films are memorable not only by endless songs and dances but also by the images of beautiful and graceful Indian women.

Indian culture is ancient, colorful, and rich. The cult of traditions in this country permeates all aspects of life. Regardless of social status, Indian women are beautiful anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, Indian girls, especially those who belong to lower castes, are often under pressure from a patriarchal society and have to marry at the discretion of their parents. At the same time, local men respect and even fear them, since Indian women are considered embodiments of Shakti, the great feminine energy.

Like most people, Indian women have both positive and negative qualities. They are known for their beautiful eyes, graceful demeanor, and kind nature. India occupies a huge territory, and there are significant differences among women living in different parts of this country. However, almost all women in India have particular and common features that make them typically Indian females.


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Female Population662.9 mln
Popular CitiesMumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata
Most Popular Dating AppHinge – Dating & Relationships
Average Age of Marriage for Women21

Indian Women Characteristics

Like most people, Indian women have both positive and negative qualities. They are known for their beautiful eyes, graceful demeanor, and kind nature. India occupies a huge territory, and there are significant differences among women living in different parts of this country. However, almost all women in India have particular and common features that make them typically Indian females.


India is a country of contrasts, bright colors, and mysteries of history. All these definitions can be attributed to the stunningly beautiful Indian women who can outshine everything around with their beauty. Indian girls have a fabulous and mesmerizing beauty. Many famous models, singers, and especially actresses of Indian descent have become world stars. All these females have unique beauty, sexuality, and charisma.

Many men around the world call Indian women exotic and unique. These women have undeniable genetic beauty traits that are hard to find in other races. Plump lips, thick black hair, and dark skin color are typical features of Indian women. These females of all ages know how to emphasize their beauty and individuality. One of the most important adornments of any Indian woman is her hair. In this country, it is believed that well-groomed and thick hair is a sign of youth, good health, and natural beauty. The fate of an Indian woman depends on how her hair looks.


What Do Indian Women Look Like?

India is the home of incredible beauties, who have been awarded many times at the largest beauty contests in the world. Indian women have excellent and innate genetics. Indian girls are usually brunettes, and jewelry items in their dark hair shimmer brightly and mesmerize all men. These women have such physical features as swarthy or dark skin, curved eyebrows, large expressive eyes, and charcoal-colored hair. These distinctive traits make Indian beauties some of the most attractive women in the world.

The face type of Indian women is beautiful. These ladies have regular oval faces with slightly childish swellings and straight noses with a subtle curve. These women have soft and rounded hands, as well as slender wrists. Another advantage of Indian women is their luxurious hair. They usually prefer long curls that can be styled into adorable haircuts. Indian women, unlike Arab and Asian females, are pretty and sexy at any age. It is noteworthy that the actresses of Indian cinema look gorgeous both in modern European outfits and in traditional national costumes.

Women who live in India have a special type of figure. Their bodies are not plump, but rather soft and feminine. All the features of their appearance are harmonious, and they make up a seductive and, at the same time, proud image. The voluminous hips and breasts of hot Indian women catch men’s eyes. Bright sarees wonderfully emphasize the soft and luxurious lines of their very feminine figures. An important adornment of Indian beauties is also bright makeup, including skillful body painting with henna.

girl of india


The lifestyle of Indian women is a perfect blend of modernity and old tradition. Indian women are extremely caring. These females are very attached to the family hearth, and they tend to sacrifice their career ambitions for the sake of the family, which makes them one of the most desirable women in the world. Indian girls believe that their lives will be useless if they do not get married.

No matter what happens, Indian women will always love and take care of their husbands, children, and close people. The main secret of Indian women is their attitude to life. They never complain about fate and accept with calm fatalism what is given to them. Indian girls are taught from early childhood that they must learn how to cook, do homework, and keep their homes clean. All Indian women are convinced that bearing and raising children is their primary life purpose.


Given the country’s significant cultural, social, and religious diversity, Indian women quickly and easily adapt to any living conditions and cope well with their family responsibilities. While a girl grows up in an Indian family, she gradually becomes familiar with a set of rules governing appropriate female behavior, which is known as a gender norm. She enjoys playing with dolls and begins to imitate the role of a mother. As an Indian girl grows, she understands that any change in appearance does not affect her gender identity.

You can hardly meet a non-Indian woman who could have more modest expectations than an average Indian female. Most Indian women are not used to being pampered with expensive gifts, restaurants, vacations abroad, and the like. Some men from other countries may complain that their wives spend too much money on themselves. Indian wives are not like that at all. However, some urban Indian women from wealthy families do not differ much from their European peers.

Yoga for Indian women is not a sport, but a whole philosophy. Yoga helps achieve harmony and peace, which are the main components of women’s happiness. Also, yoga helps lose weight and keep the body in good shape. Through yoga and dancing, Indian women maintain peak fitness until old age. Also, massage is used for body health and slimness. Massage dispels lymph, speeds up metabolism, as well as tones up and strengthens the skin. In India, massage is most often done with the use of sesame, olive, or peach oils.

Statistics You Should Know About Indian Women

There are so many amazing things about India. One of the most interesting facts is that it’s the second-most populous country in the world, with a population of more than 1.3 billion. Among so many women in the country, you can meet ladies who’ll look like Alia Bhatt, Taapsee Pannu, or Disha Patani. You’re not limited to meeting them only. You’ll have a chance to date them. Before doing so, have a glance at some interesting information you can find useful to know:

  • Perspective on marriage. India is a unique country to visit. It offers a chance to meet various cultures and religions in one place. It’s hard to think of a more diverse place than this country. What’s more interesting is the changing perspectives of women regarding marriage. It’s clear that marriage rates continue to fall, given how women strive to get rid of the chains of their culture and traditions. There’s a tendency to change perceptions regarding marriage in India. For example, in 2007, it was only 12 % of the population that thought marriage wasn’t really important, while in 2017, such an opinion was held by more than 30% of the population.
  • About divorces in India. Marriages in India are stable when compared to many Western countries, especially the USA. For now, the approximate rate of divorces in India is just about 1%, which is among the lowest. But there’s a problem with marriages nowadays, as divorces continue to increase. Based on some reports, it’s said that the cases of divorces almost doubled in the last 2 decades. And one of the main reasons is the changing status of women who continue to become more independent in terms of finance, social status, and even more. Yet another reason is mainly infidelity that’s become quite prevalent. It happens when a man fails to be loyal and committed.
  • Decline in fertility rate. India is so huge and it can mean that there are so many children per family. Perhaps this statement was true once, but it’s not a reality today. Challenges with marriages, problems with local males, and the changing status of women have led to the decline in the childbirth rate. The current rate is about 2.1 kids per woman, while it was above 6 several decades ago. It gradually continues to fall. This demonstrates that local Indian women are more interested in creating their careers and accomplishing their goals.

Why Are Indian Women so Popular?

Usually, foreign men imagine Indian women smartly dressed. Men get an impression of festivity when they see Indian women dressed in colorful saris. Also, Indian women and gold jewelry are inseparable concepts for many. Any woman of India will never allow herself to go out without a lot of jewelry, such as colorful gold earrings, as well as numerous bracelets on her legs and arms. Just imagine graceful Indian women wearing multi-colored saris move smoothly along the streets of cities filled with spicy aromas.

Indian women are able to take care of themselves cost-effectively. Thanks to ancient recipes and the availability of many exotic products, Indian women always have a well-groomed appearance and healthy skin. They spend significantly less on cosmetics and jewelry than their European and American counterparts. A lot of men have an opinion that East Asian women, in particular Japanese and Korean females, spend too much on beauty products and adornment. Indian women are different and in this aspect, they are similar to Indonesian females.

Also, Indian girls are taught to be obedient. These women must give in to their husbands in everything. An Indian woman never calls her man by his first name, because it is believed that the spoken name shortens her spouse’s life. The wife never walks next to her man, but she is always a little behind. She always treats him with respect and washes his feet before bed. Also, Indian women have to adapt to any situation, even if their husbands do the wrong things. If an Indian woman has a job outside her home, she usually gives her husband all her earnings.

indian girl

Where to Meet Indian Girls?

If you want to meet an Indian woman for marriage, you can do it in several ways. Firstly, you can place an ad on a couple of Indian online resources and visit websites belonging to some land-based Indian marriage agencies. Contact them and you will get several files of pretty Indian girls according to your preferences. Many Indian marriage agencies work hard to find the best Indian bride for single foreign men. When you feel that you like a girl you met there, ask the agency to arrange a date with her in person, and come to India.

Secondly, you can ask your friends and just familiar people whether they know nice girls from an Indian community in your country and hopefully, in your city. They may know someone who might introduce you to a beautiful Indian girl. Many Indians live outside of their country, and there are many important things that foreign men may like to see in India women. A girl of the same citizenship as yours can be a good choice for you, since meeting and marrying her are much less challenging.

However, it can be difficult to find an Indian girl living abroad who would be free to date a white guy in the country where he lives. The matter is that many Indian parents adhere to the old tradition when their daughters had to get married to men of their nationality and from a family of the same income. Also, under the influence of their parents and traditional values, “girls India” can behave shyly and passively when they meet foreign guys.


You can travel to this country with the purpose to meet your beautiful woman in India. However, you should note that India is one of the most controversial countries in the world. On the one hand, even if you have never been to India, you might have heard about the inequality of its inhabitants, economic problems, low living standards of a part of the population, and other problems. On the other hand, it is a great country for traveling and meeting many beautiful Indian women. What are the most popular cities for meeting them?

New Delhi

The capital of India, New Delhi, has all the advantages and disadvantages of a typical Southeast Asian city. Your trip to New Delhi is likely to be one of the most memorable experiences in your life, not only because of its contrasts but also because you can meet many single girls of India there. Many wealthy people live in this very cosmopolitan city, so you will find a lot of dressed in a Western way and career-focused women there. However, most Indian women living in this city do not seek to flaunt their wealth.


It is the cultural capital of India and the third-largest city in terms of economic development and population. It is also a great place for impromptu and unexpected encounters with pretty Indian girls. In cafes, restaurants, shops, or just in the street, you can strike up a conversation with local beauties under some minor pretext. India girls living in this city are very friendly towards foreigners and are always ready to help them with advice.


This large city, better known for Westerners as Calcutta, is one of the most populous and the richest Indian cities. Kolkata, which is located in West Bengal, is often associated with many mysterious and unusual places, where enterprising and enthusiastic people live. You can also meet very pretty and intelligent Indian women there. With the local girls, you can connect on a much deeper level than you could ever imagine.

indian woman


When in India, look for some of the biggest hotels in any city you are in. There, you are likely to find chic bars or vibrant nightclubs. However, most locals cannot afford to visit these nightclubs, so you are likely to meet a lot of foreigners and local high society girls in these establishments. Apart from the large cities mentioned above, you can go to Goa state, which is famous for beautiful beaches, relaxing atmosphere, beautiful Indian girls, and a vibrant nightlife.

In New Delhi:

  • Key Nightclub (Samrat Hotel, Plot No 50B, Chanakyapuri);
  • Kitty Su Nightclub (The Lalit Hotel, Barakhamba Rd, Connaught Place);
  • Privee Nightclub (Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, Ashoka Rd).

In Mumbai:

  • Matahari Nightclub (Level IV, Dr. Annie Besant Rd, Worli);
  • Trilogy Super Club (969, Juhu Rd, Airport Area, Juhu);
  • Tryst Nightclub (462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel).

In Kolkata:

  • Club Barocks (Godrej Waterside, DP Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar);
  • Nocturne Nightclub (Jasmine Towers, 31, Shakespeare Sarani Rd, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area);
  • Underground Nightclub (30, Circus Avenue, Sreepally, Elgin).
Indian women infographic


India offers many amazing places and you can have a great time there. However, be prepared that not every Indian girl will be willing to talk to you. Maybe, your best chances to meet local girls will be in the big malls in large Indian cities. Also, you might want to focus on sightseeing, having fun, and spending a good time in various cafes, bars, and restaurants.

In New Delhi:

  • Grappa Bar (Shangri-La Eros New Delhi, Ground Level, 19, Ashoka Rd, Connaught Place);
  • Monkey Bar (Local Shopping Complex, 11, Vasant Kunj Rd, next to Mini Cooper Showroom, Pocket B-C, Sector C, Vasant Kunj);
  • My Bar Headquarters (N 49, 2nd Floor, Radial Road, Connaught Place).

In Mumbai:

  • 1522 Bar & Kitchen Mumbai (Level 2, Goldfinch Hotel, MIDC Central Rd, near Akruti Center Point);
  • Guruprasad Bar & Restaurant (Wasan House, Sion – Trombay Rd, Chembur);
  • Samudra Bar & Restaurant (Khotkuva, Service Rd, Malad East).

In Kolkata:

  • Mehfil Bar & Restaurant (Circus Av, AJC Bose Road Beck Bagan, Sreepally, Elgin);
  • Raize The Bar (Godrej Waterside, IT Park College More, Plot No 5, Street Number 13, DP Block, Bidhannagar);
  • Titos Bar & Restaurant (Dalhousie, 12, Old Court House St, Bow Barracks).

Online Dating Sites

However, the best way to make acquaintance with many Indian mail order brides in one place is using international Indian dating websites. You can use a variety of trusted sites that attract people from all over the world and make it easy to meet the Indian girl of your dreams. Sign up on one or two dating platforms, explore their functions, and start chatting with cute Indian girls at your pleasure. You may use such dating websites as,,,, and


Top Rules to Follow When Dating Indian Women

If you have had experience with only women from your country, you should be aware that the development of potential relationships with a girl of India will have some particularities. Dating an Indian woman means immersing yourself in her culture, which is significantly different from Western traditions. The good news is that practically all young Indian women who live in big cities are fluent in English, albeit they have a distinctive accent. Here are some tips for making your first dates successful.

  1. From the start, make your Indian girl feels fine with you. Show that you appreciate her for who she is. Convince her that you are willing to make her happy and that you will never harm her. Compliment her not only for her looks, but also for her tastes, style, and intelligence.
  2. You should be confident in your words, acts, and demeanor, but do not overdo it. Indian girls instinctively prefer self-confident men. However, rudeness, selfishness, and arrogance can immediately alienate your Indian girlfriend from you. She will also keep a close eye on how you interact with other people.
  3. Let your India girl know that you are serious about her. Most probably, she is not looking for a random guy. Romantic relationships and strong family values are very important to her. Every Indian girl wants to meet someone with whom she will eventually get married and have children. Therefore, she is unlikely to be ready to date you for years without any development in the relationship.
women in india


While many men consider Indian women very conservative and traditional, this opinion can be changed after knowing them better. Often, the mentality of contemporary Indian women is closer to Western standards typical for the middle of the last century. They are smart, well-educated, and very devoted to their husbands and families. Thus, if you are looking for a pretty, wise, and traditional bride, then one of the Indian girls can make you unbelievably happy.

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  1. I’m from Wales, and I know some Indian women nearby. But is it better to meet Indian women living in India? Can you elaborate on this, please?

    • Indians are actually shy when it comes to intimacy, but in fact, they’re really passionate in bed, not to mention they’re quite submissive in bed.

  2. Are Indian women passionate lovers? Can you share more interesting facts since I’m planning to find an Indian lady for marriage?

    • They’re not limited to the Bollywood culture, though. Diverse cultures, religious values, traditions, and various languages are noteworthy.

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