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A Full Guide To Dating Nigerian Women

Nigeria, officially referred to as the Federal Republic of Nigeria and called the Giant of Africa, is the most populous country in West Africa. It is endowed with fascinating, diverse cultures and traditions and beautiful people who speak different languages, including Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. This diversity in language and culture only adds to its splendor.

Despite the social and economic instability in some parts of this beautiful African giant, its people are generally hospitable and always like to maintain a happy disposition. The official language there is English, but most people speak "pidgin," an English-based creole language, in public places like markets and bus parks. There are bountiful natural resources available to visit in Nigeria. Amongst this country's many blessings are its gorgeous women who are considered a resource to the nation, their family, and themselves, achieving great things and contributing immensely to the growth of Nigeria.


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Female Population106.3 mln
Popular CitiesLagos, Ibadan, Abuja
Most Popular Dating AppAblo
Average Age of Marriage for Women19.3

Nigerian women characteristics

A typical Nigerian girl is mentally, emotionally, and physically strong and is ready to face life hurdles, tackle issues, and go ahead in life despite serious challenges. Confidence, inner strength, and determination have given modern-day Nigerian women the ability to evolve and fully integrate into society. These women are bold and courageous, setting themselves apart from other women in the same continent.

Although beautiful Nigerian women do not all behave in the same way, there are certain traits many of them share. These are some characteristics of Nigerian women that you should know before you start your relationship.


Nigerian ladies have an attractive outward appearance that is indeed commendable. The ability to adorn themselves in beautiful attire and makeup is an inborn trait. If you take a good look at a hot Nigerian woman, then you will understand why it is said that “black does not crack.”


What Do Nigerian Women Look Like?

Non-Nigerians reading this might create different pictures of the Nigerian woman in their heads out of curiosity. Many people can spot the attractive characteristics possessed by Nigerian girls without concerning themselves with what they look like physically.

Most Nigerian girls are curvy, having attractive body shapes, beautiful black or brown eyes locked in perfectly sculpted faces, and pretty ebony skin. These physical attributes make them easily noticeable in a room full of women from other nationalities.

nigerian women

Beautiful Nigerian women have as many diverse looks as the languages spoken by the Nigerian people. These babes do not look similar. Although Nigerians’ black hair, dark brown eyes, and dark skin are the predominant physical attributes, you might still observe women of lighter skin color, eye color, and hair color in Nigeria. This variety is based on part of the country where they reside. The Fulani girls in the northern part of Nigeria are considered the most attractive as they are slender and light-skinned with a European-Arabian look. In contrast, the women in the southern and eastern regions, such as the Igbos, Yoruba, and other minorities, are curvier, plump, and rounded.

Some Nigerian girls attempt bleaching their skin to make themselves look lighter. Nigerian women have various bodily features, and you can find any type in Nigeria. The ladies are all beautiful and distinct in many ways. Nigeria indeed has it all when it comes to beautiful women. Every size, color, and shape is available in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


At the beginning of this article, we briefly outlined some lovable personality traits Nigerian women possess. Here are some more attributes of these fine women.

Calculating and Discerning

Nigerian women always scheme ahead of time. It is peculiar amongst the women of Nigeria to always try to anticipate and make decisions taking into consideration the outcome in the nearest future. These ladies tend to seek a simplified means to an end. Many people claim that Nigerian women do not work as hard as men, but they succeed the first time. In Nigeria, women strongly believe that whatever men can do, they can do it better. Women in Nigeria are good at getting things done as they please. Indeed, men are regarded as the head in every Nigerian home, but an in-depth analysis would reveal that the woman is the actual leader who has adapted well to the African way of life. Still, a Nigerian wife would always have to sit back and allow the man to feel in charge.

nigerian girl


Dating a Nigerian woman means getting ready to accommodate their talkative nature. As funny as it may sound, the truth is that Nigerian women are gifted with the act of being talkative. Try engaging in a conversation that leads to an argument with a Nigerian woman, and you would understand their disputatious attribute. Nigerian girls are not easily convinced as they would give you back-to-back reasons why something ought to be a certain way. This trait has helped groom them into confident, bold, and outspoken women, unlike in the old days. Many men, however, love that they can speak up for themselves.


The average Nigerian woman has a good sense of responsibility. Nigerian ladies are known to be very reliable. Her training on taking good care of her home and family is slightly different from what we see in the western world. Beautiful Nigerian girls are born with a natural sense of responsibility for their kids, notwithstanding the energy and reception they get from their husbands. Also, they naturally open their arms wide to strangers and are so modest. Even with the increasing fight for parity between both genders, they remain aware of the duties a mother owes her children while still developing and advancing her career. That is a primary reason Nigerian men would travel far back to pick a wife for themselves. To Nigerian women, family is simply everything.


Nigerian women are so pious. The country is dominated by Christians in the South, while Muslims dominate the north. The women in Nigeria do believe so much in religion. As much as the practice of religion has justified the mental laziness of some women, it has also helped to shape and build a better and more humbling attitude in Nigerian women. Women of Nigeria strive to imitate the virtuous woman of the Holy Bible or Quran.


Nigerian women are groomed to become submissive. The average Nigerian girl is groomed to be modest and obedient to her husband in marriage as it is believed that men tend to show more love to and take proper care of humble and fully submissive wives.

These beautiful ladies are also “Kitchen Queens.” It is scarce to find an average Nigerian woman who cannot cook as they are being taught from childhood the importance of being good in the kitchen as one major determinant of being a good wife. Nigerians regard kitchen duties as every woman’s responsibility. A woman who does not know how to cook is often seen as less responsible than a woman who is good with domestic work that includes cooking. It is popularly said that a man’s belly is the best way to get to his heart. A typical Nigerian girl is expected to prioritize learning cooking to attract a man for marriage easily.

Nigerian women adore fashion. For a Nigerian woman, looking good is not something to toy with, especially when it comes to attire. They love ‘dressing to kill’ because it makes them feel good. An average Nigerian woman attends various gatherings in absolutely stunning traditional outfits. She never forgets to take note of new styles she discovers or sees on other beautiful Nigeria women, so she can make something similar for the next party to be attended. Nigerian women are undoubtedly blessed with beauty and a high taste for fashion. The reality is that they get to appear more charming and attractive, especially to men, when they adorn themselves with nicely fitted shoes, dresses, hair extensions, and makeup.

nigeria girls

Statistics You Should Know About Nigerian Women

Did you know that Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth? But what makes this country unique is its women. Indeed, Nigerian women are sexy, fit, and appealing, so if you’re interested in the sexiest women in Africa, why not start dating? Thankfully, you don’t have to travel to Nigeria to meet hot ladies. All are accessible online. Before finding them, discover some interesting facts about them:

  • Marriage-oriented ladies. When it comes to marriages in Nigeria, it can be said that women tend to marry, and among women from 15 to 49 years old, 70% of women are married. Only 20% of them didn’t marry at all. So, Nigerian women are more likely to marry, especially more likely than many women from Western countries. One of the main factors contributing to higher levels of marriage in the country is due to religious affiliation of people. Nigeria is indeed a religious country, where almost half of the population is Muslim and the rest half is Christian.
  • Divorces in Nigeria. Although a traditional country, divorces happen in this country quite often. It’s about 30 divorces per 100 marriages. But why are divorces rampant in this country? The main causes of marriage dissolution include cheating, mismatch, beliefs, jealousy, and others. But according to some, one of the main problems behind marriage failure is financial problems in the country.
  • The fertility rate in Nigeria. When looking through European countries where the fertility rate is mainly below 2, it can be surprising that the fertility rate in Nigeria is higher than 5 kids per woman. So, it means that families in Nigeria are quite big. Since farming is one of the main sources of income, it’s important to have a large family size, which explains the high fertility rate in the country. What’s more, having more kids is about their beliefs that having more kids will be rewarding.
Nigerian Women infographics

How To Attract a Nigerian Woman

Women of Nigeria generally have soft hearts. They can quickly grow to love and respect a man who makes them feel appreciated and happy, and Nigerian women are no exception to this fact. Here are some things to consider if you want to catch the attention of a Nigerian woman:

  • Be a more religious person. Ask any Nigerian girl what she wants in a man, and you can be sure that a ‘God-fearing’ man will be at the top of the list of attributes they desire. There are lots of selfless characteristics one must possess to show that you’re indeed devout. Some of these characteristics include forgiveness, compassion, love, truthfulness, etc. These are things that Nigerian women yearn to see in a man.
  • Be smart. A Nigerian woman would admire being emotionally and mentally enough to hold meaningful conversations about different topics. Even if you aren’t well-educated, a typical Nigerian woman will applaud your ability to hold down a conversation. Most Nigerian women are bored by technical subjects as they prefer talking about happenings in the entertainment world and social media. Still, the sapiosexuals would like men in touch with more profound issues or topics bothering the nation or the secular world.
  • Check your dress and grooming. Before even making advances at a Nigerian lady, you can bet she has already assessed you from your head down to your toe within a couple of seconds before she decides if giving you a listening ear is worth it. Successfully grabbing her attention is hugely dependent on how physically attractive you look even though you may not be the cutest guy, as that’s not of your own making but be sure to always look nicely and neatly dressed. Physical attraction is a crucial step to being close to the average Nigerian lady. As it is often said, there’s someone for everyone, so a few Nigerian ladies may not want to pass their judgment based on the first meeting, but remember: first impressions still matter.
  • Be kind and understanding. An act of kindness towards a woman and to other strangers gladdens the heart of any woman watching, and it may be a way to attract her.
  • Treat her with tender care. A Nigerian woman may act all tough, but she likes to be pampered and showered with care. Assist her when you can with work, finance, and every little thing possible to show how much you care about her.
  • Nigerian women love adventurous men. Do you want to attract a Nigerian woman without loving adventure? Then you are not ready. Meeting new people should allow you to embrace different unique styles and attitudes. Learning new and uncommon stuff like sports, food, etc., may be an excellent way to attract the attention of some Nigerian ladies.
nigeria women

Where To Meet Nigerian Girls?


Nigerian girls are all over in the various cities in Nigeria and some other cities outside Nigeria too. Some beautiful places to meet Nigerian girls include Churches, schools, offices, and cafes. Here are some incredible towns where you’ll find many Nigerian girls: Abuja, Lagos, Asaba, Benin, Port Harcourt, Calabar, and Jos.


The entertainment industry is one of Nigeria’s most extensive and fastest-growing industries as it is very much appreciated in this part of the world and beyond. Most extroverted girls Nigerians would rather have their social activities or share of fun at nighttime as they spend the whole day working and cannot party during the day. It has become a boring practice these days to a lot of Nigerian youths. Meeting Nigerian girls at nighttime is very much possible in places like clubhouses, party halls, and hotels. Here are some bars where you  can find beautiful Nigerian women:

  • Hexagon, Benin City
  • The new African Shrine, Lagos
  • Niteshift Coliseum, Lagos
  • Krystal lounge, Abuja
  • SOK Lounge, Port Harcourt City
  • Casablanca, Port Harcourt City
  • Lesukka Bar, Port Harcourt.
  • Bole King Restaurant, Port Harcourt.


Nigerian girls love to have fun. It is said that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” and games are a fun way of relaxing one’s mind. In the day, especially on weekends, you can meet Nigerian girls at most parks across the country, where outdoor games are being played, such as:

  • Leisure Sports Paintball, Lagos
  • Our Resort, Lagos
  • Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos
  • Dipsy, Lagos
  • The Upbeat Recreation Center, Lagos
  • The Metaphor- Paint and Pottery Studio, Lagos
  • Pleasure Park, Port Harcourt
  • Port Harcourt Golf Club
  • Port Harcourt City Mall

Online dating sites

Online Dating sites are another way to find ladies- Nigerian girls inclusive, as some may be interested in the blind date matchmaking pattern of starting a relationship. Rather than traveling down to the country, you can always find different dating platforms to meet Nigeria girls.


Top Rules to Follow to Dating Nigerian Women

Here are some tips to follow when going into a relationship with a Nigerian woman. It may also be helpful if you are already dating one.

Show unconditional love

It may sound improbable as some persons may usually say that only God can love one with no conditions attached. Still, it has to be noted that the main goal is to strive to get to that point, and every Nigerian woman would appreciate such effort because she knows that nobody is perfect.

Practice the act of consistency

Being consistent and stable is one way to keep a relationship moving forward despite hitches on the way. Every Nigerian woman loves a man who would choose her every day despite her faults, and the best way to get her to be consistent with you is to give out the same energy.

nigerian woman

Be committed

Every Nigerian woman wants a fully committed man. An average Nigerian woman usually goes into a relationship to get married, so being entirely focused on each other will be a proper and easy way to let the relationship flow into the main aim, which is marriage.

Gentleness and tenderness

Nigerian men love their women with variety in terms of character. That also applies to Nigeria girls as they would love the man they are with to be that super “hot guy” that attracts many other ladies. Still, that man should be disciplined enough to stick to one and only.


One may not thoroughly understand Nigerian women as they have different desires, just as they come in different faces and sizes. Still, a moderate act of decency, commitment, and good looks are enough to attract and make a Nigerian woman feel happy.

Many Nigerian women are always open to the prospect of meeting foreigners as they would love to have the opportunity to live outside the country and enjoy a better life. Nigerian women are courageous, confident, and resourceful. If you settle down with a beautiful Nigerian woman, rest assured you will have a life full of peace and happiness.

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