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A Foreigners Guide to Attracting Scandinavian Women

Scandinavia is a subregion in North Europe that refers to Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Scandinavia has a strong cultural, historical and linguistic tradition, and their girls are notorious for their innate beauty and cheery temperament.

Fun, passionate, and fun are some adjectives that you won’t use when defining a Scandinavian girl. But they are somewhat nuts and desirable to be with when you crack their tough nature. Perfect is another word that doesn’t describe a Scandinavian babe because perfection is a myth. Some Scandinavian women stereotype associated with Scandinavian girls throughout the region include: Wealth, Minimalist, In love with alcohol, Liberal and Somewhat arrogant.

These Scandinavian women traits are not true for all Scandinavian girls, as every girl in Scandinavia is more unique than you would think. Though a Scandanavian woman is enlightened about feminism and social justice, they love their drinks.


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Scandinavian girls may appear similar from the outside, but there are lots of Scandinavian women stereotypes within Scandinavia. Some stereotypes include:

  • Danes are all-out hedonists and happy drunks
  • Swedes are self-righteous and rich
  • Norwegians are crude and dumb
  • Swedes are very materialistic and uptight.

Stereotypes are not a good way to describe people living in a country, but to be prepared, you need to generalize. Scandinavian women stereotypes are not all true, but help you prepare your mind before meeting a Scandinavian babe.


Conclusion on Scandinavian girls

Swedish girls are the embodiment of beauty. They are blonde, rich, and all about economic equality and liberty, though casual dress hipsters. Beautiful Scandinavian women have blue eyes, a slim figure, and high growth. An average Scandinavian woman stands at 5 ft 5ins while the English measure up to 5 ft 3ins.

The major difference between Scandinavia girls and girls from other countries is the light color of their hair and eyes. Another stunning Scandinavian women traits are their beautiful grey, blue or green eyes that make them appear like fairy tale heroines. Also, Scandinavian beauty characteristics feature is their narrow nose that seats accurately on their face.

Most Scandinavian women have an innate light-brown hairline and a section of their eyes look European. Scandinavian girls have a slim figure and high growth. They love sports and are strong, which is encouraged by their environment and climates.

scandinavian women

Determining Scandinavian women

How they look like

Scandanavian women have great fashion sense and are constrained by their emotions. Among Scandinavian girls are the red-haired, brunette beauties, sensual and burning with bright emotional nature. They are charming and have a rich heart and an expressive semblance.

The typical look of a Scandinavian girl is a young and sexually blue-eyed blonde that everyone dreams about. The “snow queen” perfectly fits the look of a Scandinavian babe – majestic and severe. A Scandinavian woman is tall, confident, and cute. A Scandanavian babe has an active lifestyle that prolongs their youth. They love natural beauty and maintain proper nutrition.

A Scandinavian woman has natural glowing complexions, which makes them very attractive. This is because of their nutrient-rich diet, which includes fish oils and herring that help to maintain their skin glow. Scandinavia girls rank top among the most attractive girls in the world around the internet because of their stunning blond look. Swedish women have higher cheekbones than British women, which gives them a natural highlight and contour. Scandinavians are descendants of Vikings – not all of them – as Viking tribes populated the region.


Scandinavian women stereotypes are not all true, as some of them are just rumors. The best way to verify these stereotypes is to visit the country yourself. Beauty is complex, yet rich in every culture. It is born and reborn but perpetually changing. The secret to Scandinavian beauty is that they prefer organic beauty products and lovemaking with ingredients like honey, eucalyptus oils, brown sugar, and oatmeal.

Scandanavian women take pride in their appearance, yet they are not vain. Their women are age-defying and effortlessly beautiful and people ask what the secret is. The secret is their natural skincare routine.

Scandinavian beauty lies in “hygge,” which is a Danish word for wellbeing. The word refers to all things that are cozy and comfortable – from a nice mulled wine to sauna baths, which Scandinavian women love. Beautiful Scandinavian women prioritize wellness and contentment, hence hygge is also a way of life for Scandinavian women, especially their beauty routines.

The hygge mindset got a lot of attention in the last few years as people tried to understand the secrets of Scandinavian beauty. During winter, the average temperature drops below freezing level, Scandinavian girls use a serum to keep their skin hydrated for long hours. The Scandinavian woman also uses rich day cream to lock in moisture and hydrating mist to prevent additional dryness.

Beautiful Scandinavian women love performance, hence they prefer easy-to-use products with multiple benefits. Scandanavian babe is knowledgeable on good antioxidants and fats and, they incorporate them into their diets and skin-care routines. A Scandinavian babe beauty goes beyond the bathroom, though their skin-care routines are maybe minimal. A Scandinavian woman prioritizes self-care and is big on ice baths and saunas, which are both great for nourishing their skin and increasing blood circulation.


One unique Scandinavian women trait is their genuine spirit of individualism. They guide their personal space with jealousy, but some of them are introverted. Scandanavian women have firm stances in their personal and professional lives. Scandinavian women are competitive and even compete with men at work for the positions.

They are strong and decisive and always take the lead instead of waiting for the other person to text, talk or pay for drinks. Scandinavian girls have high self-confidence and are not scared by men. They enjoy themselves at any age and engage in activities that make them happy.

Beautiful Scandinavian women enjoy hiking, cycling, and mountain climbing while observing the country. Hikes and mountain climbing are very popular among Scandinavia girls, especially in the summer. Scandanavian babe loves hanging out in bars and clubs where you can meet them and have a drink or two. Restaurants are also great locations to take a Scandinavian woman for a delightful meal or date and she might even pay for your food if you’re lucky.

Classic Scandinavia girls enjoy bowling or going to the movies to relieve stress and have a good time with friends. During conflicts, Scandinavia girls won’t make a scene. Rather, they deal with conflicts by having conversations. On one hand, this makes it comfortable to communicate with them. It makes beautiful Scandinavian women reserved and cool, but hard to understand their emotions.


Scandinavian women are rational and independent. They are self-confident, have enormous hearts with a gentle soul, and strongly believe in looking out for other people. Scandinavian babes are accommodating, compassionate and quite generous, so they would not abandon you if you’re in need.

scandinavian girl

Commitment to health

Scandinavian women have a firm belief in exercising, eating well, looking after themselves, and general wellbeing. They do not drive everywhere, sometimes they cycle, walk or jog. Scandanavian babe believes in having moderation in everything they do. So, though they eat fatty foods and sweet treats, they seldom binge on them.

To stay fit and healthy Scandinavia girls do not rely on treadmills and gyms like other parts of the world. Instead, they prefer to engage in physical activities that are fun to them than to work out specifically. These activities include long walks, roller skating, and skiing or ice-skating in winter.

Trust easily

A Scandanavian woman believes in the goodness of people around her and can leave a baby stroller in front of a store without worrying. While other people believe that there are bad people everywhere, Scandinavian women prefer to believe in the opposite. They believe in helping other people and assume that they will get help easily if they need help.

Mental toughness

Earlier we talked about hygge and how it relates to Scandinavian beauty. However, Scandinavian women also developed “Sisu” – a strong attitude of perseverance. Beautiful Scandinavian women have lived through cold winters and long nights, which have taught them to be physically and mentally strong.

Some Scandinavian babes indulge in ice baths and other extremely bitter experiences to improve their mental toughness. Being exposed to cold temperatures opens the veins, improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, and reduces pain and inflammation.

Shy and reserved nature

Scandinavian women are often friendly and very polite, they are not loud. Part of their politeness is because of their unwillingness to interrupt or force people into conversations without prior invitation. While you cannot apply this personality to every Scandinavian girl, most of them are slightly outgoing than girls from other parts of the world.

scandinavian girls

What is the Difference Between Nordic And Scandinavian women?

Unlike other parts of the world, northern Europe uses the words “Scandinavian” and “Nordic” interchangeably. In simple terms, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Finland are all Nordic countries with Scandinavian roots. Typically, only Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian women refer to themselves as Scandinavian women.

Swedish girls

The typical Scandinavian woman is a Swedish woman. They are mostly blondes with pale skin and often chubby. This is quite understandable when you consider the typical Swedish diet. Although many Swedish girls are supermodels, most Swedish girls are on the curvier side. The shyness of Scandinavian babes is at an all-time high among Swedish women.

Swedish girls are more independent and decisive than some guys. Also, Swedish women have no problems with casual flings nor having children as partners or friends in an open relationship.

Girls of Iceland

Iceland is a tiny country on a tiny, but beautiful island. However, Icelandic women are few, yet it is one country where girls buy drinks for guys. There was a scam a couple of years ago that claimed Iceland would pay foreign guys willing to marry Icelandic girls. Icelandic locals are all about equality, and Iceland was the first country to declare the gender pay gap illegal.

Icelandic girls are super accepting and casual and they are more concerned about having a good time. Also, they are naturally beautiful with a great complexion and their hair is slightly darker than other Scandinavian women.

Norwegian girls

Norwegian girls are the thinnest among Scandinavian women. The country is very expensive as nearly everyone is rich, which is why the girls are not impressed by how much you earn or your success. The women are not so much impressed with foreigners, yet Norwegian girls are the most likely Scandanavian woman to date you. Though they are forward and enlightened, like other Scandinavian babes, they value genuine connection. Last, most of the girls are tall blondes and if you want to attract them, show initiative and a competitive edge.

Danish girls

Danish girls enjoy biking in the cold and they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. Also, Danish girls are more liberal and open-minded than Swedish girls. In addition, Danish women are a bit more open than Swedish women, yet it is still difficult to approach them.

The best way to meet and date a Danish girl is through a mutual friend. They have nice toned bodies, love practical things, and are notorious for their all-black fashion.

Finnish girls

Finland is only fun in the summer, but these Scandinavian women love saunas as they live in chilly temperatures. The country women are super friendly and treat foreigners specially. The easiest way to ask a Finnish girl out is to tell her to show you around town. In terms of looks, Finnish women are chubby, but they exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

scandinavian woman

Why Are Scandinavian Women so Popular?

Scandinavian babes have amazing, unique physical features that make them stand out on their own in the world. The demographic and historic situation of the Scandinavian region helped Scandinavian babes keep their original appearance for centuries. Scandinavian girls are strong, graceful, with blonde hair, green or blue eyes with rosy cheeks, and pale skin.


Scandinavian women are raised with self-confidence and self-respect. Most of them receive an excellent education and work as hard as their men. Hence, a Scandinavian woman is not searching for a man who will ask her to quit her job or one who will support her financially.

Serious attitude towards marriage

Unlike many young girls in Asia and Latin America, Scandinavian girls do not get married that fast. The average age for a Scandinavian woman to get married is 32. This shows that Scandinavian babes make conscious decisions to get married. Also, they take family seriously and their family becomes their top priority once they get married.

scandinavia girls

Where to Meet Scandinavian women?

The following suggestions for meeting Scandinavian Women are appropriate for those who travel or live nearby. If you live, work, or visit Sweden, meeting a Scandinavian girl in public places or cities should not be a problem.

Best cities to meet Scandinavian women

Stockholm is the best city to meet Scandinavian women in Scandinavia. The city that gave the world ABBA and some other hottest girls in the world. Stockholm is not only great to meet beautiful Scandinavian women, but you can also explore the food and have a life experience.


Malmo, the southern gem in Sweden, is another city to meet Scandinavian babes. It is a year-round destination for tourists and has plenty to offer. You can start your stroll at the Stortorget – Malmo city square built in the 16th century – which now lies in the heart of the old town.

Malmo has some date-worthy bars and restaurants – like the one in the city hall basement – which are excellent for meeting Scandinavian women. Check out the narrow cobble-stone streets which are the perfect place to meet and take late-night walks with Scandinavian girls. If you enjoy the nightlife, visit Lilla Torg square, the center of Malmo bars and clubs.


Uppsala is the perfect city to meet beautiful Scandinavian women who enjoy the nightlife. The city has a vast population of students, so there is always something fun waiting for you in this city. The best way to utilize your visit to Uppsala and meet gorgeous Scandinavian girls is to use online dating apps like Tinder.

For the best result at finding a Scandinavian girl for dating, visit during the school year when the city is buzzing with life. Uppsala is very close to Stockholm, and it is 20 minutes to the airport by train. This city is also a convenient location for visiting other Scandinavian cities.

Online dating sites

Scandinavian dating sites are the best place to meet beautiful Scandinavia girls. These platforms are easy to use and the interaction is simpler as the women here are looking for a match. International cupid is the best premium dating site to meet Scandinavia girls. It is everything that free dating sites are not and the site targets a niche.


Members on international cupid are not just hookups, they are premium users like you and are interested in long-term relationships. Members on this site are ready to meet Scandinavia girls or start a long-distance relationship with foreigners. Premium dating sites are best for meeting Scandinavia girls as you get more value when you pay.

The second site you can visit to meet Scandinavia girls is Tinder. But the downside is that it is a free site and anyone can register and set up their profile. Another reason is that the Scandanavian woman on Tinder might just be interested in hookups.

Tips on how to attract Scandinavian women

Show interest

Start by showing interest in her, not too much since you just met her. This might be difficult for you, but give her space to make the first move and be sure of great things in your relationship.

Decide what you want

Take a minute and decide what you want in a Scandinavian babe. These women are direct, so be open and direct with your desires and leave the rest up to them.

Don’t be overly generous

Being overly generous raises a red flag for a Scandinavian woman to doubt your intentions. These beautiful women have their own money and won’t appreciate it if you insist on paying their bills all the time. Split the bills for food and drinks with a Scandinavian girl and watch how she loves you.

The mistake most guys make when trying to attract Scandinavia girls is to focus on building a relationship. Scandinavian babes are interested in romantic relationships, but they act aloof until they see the things you both have in common. They prefer to develop friendly and emotional connections first before building a romantic relationship. Finally, be yourself and don’t overdo things because you want to make a perfect impression.

The final thoughts on dating Scandinavian women

Whether you decide to date a Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic or Finnish girl, take some time to understand their differences. Scandinavian girls are fun to be with and lively, hence dating one will be an adventure. From the lakes, log cabins, and mountains, Scandinavian countries are among the most beautiful countries in Europe. Scandinavia girls know how to take advantage of the winter and the summer, so allow them to plan your dates when you visit any Scandanavian city.

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