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Filipino Women: Top 5 Dating Tips to Remember

If you haven’t ever been to the Philippines, you definitely have to add this country to your must-visit list. The Philippines is home to breathtaking landscapes, rice terraces, and fantastic places for diving. Those seeking adventures can enjoy the Puerto Princesa underground river tour, as it’s an unforgettable experience.

The best things about this country will include Filipino cuisine, numerous festivals, and local people. Filipino hospitality is known all over the world - it’s a good reason to travel to this country. Locals are proud of their culture and country, so they’re glad to meet tourists and promote their region. Thus, the Philippines is considered to be the friendliest Asian country.

If you’re a single guy, you wouldn’t like to miss an opportunity to meet Filipino women because they’re adorable. Girls from the Philippines won world beauty contests 15 times, so there’s no doubt local ladies are the ideal of beauty. However, an amazing appearance isn’t the only outstanding feature of Filipino women. These girls are a perfect choice for marriage due to their numerous positive personal qualities.


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Female Population56.1 mln
Popular CitiesManila, Vigan, Davao City
Most Popular Dating
Average Age of Marriage for Women27

What Do Filipino Women Look Like

Filipino women can be compared with beautiful exotic flowers. The stunning appearance of a local girl is one of the reasons why foreign guys travel to the Philippines over and over again. Filipino girls have dark, glossy hair, caramel skin, and plump lips. They have black or brown eyes hiding the secrets you’ll want to uncover. Filipino women love to smile, and it seems like the whole world becomes brighter because of the smiles on their pretty faces. The beauty of Philippine women can last forever, thanks to genes. Their skin remains smooth and soft even when they turn 50. However, wonderful genetics isn’t the only reason why Filipino women look gorgeous at any age. A healthy lifestyle helps them preserve their beauty, forget about wrinkles, and impress men with perfect bodies. 

Filipino women attract attention as they enter a room, so your couple will become the center of any party. They know how to emphasize their beauty and make everyone look at them. Besides, they radiate some special energy attracting people so much, while their personal qualities impress everyone.


Filipino women are easy-going

Filipino girls love to communicate. A local girl can’t live without a daily conversation with her closest friend. If a traveler asks her to help them explain how to get to some sightseeing place or recommend a restaurant with the tastiest Filipino cuisine, she’ll pleasantly help them. 

Local girls are also wonderful listeners. They analyze the way another person talks, pick words, and change tone, so they’re great when it comes to their conversation skills. These girls sense which subjects are better to avoid during a conversation and masterfully pick the right phrases to be more diplomatic, but at the same time, they know how to be open-minded.

Filipino girls are optimistic

Filipino wives prefer to think that the glass is half full and let tough situations go quickly. In addition to a positive attitude, local girls are self-motivated people. If a Filipino woman faces a problem, she believes it’s an excellent opportunity to try something new and become stronger. They won’t sit and do nothing – these girls prefer to take action and look for effective problem solutions. 

Like all optimistic people, Filipino women love to have new experiences and enjoy life. They enjoy spontaneous vacations, visit new restaurants, travel to other countries, and communicate with foreigners. Novelty makes them happy because they feel that they live life to the full. Besides, they’re known for being humorous and down to earth.

They are full of energy

Beautiful Philippine brides are active and fun-loving. A Filipino girl will never miss a party or festival. Besides, she won’t just stand at the wall and watch other people because she loves to be in the spotlight. A Filipino girl will dance, sing, communicate with her fellows, and make new friends. Your pretty Pinay won’t allow you to sit in front of a monitor or TV all weekend. 

You’ll never get bored with a Filipino lady as she always has a hundred ideas, so you’ll have to forget about lazy weekends. She’ll take you to a new exhibition in your town, show you new cafes, or invite you to join her at some concert. Or she can share some tips on preparing great dishes thanks to their cooking skills.

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Filipino girls are kind

A Filipino lady will never hurt another person. She thinks about the feelings of other people and avoids tricky subjects during a conversation. She’s polite with everyone. Affection, compassion, and gratitude are the main characteristics of Filipino women. They don’t wait for acknowledgment after helping other people. Filipino girls are kind to everyone because they believe that we all should be kind to each other. 

What foreign men seek in Filipino girls

As you can see, Filipino women have wonderful personal and physical features. Almost every American man can adore these girls due to their exotic beauty, tenderness, and friendliness. Besides, these ladies are optimistic and smart. A Filipino girl can become an ideal companion for a man striving to change his life radically because she’s a breath of fresh air. If you decide to start dating a girl from the Philippines, you’ll learn many interesting details about her culture. Dating a woman from this country is a real adventure because her habits may differ from yours. 

Filipino Dating Culture

It’s clear that every nation has its interesting peculiarities regarding the concept of dating. While there are countries where casual dating is more popular, other nations are more popular for more conservative approaches, which will be true about your future partner from the Philippines. 

When talking about dating Filipino women, you should be motivated to date your girlfriend with serious intentions, as they can be conservative and traditional. But it’s not true to say that Filipino dating culture hasn’t been affected by modern values, especially when talking about girls living in rural areas. So, it’s time to reveal more about dating Filipino women in a more old-fashioned way.

Things to know before dating Filipino girls

In a country where more than 86% of the population is Roman Catholic, you should be ready for a more conventional approach. Here are helpful tips that you should know:

  • First move. You don’t expect women to make their first moves. It’s generally a man who should make the first move. It’s common in the culture of Filipinas.  
  • The role of parents. Their approval is a must if you’re planning to date Filipino ladies, so be ready to meet the parents of your lady.
  • PDA. It’s something frowned upon in this country. Filipinas are great at showing their emotions in private rather than in public.
  • Pamalae. It’s a Filipino way of meeting the parents of your lady if you’re planning to get married to her.
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How to date Filipinas?

Now that you’re interested in dating these charming ladies, you should know how not to fail. Don’t worry. Dating them is incredible and hassle-free. Still, you need to know some useful tips to ensure that your dating will not end soon:

  • Focus on the first impression. It’s important to know that your first date should be great and well-organized to make a good impression on her.
  • Be smart and polite. Filipinas don’t care how old you can be or how charming you are. They want you to be polite. Besides, smart men are in vogue in their country.
  • Have some good jokes in your pocket. The more you make her laugh, the more she adapts to you. They adore it when they laugh and smile.
  • Cook together. Filipinas are obsessed with food and cooking. You better try to cook together, which will make you close to each other.
  • Show interest in their culture. You’ll be dating a person from a country of rich culture. To be more specific, it’s a blend of Filipino and Spanish traditions that have been influenced by Asian countries alongside the US. Show respect and interest in her culture. 

Top 5 Tips to Know to Date Filipino Women

Like any other lady, a Filipino girl needs to be respected, valued and loved. You’ll have to follow common dating rules to win the heart of a local woman. Demonstrate gentlemanly manners, compliment her, and listen to your Filipino girlfriend. Plus, we recommend you use our tips to impress a lady from the Philippines:

Respect her personality

A Filipino girl can be shy and modest at the beginning of a relationships. You should give her some time to get used to a new person in her life. Even though beautiful Filipino women are friendly and communicative, they need time to adapt and feel a connection with a partner. Don’t make her do things she doesn’t want to do, and don’t try to change her habits. If she isn’t ready to get acquainted with your friends, wait a little bit, and she’ll express the desire to meet your fellows soon. 

Since Filipinos are hospitable and friendly, your girlfriend will surround you with warmth and care. She’ll cook for you, send you cute messages, listen to you, and offer her help. You may think that she cares too much in some cases, but it’s in her nature to comfort her partner and do her best to make him feel good. So, relax and enjoy the power of your girlfriend’s love, and don’t forget to take care of her and treat her too.

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Give presents to your Filipino babe

It’s not common for stingy men to be loved and respected anywhere. Your hot Filipino girlfriend will appreciate it if you give her a present. It’s unnecessary to buy something expensive to impress her. You can get to know her closer and discover her interests to choose a gift she will really like. If she mentions that her hairdryer got broken, you can buy a new one for her because it’s the thing she needs. Although it’s not a romantic gift, a Filipino woman will be glad to receive it and appreciate your desire to help her. You can also add her favorite flowers to surprise your girlfriend. Financial support is also a good way of impressing your lady.

Get acquainted with her family

Many men are afraid of getting acquainted with their girlfriends’ parents. A man gets nervous before an important day and can’t relax during dinner with his sweetheart’s family. However, you have to remember that family traditions are highly valued in the Philippines. Filipino women respect the opinion of her parents, and she’ll definitely show her new boyfriend to them. So, you’ll have to impress her family with excellent manners and your best qualities.

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Don’t show off

Undoubtedly, every woman wants to see a confident man by her side. But many guys think that showing off is the best way to radiate that confidence. However, Filipino women don’t like it when men start to exaggerate their achievements, praise themselves, and describe how rich they are. Avoid talking about yourself too much. To show confidence, you can make eye contact, be patient, and encourage a girl to tell you something about her life. Wait till she asks you to tell her about your job, goals, and achievements.

Avoid talking about your ex-girlfriend 

You both had relationships in the past, but it’s unnecessary to discuss and complain about your ex-partners. If you start to describe your ex-girlfriend on the very first date, a Filipino female will feel uncomfortable. Of course, you’ll have to talk about your previous partners, but this conversation should happen later. Besides, it’s better to avoid talking about your ex-girlfriend unless your Filipino babe asks you about her.

Filipino Brides: Things to Remember

Now that you know basic information about hot Filipina women, you should learn a few details connected with their family values and customs. There are many bridal traditions in the Philippines that may influence your relationship with a local woman. So, keep the following information in your mind to deepen the connection with your Filipino beauty and build a healthy family:

  • Ask her parents for their blessing on your engagement. As we’ve mentioned earlier, family ties are highly valued in the Philippines. According to a local tradition, a man has to ask his girlfriend’s parents for a blessing to get married to her. Besides, a groom and a bride have to ask for blessings at a wedding ceremony by kissing their hands or touching the back of their parents’ hands with their foreheads. 
  • Respect your Filipino partner’s religion. The Philippines is the only Asian country counting more than 80% of Roman Catholics. Locals are religious people, so they visit the church regularly and celebrate religious holidays. Support your Filipino sweetheart and respect her beliefs.
  • Avoid telling jokes about the Philippines or showing disrespect towards people living in this wonderful country. Filipinos are proud of their country and do their best to help travelers love the Philippines by being hospitable, friendly, and helpful.
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Where to Meet Filipino Women?

Filipino women are wonderful potential life partners. But where can you meet these beautiful girls? Here are a few ideas:


If you decide to combine traveling and love search, the Philippines is the best place. You’ll get an unforgettable experience due to the wonderful tourism opportunities offered by the country and the friendliness of local women. If you see a beautiful girl in the street or coffee shop, don’t hesitate to start a conversation with her. Smile at her and say something like, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I noticed you and couldn’t stop myself from telling you how beautiful you are.” If you’re shy to start a conversation like that with Filipino women, you can say that you’re a tourist and ask her to help you get to some popular sightseeing place. By the way, here are a few spots you should visit during your trip to the Philippines:

  • Boracay.
  • Bohol.
  • Chocolate Hills.
  • Cebu.
  • Banaue.
  • Vigan.
  • Manila.
  • Davao City.



Chances are you’d like to relax after excursions, diving, and other activities in the Philippines. The country offers travelers a diversity of nightclubs and bars you can enjoy. Besides, you’ll meet many Filipino women who want to relax and have fun at a local bar after a hard day at work. As we’ve mentioned before, Philippines mail order brides are full of energy, so they won’t miss an opportunity to have a good time. You can visit the following bars and nightclubs to meet pretty Filipino women:


  • Oarhouse Pub of Manila.
  • Filling Station Bar and Cafe.
  • Dusk Till Dawn Var.
  • Alchemy Bistro Bar.


  • Boracay PubCrawl.
  • Paraw Beach Club.
  • Exit Bar.
  • Club Galaxy.

Davao City:

  • Fowlplay Kitchen + Dive Bar.
  • Alcatraz Penal Bar.
  • Stre3ts Urban Lifestyle Pub.

Online dating

Online dating is a money-saving solution for those searching for Filipino women for marriage. Tickets may cost a lot, so you can register on a matchmaking platform and enjoy communication with singles living in the Philippines. If you want to improve your online dating experience, you can buy premium communication features with Asian girls: Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian women. Indeed, advanced online dating platform options will cost less than a trip to the Philippines, which is among the usual advantages of online dating. 

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The Final Thoughts on Dating Filipino Girls

If you believe that your perfect woman has to have sun-tanned skin, dark eyes, glossy hair, and plump lips, Filipino women will definitely impress you with their beauty. Moreover, these girls are the best choice for marriage because they combine ideal physical features and personality traits. You can choose any convenient way to meet a Filipino girl. Travel to the Philippines to visit new places and find a potential wife or register on a matchmaking platform to save money and enjoy online dating on the go. Both variants can bring you the desired result.


Are Filipino singles beautiful? 

With their long curly hair, expressive eyes, cute facial features, and petite shapes, many Filipinos are renowned for their beauty. Besides, there’s an obvious interest in a healthy lifestyle and nutritious food among gorgeous women. 

What makes a Filipino wife so special?

Hot Filipino women are renowned for being caring, loving, and smart wives. Unlike Western women, they’re also known for being traditional and docile. Simply put, a Filipino wife is a person not obsessed with Western values. Filipino singles make good wives for sure.

Where to meet hot Filipino women?

You can meet Filipinas in their own country, but meeting them on the best dating site is considered more efficient, as you can meet most Filipino women online since internet dating is on the rise in the Philippines. You can simply start dating a Filipina woman with just a few clicks.

Can you meet Filipino girls on free dating sites?

If you’re planning to meet Filipino girls on a dating site, you might wonder whether you can try your luck on a free platform. The reality is that meeting Filipino women on free sites might not be as efficient as meeting them on paid dating platforms. Exclusive sites are quite professional, safe, and practical.

What makes Filipino girls happy?

These women are not obsessed with gender equality, but they’re seeking a chance to be treated properly. For women in the Philippines, it’s important that their partners can be kind, polite, and compassionate with them. This will make them happy. Unlike many other foreign women, local women in the Philippines are not obsessed with your money.

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