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Romance with Russian Girls: What Things You Should Know

Russia, which is the world's largest country, covering over 11% of the world’s landmass is situated between Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The country is also home to the world's longest railway, the second-largest art museum, and many Russian billionaires. Additionally, Russian citizens have contributed to many technological advancements like helicopters and radios, and a Russian man discovered something we all love - yogurt.

However, when many people think of Russia, what comes to their mind is vodka and giant bears strolling casually on the streets. But that is a stereotype, and the girls, another of the country's assets, do not like stereotypes.

Many American and Eastern men travel to Russian cities and use dating sites to meet the local girls. These women are beautiful and possess a lot of remarkable characteristics. Furthermore, they are also intelligent, which men look out for in girls these days.


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Female Population78.6 mln
Popular CitiesMoscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women24.9

You will find independent and strong girls in Russia, which makes them stand out from other Slavic girls. Additionally, they uphold their traditions and would not hesitate to show their passion for their nation. So, if you are interested in courting these girls, keep reading to find out more about these Slavic beauties.

What are Russian Women Like?

Women differ based on their ethnicities and, Russian girls are not any different. In this section, we will discuss all the significant factors that make up these girls. So, keep reading to learn more.


The Modern-day Russian woman originates from East, North, and West Slavic tribes that split from the early Indo-European group. Consequently, her origins play a significant role in her physical and psychological features. So, you can attribute her charming personality and natural beauty to deep Slav roots.



Russian women boast a unique combination of Slavic and Asian genes, which has produced some of the most gorgeous women on earth. They are fierce, feminine and elegant. After a lot of analysis, we can boldly say that these girls rank amongst the sexiest and naturally beautiful women globally. 

The facial features of these women are not something you come across quickly. They have sexy, slender bodies draped in fair and clear skin and accentuated with brightly colored eyes. Russian women have mastered their beauties and complement it with simple but elegant fashion. Additionally, these women do not hesitate to show off their feminine curves.

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In Russia, there are about 190 ethnicities which they refer to as nationalities. However, based on population demographics, the ten largest ethnicities are the Tatars, Ukrainians, Bashkirs, Chuvash, Chechens, Armenians, Avars, Mordvins, Kazakhs, Azerbaijanis. Knowing these ethnicities will stop you from getting confused if your Russian girlfriend says she’s from any of these nationalities.

The personalities of Russian women

Beauty is not the only thing Russian women have going for them as they are also brilliant. Furthermore, women these days are committed to advancing themselves academically, financially, socially, and economically. So, it is typical to meet a local woman who can speak different languages, including English, fluently. 

Additionally, these girls are cultured and polite. Apart from focusing on academics, Russian women also delve into literature and other forms of art. And when these women pick a hobby, it transcends into an extension of themselves.

Another personality trait of these girls is that they are emotional. Although it’s common for women to be dynamic based on their hormones, it’s extra for a Russian girlfriend. As a result, they tend to have insecurity issues in their relationships. However, their emotional disposition also makes it easy for them to love their partners while being loyal wholeheartedly.

Also, note that these girls are reflective due to their advanced intelligence and deep traditional understanding. However, they are also self-confident and always grateful for every part of themselves, including flaws. This trait makes them easy-going people as they understand and better empathize with people. Additionally, they appreciate straightforward men.


How Russian girls are different from other women?

In comparison to other women, especially American ones, Russian women are not loud about feminism. Russia is a patriarchal nation, so the country’s women don’t mind being submissive and obedient. However, that is not to say that these girls would not pursue a career or be ambitious. But they would not place their ambitious pursuits over looking after their families. 

Furthermore, when it comes to Russian girls, dating is not easy. American women are ambitious, which makes it easy for them to pick up random guys. However, since Russian women are all about emancipation, they take their time to select the men they want because they see relationships as an essential aspect of life. Plus, they are uncanny when it comes to spotting unserious men. 

Finally, the women of Russia are family-oriented. This trait is not common amongst women from other nations. However, family is a priority in Russia, and their women would willingly drop everything to ensure that every member is happy.

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Russian Dating Culture

Russian women have always been in the spotlight. For some, they’re the most charming ladies, but for others, they’re women with a strange mindset. Actually, Western and Russian cultures are quite different, and dating Russian women is definitely a different yet pleasant experience you need to know about. Time to rediscover Russian women.

Things to know before dating Russian women

One of the main problems in Russia is a gender imbalance. Simply speaking, there are more women than men. What’s more, Russian women are nowadays getting less interested in dating local men. Thus, they focus more on dating foreigners. So, before your romantic venture starts, here are things to keep in mind:

  • Less hook up. Casual dating isn’t very popular in Russia. If you’re interested in casual flings, Russian women may not be the best candidates. They’re more interested in creating long-term bonds.
  • More feminine. While many European women are obsessed with their rights, freedom, independence, and so on, Russian women are more feminine and want to be conquered by their men. Thus, they rarely make the first move.
  • Traditional women. The most interesting part about Russian women is their traditional approach. They pride themselves on being diligent, caring, and loving their children and husbands.
  • Obsession with their appearance. They love being stylish. They love make-ups. Russian women invest a lot in their health and bodies to look better, fresher, and younger. This actually works, as they look perfect indeed.
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How to date Russian women

Now that you know that Russian women are quite different, the first thing is to be more open-minded with them. Then, you need to follow these tips:

  • Patience. Russian women can be capricious and jealous. Besides, they can be demanding and not very punctual. Thus, your patience will be good at the start.
  • Gifts. Much attention is given to your finances. They need to be sure that you’re the person who can take care of them. So, giving presents and flowers can be a good sign for them.
  • Manners. They are romantic ladies at the same time. They love courtship. They love spending time with you. So, be a real gentleman to her.
  • Sense of humor. Don’t forget to make them laugh. They love and admire smart men who can be funny and interesting.

Russian Girls Stereotypes

Stereotypes are preconceived notions about things that may or may not be wrong. However, they are often offensive to those on the receiving end. So, if you want to date Russian women, here are some common stereotypes you should avoid.

Beautiful Russian girls are online fraudsters

Many foreigners believe that girls in Russia are only good at scamming because of how mafia movies portray them. Therefore, people tend to see them as frauds whenever they appear on mail order sites. However, most of the local girls you find on dating sites are there to find life partners. So, it is wrong to approach them with the preconceived notion that they are fraudulent.

These girls are hopelessly subservient and domesticated

Girls from Russia are loyal to their partners and are good homemakers. However, don’t for a second think that they wouldn’t dump you if you try to lord your will over their lives. As much as they love to make sure the house is looking good and their partners are satisfied, they won’t allow anyone to trample on them and their fundamental human rights.

russian women

They are vodka lovers

Vodka may be prevalent in Russia. However, not all local girls drink it. Some don’t drink Vodka at all; they might prefer beer or wine. At the same time, some don’t like alcohol, no matter the occasion. So, there is no “one size fits all” regarding drinking when in Russia. 

Their local girls are mean

Your Russian girlfriend’s supposed meanness is associated with the fact that the locals don’t smile too often when going about their daily businesses. According to them, it is stupid to smile for no reason. So, they only smile when necessary, and when they eventually do, it’s consistently genuine. Additionally, the local girls are strict in meeting men, but it doesn’t make them mean. They are only careful.

The local women are pedophiles

There is a common stereotype that Russian chics make pornography with children and sell them. However, apart from this stereotype being wrong, it is also offensive. So please, refrain from pedophilic talks when conversing with these girls. They are passionate about children and can utterly dislike you for making fun of their love for children.


Top 7 Reasons for Dating a Russian Woman

Now that you know the significant characteristics of Russian women and the stereotypes to avoid, here are seven reasons to date them:

1. Their girls are honest

One crucial factor needed for a healthy and successful relationship is honesty, which is the ability to tell your partner everything, no matter how seemingly hurtful it might be. This characteristic is something that Russian chics possess. Their single girls are honest and won’t hesitate to talk about their feelings, no matter what it is. So, when you date them, you can be sure of transparency and accountability.

2. A Russian girlfriend will make a great cook

Russian babes learn how to make homemade meals from a young age from their parents and grandparents because girls in Russia are more appealing when they can cook. So, if you date girls with Russian origins, rest assured that you won’t go hungry. They will constantly prepare local Russian dishes and even learn how to make your favorite foods.

3. Their girls become excellent mothers

If you are in for marriage, get a woman that is caring and comfortable around children. And, what better place is there to get great mothers than Russia? Typical Russian moms will not allow anyone to bully their children, and they will also ensure that these kids learn the correct manners. Therefore, you can rest assured of grooming cultured children with a Russian bride. 

4. They are loyal

When we say single Russian women are loyal, we mean the kind of “dog-to-master” loyalty. They will do everything to please you, and when there is a fallout, they will not jump at the next available guy. Russian ladies prefer to spend time fixing their relationships than bailing at the slightest discomfort. The icing on the cake is that they like exclusive relationships, so they will not double date.

5. Russian girls are respectful

An average Russian girlfriend understands that men love to be respected, and they don’t hesitate to show as much respect as possible. So, if you choose to date Russian girls, be sure that they will listen to you and respect your opinions and position in the family. However, don’t trample on them because they are respectful; you should also listen to and respect their views.

6. Russian girls are intelligent

Apart from being beautiful and great cooks, Russian girls are also intelligent. So, having intellectual conversations with them won’t be a bore. Additionally, they will be able to contribute significantly to your growth as their Intelligence will challenge you. 

7. Russian women are feminine

Western men love girls who embrace their feminine side, and Russian ladies take pride in themselves and their appearance. Additionally, these girls appreciate men who can lead them because they expect men to always take the initiative. So, in return, they will give you the love and respect you deserve.

russian girls

Dating Tips for Russian Girls

So, now you know why you should date Russian ladies, you also need to know how to go about it so that you don’t end up getting hurt. So, here are some tips on how to date a Russian woman:

Act like an alpha-male

In the western world, there is not much distinction between manliness and womanliness. However, when it comes to Russian girls, they are seeking and expect a clear difference. So, it would be best if you took the lead, being macho and powerful. 

 Display confidence

You should be self-confident; that’s one way to impress a Russian lady. No Russian lady likes to date a guy with low self-esteem. We know that no one is perfect, but try to mask some of your fears when you are going out with girls of Russian origins.

Looks are important

When you date girls, you should pay attention to your looks; the same goes for Russian ladies. They spend hours preparing to see their partner, and they expect the same. So, dress and groom yourself appropriately because these women are attracted to good-looking guys.

Appreciate her traditions

The average Russian is superstitious, and even if you don’t accept most of their beliefs, never use them to taunt a Russian lady. As we said earlier, these girls are passionate about their culture. So, it would be a turn-off for her if the guy she’s interested in scorns the Russian customs and traditions. 

Compliment her

Russian girls love compliments because they spend hours looking better. Also, compliments make them feel like they have your attention. Additionally, compliments make them appreciated. So, use your words to get to her heart. 

Always make her your center of interest

No matter how many jobs you have, a Russian woman will expect you to give her attention. They enjoy being under the spotlight, and you can get their heart by paying close attention to them. Furthermore, it would be best never to ignore your Russian girlfriend because this move makes them feel unloved. 

Online dating is an easy way to meet new people from different parts of the world.

How to Meet Russian Girls?

Firstly, you should note that international marriage is not shameful as more people are now opting for it. Additionally, being with girls of other nationalities gives you another level of exposure. So, if the foreign woman you want to date is Russian, the best place to meet them is on online platforms.

Online dating is an easy way to meet new people from different parts of the world. However, when you approach a Russian lady on online dating sites, you should know the risks involved. Sometimes, it could be a scam account, and that is why we advise that you do video calls to confirm your partner’s identity.

Additionally, you can avoid awkward conversations by going through their profiles before approaching them. These girls are intelligent; however, they expect you to take the lead. So, always take the lead in conversations. 

Furthermore, it would be best if you looked out for fake dating sites. There are a lot of them parading unverified girls to lure men in, and you should avoid them. Therefore, do your research before registering your information on any website. 

Final Thoughts on Dating Russian Girls

Russian girls are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and physically appealing women in the world. They are super-intelligent, loyal and generous, and are also great homemakers, good cooks, and amazing wives. As for money-related matters, Russian girls are frugal spenders, meaning that your finances are safe, which is why many foreign men want to marry them. So, if you get a chance to date a Russian girl, we recommend grabbing it with both hands.

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