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Russia is famous for the lake Baikal, the deepest lake on earth, the Russian dolls, vodka, and the world’s most beautiful women. Have you ever dreamt of Russian women? If you are seeking a relationship with a charming Russian girl, check this guide. Today, you will receive useful dating tips and find out why single Russian girls are worth your attention.

What are Russian Women Like?

Many Western guys are obsessed with Russian girls. So what do these girls look like, and how do they differ from other nationalities? Is there anything special about Russian charm in reality? Check this all out below:

What Genetics do these Girls Have?

The Russian Federation is a very diverse country, so there are many nationalities (up to 180). Still, girls with typical Caucasian features prevail. So what does an average Russian woman look like, and what genetics does she have? Russian girls are generally taller than Slovakian women, Estonian or Swedish girls. Thus, Russian women are about 5’5 (165-170 cm). She has long brown hair and an hour-glass figure.

What about curves? The local girls are well-built, having wide hips and developed glutes. According to the latest surveys, these girls have DD breast size, meaning they have quite massive breasts.

As for skin color, most local girls have fair, sensitive, and sometimes even pale skin, and they have to use sun creams while chilling at the beach. Thus, these girls have pretty juicy, seductive bodies.

But note that we are speaking of average girls. So you can meet both small girls and tall women with small breasts or large voluminous boobs that make their carriers’ backs hurt. Thus, you can find both young girls and mature women of all shapes and sizes (like everywhere).

The Beauty of Slavic Girls

Beauty standards in Russia have become a magnet for men across the globe. What’s unique about them? The matter is that most girls believe they must look charming all the time. Due to this, they do makeup and plenty of beauty treatments.

russian girl

Beauty standards in Russia have become a magnet for men across the globe. What’s unique about them? The matter is that most girls believe they must look charming all the time. Due to this, they do makeup and plenty of beauty treatments.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that the local girls paint their faces like clowns. Beauty and makeup trends change each year, and now girls emphasize natural beauty and use makeup to make their strongest sides more prominent among Slavic beauties like Lithuanian. Additionally, Russian girls avoid extreme feminist beauty trends, like boyish haircuts. Indeed, a woman’s face looks much more natural and beautiful with long hair.

Ethnic Diversity of Russian Women

As we mentioned before, around 180-190 ethnic groups live in Russia. Thus, 77% of women are Russians, while there are also Ukrainian girls (1.4%), Tatar women (3.7%), and others. Therefore, Russia is almost as diverse as the United States, uniting vibrant cultures across the land.

Ethnical diversity also results in beautiful girls. For instance, there are lots of girls with both Asian and Caucasian features. This hot blend makes these women irresistible to guys. Some men prefer Russian girls to Argentinian, Vietnamese or Colombian women.

Personality Traits of Girls in Russia

The girls like Assertive Guys

They follow a traditional family setup. Thus, men earn money, while women cook delicious meals and nurture children. Sure, it’s a generalized pattern, but most girls dream about this kind of relationship. A Russian girlfriend might never acknowledge this. Still, she will feel much more comfortable and happy while having a husband who rules the family, protecting his little princess from dangers.

It’s how Slavic girls imagine ideal relationships. Why do these women strive for this? For the most part, girls in Russia dream of an assertive and ambitious husband. In this country, you can’t just get a well-paid job after graduating even from the top universities. As a result, only highly ambitious personalities who work their fingers to the bone 24/7 and cut corners on basic needs for years can succeed in life.

russian women

Sharp Mind

Higher education has always been the top priority for Russian girls. According to the latest estimations, over 50% of Russian women have tertiary-level education. Besides, earning a university degree is prestigious in Russia. As a result, most girls have at least a bachelor’s degree. They read a lot as well.

Apart from that, many girls, especially in large cities, like Moscow and St. Petersburg, speak English. According to surveys, 30% of the population can speak English to some extent (from exchanging a few phrases to writing and speaking the language better than natives).

How Russian Women are Different from Other Women

“Russian girls have cute faces and sexier bodies,“ most Western men come up with these characteristics while differentiating these girls from other nationalities.

“Russian girls have cute faces and sexier bodies,“ most Western men come up with these characteristics while differentiating these girls from other nationalities. In reality, Russian girls have a different mindset and upbringing as well:

  • They don’t bother feminism a lot. Russian girls want to marry loving men who will treat them with respect and ensure a prosperous family life.
  • These girls grow in a patriarchal environment, seeking dominant partners. Being quite strong, they still want someone to hug them and say, “It’s okay, I’ll do this. Everything will be fine.”
  • Girls in Russia devote themselves to the family. Thus, love has a much higher value than a career to them. They will sacrifice their jobs for the sake of a healthy family.
russian women

Are Russian Women Stereotypes True?

There are plenty of stereotypes about Russians and their lifestyle. For instance, one believes that Russians drink vodka all the time (which is partially true but still far from reality). Or, the girls have pet bears. Fortunately, these stereotypes have little in common with reality. What about specific female stereotypes then? Read further to find them out.

All Girls are Gold Diggers

Many believe that single girls in Russia search for wealthy men (regardless of their personality and appearance). Some women are real gold diggers like they are in virtually any country and society worldwide. Nonetheless, most of these women don’t mind meeting a person with an average income. After all, Russian men earn six times less money than their US colleagues do. Thus, 90% of women choose their partners for many different reasons aside from financial stability. At the same time, females walking on the planet Earth want to mate males who can survive in the harsh environment, i.e., earn enough money. So yes, money matters to these girls, but as much as it does to women in any other country.

So, are Russian girls after your money? No, they aren’t. But they take into account your financial stability anyway.

These Women are Impolite

All girls in Russia are bad-mannered, impolite, rude, and never smile. It’s another false statement about Russian women that appeared due to the cultural gap between Slavic and Western worlds. Indeed, a Russian might say, “pass me the sugar, please.” instead of “I wonder if you could possibly pass me the sugar, please?”

If a Russian girl doesn’t use the latter expressions, it doesn’t mean she disrespects you. It’s just the way Russian girls communicate: they prefer shorter phrases. Adding “please” to a request is already considered polite to a Russian mind.

As for smiles, the girls are super sincere and smile while feeling excited or happy. Here, a smile is a natural way of expressing happiness, not a tool to build trust. That’s why Russian women don’t smile at strangers, for the most part.

russian girls dating

Russian Girls are Superstitious

Each culture features some superstitions. Russian culture is no exception. Thus, your Russian girl might take a seat for a minute or two before going out somewhere too far from home. Or, she might avoid broken mirrors because they bring misfortune. In general, a Russian woman might have some superstitions. Nonetheless, they are quite funny or even cute rather than annoying.

These Women are Submissive

If you expect to date an obedient voiceless servant of a woman when arriving in Russia, you have never been so wrong about these girls. Some believe that Russian girls are super submissive, doing nothing but housekeeping.

But real Russian women and stereotypical Russian women are like apples and oranges. In reality, Russian girls work as hard as their American counterparts do. Thus, 54% of Russian women have a job, which is only 2% shy of women in the United States (56%). Furthermore, most Russian women don’t tolerate disrespect or any abuse. The girls can be assertive and strong.

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7 Reasons for Dating Russian Women

Why would you want to date and marry a Russian girlfriend? She has an angelic face, a sexy body, and a sharp mind.

Why would you want to date and marry a Russian girlfriend? She has an angelic face, a sexy body, and a sharp mind. But are these the only reasons to date her? In reality, Russian women can bring much more than that to the table. So check the seven reasons why you will want to date a Russian girl:

1. A Russian Girl Will Love You Till Death Do You Apart

What about loyalty in Russia? You might know that Russia belongs to the world’s leading countries regarding the high divorce rate. Thus, over 60% of all Russian marriages end in divorce. Why do Russian couples split up, and how can you even expect to build a stable relationship with a Russian woman?

In reality, most couples divorce due to financial insecurity and the husband’s alcohol addiction. If you can prevent these things from ruining your family life, you can be 100% sure you will celebrate at least a silver wedding together with your Russian girl.

Indeed, marrying a guy, who drinks only on holidays, is a massive jackpot for a Russian girl. She doesn’t demand anything extraordinary. Therefore, as long as you earn an average Western salary, keep taking care of your family, and preserving love, you will always remain a true hero for your Russian woman.

2. Russian Women Become Skilled Wives

If you marry a woman from Russia, be prepared for mouth-watering meals waiting for you after work. It’s because Russian brides start helping their mothers at a very young age. Thus, a little girl learns to cook and take care of the house, doing lots of housework while her mom earns hard money.

meet russian women

If you marry a woman from Russia, be prepared for mouth-watering meals waiting for you after work. It’s because the local girls start helping their mothers at a very young age.

Thus, young girls always help older family members and often do some domestic chores. Given that, your girlfriend, and later Russian wife, will always bring something special to your meal plan. Besides, Russian brides are used to eating soups, which helps you maintain a healthy weight.

As for cleaning the house, you can expect from Russian mail order brides a squeaky-clean floor, shiny furniture, tidy and fresh clothes, etc. However, your Russian woman will probably refuse to do all the housework alone, although she is a master chef in the kitchen and so on.

3. Your Russian Girl Will Surround You With Care

In Russia, people often joke about women’s care. Thus, once a man catches a cold and gets low-grade, 99° F fever, his woman turns into an emergency staff member, doing her best to save her husband from the “inevitable demise.” That being said, Russian women are super caring and pamper their partners all the time.

4. Western Guys are Prioritized

Once you get to Russia, you will instantly get an edge on the local men. First, Russian guys don’t always look as hot and stylish as American or Western European men do. Worse yet, it’s an understatement. They don’t care too much about their appearance since there are 10% fewer men than women in Russia. Thus, there is little competition between guys. Furthermore, women lay themselves out to attract a guy.

Now, imagine you are entering a Russian dating scene, being far richer, well-mannered, educated, and handsome than the local guys, just stepped from a bandbox. Once you ask a Russian girlfriend how to get to the nearest hotel, she hears your sexy accent, and her eyes spark with genuine interest and sympathy. What a charming guy has just talked to her! That’s how it works in Russia: many women don’t mind dating foreign guys or even dream of marrying them.

5. Russian Women Don’t Mind Relocating

Will a Russian girl swap gloomy, greyish, rundown suburban apartment blocks for the sun-drenched avenues, warm beaches, and silver skyscrapers of Los Angeles? Of course, she will.

While dating Russian women, you will probably spend some time in the country. Staying there for a couple of weeks or months might be a beneficial experience from a cultural perspective.

russian women for dating

Nonetheless, all beauties of Russia are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Nonetheless, all beauties of Russia are located in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, other cities, let alone small towns, might appear to be deadly dull and depressing. Because of this, more than half of all girls in their 20s want to leave the country. It means that Russian women will agree to move to the US since she has always dreamt about it.

6. A Different Perception of Beauty

Russian girls are much more forgiving to men’s beauty than European or American women. Do you have love handles? Or, is your six-pack buried under an inch of fat? It might never affect your sexual life if you date a Russian girlfriend. The girls don’t care if you’re out of shape.

7. Family Values Come First

As we said before, Russian women can sacrifice their careers to spend more time with their children and husbands. For most of them, family comes first (Like for Cubans or Spanish too). What will it mean for your relationship? The first thing is that your woman will spend a significant portion of her time with you and your kids. Will she hang around with her friends every Friday? She won’t do so. Will you meet only in the morning and before sleep because of so much work both of you have? No, this setup is very scarce among the families in Russia.

Once a Russian woman marries and bears a child, she devotes herself to her family to the fullest.

Dating Tips for Russian Girls

Have you decided to meet girls from Russia and marry one someday? Then check these tips on dating Russian women:

  1. Be Kind and Supportive. In Russia, women strive to connect emotionally to their partners. Most of the girls lack kindness, care, and support in their relationships. Unfortunately, many local guys (perhaps due to lower competition) take Russian beauties for granted. Be different to impress the local girl and melt her heart. All you need to do is show interest in her life, respect her needs, emotions, and feelings. If she feels bad, don’t judge her but encourage her. It’s simple, but many women lack it.
  2. Chivalry Works In Russia. Slavic women value old-fashioned gestures. So, splitting the restaurant check, taking women back home, holding a door, pulling a chair for them, etc., will win their hearts.
  3. Meet Your Russian Girl’s Parents. Russians are super family-oriented, and it also means you might deal with protective parents. Some Russian parents might be suspicious about their daughter’s boyfriend if he avoids them. So, they have to see you and ensure you’re a good guy (regardless of your age and status). Thus, be this guy. Treat your woman’s parents with respect and politeness.

How to Meet Russian Girls

Russia occupies 11% of the Earth’s landmass, so where to meet Russian women? In reality, there is no difference between women in different Russian cities. You can find real gems everywhere. So you can choose any city to date lovely girls.

Still, it’s better to focus on Russia’s European part, where most cultural and social events occur. So what do you need to travel to Russia? First, you have to obtain a visa. People from the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia require it. Or you can use online dating apps to find Russian mail order brides.

What about costs? Russia is the second cheapest country for living, so you will expect to spend no more than $1,000 while living there alone. As for typical traveling and dating expenses like excursions, restaurants, museums, etc., you will need approximately $2,500 per month for a couple. Also, it’s far better to meet a Russian girl before you get to the country. Indeed, online relationships will save your budget and time. Thus, you can address Russian girls dating websites to find Russian women for marriage.

The Bottom Line

Russia is home to magnificent, angelic women. Russian girls stand out due to their exceptional genetics, sharp mind, the utmost care and devotion. With some effort and dedication, you will meet a woman of your dream who will love you with all her heart and soul. Furthermore, it’s easy to find your love in Russia. You can meet your ideal match online before visiting the country. So hesitate no more and take a step toward your happy family life with a Russian woman.

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