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How to Get a Haitian Woman: An Ultimate Dating Guide

Haiti is formally the Republic of Haiti, or formerly Hayti. Haiti is on the island of Hispaniola, with the Dominican Republic. Cuba and Jamaica border Haiti to the West and the Caicos Islands to the North.

By land area, Haiti is the third-largest country and the most populous in the Caribbean. It has an estimated population of 11.4 million people and has several things for you to explore. These include its diverse ecosystem, the fine art scenery, and Hatian girls. The 2010 earthquake changed Haiti and ever since Haiti has never been the same ever since.

While Haitian women are charming, some men prefer their neighbors - the Dominican women. Most Haitian women are black and only 5% of them are white. One important thing to note is that in 2010, a deadly earthquake changed everything in Haiti, including their women.

After eleven years, some Haitian women are still trying to make sense of what happened. The major difference between Haitian women and women from other countries is their firm belief in voodoo. This scares men away, as most of them believe Hatian girls may put a spell on them.


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Voodoo is still a strong tradition in Haiti with festivals built around it, but you can focus on Christian girls. Another difference is that 95% of beautiful Haitian girls identify themselves as being African. Yet, most of them dislike being called blacks. In the dating market, most Haitian dating sites stereotype Hatian girls as being overly strong and self-sufficient.

Defining Haitian women

Women of Haiti and trained to act as breadwinners of the family regardless of their standing in their family. Haitian women are ambitious and, because of Haitian culture, they learn and fulfill the traditional role of a Haitian woman.



Haitian women are beautiful inside out, and they will go to great lengths if they genuinely care about you. Hatian girls are captivating, but if you are not into dark-skinned girls, you might think otherwise. Most foreign men fly straight to the Dominican Republic for lighter-skinned girls, yet, this creates less competition and increases your chances.

Most beautiful Haitian girls have a dark complexion with smooth, toned skin and sexy bodies. A fascinating thing about dating a Haitian woman is that she is open to the idea of dating a foreigner. Mostly, because she wants to improve her lifestyle, but if you are lucky, she will fall in love with you.

haitian women

What do Haitian women look like

Haiti is a country with amazing nature and attractive women. Most men fall in love with them at first sight because of their beauty. Women of Haiti are so different from American and European ladies. Also, their personalities make them more desirable for dating and marriage.

Haitian dating is an interesting experience as you’ll get to wake up next to a lady with a breath-taking body. They have gorgeous dark eyes, luscious dark hairs, chocolate skin, and plump lips perfect for kissing. It is hard not to feel special when you wake up beside a girl with such marvelous features. The appearance of Haitian girls is more exotic than other Latino women.

Beautiful Haitian girls are a mix of African and Latin beauty with some European features thrown into the mix. They have lean petite figures with deep chocolate skin and flexible-sporty bodies thanks to their love for dancing.


These women are supportive and passionate. Haiti’s history, vibrant culture, and recent events shaped the personality of Haitian girls. They impress men in more ways than you can think of, and you will find happiness with a Haitian woman.

Haitian girls are traditional and not the most modern forward-thinking women in the world. They see their man as a savior, though she would not admit it. Some of them prefer a man who will pay the bills while she stays at home and takes care of the house and the cooking. If you prefer this type of girl, this is a plus for you. Unless you prefer a Haitian woman who will share the bill with you.

Dating a Haitian woman entails being with a woman who is accustomed to accomplishing a lot with little effort. She can prepare delicious meals with a handful of ingredients and make her accessories and clothes. Haitian ladies know how to keep a house tidy and beautiful with little resources and have a sensible attitude towards money.

One feature of Haitian women which you will only discover while dating them is that they are very romantic. Beautiful Haitian girls live for love and when they find a man they love, they give their all. They will make you feel special even while you are away and make sure you enjoy every moment with them.


To fully understand and experience the characteristics of Haitian girls, you need to visit Haiti or meet Haitian women. Haitian girls are stunning, appealing, and special even if they do not match your standard of beauty.

One characteristic of beautiful Haitian girls is that they value men a lot. Women of Haiti grew up in an atmosphere of love and positivity and they exude the same energy around the men they love. A Haitian woman is understanding and she will motivate you to give your best. She exudes an aura of peace and happiness, and just being with her will improve your self-esteem.

Family is another feature that distinguishes Haitian women from other women around the world. If you eventually marry a beautiful Haitian woman, you are sure there is someone who places family first. She will make you learn about family values. This is one thing you need to understand if you want to enjoy dating a Haitian woman.

Haitian dating will expose you to Haitian ladies who are very smiley and kind, thanks to the country’s climate and its outstanding beauty. The beauty and positivity around them influence their character and that is why they have very low divorce rates. If you are looking for peace of mind and a kind woman to date, a Haitian woman is that woman.

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Things Every Man Should Know Before Dating a Haitian Woman

They do not speak English

To find a Haitian woman who speaks good English is difficult as French is their Lingua franca. In Haiti, however, very few people speak pure French. Locals communicate in a mixture of French, African, and English. Thus, if you plan dating a Haitian woman and avoid the language barrier, try Haitian dating sites.


This is one of the most difficult aspects of dating a Haitian woman. You can date a Christian girl if her strange beliefs and perspective on the Universe bother you. Women in Haiti take their religion – voodoo or Catholicism – seriously and look for meaning in their dreams.

No public display of affection

Unlike American or European women, Haitian women are not at ease with public displays of affection. When dating a Haitian woman, this is extremely inappropriate. Forget about kissing her on the street or any form of showing her affection outside. Respect her and save it until you both get inside where she can be herself and reward you for your patience.

You should impress her family

Do not make promises you can not fulfill to her or her family. We cannot overemphasize the connection Haitian girls have with their parents. They often live together and while you’re trying to woo her, she’ll probably tell her parents about you. So, if you meet them eventually, stay true to yourself and be respectful. If you can impress her family, you will win her love faster than you expected.

haitian woman

Why Are Haitian Women so Popular?

Though they do not fancy public display of affection, a Haitian woman is spontaneous and a fountain of emotions. Here’s why:

They feature exotic beauty

Ninety-five percent of local women are dark-skinned, ethnically African, and curvy in the right places. So if you intend to find a slender-body-shaped Haitian girl, you might be disappointed. But, it is hard to find a man who would not admire their unusual beauty, sensual lips, and inviting eyes. Truly, after spending a week with Haitian girls, you will forget your preferences after you’ve fallen for her.

The have inner power

Since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, life has not been so good for Haitian women. They have suffered a lot and so have their health, freedom, and peace. Despite all that, Haitian women are resilient and cope with problems and obstacles they face in life and relationships. They are hard-working and persistent and are ready to stand by you through difficult times in your relationship together.

Ambitious nature is their element

Haitian girls are optimistic and strongly believe they can find or create opportunities to make their lives better. But they prefer to achieve their goals with a reliable man who thinks the same way and knows how to make their dreams come through. Despite being amazing homemakers, Haitian women are curious about life and they love to enjoy life to the fullest.

Where to Meet Haitian Girls?

Haiti is an excellent country for visitors. It is a beauty to behold, cheap and easy to get to. If you want to enjoy your stay in Haiti and meet beautiful Haitian girls. Here are the top spots to meet these charming and curvy beauties.

beautiful haitian woman


Meeting girls for dating on the streets of Haiti is tricky unless in popular areas like resorts or beaches which are tourist attractions. While it is easy to approach Haitian girls here as a tourist, it is better to approach girls in cafes and malls for the best results. Being a tourist in Haiti gives you a tremendous advantage at day gaming. It makes you stand out and a lot of Haitian girls will love to start a conversation with you. Some places to visit and meet Haitian women during the day include:

  • The Institut Francais (enjoy cultural event)
  • Yanvalou (a cheap bar and lounge) and
  • Garden Meals with Life Music.


Nightlife in Haiti is pretty decent as there are several bars, clubs, and pubs spread across the countries’ capital. Nightlife is best in the major cities and most of the nightlife is in Port-au-Prince, where you can meet a lot of Haitian ladies. One tip for nightlife is to keep a safe distance from girls as they might be too much into you. You can also visit some nightclubs in Port-au-Prince and truly experience how easy it is to hook up with Haitian girls. Some nightclubs to visit in Port-au-Prince and meet beautiful Haitian girls include:

  • Olympia Nightclub
  • Asu Rooftop Lounge and,
  • Esquina Latina.

Online dating

Haitian women are no strangers to online dating, but the best place to find beautiful Haitian girls is by visiting international online dating sites. Haitian dating sites allow you to meet local Haitian women and get to know them personally before you arrive in Haiti. These sites allow you to meet many beautiful Haitian girls online before settling down for one. Also, your time might be limited, yet you can make the most of it if you know her desires beforehand.


The final thoughts

Meeting and dating a Haitian woman is something you should experience. These women are gentle, beautiful, passionate, optimistic, and great homemakers. They are ready to date and marry foreign men and will not hesitate to move with you. However, everything happens slower in Haiti and most of the girls are not eager to make quick decisions.

One last thing to note is that not all Haitian women are desperate to move abroad. Most of them are devoted to their country and family and wouldn’t want to leave them behind. These types of women are not in the rush to go anywhere but will do it with the right man.

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