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What Should You Know About Singapore Women?

Singapore is a city-state with a population of about 6 million people located almost at the equator on the islands in Southeast Asia. The people of the country have managed to perform a real economic miracle and turn Singapore into one of the most prosperous countries in the world. It is no coincidence that Singapore ranks high in the list of the best cities in the world, both for work and for life in general. According to the British magazine The Economist, Singapore is ranked as the most expensive city in the world.

A characteristic feature of the indigenous Singaporean population is multinationality. This country has become a real melting pot for several generations of Chinese, Malay, and Indian immigrants. Plus, a small part of the European population has remained from the time of the British colonial administration. This variegated mix of several cultures and nationalities has given modern Singapore such a vibrant and unique character. Almost 77% of Singapore's population has Chinese roots. Therefore, beautiful Singaporean women most often look like females from China.

Hot Singapore women are one of the many reasons why this city is so popular among foreign men. Singaporean girls combine eastern and western features at the same time. Thus, they are Asians with European values. This is only one reason why they are so popular among foreigners. What else makes Singapore women different from other Asian girls?


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Female Population3 mln
Popular CitiesSingapore
Most Popular Dating AppTinder
Average Age of Marriage for Women27.9

What Do Singapore Women Look Like?

Hot Singapore women are one of the many reasons why this city is so popular among foreign men. Singaporean girls combine eastern and western features at the same time. Thus, they are Asians with European values. This is only one reason why they are so popular among foreigners. What else makes Singapore women different from other Asian girls?



Singaporean women are some of the most beautiful women in Asia. One of the main reasons men love these women is that they are physically very attractive. Singapore is a country of great racial diversity. Hence, it is hardly possible to imagine a typical portrait of a Singaporean girl. However, these girls have in common that they have extremely expressive facial traits, perfect pale skin, carefully styled hair, and almost always ideal weight. This is explained by the fact that they lead an active lifestyle and follow a healthy diet.

Women of Singapore usually have a short stature, feminine body shapes, dark hair, V-shaped faces, and puffy lips. Their hazel eyes are a bit slanted. While Western ladies are trying to get it all with the help of plastic surgery, Singaporean girls have already received it all from nature. They do not intend to hide their natural beauty. When Singaporean women apply makeup, they just accentuate particular facial features to look more impressive. The longer you look at hot Singapore women, the less likely you are to take your eyes off them.

singapore women


Singapore women epitomize kindness, grace, tranquility, and typical Asian hospitality. They combine the stunning appearance of models, the practicality of excellent Chinese housewives, as well as both sophistication and erudition of Japanese geishas. The first impression of this small island for most foreigners is largely due to the benevolent attitude of local women towards visitors. It seems that hot Singapore women know the secret of exceptional tolerance and respect for everything surrounding them.

It is almost impossible to meet a sad girl on the streets of Singapore. The habit of always smiling has become a part of the mentality of Singapore women of all ages. They usually wear loose, light, and airy clothing due to the humid and hot climate. Their favorite footwear is slippers. Younger women in Singapore follow modern fashion trends. Business women wear appropriate clothing but they take into account the hot climate. A significant point is that most Singaporean girls prefer to look casual and natural under all circumstances.


Singaporean women are well-educated and intelligent. Education in this country is quite pragmatic and is based on a mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. These women know how education is important for happy life and business success. In Singapore, there are no forbidden specialties for women and openly sexist norms. Singapore has a unique multi-language education when English is studied as the mother tongue along with one of the other three languages (Chinese, Malay, and Tamil) as the second language in the national curriculum.

When it comes to family values, Singapore women are considered excellent housewives strictly adhering to ancient traditions. For these women, family traditions come to the fore, which are not only sacredly observed but are also a priority in relations with men, especially foreigners. For example, a Singaporean girl is likely to stop dating a man from another country if he suddenly decides to leave the country for some reason. Singaporean women usually want to be closer to their elderly parents or siblings. Thus, men come third on their scale of importance.

Most Singapore women are unlikely to give up their careers to raise children, and some of them do not even decide to have children. However, the number of Singaporean women who have got married to foreigners grew steadily in recent decades. There are especially many unmarried women in Singapore aged from 25 to 35 who have just graduated from university and are starting their professional careers. However, an educated and decently earning Singaporean woman with a stable and promising job is in no hurry to get married to local guys.


According to the book Three Paradoxes: Working Women in Singapore, written by Jean Lee S.K., Kathleen Campbell and Audrey Chia, contemporary Singapore women face three challenges. First, Singaporean society expects women to become creative and hard-working corporate employees. Secondly, these women have to be engaged in the household. Third, Singaporean women are impacted by the conflict between work and family as a result of becoming wives and mothers. Therefore, the number of female managers is still few, despite their higher educational level compared to many men.

Singapore women love to go shopping, have fun in nightclubs, and celebrate local holidays. Regarding household chores, middle-class families often employ domestic workers. Women also participate in team sports and many other outdoor activities. They maintain close ties with their friends and relatives and easily admit foreigners into their circle. Despite the Chinese majority in the country, Singaporean women believe in the equality of all people, regardless of their nationalities. However, these women prefer to maintain relationships only with those locals who are equal or higher in social status.

singaporean girls

The Most Common Stereotypes About Singapore Women

In general, Singaporean society and culture are more closed compared to Western countries. Therefore, beautiful Singapore women remain a mystery to Western men in many ways. This is the reason for the emergence of some myths widespread in the West regarding these particular women. Here are several common stereotypes about Singaporean women.

Myth 1. Singaporean Women Are Helpless and Childish

A common myth suggests that hot Singapore women are vulnerable, weak, and helpless. Due to this perception, these women are often considered submissive and naive. People who do not know Singaporean women personally often assume that these females are childish and always need help. This myth is largely explained by the influence of mass media. If you look at Singaporean women acting in TV shows and serials, you will notice that they are kind, obedient, and childish. However, this is only a stereotype. In reality, Singapore women are strong, independent, and self-sufficient.

Myth 2. Singapore Girls Are Cold and Too Demanding

Many foreign men find hot Singapore girls very demanding. Sometimes, it is challenging for men to find what they want. In fact, these beauties are not very difficult to please. These women want romance, courtship, and male support. Most of these women are quite open-minded. Usually, they are willing to date strangers. Singaporean girls are raised in Western pop culture, along with television, movies, and music. Therefore, foreign men arouse a genuine interest in them. A foreigner can turn this curiosity into attention, interest, and the beginning of a romantic relationship.

Myth 3. Singaporean Women Are Too Materialistic

Many believe that Singapore women focus on a business career and select only wealthy men. Indeed, these women adhere to high standards of living. However, they still believe that emotional connection is very important for choosing life partners. When it comes to relationships with the opposite gender, these women just want to be with the loved men who love them. For romantic relationships, most Singaporean women do not care what car these men have and how much money they have in their accounts. Sure, these women like to receive gifts, but these presents do not have to be expensive.

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Statistics You Should Know About Singapore Women

Singapore is a country known for the smartest and most highly educated women. Besides being sexy and appealing, women in Singapore are really smart and erudite. But what else do you know about ladies living in Singapore? Here are some interesting facts:

  • Changing values. It’s hard to deny that Singapore is a quite conservative and religious country with strict rules and laws. Yet, with global impacts, ladies are getting more modern values. Women are getting more liberal and independent than ever before. The marriage rates continue to drop, getting closer to almost 5 marriages per 1K population.
  • Better conditions for women. Nowadays, Singapore ladies are more confident. They know what they want and are less influenced by social pressure. They shun marriages, which was once criticized in Singapore. According to the Economic Participation and Opportunity index, Singapore ranks 33rd. But there are some fields that need to be improved. For example, Singapore has a low presence of female participants in the politics of the country.
  • Low fertility rates. Although women in Singapore are quite traditional, they don’t rush to have kids. What’s more, the rate of fertility continues to drop every year. For now, it’s about 1.1 kids per woman, which is quite low when compared to many Asian countries. One of the main reasons is an increase in the proportion of highly educated women who strive to pursue their careers or academic degrees.
  • Increasing age of the first marriage. When it comes to marriage, it’s already clear that local women are less interested in getting married to local men. For now, the first marriage age of local women is about 29. It shows that women simply delay their plans regarding marriage. This trend continues for almost a decade thanks to the changing status of Singapore women.
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Tips to Date Singapore Girls

Women in Singapore generally require a special approach. The fact is that a collectivist society has developed in Singapore, in which local people prefer to communicate in close-knit social groups. However, these women are curious and have an interest in foreigners. To take the first step, a foreign man should not use templates for dating a hot Singapore girl. At the same time, everything should go naturally. If a woman takes the first step, this can increase the likelihood of a serious relationship between you.

1. Be Polite and Behave Like a Gentleman

Most Singaporean women are looking for long-term relationships. A man’s good manners can lay the foundation for a long-term romantic relationship. You can start with compliments and friendly gestures. However, the man should not rush things and push on her. Singaporean women are friendly and open-minded, but you should not take them for simpletons. First, try to make friends with a Singapore girl before becoming lovers. If chemistry does not emerge, then at least you might have a good friend living in Singapore.

2. Respect Her Culture

Singaporean girls are modern and traditional at the same time. They pay tribute to their culture and honor customs passed down from generation to generation. For foreigners, it can be challenging to orient in this specific Asian culture, so it is advisable to ask before acting. Any disrespect for Singaporean culture by a foreigner can be unforgivable. Ask the girl to tell you about the local culture, traditions, and rules. This can be a good start for developing your romantic relationship. The culture of Singapore may not be as strange as you might think.

3. Do Not Forget About Romance

The souls of Singaporean girls are mysterious. This can be a little confusing at first, but you will find that their personalities are not too complicated. Girls from Singapore love men with good manners, a sense of humor, and an attentive attitude. Despite how independent Singapore women might be, they all are willing and able to give and receive love. Tell your girlfriend compliments, buy her flowers, and make some tokens of consideration. Singapore is a very tolerant city. It is not rare to see dating people holding hands or hugging in public.

4. Invite Her to a Party

Singaporean girls love to have fun. They often visit clubs, bars, and various celebrations. The holiday program usually includes enchanting shows, processions, performances by artists, fairs, etc. Singaporean society does not criticize women who want to drink and have fun. In this city, it is customary to pay in turns. For example, a man buys movie tickets and a woman pays for dinner later. This shows the equality of men and women. Usually, Singapore women like it when they see men respect them for being able to pay for themselves.

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Where to Meet Singapore Girls?

Singapore is a city of great contrasts. It is not very large, but it has many interesting and even striking places. The city attracts wealthy people who come here to have fun, but it is also home to beautiful Singapore women. Whether you have a lot of money or not, you have a wide variety of options on how to meet Singaporean girls and offer them to get to know each other. During the day, there are many places in Singapore for meeting beautiful women. The easiest and cheapest way to meet one of the Singapore women is to stroll along the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade.

Orchard Road is the main shopping street, especially famous for its trendy shopping malls. Walking here is a great option if you want to meet many Singaporean women. Its name is somewhat inappropriate since there is no garden in sight. Instead, you will see glittering shopping malls, designer boutiques, and various stores. Here, you can walk for hours, look for single girls, and try to strike up a conversation with them in the hope of luck. Some fashionistas probably want to meet an amazing foreigner and have some coffee with him at Starbucks.

In addition, Singaporean women love animals, and therefore you can look for interesting encounters at the zoo. Singapore is home to one of the best zoos in the world, which is located on a peninsula and covers 28 acres of land. Adjacent to Singapore Zoo is the Wildlife Park, which is only open in the evenings from 7:30 pm to midnight. It is an amazing experience to walk along trails and bridges in the jungle, observing hundreds of species of nocturnal creatures up close. However, remember that the metro closes at midnight, otherwise you will have to pay a high price for a taxi back home.

Alternatively, you can choose to take a walk in the largest orchid garden in the world. West of Orchard Road, sparkling shopping malls give way to lush greenery, botanical gardens, manicured lawns, and tranquil lakes. Here, you can meet many beautiful Singaporean women. If you’re looking to spend some money, visit Universal Studios, the Singapore branch of the hugely popular Hollywood theme park. Divided into 7 Worlds, this park is the main attraction of Resorts World on Sentosa Island, found in the southern part of the city.

singaporean women

Best Cities to Meet Singapore Women

Besides their home country, you can meet Singaporean girls in other cities around the world. At present, a steadily growing number of Singaporean young women are studying abroad or undertaking vocational training. You can meet many Singapore women in the USA, as well as in Western Europe and Australia. However, most hot Singaporean women look like typical Chinese females. Thus, it can be challenging to recognize them among other women. It would be better to meet some Singapore girls on specialized dating platforms and appoint a date with some of them then.


Online Dating Sites

Online dating is an effective method of getting to know many Singaporean women. Create a profile on a reliable Singapore dating site upon your choice and chat with the women you like. Online dating implies many benefits that are more difficult to achieve in traditional ways. On such websites, you can be yourself, take precautions, and choose those women who match your ideal. The most popular sites where you can meet Singapore women are TrulyChinese, AsianMatchMate, SingaporeLoveLinks, and Asian Dating.

The Final Thoughts

Singapore is the only Asian country where English is an official language. Therefore, when communicating with Singaporean women, you will not have a language barrier. These women are beautiful, graceful, sweet, and open-minded. They combine Asian exotic charm and British conformity with traditions. Get to know these unique women and you will definitely feel like a real man. Also, one of the Singapore girls may well become your wife and reliable life partner.

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