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How to Date Azerbaijan Women: Critically Important Things You Should Know

Azerbaijan is an exceptionally beautiful, flourishing, and rapidly prospering country. Being a part of the Soviet Union in the past, the country has taken one of the giant leaps in terms of economic development and modernization. The country is rich in natural gas and oil, which makes Azerbaijan quite a good place to live. Located on the Caspian sea, Azerbaijan is relatively small in comparison to the neighboring countries. Regardless of its size, Azerbaijan is quite a powerful country that has a lot to offer. 

Due to close links to the post-USSR world and proximity to Turkey, Azerbaijan today is a perfect blend of Russian and Turkish cultures. Even though most locals can speak Russian and share a lot of similarities with Slavic culture representatives, Azerbaijan is quite a traditional, conservative country. The local people are religious and have their values and traditions deeply rooted in the mindset. Women, for instance, have fewer rights than in Russia, Europe, or America. The ‘male culture’ is dictating how women should live, raise their kids, and interact with men. 

The physical beauty of Azerbaijan women is not just in their natural looks. It is also in the way they dress and express themselves.

Azerbaijan is a country with a relatively low crime rate. If you decide to visit Baku, you can be certain that the country’s safety is not worse than in any other country. However, petty crimes take place frequently, especially in big cities like Baku. Thus, it is always better to watch out, avoid contacting suspicious-looking people, giving anyone your private information, or buying anything from strangers in the streets. 

Nonetheless, tourism is becoming a robust economic activity, and thus the policy of the country aims at maximizing the tourists’ safety. Consequently, the probabilities of crimes against foreigners are minimal. 


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Female Population5.2 mln
Popular CitiesBaku, Ganja, Nakhchivan
Most Popular Dating AppDating and Chat – SweetMeet
Average Age of Marriage for Women23.7

Azerbaijan is a beautiful country that has a vast array of tourist attractions. Additionally, its history is fascinating, and the culture is like nowhere else in the world. But the real treasure of Azerbaijan is Azerbaijan hot girls. We can barely limit ourselves to telling you just a few words about them; we can talk about them for hours. Baku women are so different from women in other Asian countries. First of all, most of them are Muslim and very opinionated in terms of religion. However, they also accept other religions and believe in freedom of religion, and this attitude makes them open-minded and tolerant to different nationalities. Besides, they are exceptionally smart and wise: education matters a lot, plus they are big fans of continuous self-study. 

The beauty of Azerbaijan girls is a whole separate topic that is worth mentioning. What makes every single man fall in love with them? One of the reasons is exceptional beauty. A typical Azeri girl has long bouncy dark hair, big brown or green eyes, sun-kissed skin, and an oval face shape. They are usually neither short nor tall and have amazing bodies: thin waist, wide hips, and full breasts. 

But what is more important is that the beauty one cannot take their eyes off gorgeously combines with calm behavior, wisdom, and simply excellent wife material. In the following sections, we will discuss those and other features in-depth.

What makes Azerbaijani women so special?

It’s clear that women in Azerbaijan are quite traditional, especially when compared to Western women. This traditional background makes a typical Azerbaijan girl appealing to men from the Western part of the world.

But it’s not only their traditional and family values that make them so great. They’re also renowned for their gorgeous nature. Although an Azerbaijani woman is from a Muslim country, she can’t resist wearing makeup, which adds to her charm and elegance. But here are 10 reasons why you should consider dating Azerbaijani girls:

  • No feminism among Azerbaijan ladies. Azerbaijan is a great place where religion is quite prevalent. This explains why local women are quite docile and respectful toward their male partners. If you’re not a fan of ladies with feministic values, you better look for Azerbaijan ladies for marriage.
  • Good wives and mothers. Western men are nowadays pursuing ladies who can be ideal wives at home. They look for ladies who can keep the house clean, their stomachs full, and be good mothers to their kids. This is what makes women from this country so special.
  • Intelligence. There’s been an increase in mail order brides from Azerbaijan, and one of the main reasons is their witty minds. They’re not only passionate wives, but at the same time, they’re known for being great interlocutors.
  • Great sense of humor. Azerbaijani women are also known for having a great sense of humor. They love making smart yet sarcastic remarks. This is what makes dating Azerbaijani girls fun and interesting. You’ll never have time to get bored.
  • Great cooks. They’re masters in the kitchen. They don’t waste time complaining about cooking, as they enjoy it, as Azerbaijani women learn to cook from early childhood. Your future wife from Azerbaijan will cook dishes like plov, shah plov, dolma, saj ichi, piti, and the like.
  • Picnic lovers. Weekends, vacations, and some other holidays can be a chance to have great picnics. It’s quite common in Azerbaijan, given the mild weather in the country. So, offline Baku dating plans should always include spending time outdoors.
  • Influence of Turkey. Most Azerbaijani women are influenced by Turkish media, movies, and TV dramas. Besides, it’s common to compare ladies living in Azerbaijan to Turkish women, as they have much in common.
  • Online daters. The Internet is prevalent in the country, and it’s quite cheap, so online dating is quite common among younger ladies. There are numerous dating sites where you can meet Azerbaijani ladies online. If you’re a Western man looking for local women, why not try your luck with dating sites?
  • Ambitious women. It can be said that many ladies in this country have jobs, and it’s quite common for them to pursue careers. A successful career is a must for a better life, and this is quite a common thought among many ladies living in Azerbaijan.
  • Committed partners. Azerbaijani women are known for being devoted and committed partners. They don’t rush to break up. So, divorce is their last resort, making them ideal for marriage. Nowadays, the divorce rate in this country is just 1.4% of all marriages, which is quite low.
azerbaijan girls

What Are Azerbaijan Girls Like? 


Azerbaijan women usually have a striking appearance that distinguishes them among girls from neighboring countries and makes them irresistible in photos. At the same time, we can say that all Azeri girls are pretty different from one another: Some are tall, others are petite; some girls have black curly hair and brown eyes; others have light brown straight strands and green eyes. As a rule, Azerbaijani women have wide round hips, which gives their bodies a sexy, juicy look. 

As a rule, Azerbaijani women have wide round hips, which gives their bodies a sexy, juicy look. 



The physical beauty of Azerbaijan women is not just in their natural looks. It is also in the way they dress and express themselves. We know so far that Azerbaijan women are driven by fashion and unforgettable looks; they always know what to wear and are very careful when picking clothes. As a result, they manage to highlight their inner-self, their energy just by nailing those styles. And, in addition to that, they are queens of makeup: Azerbaijan women are literally the best at doing their makeup. 


Azerbaijan women share a lot of those qualities that every man wishes to see in his wife:

  • Hospitality and friendliness.Azerbaijan women believe that hospitality is an integral feature of a modern woman. They enjoy cooking and welcoming guests for dinner since doing so helps maintain a relationship with her friends and all other people they care about.
  • Tolerance. The truth is, Azerbaijan girls are calm and understanding. They tend to accept even the most contrasting viewpoints and always stay tolerant for the sake of their relationship with that person. No matter how weird your opinion is and how crazy your ideas are – your Azerbaijan girlfriend is unlikely to criticize you. 


Apart from the features mentioned above, there are other merits Azeris can be proud of. Here are some of the most prominent ones you need to consider:

  • Power. Azerbaijan women were the first to be granted the right to vote in the Muslim community. They also serve in military forces and take part in the life of the country. All in all, they are quite opinionated when it comes to making important decisions.
  • Career-oriented nature. When it comes to career prospects, Azerbaijan ladies have no equals. Professional growth and dedication to their element is engraved into their DNA. Therefore, you’ll not have to worry about your date being lazy at home or pursuing nothing but a jar of strawberry jam she saw in a supermarket the other day.


Azerbaijan women grow up in traditional families and live in a way that corresponds to their families’ beliefs and mindsets. First things first, you should know that most women deny any sexual relationship before the wedding. Society assumes that no one will marry a girl who breaks this rule. Besides, a traditional family setting implies that a girl will keep tight family ties throughout her life, so get ready to become a part of one big family.

Azerbaijan women grow up in traditional families and live in a way that corresponds to their families’ beliefs and mindsets. First things first, you should know that most women deny any sexual relationship before the wedding.

azerbaijan women

Do Azerbaijan Women like Foreign Men?

Azerbaijan is a country where a slight gender gap is still the case. However, this does not mean that the local men do show little respect to women or are often accused of infidelity. The truth is, Azerbaijan men and women live in a very traditional society. In such a society, a woman has rights and knows how to protect herself and her values. 

However, the community believes that a woman’s primary role is becoming a wife and having kids. It is often the case that women are not allowed to have an intimate relationship with someone who isn’t yet her husband. Besides, a woman faces a challenging destiny once she becomes a widow or gets a divorce. So, despite the country’s economic development and modernization, it is so far stuck somewhere in the 19th century in terms of women’s role in society. 

Such a scenario leaves most Azerbaijan women desperate and willing to marry someone from abroad. They dream of marrying the one who will respect them entirely and value their privacy, freedom of choice, and give them personal space.

Azerbaijan Dating Culture

It’s not so common to come across ladies from Azerbaijan. Still, it’s a land of the most charming ladies. If you’re not sure who these ladies can be, just search for names like Raziyat Alieva, Ogulbahar Kommiyeva, or Ramina Abbasova. They show how charming and sexy they can be in real life. But how to date them? What do you need to know?

Things to know before dating Azerbaijan women

Planning to date ladies from Azerbaijan? Here are interesting and useful things to know before you start dating them:

  • Religion. Despite being a secular government, religious traditions are still in place. Shia Islam is one of the main religions in this country. It means that you’ll be dating a lady with conservative views.  
  • Shyness. These women tend to be shy. It can be hard to discuss some topics like sex when you start dating them. It might take some time before your lady is open to you.
  • Baku women. It’s generally expected that many women in the capital city are the ones who are the most open-minded and liberal. In the capital city Baku, you’ll meet the most conservative women, and in this city, sex is treated as something taboo.
  • Good aspects. You might be scared to start dating them, as you know that they’re religious and conservative. Don’t worry. The benefits will outweigh. They’re known for their commitment, passion, devotion, and many other great features.

How to date Azerbaijan girls

The good news is that women in Azerbaijan are keen on meeting foreigners. So, it can be easy for you. All you need to know is the following tips:

  • Prove your intentions. Azerbaijan girls are great if you’re planning to have a long-term relationship. No casual flings.
  • Be honest. Given their religious background, these women value when their men are honest with them. They need to trust you before you can conquer them.

Pamper your lady. They love spending time in great restaurants, cafes, or cinemas. Spoiling them with gifts is another way of making them fall in love with them. 

How to date Azeri girls online?

Looking for a chance to meet an Azerbaijan woman online? You need to find great dating sites for that. But how can you date these ladies online? Here are the basic steps:

  • Create a new account. Planning to date Azerbaijani women online? The first step is to have a new account that should be informative and include your photo. Azerbaijani women don’t tend to communicate with men who don’t have detailed profiles.
  • Search for Azerbaijani women. It’s time to find an Azerbaijani girl who’ll be your best match. Since there are myriads of Azerbaijani girls online, you better benefit from search filters. You can look for an Azerbaijani girl based on her age, occupation, marital status, physical features, etc.
  • Show interest. If you find an ideal Azerbaijani girl, it’s time to show interest in her. You can send messages, icebreakers, or virtual gifts. By doing so, you’ll show that you’re interested in an Azerbaijani girl, and if she responds, you’ll move to the next step.
  • Date online. This is a communication stage of your relationship. You can learn more about your Azerbaijani girl and understand whether she suits you. If your feelings and expectations are mutual, why not consider meeting in person?

You can meet Azerbaijani women online, but if you’re determined to continue your relationship, meeting them in person will be inevitable. Thus, be sure to find a decent site to meet real Azerbaijani women.

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How to Date Azerbaijan Women: Tips

Show utmost respect and be a gentleman 

It is worth saying that women in Azerbaijan have no shortage of male attention and respect. Men usually pay during dates, hold the door, buy them flowers, and show enough signs of attention and respect. Moreover, society believes that a man is obliged to pay for a woman if he asks her out. So, to make her like you, try to be the tough act to follow: give her the attention she deserves and keep your manners in mind. Respect is a base for a relationship with an Azerbaijan woman! 

It is worth saying that women in Azerbaijan have no shortage of male attention and respect. Men usually pay during dates, hold the door, buy them flowers, and show enough signs of attention and respect.

Avoid conversations about Armenia

Armenia is Azerbaijan’s biggest enemy. Many Azerbaijan women have lost their loved ones during the war, so even mentioning anything that has to do with Armenia would be impolite and fraught with her getting estranged. Moreover, just avoid conversations about politics; such discussions are simply unnecessary. 

Talk about how you feel

If you occasionally ask Azerbaijan girls what they value the most in a relationship, most will certainly say ‘trust’. Trust is indeed crucial; if you trust your woman and tell her everything that’s on your mind, you will receive lots of love and gratitude. So, we would not recommend starting your relationship with lies and hidden truths. Plus, it is always a good idea to be the way you are – Azerbaijan girls are very perceptive and can quickly tell when their partner is lying. 

Forget about making her jealous 

While talking with an Azerbaijan girl, you should avoid mentioning your female friends or other girls that do not belong to your family. These ladies are pretty jealous and very likely to get mad when they see you texting or meeting someone else. If you have close female friends, it would be better to fully inform your girlfriend, introduce you to them, and demonstrate that there is nothing but a long-term friendship between you and your friend. 

azerbaijan women dating

Where to meet Azerbaijan girls 


To meet Azerbaijan women, you need to know some key places. If Baku is your travel destination, here are a few spots to meet local girls during the day: 

  • 28 Mall
  • Baku Mall
  • Park Bulvar

Most Azeri girls rarely give their number to strangers who pop out of nowhere in the streets. But they can be easier to approach at a shopping mall where meeting guys seems to be less creepy.

If nightlife sounds better to you, you may consider the following options:

  • Le Château Music Bar
  • Mojo
  • Phoenix Bar
  • Pasifico Lounge

Azerbaijan women are not big fans of nightclubs. Some girls are too conservative to hang out at nighttime; others hang out but in places that are different from clubs: hookah bars and restaurants.


If you want to meet Azerbaijan girls for marriage and ensure a delightful chatting experience – head off to a local restaurant, bar, or live music cafe. You may forget about going to a nightclub: there you will find only men and prostitutes. Azerbaijan women are not big fans of nightclubs. Some girls are too conservative to hang out at nighttime; others hang out but in places that are different from clubs: hookah bars and restaurants. However, some bars and restaurants let men in only if a lady accompanies them. 

Daily spots 

Since many Azerbaijan women consider hanging out at night inappropriate, the chances of meeting them in the daytime are higher. Shopping districts are often quite crowded during the day, so you may try your luck there. As an alternative, you may explore local malls and find girls there. You may also go to Nizami street – the central street in Baku. The latter is usually crowded when the sun is up. But you will probably succeed with picking up tourist girls, not local ones.


Online Dating 

All in all, picking up Azerbaijan women can be quite a challenge, both at night and during the day. As we mentioned before, Azerbaijan women are not easy to approach, but, at the same time, such an unapproachability warms up interest. So, what’s an alternative? Well, you can undoubtedly meet girls via dating apps. While approaching women in the streets or at bars, you never know if they are looking for any relationship. But once you do so via an app, you’ll certainly know that they are. Plus, setting up an account takes just a minute, and that gives you an advantage. 

The final thoughts on dating Azerbaijan women

Azerbaijan women are like a breath of fresh air: brilliant, loving, hostile, and knowing how to put their best foot forward. Although Azerbaijan women sometimes play hard to get, this fact even induces the male interest in them. Meeting Azeri girls for marriage is fun and easy: there are quite many girls out there who dream of marrying a foreigner. So if you feel like contacting Azerbaijan girls and connecting your life with the right one, you have your hands full. All you should do is take action by opening a dating app and wait for your best match. 

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  1. I’ve been working in the Canadian Embassy in Baku. I can say that meeting and dating these women is a great experience.

    • There are many things you can discover about them. I recommend traveling to this country to learn more by yourself. You can also contact me for more information.

  2. I’ve never thought I would be interested in ladies from an Asian country. Your guide is really convincing, but is there anything extra you can share about them?

    • Yes, they are interested in dating foreigners. And you can easily meet them on international dating sites, and one of the best options is Eastern Honeys.

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