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The Truth About Finding Love with Turkish Women

Turkey is a fascinating country that is located partly in Europe and Asia. Like its landmass, its history is rich with influence from the two continents while it acts as a link between them.

The traditions of this country draw inspiration from both the East and the West. Apart from its dramatic history, this country has something else to offer - its women. Although the hijabs do well to conceal these women's beauty, it is evident when you go to the big cities that Turkish women are total eye candies. They are much more comely than other women you will find. 

Turkish women are reasonably receptive to the idea of online dating. Since they wish to explore the world but are restricted by their strict upbringing, they choose to be with men who will encourage an adventurous lifestyle. And one way to find those men is through online dating with Turkish girls. Suppose you are not interested in traveling down to Turkey to find a woman. In that case, you can use any of the online dating platforms available to you to meet a Turkish lady.


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Female Population43.5 mln
Popular Citiesİstanbul, Antalya, İzmir
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women24.8

Turkish Women Overview

Turkish brides are easy to discern. Sometimes though, you’ll need a little help to figure them out. However, you need to understand that these qualities are not found in every single Turkish girl.


The Turkish women are pretty much concerned about the way they look. Here’s how people would describe them:

  • Fit. Turkish girls do not fancy spending long hours in the gym and lifting machines. Instead, they prefer to maintain a healthy figure by eating good diets and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although they lack affinity for the gym, they keep fit through other means, like walking. Turkish girls will often choose to walk to a location instead of transporting there.
  • Stylish. Beautiful Turkish women love to dress fashionably. Usually, Muslim women are known for wearing long black clothing, but things are different now. Turkish ladies love to try out new designs and patterns to reflect their style. These women are becoming popular for their excellent fashion taste.
  • Beauty. Turkey is home to many beauties. Hot Turkish women are a pretty sight to behold. Many men are attracted to the long slender bodies and rich brunette hair of these women. With a great physical structure that shows their efforts at staying fit, Turkish women are an embodiment of beauty. Many men crave to be with them. Let’s face it, what man wouldn’t want to marry a beautiful wife?


The local females are totally into doing whatever it takes to be decent wives and loving girlfriends. Their longing to explore and learn new things makes them awesome targets for foreigners. Here are the basic features of Turkish women that endear them to men.

  • Loyal. Many modern men have had experience with cheating women, which is not a good experience. With a Turkish woman, there is no fear of betrayal because unfaithfulness is not in their nature. Any man who they choose to marry will enjoy a lifetime of loyalty and partnership. Turkish girls desire to replicate the strong commitment and dedication they have seen in their parents and older relatives’ marriages.
  • Passionate. On your first meeting with a Turkish woman, you may notice her calm demeanor. It is just a mirage and a smokescreen for the real romantic woman beneath. The more you get to know her, the more you see how lovely she is. Turkish women often do not have much dating experience but being romantic comes naturally to them.
  • Educated and Eloquent. In any serious relationship, the ability to hold engaging conversations is a requirement. Although both parties don’t always have to agree on everything, they need to share similar ideas and interests. It poses no issue for women in Turkey since they enjoy having conversations with people. Being well educated, they’re pretty aware of current world trends and will not bore you out.
  • Friendly. Turkish women have a sweet and approachable nature like Russian girls. It is easy to make an acquaintance with them because they enjoy meeting new people. The ladies are friendly and will respond to your conversations courteously.
  • Love children. Like we said earlier, the family is a priority for a Turkish woman. And that means she loves children so much. A Turkish woman would not mind marrying you even if you have children from past marriages because she will love them as her own. Turkish women are eager to have their babies, and they show the utmost care and love to the children in their care.
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Turkish ladies have strong personalities that make them good life partners. These are some of them:

  • Family values. Choosing Turkish women for marriage is one of the best decisions that most men make. Being raised in closely-knit homes with traditional values, these women are intrigued by the idea of starting their families. It is an essential aspect of their lives, and they’re well prepared for it. 
  • Femininity. Turkish women are different from most western women because they revel in their femininity. While women from other countries aspire to build their careers, Turkish women are comfortable with traditional gender positions. There is only a minor foreign influence on their values. A Turkish woman will be the best choice for you if you want to start a regular family.
  • Submissiveness. Turkish women are relatively more submissive than western women. It does not imply that they cannot be self-reliant. Instead, it shows that they can find a balance between independence and maintaining their ladylike composure. However, this is not an invitation to test their patience.
  • Literacy. When compared to times past, a lot of women in Turkey are now getting a better education. The number of female graduates has increased exponentially. Thus, the women can communicate better with foreigners. You’ll find the women highly intellectual, witty, and have a great sense of humor when engaging them in a conversation. There’s so much to love about Turkish ladies. 


Stereotypes about Turkish women

Owing to a mix of Asian and European cultures, Turkish girls behave in a slightly different way. And so, there are differing opinions about who they really are. Consider some wrong notions people have about them.

  • Turkish ladies feign interest in men for other gains. People think that Turkish brides are interested in foreigners because they want money or western citizenship. Although these girls will be delighted to relocate to another country, they do not start relationships for that. All their relationships are built on a foundation of care and love for the man and not gold-digging.
  • Turkish brides are too timid. Although these ladies are conservative such as Austrian girls, timidity is far from them. When you meet them, you’ll notice their outspokenness, self-reliance, and resilience. There is no difficulty in expressing themselves.
  • Turkish women do not accept western men. That’s an entirely false statement as well. Foreign men appeal more to Turkish girls because they believe they are more sensitive and considerate than the local Turkish men. A foreign husband prevents them from having to deal with marital abuse.
  • Turkish women are too traditional. Despite being a Muslim country, foreign influences have made them quite liberal. The girls here are reasonable and will not give you as long as you treat their culture with respect.
beautiful turkish women

It’s hard to deny that Turkish women are great women for dating and marriage. Besides, they’re ambitious and talented.  Here are great examples of Turkish women became national symbols for younger generations:

  • Sabiha Gökçen. If you’ve visited Istanbul, you know about the Sabiha Gökçen Airport. It’s named after a female pilot. She was the first Turkish woman who become a pilot. She wasn’t just a pilot, but she was a female combat pilot. She’s one of the female symbols in Turkey representing that women can be as successful as men.
  • Halide Edib Adivar. Turkish women have always strived to be a part of their politics. They’re known for their patriotism. When talking about politics, it’s hard to skip the name Halide Edib Adivar. She was a famous Turkish novelist. But at the same time, she was a nationalist and political leader advocating for women’s rights. Her main focus was the low status of women, about which she wrote in her novels and criticized the authorities.
  • Safiye Ali. Turkey is one of the traditional and conservative places. But once Turkey gained independence, education was prioritized. This is what made it possible for Safiye Ali to become the first woman in Turkey to become a doctor. She graduated from the famous Robert College, and later, she became a doctor. Mainly, she was a doctor who helped soldiers during the war. After finishing her medical education in Germany, she opened her own practice in Istanbul.
  • Cahide Sonku. She was one of the most popular actresses in Turkey. She won her fame with the movie Batalki Damin Kizi Aysel. But what makes her stand out among other actresses of her time is the fact that she was the first Turkish film director. She also managed to establish her own film company.

Dating Turkish Women: Do’s and Don’ts

Before you start dating a Turkish woman, you should be careful with your attitude. The women in Turkey try to present themselves in a portly manner and expect that a man who seeks them out should also behave respectfully. These are the do’s and don’ts that you’ll need to heed when you date a Turkish woman.

Do not expect her to woo you first

The Turkish dating society is still quite traditional; hence, women are less daring romantically. When a girl likes you, she may convey her feelings by smiling differently or looking at you lovingly. Take note of these cues and shoot your shot.

Do show interest in her country

Even if you have been visiting Turkey a lot of times, the only way you can see the real Turkey is if you’re taken on a tour by a local. Rather than fixing dates at awkward spots, ask your Turkish lover to suggest a new place. There are excellent street food joints that she can show you. Some might even offer to take you to their home to share a meal with their family. 

Do share information about your family values

Education and exposure do not change the core of a Turkish girl. The family will always be an integral part of their life, coming first in all their decisions. Consequently, any effort made towards knowing her family will endear her to you. After asking for her family, you can also tell her about yours as this will make her extremely happy. 

Do ask relevant questions

Typically, a Turkish woman will be curious about your life, culture, and personality, especially as you have differing nationalities. To balance the relationship, you should also be curious and ask questions about her. There is probably a lot you want your Turkish girlfriend to know about you; therefore, do not hesitate to share them with her or wait until she is pushed to ask. And also, don’t wait until she shares stuff. Ask questions.

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Don’t waste her time

Turkish ladies love it when their men are decisive about the direction of the relationship. The average age of marriage is 24 years old, and if you have no prospects of marriage, then do not waste their time. It does not mean that you should propose on the first date. The assurance and trust that the future of the relationship is marriage is what matters most.

Where to meet Turkish Girls

Now that you’re ready for a relationship with these hot Turkish beauties, you must know where to find them. 


Many men prefer to fly right to the country in search of their heartthrob. That can be a good idea as it offers you the chance of meeting the women first-hand before professing love. Istanbul is the favorite destination for tourists, and there are many local girls in the city. Suppose you visit Istanbul, head to the cafes, malls, and coffee shops. There are lots of young and pretty Turkish girls there. Go indirectly and approach women who dress more liberally. There is no need to rush things up. Avoid putting yourself right in their faces and approach women with moderation. 


Most people feel that because the city is conservative, there are no chances of meeting Turkish women at night. There are chances of meeting women at night, albeit slim ones. These are the places where you’ll find pretty liberal women during nighttime:

  • 360
  • Ruby
  • Sortie
  • Ritim
  • Gold Club
  • Taksim Club IQ
Turkish Women infographic


Don’t expect to find easy flings during the daytime in Turkey. If you plan to find a hook-up, stay away from the locals in the daytime unless they have a more western appearance. If you’re interested in seeing real long term lovers, then visit these places:

  • Akasya Acıbadem
  • Eminonu
  • İstanbul Cevahir
  • Istiklal Street
  • Istinye Park Shopping Center
  • Mall of İstanbul
  • Marmara Forum
  • Sultanahmet
  • Taksim Square
  • Topkapi
turkish girls

Online Dating Sites 

There are several Turkish platforms where you can meet beautiful single women. Still, you have to be extra careful because some sites are fraudulent, and even genuine ones can contain fake profiles. To prevent yourself from falling victim to dubious online dating platform users, do a lot of research on the platform and read reviews about them before registering to find Latvian, Albanian or Macedonian women.


The Final Thoughts on Dating Turkish Girls

Marrying a Turkish woman is one sure way to have a fulfilled married life. The marriage will be blissful, and you will constantly enjoy the thrill of returning home to a woman who has a deep affection for you. Turkish wives show a great deal of devotion to their spouses, and their dedication to the family is commendable. Men who seek to marry the best women know that Turkish women are of that sort. Now it’s time for you to act and conquer the heart of a passionate Turkish lady.

Jennifer Joy Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler

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  1. I’m single and interested in marriage. Before discovering this guide on Turkish women, I was planning to get married to a local woman. Now I am sure that I want to meet a lady from Turkey. It would be helpful if you shared a bit more about them.

  2. Turkey was a place that I would try to avoid when traveling across Europe. I had so many stereotypes about this country that I didn’t even think about going there. Accidentally, I discovered this guide elaborating on Turkey and its women. Believe me or not, I am eager to go there right now.

    • Once you’re there, you’ll forget all the stereotypes you knew. It’s one of the top places with gorgeous ladies. You’ll not regret it.

  3. Turkey is a country of different cultures. This is the only thing I knew before reading this guide. I didn’t even know that Turkish women are so traditional, interesting, smart, and appealing. I used to imagine women in hijabs when thinking of Turkish women.

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