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Lithuanian Women: What Dating Secrets You Definitely Don’t Know

Lithuania belongs to one of the Baltic countries, along with Latvia and Estonia. Despite being part of the Soviet Union, locals try to mention that period of history as little as possible. Nevertheless, the country keeps being compared to other post-Soviet countries such as Russia and Ukraine. With a population of 2.7 million, Lithuania is considered to be a charming country, almost as charming as its ladies.

The interesting part about Lithuania is that it has always been kind of different from the rest of Europe. Needless to say, the differences between German, Slovakian women, and Lithuanian women don’t appear to be apparent. But the inner world, intelligence, outlook, and attitude to the world and people make women in Lithuania stand out from the crowd. Now it’s time to be more specific about their features of character and discover their best traits in this review.


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Female Population1.5 mln
Popular CitiesVilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women27.3

What do Lithuanian women look like?

What makes local ladies so irresistible? Is it their appearance or their personality? Let’s check some of the most prominent traits Lithuanian hotties possess.

Eastern European women beauty

When thinking about these women, you may have an image of a “snow queen” popping up in your mind. Whether it is true or not, one thing is clear: they are undoubtedly some of the most beautiful women in Europe. With a slim complexion, soft facial features, and natural charisma, they always look marvelous. Thanks to an inborn sense of style, they easily follow the latest fashion trends. They choose casual yes sophisticated outfits and light makeup that allow them to feel confident and sexy at the same time.

Lithuanian girl

Physical characteristics

What do Lithuanians look like? An average Lithuanian girl has been blessed with a naturally tall, slim complexion. She has fair hair, light skin, thin lips, and blue eyes. Once you see such natural beauty in Lithuania, you will be blown away by how she manages to highlight all her charms. Believe it or not, but you won’t be able to forget her angel face.

Generally, the genetic pool in Lithuania is marked with the mix of German, Slavic, and Baltic genes. With such a blend of international features, Lithuanian ladies have become famous for their physical attractiveness.



Some people think that Lithuanian women are cold and even arrogant, but it is not always the case. Compared to Eastern European women, they don’t welcome strangers’ attempts to start a conversation or make some nasty compliments. At the same time, they are happy to meet someone with the traditional approach to a relationship. Their religious background, local culture, and strong sense of community have encouraged the formation of traditional family values. When a Lithuanian woman finds a man she actually loves, she does her best to prove her true feelings to him every single day. As soon as you find the key to her heart, you will enjoy having a lovely and caring partner next to you.

The attitudes of Lithuanian girls

These girls will never be happy to stay at home and leave their ambitions behind as Cuban girls prefer. They dream about a successful career that will allow them to celebrate their achievements. While most of them have academic degrees, they surely want to use their knowledge and skills to earn money. It doesn’t mean though that they don’t want to settle down. While they hardly think of marriage in their early 20s, they usually change their mind once they find the right man. In fact, they become excellent wives and mothers who manage to juggle family duties and work routine at the same time. Moreover, most Lithuanian beauties use their maternity leave to spend more time with their kids during their first year of life. But they try to come back to work as soon as they can. After all, you can be sure that your woman from Lithuania will never sacrifice her time with the family to get a promotion at work. That’s just how Baltic mentality works!

women Lithuanian

Lithuanian men: what are they for Lithuanian women

Single girls in Baltic countries are looking for love and attention from men.

Thanks to traditional views on family, they surely want to have a reliable husband to support them in everything. Nevertheless, these women do not come off as desperate or anything of that sort. They have the self-respect to behave with dignity. Of course, they use some tricks to catch men’s attention, but they never impose themselves on anyone. They are strongly convinced that men should take the first step when it comes to dating.

Statistics You Should Know About Lithuanian Women

What do you need to do to find a girlfriend who looks like Simona Starkute, Rasa Vereniute, or Gazina Baikstyte? You should find a dating site where you can meet Lithuanian women, or you can arrange a trip to Lithuania, a lovely place worth your time and attention. Is there anything important to know about them besides the fact that they’re among the most charming and sexiest women? Here are some interesting facts about Lithuanian women you can find useful to know:

  • The consistent marriage rate in Lithuania. Among the Baltic states, Lithuania is the one doing well in terms of marriages. The marriage rate is about 7%, and that seems not so much, but the rate hasn’t changed drastically in the last 10 years. But what makes Lithuanian women distinct is their first marriage age average of 28. This is what continues to rise. Women in Lithuania have a tendency to postpone their marriages. What’s more, Lithuania doesn’t have problems like underage marriages. The rate of such marriages has dropped significantly. This demonstrates the impact of education, healthcare, and government efforts to ensure better conditions for women. All in all, women in Lithuania are still interested in getting married.
  • Higher rates of divorce in Lithuania. Lithuania is regarded as one of the countries with a high divorce rate compared to other European countries. For now, it’s about 44 divorces per 100 marriages. But like in the case of marriages, the rate of divorce has been consistent without any radical fluctuations for almost a decade. Still, the good news is that Lithuania is doing better now than 20 years ago. At that time, rates were too high for such a small country. But what explains the high divorce rates? Mainly, the socioeconomic determinants play key roles in making people divorce. Problems with employment, economic instability, and many other reasons can be highlighted.
  • Fertility rates. Another interesting point is the fertility rate in this country. Lithuania doesn’t have a high fertility rate. For now, it’s about 1.6 kids per woman. One of the main reasons why there’s such a low rate can be explained by increasing the average age of childbirth among women, which goes higher than 28. So, it’s common for women in Lithuania to have kids after 30, but planning more than 2 kids isn’t quite a trend in this country.
Lithuanian Women infographics

How to meet Lithuanian women?

Many Western men strive to meet hot and romantic Baltic women, which is not surprising. Once you decide to visit Lithuania to meet some of the local beauties, you should plan your trip properly. Similar to other Baltic countries, Lithuania looks like a perpetual small town. Thus, it won’t be difficult for you to find the right place to meet your Lithuanian dream.

Nightlife in Lithuania, Vilnius

Vilnius as the capital of Lithuania is the logical first stop for a tourist. In the Old Town, particularly on Vokieciu Street and Islandijos Street, you will find lots of restaurants and bars that compete with each other by offering excellent food, drinks, and live music. Most local clubs have an open-air dance floor with service tables located in the backgrounds. Let’s say this is not the best place for a standard conversational approach due to loud music. So, you should consider visiting one of the local bars in Vilnius where you can listen to music, drink some beer, and have a nice conversation with girls.

Local places to meet a woman

If you are looking for a fun place to start the evening, visit Cozy or Café de Paris where you can get some drinks and snacks. If you prefer a more relaxing atmosphere, then visit Ibish Lounge situated near the Gates of Dawn. In Tipo Zoro, you will have a huge assortment of beers, including honey beer and beer snacks. Sky Bar is another excellent venue where you can enjoy a marvelous 22nd-floor view of the beautiful Old Town. While drinking a cocktail, you will surely find a good company for yourself in Vilnius. Lithuania women like such sophisticated places, so it will be the right shot for you.

When the sun goes down, you should consider visiting Prospekto Pub and Gravity & Galaxy. These are the best destinations for exciting club adventures. For having a fun night out, choose Lithuanian Wild Club to hit the dance floor or enjoy watching waitresses in sexy outfits. Of course, there are many more options for hunting beautiful women.

The short-list of where to go

It’s hard to believe that quite a small city of Vilnius has such a great variety of options for nightlife. Let’s check a list of bars and nightclubs to pick up nice Lithuanian chicks:

  • Cozy
  • Café de Paris
  • Ibish Lounge
  • Opium Club
  • Tipo Zoro
  • Mojo Lounge
  • Pabo Latino
  • Sky Bar
  • Helios
  • Gravity & Galaxy
  • Who Hit John
Lithuanian Woman

If you cannot go to Lithuania for any reason, don’t give up on the idea of meeting Lithuanian women. Luckily, there is an alternative solution that you will like. It has been a while since online dating has become a popular form of arranging your private life. And you know what? It actually works. By creating an account, you will get access to a great number of hot profiles that belong to beautiful girls. The chances of meeting women online are pretty high. Once it happens, consider buying tickets to this Baltic country.


Meet Lithuanian girls during the day

Daygame in Lithuania can hardly be compared to local nightlife. Still, you can find some nice spots for daytime dating. Whether you decide to sit in a café or have a walk, you will see the entire beauty surrounding you. Feel free to approach any hot girls you see in Lithuania. If you don’t want the weather to ruin your plans, consider meeting single women in shopping areas like:

  • GO9
  • Akropilis Vilnius
  • Europa
  • Panorama
  • Ozas Mall
bernardine park

How to date Lithuania women: Top 5 Tips

Before you start dating Lithuanian women, you should have a clear understanding of how to act around them. When it comes to the seduction routine, you should do it professionally. Here are some tips for you:

  • Behave like a gentleman. All men know this rule, but not many of them follow it. In fact, being a gentleman has become a rare thing today. But if you want to win a woman’s trust, make sure that you are polite, respectful, and honest to her. Even such little things as buying flowers or opening the door for her when she enters a building will give your extra points.
  • Focus on her. If you boast of your achievements and talk solely about yourself all the time, you are about to lose your Lithuanian girl. She surely wants you to be interested in her personality. Thus, you should show her that you want to know more things about her. For example, you can ask her some questions or give her compliments.
  • Stay relaxed. While the first, second, and even third date can be emotional and even stressful, you should stay relaxed. If she realizes that you are scared of her, she will think that you are not a good match for her. Whatever you say or do – demonstrate utter confidence.
  • Be honest. Lithuanian girls don’t like cheaters and liars. Whether you are looking for a fast fling or a serious relationship, make your intention clear to her from the very beginning. This is how meeting women from Lithuania can be successful.
  • Be determined. Women don’t like weak men, and Lithuanian beauties are not an exception here. If you say one thing today and a totally different thing tomorrow, it says it all about your character. Thus, you should be determined in your words and actions.

Things to avoid while dating with Lithuanian girls

Now that you know how to attract a Lithuanian girl, you should also learn the things that need to be avoided on the way to a happy relationship. Here they are:

  • Don’t complain. A typical Lithuanian woman wants to see a strong and confident man next to her. While you can share some bad and good things with her, you shouldn’t make her tired with your complaints. This way, you will definitely push her away.
  • Don’t try to look too stylish.All women like stylish men, so Lithuanian or Dominican girls are not an exception. If you don’t follow fashion trends, don’t try to show off. Wearing casual clothes will be enough to look attractive to her.
  • Don’t make dirty jokes.Even though she is open-minded and easy-going, it doesn’t mean that she likes hearing nasty things from her man. While gentle flirting is totally fine, vulgar compliments and dirty jokes won’t work on her.
  • Don’t even try to lie.Whatever your intention is, make it clear to her. If you are looking for a one-night stand, tell it to her directly. Otherwise, both of you will end up very disappointed.
  • Don’t push on her.A typical Lithuanian woman is independent in her nature. She has certain principles, and she wants to follow them throughout her life. So it usually takes some time for her to open up to you. All you can do in this situation is to support her on that.

The final thoughts on dating Lithuanian girls

Finding Lithuania women is not as difficult as it seems. Of course, you should be ready for some rejections as it is a part of your love search. Considering Lithuanian characteristics, these ladies are totally worth your attention. They are beautiful, cheerful, energetic, and amazing partners. If you have the chance to visit Lithuania, you should go for it!

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  1. This guide is quite insightful. So many interesting things are in this article. But I want to know whether international marriages are popular in this country.

  2. It’s quite a small place with a small population. Is it really possible to meet a woman from this country to date?

  3. Lithuanian women seem pretty. It would be great to meet them. Do you think they make great wives? If yes, how can I get married to one of these women?

    • Yes, they make great wives. You should start with a good online dating website. Find a pretty lady who’ll suit your interests. Then, do your best to get closer to her.

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