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Kazakhstan Women: Can They Exceed All Your Dating Expectations?

The amazing country of Kazakhstan is located in Central Asia on the border of Europe and Asia. This huge country is five times larger than France. Kazakhstan enchants with its variety of picturesque landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and exquisite cuisine. This country is known for the diversity of its natural resources and national parks. For a long time, Kazakhstan was a part of the Soviet Union, and therefore it features a multinational population.

About 65% of 17 million inhabitants of the country are ethnic Kazakhs. However, you can meet many other nationalities in this country. About 90% of Kazakhs live in the southern regions of the country, and predominantly Russians still live in northern cities. Kazakhstan is a mostly Muslim country, but Orthodox Christianity is also widespread there. The government of Kazakhstan encourages adherence to the common identity of various minorities, and relations between the various communities are generally harmonious.

Peculiar and beautiful Kazakh women are a real national treasure of this country. The Kazakh girls fully reflected the European severity and Asian mystery. They differ from other women of the East, probably, by their special status in the social hierarchy. Since ancient times, the Kazakh people used to pay tribute to the keepers of the domestic hearth. In Kazakhstan, there are many ancient legends about beautiful warriors who were also reliable partners for their men.


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Kazakhstan Women Characteristics

A Kazakh folk proverb says that Kazakhstani women unite the people like salt, which gives taste to food. Beautiful Kazakh women have unique appearance traits, and these females know how to emphasize them. They use cosmetics very carefully and know that they look spectacular and charming even without makeup. In their sweet smiles and sly glances, you can notice shyness, mystery, and curiosity. Each of these unique and bright girls can charm any man with a feminine smile and a confident look.

Women of Kazakhstan are characterized by special femininity, charm, and prettiness. At the same time, confidence, self-esteem, and strong character make their beauty open and bold. Kazakhstan women are worthy representatives of their people. Many of these women have become famous not only in their own country but also abroad. They are able to achieve success in science, creativity, and sports. Therefore, they do not cease to arouse admiration among men and confirm once again that oriental beauty has many faces.



Based on oral tales, Kazakh culture is more evident in the countryside. However, urban dwellers are showing increasing interest in their nomadic roots, often decorating their interiors with colorful carpets and draperies, like in yurts. Family, hospitality, and respect for elders remain significant attributes of this nation. Due to the nomadic life in the old days and particular social organization, the Kazakhs acquired a variety of traditions and customs. One of the wonderful traditions is the hospitality of Kazak women. Guests in this country are always greeted openly and kindly.

In this country, the clan to which a person belongs is determined by his or her ancestors. Of course, the most glorious and esteemed ancestor is Genghis Khan. Until the 20th century, the Kazakh nobility consisted of such men who were able to trace their ancestry to old times. Kazakh culture is especially vividly manifested during the spring holidays. For instance, during Navruz, which is celebrated at the end of March, people in folklore outfits gather together, eat specialties, listen to traditional music, and participate in national competitions. Falconry is also an ancestral custom there.

Kazakhstan women do not have to wear traditional clothes. A casual and neat outfit is acceptable outdoors, but women should cover their knees and shoulders. For other occasions, such as visiting the theater or dining with somebody, a more formal wardrobe is expected. Too many exposed body parts are generally discouraged. Kazakh girls wear shorts on the playground only. Interestingly, in some rural areas and southern cities in the country, the kidnapping of a girl, with or without her consent, has not yet completely disappeared.

kazakh women


Kazakhstan women are valued for their beauty, dedication, and loyalty to traditions. Beautiful Kazakh girls are in great demand among men from other countries because they pay much attention to their appearance and beautiful body. In addition, Kazakhstan girls are beautiful in every sense: face, neck, arms, and body in general. At the same time, the chastity and morality inherent in all Kazakh girls, which make them even more desirable for serious men looking for wives abroad.

A Kazakh woman does not flaunt her beauty and never shows her body to other people. All this speaks of the loyalty to tradition, religion, and morality. A Kazakh girl always thinks about her future family and about what she should do for her well-being. These females try to maintain not only body cleanness but also moral purity before marriage. That is, Kazakh girls feature dedication to their true life calling and scrupulousness, as well as many other moral qualities.

What Do Kazakhstan Women Look Like?

Like most oriental beauties, Kazakh girls have silky black or brown hair, expressive slanting eyes, and a burning gaze. High cheekbones effectively emphasize the oriental shape of their eyes and make their wide and round faces even prettier. The most beautiful Kazakhstan women usually have a small stature, but at the same time, they have proud and graceful posture. However, the appearance of girls may differ depending on the region of Kazakhstan where they were born. Girls living in the northern regions usually have lighter skin and taller growth.

The gait of Kazakhstan women is unhurried and graceful, and their character is soft and docile. Since Kazakh women are mainly Muslim, they pay particular attention to personal hygiene. They take care of their figures and keep their bodies as healthy and young as possible. Before marriage, young Kazakh girls lead an active lifestyle and love various sports. When a Kazakh girl gets married, she takes on the responsibilities of childcare and household chores. Such women know how to cook all kinds of national dishes, mostly with meat, rice, and spices.


These oriental women are distinguished by their strong character and self-confidence. Kazakhstan women are well-organized and versatile personalities who know what they want. Even contemporary Kazakh girls tend to get married early, when they are 23 or 24 years old. However, it is not so easy for them to find reliable husbands because of the imbalance between the number of men and women in this country. Another feature of these beautiful oriental women is that they accept a significant age difference with their life partners and often prefer their husbands to be much older.

For their part, these pretty girls are looking for caring and self-sufficient men who can provide a decent life for their families, in which children can grow up in conditions of emotional, physical, and spiritual comfort. Traditionally, Kazakh families have many children. In this country, people say that Kazakh women can rock the cradle with one hand and the whole world with the other one. This expression very accurately describes fragile and gentle, but at the same time strong and wise women who can cope with all difficulties and win the hearts of men.


Historically, Kazakhstan women did not experience any violation of their rights. Since ancient times, these women lived and worked on an equal basis with men. Many women of Kazakhstan were great warriors who demonstrated real courage and self-sacrifice no less than men. Equal status in society between Kazakhs allowed these women to contribute to the development of the culture and spirituality of these people. Therefore, the special mentality of Kazakhstan women makes them excellent companions not only for the Kazakhs themselves but also for representatives of other nationalities.

The religiosity of Kazakh women has a significant impact on their lives and attitudes. Due to the influence of Saudi Arabia, Sunni Islam has the largest number of followers in Kazakhstan. The local government insists on religious tolerance, but young people tend to be more religious and less tolerant than their Soviet-born parents. Therefore, a Christian man from another country may encounter some difficulties in relationships with a Muslim Kazakhstan girl. However, about a quarter of women who live in this country consider themselves to be Christians of the Eastern Rite.

kazakh girl

How to Attract a Kazakhstan Woman?

Generally, Kazakh girls are open-minded and easy-going. Due to their physical attractiveness and high moral standards, Kazakhstan women are very appealing to men. If you meet one of them, most probably, she will consider you as a possible candidate for serious relationships. To increase your chances of having a happy union with a Kazakhstan beauty, you should produce an impression of a strong and self-sufficient man. You do not need to be rude or aggressive to demonstrate your masculinity. Instead, you better show your responsible attitude and determined intentions toward her.

Where to Meet Kazakhstan Girls?

Kazakhstan is a safe country for visiting for tourist purposes. The sights of Kazakhstan include natural, historical, and modern monuments that are concentrated in this country in abundance. One of the country’s main treasures is the endless steppes with countless artifacts of antiquity. Everyone can find something to see and discover something special in Kazakhstan. At the same time, a country’s visitor can meet dozens of Kazakh girls and have a great time with some of them. 

You can easily start a conversation with every girl you meet since Kazakhstan girls are very open-minded personalities. For instance, you can ask a woman you liked for assistance to show you the way to a place of interest. Almost without exception, Kazakh girls speak Russian fluently, as this is the common language for different nationalities of this country. Besides, young local people very often know English pretty well since it is taught in all educational institutions.   


Usually, travelers begin their acquaintance with the country from its capital. The capital of Kazakhstan is the Nur Sultan City (previously Astana), which was named in this way after the previous president of the country. The brightness and modernity of this city will impress you. There, you will see majestic mirrored skyscrapers, fashionable hotels, wide avenues, and amazing embankments. The central attraction of the capital is the grandiose Bayterek monument. Inside of it, you can visit many cafes, an aquarium, a gallery, and admire a beautiful panorama of the city from an observation deck.

In the city of Almaty, traditions are inseparable from modernity. There are excellent ski trails on the slopes of the nearby mountains. Also, you can visit sparkling shopping malls, gourmet restaurants, and bustling nightclubs and meet many Kazakh girls there. Although Almaty is an expensive city when compared to the cities of neighboring countries, it is definitely a worthwhile place to meet local beauties. In large cities of Kazakhstan, you can join a group of expatriates and meet new friends who have already found their happiness in this country.


Experienced travelers say the best nightlife in Central Asia is in Kazakhstan cities. The cities of Nur Sultan and Almaty can offer dozens of decent nightclubs and vibrant bars worth visiting. In the nighttime, you can be more assertive and direct, but you should be confident in your approach to make sure to get the best results. Such factors as you’re your way of dressing, grooming, smelling, and communicating should be taken into account. You can meet gorgeous and ethnically diverse Kazakh girls in the following venues:

In Nur Sultan 

  • Bla Bla Bar (24, Turan Ave.);
  • Echo Nightclub (52, Dostyk Ave.);
  • Fashion Night Club (4, Beimbet Mailin);
  • Night Town (52, Imanova Str.)
  • Zaza Night Club (20, Imanova Str.).

In Almaty

  • FreeRider Pub House (232 A, Gagarin Ave.);
  • Pinta Bar & Grill (8th Md., 37/1);
  • Vzletnaya Nightclub (27, Valikhanova Str.);
  • Barcode Nightclub (103, Nazarbayev Ave.);
  • Matreshka Nightclub (518, Seifullin Ave.).

kazakhstan women


During the daytime, you should focus on shopping malls and bars in the center of cities if you want to meet local women. Kazakhstan women like dressing well and therefore, they visit shopping centers frequently. A good idea will be discussing fashion trends with one of the local girls with a cup of coffee in some establishments located right in the malls. In case if the girl is in a hurry, invite her to meet later in one of the following venues:

In Nur Sultan 

  • Easy Bar (1/2, Abiken Bekturov Str.); 
  • Icon Club (21, Turan Ave.);
  • Wine Café (9/2, Kabanbay Batyra Ave.).

In Almaty:

  • Chechil Pub (38/61, Tulebayeva Str.);
  • Prosecco Bar (53, Abylai Khana Str.);
  • Woods Bar (27, Valikhanova Str.).

Online Dating Sites

Personal acquaintances with Kazakh girls in the streets, cafes, or nightclubs can be somewhat unpredictable. Not all Kazakhstan women want to date foreign men due to cultural differences and language barriers. Hence, you better use specialized online dating resources. Sign up on one of the popular dating sites and meet many Kazakh mail order brides there. This method of connecting them is safe, easy, and very effective. 

You can be sure that on these sites you will only meet Kazakhstan women who are eager to meet you: RussianCupid, InternationalCupid, ElenasModels, and LoveHabibi. Besides, the dating apps Tinder, Badoo, and Mamba work well in Kazakhstan. Using these mobile applications, you will be able to find more matches than you can expect. You can start the searching process several weeks before your arrival in Kazakhstan. When you find the Kazakh girl of your dreams, ask her about meeting in her country. Undoubtedly, your first date will be very romantic.



Top Rules to Follow to Dating Kazakhstan Women

When you are dating a Kazakh girl, you should consider several crucial points. Many Kazakh girls are incredibly curious to learn more about American, British, French, or other Western guys. However, Kazakh women might seem a little reserved and even cold at first. Be sure that in fact, they are very sensitive, kind, and sincere. That is, you should follow several recommendations to win sympathy from your Kazakh girlfriend. 

1. Behave Like a Gentleman

Kazakhstan women do not know much about Western feminist ideas. These young women do not want to compete with men for influence and power. If you behave like a gentleman, they will be happy to obey you in everything. In Kazakh society, the roles of women and men are different. If you show gentleman’s manners, your Kazakh girl will be happy to feel like a real woman and accept your courtship. However, Kazakh women prefer to let relationships develop slowly.

2. Respect Her Traditions and Values

Women of Kazakhstan primarily want everyone to be comfortable in their presence. As a rule, they are very polite and behave respectfully even with unfamiliar people. With their parents and elders, Kazakh women are an example of sincere obedience and respect. They treat their parents with emphasized politeness and deep gratitude. These pretty oriental women are generally well-educated and multilingual due to close relations with the Russian Federation and China.

3. Talk to Her Nicely

Kazakh women have a very subtle sense of humor. When you meet a Kazakhstan woman for the first time, it is best to avoid telling funny stories, as it may cause some confusion due to the differences in cultures and languages. You are recommended to choose neutral topics for communication and avoid personal and sensitive things. At the same time, showing interest in local culture and traditions can be a good method to get to know a Kazakh girl better.


Kazakh women are a blend of Asian and European features in appearance. Also, women living in Kazakhstan combine the best characteristics of the Eastern and Western worlds. These beauties are known for their undeniable charm and charisma. This is the reason why these ladies are considered the most loyal and loving wives in the world. However, you should know that Kazakhstan women are not ready to rush things with the first men they meet. Most of them prefer to take time in relationships with the opposite gender.

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