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The Netherlands is one of the most enchanting countries in the world. The Netherlands boasts of more history and culture than many other nations. If you’re an art lover, you will love spending time at the Van Gogh museum and numerous other museums in the country. Do you love to relish the beauty of a place? Taking walks on the idyllic streets of Amsterdam and other lovely cities in the Netherlands will regale your eyes.

If you enjoy meeting new people, the Dutch culture helps you do just that. In case you didn’t know, the Netherlands, especially the capital city, is famous for having numerous cyclists and cultivating a cycling culture, according to renowned authors and cycling advocates, Chris and Melissa Bruntlett. Cycling has become such a huge part of the Dutch culture that if a tourist is on-street and they call out to a cyclist saying bakkie, they get a free ride. Be careful though, many tourists have fallen off bikes ridden by locals, but here’s the good part- this is a perfect avenue for meeting with Dutch women and finally seeing if everything people say about Dutch beauties is really true.

Dutch women are some of the finest in the world. This isn’t just because of the general stereotype you hear before meeting Dutch ladies.

Dutch women are some of the finest in the world. This isn’t just because of the general stereotype you hear before meeting Dutch ladies. Meeting Dutch women, you’ll notice their blonde hair, tall height, and stunning beauty. There are a lot of layers to the personality of Dutch women that many aren’t aware of. This is why it’s often difficult for expats in the Netherlands to connect with them. Once you understand Dutch girls, finding and connecting with the Dutch beauty of your dreams becomes a walk in the park.

Defining Dutch Women

For most people that have traveled all over Europe, it is not easy to contain all the awesomeness of Dutch women in one or a few words. There are certain Dutch women characteristics you should understand. This will also guide you in your quest to win Dutch females over.

The Uniqueness of Dutch Women

When you tour many countries around the world and meet a lot of ladies, you will understand that the expectations of Dutch women are different. A lot of things set some women apart from others. Women from various countries are unique in their own way. But judging by looks, most persons can attest to the fact that Dutch women are breathtaking. Now, before you jump to any conclusions; not all Dutch women are tall and blonde. The majority of them are but don’t be surprised if you meet petite Dutch women who also happen to be brunette. They are likely to Norwegian women or Danish women.

However, the real quality that differentiates Dutch women from their counterparts in other countries is their personality. 

The Personality of Dutch Women

Firstly, you should know that the Dutch pride themselves on having a culture that promotes equality and respect for people, regardless of their gender. So, Dutch girls are used to being outspoken and receiving the same treatment as men. Also, the culture in the Netherlands promotes realness. Not in the Western style of spilling your deepest secrets to someone you just met, anyway. Realness to Dutch ladies simply means being yourself and dropping any pretense of fake personality.

dutch women

Therefore, the Dutch women that you will meet are very honest and down to earth. Some might interpret their forthcoming nature as rudeness or sass but understanding their attitude will show you how refreshing it is. Men who like ladies that are laid back and relaxed will enjoy spending time with Dutch girls. 

Men who like ladies that are laid back and relaxed will enjoy spending time with Dutch girls. 

Moreover, Dutch women have a strong and independent spirit. This doesn’t mean that they are willful or perhaps domineering. Right from their early years, the Dutch females have been raised alongside their male counterparts to speak their minds freely and stand by their decisions. If you are looking for a woman that will easily give in to your opinion or demands, Dutch girls may not be for you. Top of the Dutch women features list is their expertise in maintaining conversations. Talking with many Dutch chicks is quite interesting as they have lots of intellect. Dutch females engage on their terms and would not want to agree with you just to avoid being considered as rude. Dutch women would continue on their stance until you tire out of the conversation.

Dating Dutch Women in the Netherlands

After having conversations with the Dutch, you will be lured into having a relationship with them. But you need to understand what dating is like for Dutch girls, and to act in Amsterdam or Rotterdam when you start fancying a lady.

Dating culture in the Netherlands has some similarities to dating women in other Western countries, such as America. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that what applies to one environment also applies to the other. 

There are some perks to dating a Dutch girl. Firstly, there is no coyness when it comes to dating in the Netherlands. The act of women playing hard to get or the concept of the chase is very foreign to women (and a lot of men) in the Netherlands. If you are interested in going out with Dutch women, all you have to do is ask them out. 

Among the key characteristics of Dutch ladies when it comes to dating in the Netherlands, is that it is a slow and steady affair. This is because the Dutch generally have a hard time trusting people and settling down with them, even as friends. Before Dutch girls can be qualified as your girlfriend, it’s going to take a while. Many of these beauties in the Netherlands say that they have to know the guy asking them to commit to a serious relationship before making any significant commitment.

This doesn’t mean that the steadiness extends to the physical aspect of the relationship. Like women from many other Western countries, sex and other physical stuff happen pretty fast in the Netherlands. On the first or second date, sex is usually on the table. However, if you decide to take it slow and inform a Dutch woman who likes you, she won’t mind. 

On the first or second date, sex is usually on the table. However, if you decide to take it slow and inform a Dutch woman who likes you, she won’t mind. 

Another issue is that of marriage. In some cultures, the moment you find the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with is the one  when you contemplate getting married. Many couples get married after six months in other countries. This particular situation is not common in the Netherlands. In fact, Dutch ladies have pointedly noted that marriage comes after having a kid with their partner. Living together and having kids before marriage is a kind of test in the Netherlands to see if the partner is the right fit for another person. In the Netherlands, Dutch women don’t want to commit to a partner they do not know inside and out. 

hot dutch women

So, as someone who’s planning on meeting Dutch females and having a relationship in the Netherlands, you need to be patient.

How to Meet Dutch Women as a Foreigner

While mulling over the idea of dating a Dutch woman, prepare your heart to fall in love with them. Many people worry about places they can visit in the Netherlands to meet these amazing women.

Yet, Meeting Dutch girls is fairly easy. They’re very sporty and outdoorsy; this is due to their love for cycling and outdoor activities. If you’re not the type of guy who loves sporty stuff like cycling or you just can’t bear to stay on a bike, there are some cool places you could go to. 


The first thing to do will be to expand your area of search. Don’t be restricted to Amsterdam alone. Meeting Dutch girls is also possible in neighboring cities like Rotterdam. In Amsterdam, places like the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh museum, the Canal cruises around the city are sites where you can easily find beautiful Netherland women. 


Rotterdam, a beautiful city in its own right, is another place for meeting Dutch girls. It would be great to spend more time in Rotterdam, as it’s not overpopulated with tourists who might make the competition more fierce. There are places like the Rotterdam Central Train Station, pedestrian Bridges, and the Market Hall where the locals can be seen on a  daily basis. If you spend time in these places, you will end up meeting Dutch girls. 

Nighttime is when the cities in the Netherlands come alive. There are clubs and lounges in the Netherlands where people, locals, and foreigners alike can party, meet people, and have fun. In Amsterdam, clubs like Ziggo Dome, AFAS Live, and Cruijff ArenA are some of the best spots you can meet Dutch girls in.

All in all, try to steer clear of tourist spots in the Netherlands and venture into the places where locals would visit and you are well on your way to meeting Dutch girls that will be your life partner.

That being said, here are five tips that are tested and proven in starting up relationships after meeting Dutch women in the Netherlands.

meet dutch women

Top 5 Dating Tips that Will Help You Conquer Dutch Women

Be real

Being yourself is the best way to win the heart of Dutch females. Get rid of the pretenses and be cool. The Dutch girls are really laid back people. In fact, reports show that Dutch girls are most likely to show up for a date in jeans and sneakers, even if you’re meeting at the club. Therefore, try to relax and unwind when you’re looking to be in a relationship with Dutch girls.

Ditch the Chivalry

As stated earlier, the Dutch are all about equality and equity. In 2019, the Netherlands was ranked the 6th most conducive environment for gender equality. This shows that if you are going to do nice things around Dutch women, you need to make sure it’s done for everyone, regardless of their gender. Opening the door or covering the bill at a date might not impress a Dutch woman that much. However, small acts of kindness and thoughtfulness can endear you to Dutch girls; making them fall head over heels for you.

Be practical

Aside from their calm nature, the Dutch are also known for their frugality. Getting expensive gifts might not have the effect you’re hoping it would on Dutch females. In fact, traditional stamp collections are some gifts that can be given to a Dutch woman. Give a Dutch woman gifts and do things that can be used in reality instead of outlandish things.

Don’t rush

People in the Netherlands take things one step at a time. Meeting a Dutch woman as well as dating one requires patience. Don’t rush the process and in no time, the relationship will go at the pace you want it to.

Don’t rush the process and in no time, the relationship will go at the pace you want it to.

Tardiness is not an option for Dutch girls

If you’re serious about building a relationship with a Dutch woman, eliminate lateness or a lack of planning and organization. Sometimes, spontaneity is appreciated but things must be planned ahead most times.

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Final Thoughts on Dating Dutch Women

Many expats and tourists in the Netherlands believe that Dutch girls are difficult and domineering but this isn’t true. All you need to do is to respect Dutch ladies and understand what your potential partner wants. Once that is done, it will be very easy to build a strong relationship with Dutch women.

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