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Everything You Should Know About Albanian Women Dating

If you want to feel a special connection with nature and enjoy fascinating views, travel to Albania. Although this European country isn’t the most popular tourist destination, it’s worth your attention. First, Albania isn’t overcrowded with tourists. Second, this hidden European pearl is rather cheap. You won’t spend much money on food, accommodation, and transport. You’ll pay a small sum, but you’ll get so much instead - beautiful beaches surrounded by mountains, amazing architecture, numerous bars and restaurants, and the loveliest smiles of local people. Albanian women are friendly and easy-going, and local girls are simply stunning. So, if you decide to combine tourism with a love search, chances are you’ll find a soulmate in Albania.

Albanian women have many wonderful features, including kindness, intelligence, sincerity, and reliability. Besides, they do their best to look perfect. A local girl is a sporty babe preferring healthy food, like vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, meat, and cereals to junk food. An Albanian lady has amazing culinary skills, so she can cook the tastiest healthy dishes even according to the hardest recipe on her own. 

Albanian women have many wonderful features, including kindness, intelligence, sincerity, and reliability. Besides, they do their best to look perfect.

What else makes Albanian women perfect for marriage? You’ll find the answer below.


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Female Population1.4 mln
Popular CitiesTirana, Berat, Durrës
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women24

What are Albanian Women Like

Albanian girls can be compared to tender flowers due to their beauty. However, these females aren’t just pretty faces and perfect forms. They are wonderful personalities, so the combination of their inner and outer beauty makes them the best brides. Here are the main traits of Albanian women you should know:

Albanian women are attractive

Many women around the world want to look like Albanian girls because the proportions of their faces are perfect. Local women have defined cheekbones, big eyes, plump lips, and straight noses. They have thick, glossy hair and silky skin. 

Albanian women put a lot of effort into enhancing their natural beauty. They eat healthy food, attend a gym, strengthen their hair using special masks, and visit beauty salons. All eyes will be on your hot Albanian girlfriend when you attend a party or another event. 

Albanian women put a lot of effort into enhancing their natural beauty. They eat healthy food, attend a gym, strengthen their hair using special masks, and visit beauty salons.


Albanian girls are healthy and active

Albanian women believe that a healthy way of life brings happiness and joy. That’s why they do exercises, maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, sleep well, and take care of their mental health. Besides, sports and a diet help them shape their bodies and impress everyone with their forms. 

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They are stylish

Albanian girls think that if you look good, you feel good. They believe that their clothes and accessories are a part of them. Even though many people think that clothes don’t have much value in our lives, Albanian girls are sure that their clothes even help them emphasize their personalities. Of course, looking stylish doesn’t mean wearing the latest trends and most expensive dresses and jackets. Albanian women love to modify their clothes, mix prints and textures, combine colors, and pick accessories. They don’t need to buy new clothes every month because they can masterfully transform old pieces into something fashionable and stylish.

Albanian women are smart

Local girls are well-educated and intelligent. They strive to discover something new every day, and that’s why they read books, watch educational videos, check information, and look for new experiences. If an Albanian girl is interested in some field, she’ll research all the aspects connected with it. She’ll become your favorite companion because there won’t be a subject she wouldn’t be able to discuss with you. Besides, your friends will adore your Albanian girlfriend because she’s interesting, charismatic, and open-minded.

Local girls are well-educated and intelligent. They strive to discover something new every day, and that’s why they read books, watch educational videos, check information, and look for new experiences.

They are kind

Albanian girls are kind-hearted, and they don’t even realize how wonderful and inspiring they are. They always think about someone’s well-being, praise people even for small gestures, forgive easily, and keep patience in any situation. An Albanian woman will never refuse to help others. Besides, she’s positive, and she never complains. She doesn’t have rude words in her vocabulary and she carefully picks what to say to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

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Albanian Women Stereotypes

Beautiful Albanian women don’t mind dating foreigners, and that’s why they often look for love online. Even though online dating doesn’t surprise anyone nowadays, many people still think that girls striving to build relationships with guys from abroad are materialistic. They say that Albania is a poor country, and a local woman is just looking for an opportunity to attract a rich foreign man and move to another country. However, this statement is wrong because Albanian women are independent, ambitious, and goal-oriented. They earn money on their own and even support their parents financially. Every Albanian lady has her reasons to date foreigners, but the most common one is the desire to find a reliable man to create a healthy family.

Those saying that Albanian singles strive to leave their native country don’t really know local girls. In fact, an Albanian woman respects her culture, customs, and family ties. She loves her native country with its traditions and amazing landscapes. Besides, her parents are the most important people in the world, and she’ll feel lonely without them in another country. Local singles are searching for soulmates among foreigners just because they can’t find love in Albania. So, you shouldn’t consider those stereotypes about Albanian women. 

In fact, an Albanian woman respects her culture, customs, and family ties. She loves her native country with its traditions and amazing landscapes.

Where Can You Meet Albanian Women?

The hottest Albanian women are waiting for you. But where can you meet them? We’ve prepared a few recommendations to help you find a local beauty:


If you decide to travel to Albania, you’ll have many opportunities to meet beautiful local females. You can visit popular sightseeing places, go to a beach, walk about a city, and enjoy local activities. If you see a pretty girl, don’t hesitate to ask her to help you find the necessary location. You can even ask her to show you the needed spot. She won’t say “No” because local girls are friendly and kind. Don’t forget to compliment Albanian girl and invite her for a cup of coffee. Chances are, she’ll willingly agree to see you again. 

albanian girls

You can visit the following places during your vacation in Albania:

  • Albanian Riviera.
  • Butrint National Park.
  • Llogara Pass.
  • Gjirokastra.
  • Theth National Park.
  • Apollonia.
  • Lake Koman.
  • Kruje.


If you’re a night owl, you’ll find numerous options to relax after excursions and exhaustive walks. You can visit local bars and nightclubs to enjoy music, drink a little, and meet sexy Albanian girls. Here’s the list of places to have a good time in Albania:

  • Tirana. This city is the capital of Albania, and it won’t disappoint you. The diversity of clubs, pubs, and bars will satisfy the needs of the most demanding tourist. You can visit Folie Terrace, Lollipop Club, Arena Club, Discobox, Colonial Tirana, Radio Bar, and Hemingway Tirana. 
  • Saranda. If you visit the largest city in the south of Albania, you’ll definitely enjoy your vacation, especially in summer. Many bars are open only during the summer season so that tourists could drink their cocktails at the best beach bars. If you visit a beach party, you can meet a pretty Albanian woman and spend unforgettable hours with her. The list of the most popular bars and nightclubs of Saranda includes Rox Cafe Bar, 21 Bar, View Bar Terrace, Cocktail Bar Rei, and Mango Beach.
  • Durres. The amazing coastline and the best seafront restaurants, bars, and nightclubs make Durres one of the best spots for relaxation. If you want to refocus and leave all the negative thoughts behind, you can visit Cinco Cavalli Summer Club, Marquess Beach Bar, Studio Cultural Bar, and Illyrian Garden.
  • Vlore. Vlore is one of the largest Albanian cities. Breathtaking landscapes, VIP vacations, fantastic beaches, and multiple nighttime entertainments are important reasons to visit Vlore. Search for relaxation and new people at Coco Bongo Beach Club, 4 Elements Nightclub Vlore, Bar Taushani @ Akademi, Irish Time Pub, and Bar Da Vinci. By the way, Vlore is a popular tourist destination, so you can even meet travelers from Kosovo and other regions there. 

Online dating

Online dating is a perfect choice if you don’t want to wait till your vacation begins in any country: Russia, Ukraine or Argentina. Besides, it’s a money-saving solution for guys who don’t plan to visit Albania or any other country soon. Many Albanian chicks register on matchmaking sites to meet foreign men and build relationships with them. You can use a website or download a dating app to meet thousands of beautiful Albanian brides. 

To succeed in online dating, you need to create a detailed profile. Describe your personality, physical features, and hobbies to attract the prettiest girls. Besides, it’s necessary to upload a photo to increase your chances of finding an Albanian bride or soulmate on a matchmaking site. Don’t hesitate to start a conversation with a single beauty – view her pictures and send the first message. This phrase can become the beginning of your love story.

albanian brides

Albanian Dating Culture

Looking for the most exotic women? Albanian women are worth discovering, and guess what, not everyone is aware of their charm. These ladies with stunning appearances are ready for your attention. You can find ladies who’ll look like Amanda Lajcaj, Emina Cunmulaj, Aferdita Dreshaj, and Agnesa Vuthaj. But what do you know about them and how you can date them? Time to discover.

Things to know before dating Albanian women

  • Before you start dating these women, you should know that they come from traditional families. So, one of the most critical things to know is that you’ll be dating women with conservative mindsets. Keep in mind that religion still plays a key role in Albanian society. Here are some more interesting things to know:
  • The generation of Besa. Besa means to keep the promise. Observing Besa is about honoring family, being hospitable and kind.
  • Family values. If you’re interested in more traditional women, then Albanian women are the best. They value their families more than anything else.
  • Marriage-based dating. Casual dating isn’t something you can expect from Albanian women. They’re more marriage-oriented women.
  • Ladies of diligence. Laziness is a word that they’re not aware of. Being brought up in traditional families has taught them to be great housewives and cooks from an early age.

How to date Albanian girls

If you’re planning to date these conservative yet charming ladies, you should start by being sure that you want to have a serious relationship. The rest will be easier for you. Here are some tips you need to know:

  • While dating your lady, respect her culture, country, and religion, and no jokes about them are tolerated.
  • You should know that fancy dating places can be a great way of impressing them, as they love it when they’re spoiled by their partners.
  • You should avoid talking about the sex, and you may have to wait quite long to have intimacy with your lady.
  • You better avoid PDA, as the reputation is important for Albanian women, and they’ll avoid being gossiped about or criticized.
  • You should be ready to meet your girlfriend’s family, and parents’ approval is a must to continue your romantic venture.

Top 7 Dating Facts About Albanian Women 

An Albanian mail order bride is the best choice for a man looking for meaningful relationships. But you should learn a few facts about local girls before you start dating an Albanian woman. Here are 7 reasons why a lady from Albania is a perfect bride:

An Albanian mail order bride is the best choice for a man looking for meaningful relationships.


1. Albanian women put their families first

Albanian girls respect traditional family values and really care about their parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters. Albanian families are big – many couples have at least three kids. All family members are close to each other and always ready to help and support. Albanian girls respect the opinion of their parents. So, you’ll have to do your best to impress your girlfriend’s mother and father.

2. They are loyal

Your Albanian wife will accept all your habits, love you the way you are, and support you no matter what. Once she has chosen you, she’ll think you’re the best person ever and appreciate every minute she’ll spend with you. Your Albanian sweetheart will always discuss her decisions with you, keep her promises, and make you feel loved.

3. Reputation is essential for Albanian women

Albanian girls always worry about what other people will think about them. So, your spouse will always look fantastic, while your house will be tidy and clean. Your guests will be impressed by the dishes she’ll cook. An Albanian lady strives to be a perfect wife.

4. Albanian girls look gorgeous

Albanian women pay attention to every detail in their wardrobe and pick their clothes carefully. Even if a local girl is going to visit a store near her house, she’ll wear something stylish. Of course, she can choose casual jeans and a T-shirt, but she’ll add accessories to look fashionable. If you invite her to attend some important event with you, she’ll look fantastic.

5. They have amazing culinary skills

Typical Albanian women love cooking and treating their loved ones with delicious meals. If you manage to win a local girl’s heart, she’ll cook the best dishes for you and teach you to enjoy Albanian cuisine. Food plays an essential role in Albanian culture, so local cuisine is one of the best in the Balkans. Your wife will definitely cook some of the traditional dishes, including byrek, fergese, tave kosi, and chicken with “rosnica.”

6. Albanian girls are communicative

A girl from Albania loves to meet new people. She also likes to attend different events, such as festivals, parties, and concerts. Your beautiful Albanian babe will impress your friends and become a shining star of your group. 

hot albanian women

7. Albanian women are hard-working

These women are taught to be wonderful housekeepers, so your home will always shine bright like a diamond. You’ll never find dust on your shelves and tables, and the floor in your house will be clean and glossy. However, don’t forget to help your wife with chores because teamwork is essential for a healthy relationship.

Final Thoughts

An Albanian woman can become the one who will give you the desired warmth, love, and support. Even if you’re based in the USA or some other country, you can still meet a desirable girl from Albania. You can visit this fascinating country and get acquainted with local ladies at bars and nightclubs or even during excursions. If you don’t plan to travel to Albania, you can register on a matchmaking site and meet an Albanian life partner online. A relationship with a local girl will exceed all your expectations. 

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