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What Are Serbian Women Like: Meet Balkan Beauties

Serbia has a complicated history painted with the dark colors of NATO bombing when the country was a part of Yugoslavia. However, like the everlasting Phoenix, Serbia has risen its head and welcomes guests. This country will impress you with the diversity of culture and traditions as it’s situated between Central and Southeast Europe. Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, can be characterized as a hard mix of different architectural styles, including baroque, art nouveau, modern, brutalism, and secession. A traditional Serbian table will offer you a combination of Bulgarian, Greek, and Turkish cuisine. 

Serbian women differ from females from other European countries with their appearance and personality traits.

When visiting this country, you definitely have to visit a local bar or restaurant to try Serbian food and enjoy real hospitality. Serbians are friendly people - they are always ready to help a traveler and recommend the most delicious dishes or places to visit. Besides, local girls are gorgeous, so if you are a single guy, you can try to get a kiss from the most attractive lady.

Serbian women differ from females from other European countries with their appearance and personality traits. For example, Russian girls and Ukrainian women have light hair and eyes, while most ladies from Serbia have dark hair and brown eyes. Serbian women are passionate and fashionable. They strive to look their best in any situation.


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Female Population 4.3 mln
Popular Cities Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis
Most Popular Dating App Badoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women 28.1

Features of Serbian Women

There are so many wonderful words to say about Serbian women because their features are really impressive. But we’re going to discuss only the most important characteristics of local girls:


Most Serbian girls have light porcelain skin that changes its tone to olive and caramel shades during the summer season like Greek or Bosnian women. The combination of such skin colors with brown or hazel eyes will make you fall in love with a girl at first glance. You’ll meet many brunettes with long, glossy hair during your vacation in Serbia. However, chances are you’ll see a few Serbian blondes in a crowd, but it’s a rare occurrence. 

Most Serbian girls have light porcelain skin that changes its tone to olive and caramel shades during the summer season.

hot serbian women


Physical characteristics

Do you want to have a girlfriend looking like a model at a fashion show? Serbian women are the best choice because their bodies are perfect. They have long legs and slim figures – this type of girl attracts many men. Even if a Serbian girl isn’t satisfied with her body, she attends a gym to achieve the desired result. Besides, local ladies keep a healthy diet to feel good and look fantastic.


A Serbian woman feels things at a deeper level than anyone else. She’s compassionate, supportive, and kind. A Serbian lady recognizes the mood of her friend or companion and understands their emotions. As an emotionally intelligent person, she can quickly find common ground with another person. She will easily guess which subject to discuss and which one is better to avoid. 

A Serbian woman feels things at a deeper level than anyone else. She’s compassionate, supportive, and kind.

Beautiful Serbian girls work hard during the day and party hard on the weekend. These women are incredibly energetic and easy-going. They can’t live without their friends and new exciting emotions. If you decide to spend a vacation in a new place, you’ll visit all the most interesting sightseeing places and local bars. Your pretty Serbian girlfriend will quickly make new friends with locals to find out interesting information about their traditions. Your life will be full of new impressions and memorable moments.

Serbian women are stylish goddesses as they keep track of the latest fashion trends and pick only high-quality clothes. They like to attract attention, so they often mix colors and textures. However, many local women believe that black is the everlasting classic. This color is elegant and sexy at the same time. Besides, it perfectly accentuates a Serbian woman’s dark eyes and hair. 

Serbia has an excellent education system, so local girls have nice study opportunities. Besides, many Serbian ladies choose to build a career after graduating from a university rather than get married. They are ambitious and independent, and that’s why they don’t like the prospect of staying at home for a long time after giving birth to a baby. A Serbian wife will wait till her child will be ready for kindergarten and return to her responsibilities at work. 

The Attitudes of Serbian girls

The fact that Serbian beauties love to have fun doesn’t mean that they are easy to get. Local women believe that they deserve to have the best men, so they can search for a perfect candidate for a long time. If you meet a stunning Serbian girl, you’ll have to make an effort to prove you’re the best life partner for her. Respect her personality, show gentleman’s manners, and give her some time to open up. Besides, she’ll check whether you have serious intentions by offering to introduce you to her parents. She’ll be with you only if her parents will consider you a good potential partner for their daughter. Serbians respect family ties, and only a person with the same values can be close to them. 

The fact that Serbian beauties love to have fun doesn’t mean that they are easy to get. Local women believe that they deserve to have the best men, so they can search for a perfect candidate for a long time.

serbian girls


Not long ago, there was a belief that beautiful Serbian women depend on their fathers and husbands. In fact, Serbia followed patriarchal norms for a long time. Typically, a man is a head of the family, while a woman is a mother and housewife. However, Serbian society keeps transforming, and modern girls move further – they want to study, succeed with their careers, and achieve their life goals. They excellently combine their jobs with chores. Besides, Serbian ladies find time to visit a gym and beauty salon.

Other stereotypes are connected with hot Serbian girls searching for foreign husbands online. Many people say that these women are interested only in your wallet. They want to get diamonds, cars, fur coats, and other expensive gifts from rich lovers. You shouldn’t believe this statement because Serbian women don’t care about your financial situation and the price of presents you’ll give them. They dream of having an emotional connection with a reliable guy. 

Serbian Women

Serbian Dating Culture

Ladies in Serbia are known for their attractive feminine beauty and emotional nature. They’re bright, expressive, and unique ladies not only for dating but also for marriage. They make great partners, passionate lovers, and reliable friends. If you’re interested in dating women who’ll look like Natasa Stankovic, Sofija Milosevic, Nina Senicar, and so on, you should discover more about Serbian dating culture and how you can date such charming women.

Things to know before dating Serbian women

Serbian women are interesting and smart ladies for dating. Your dating experience will be incredible. But before your romantic venture starts, here are some important things to know:

  • Attitude towards foreigners. There are so many countries where being a foreigner can be a great advantage. But it’s not true when talking about Serbia. You need to be better than their local men to get the attention of Serbian women.
  • Large social circles. If you’re interested in dating Serbian women, you better not be an introvert. Your Serbian woman is quite friendly and social, and she’ll have family, numerous friends, and many more acquaintances. Be ready to become a part of this.
  • Being close to loved ones. A Serbian proverb goes that someone far from the eyes is someone far from the heart. It means that Serbian women don’t love distances. They love being close to the people. This explains why they live with parents.

How to date Serbian girls

The best way to understand your partner is to start dating her. While dating, you should keep the following tips in your mind:

  • Show manners. How you treat your lady will determine the success of your dating. Serbians are proud people, so be careful with your manners if you don’t want to lose your Serbian lady.
  • Be financially stable. Although a European country, Serbia is still one of the poorest European countries. So, ladies are interested in dating men who are well-to-do to ensure a better life in the future.
  • Show interest in her. Your desire to sleep with a Serbian girl can be hard to resist but show more interest in her social life. She’ll take her time before sex can happen. She wants to be sure that you’re the right person for her.

Best Cities to Meet Serbian Women

Although Serbia isn’t the most popular destination for tourists, you will find a lot of places to visit and things to do in this country. You can combine traveling and dating hot Serbian girls to enjoy your trip. Travel to Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, and Kragujevac to dive into the lifestyle of locals, visit the best bars and restaurants, and visit significant sightseeing places. These are the largest Serbian cities, so you’ll definitely find what to do during your vacation. But if you are a night owl, consider visiting Belgrade first because this city has diverse nightlife.

Serbians appreciate every moment and want to take everything from their lives.

Nightlife in Belgrade

Do you like to relax on a Friday night? Well, you’ll enjoy Belgrade because every night is a Friday night in this city. Locals are ready to party till dawn and go to work in the morning. Their native country’s history is tough and sad, so Serbians appreciate every moment and want to take everything from their lives. Nightlife opportunities are impressive in Belgrade because you can find numerous clubs featuring different styles, visit the craziest thematic parties, and enjoy the music you like most of all. Many nightclubs with a capacity of 300-500 visitors are full every day. 

serbian babes nightlife


If you aren’t planning to party all the time, you’ll have an opportunity to visit popular attractions in Belgrade. Besides, you can meet a pretty Serbian woman while walking in a park or taking a break at a local cafe. Don’t hesitate to smile at a charming lady and start a conversation with her. Beautiful Serbian girls like foreigners, so she won’t miss the chance to experience a romantic adventure with a guy from abroad. 

Local Places to Meet Women

There are a lot of places where you can have a good time and meet beautiful Serbian women. Visit these spots to have the best vacation ever:

  • Hype Belgrade Night Club.
  • Klub 20/44.
  • Money Club.
  • The BANK Club.
  • Savin Mali.
  • Rush Nightclub.
  • Martinez Bar.
  • Crveni Rak.
  • Beer Pong Bar.


The short-list of where to go

If you haven’t ever visited the Balkans, Serbia is the best destination to start with. Belgrade should be the first city to discover as it perfectly reflects the entire spirit of this region. Visit the following places to feel the connection with local culture and history:

  • Belgrade Fortress.
  • Skadarlija.
  • Church of St Sava.
  • Knez Mihailova Street.
  • Gardos Tower.
  • Nikola Tesla Museum.
  • Republic Square.
  • Residence of Princess Ljubica.
  • National Theater.
  • Historical Museum of Serbia.

If you dream of dating a Serbian woman, you can download a matchmaking app and enjoy communicating with a local beauty. Serbian girls keep up with the times and like to use different dating platforms like their neighbors: Macedonian, Bulgarian and Albanian girls. They believe that it’s possible to fall in love with a man even without an opportunity to meet in person. Of course, if you both have romantic feelings and decide to spend time together, you can travel to Serbia to strengthen your relationships. 

dating a serbian woman

If you dream of dating a Serbian woman, you can download a matchmaking app and enjoy communicating with a local beauty.

Things to Avoid While Dating Serbian Women

Even if you are a confident man who has mastered the art of dating, you can easily make a mistake just by saying something silly. Although Serbian women are loyal and patient, your girlfriend can shut the doors leading to her heart forever. So, you have to learn things to avoid while dating a girl from Serbia:

  1. Don’t hurry up. Even though Serbian babes love to have a good time and party, they are rather conservative with guys. A lady from Serbia doesn’t allow new people to enter their territory and ask personal questions. She can even avoid your touches on a first date and feel uncomfortable if you decide to kiss her. A Serbian woman needs a few dates to get to know you better and feel comfortable with you.
  2. Avoid tricky jokes. If you don’t know each other well enough to figure out which jokes are Ok, it’s better to avoid some subjects. Religion, politics, culture, and different traditions are the topics you shouldn’t laugh about on a date with a Serbian female. However, you can describe a funny story from your life. For example, tell about your childhood, and your Serbian girlfriend will think it’s cute.
  3. Don’t show off.An imaginary crown on your head won’t help you impress and win the heart of a Serbian girl. Women hate it when men praise themselves, exaggerate their achievements, and act as if they are the kings of everything. Of course, you’ll have to intrigue your beautiful Serbian lady, but there are more elegant ways to reach your goal. First of all, you must look and smell good to attract a woman. Secondly, you must be polite, patient, and respectful. Ask questions to your girlfriend to show you’re interested in her personality.
  4. Avoid talking about your ex-girlfriend. As a rule, thoughts about our ex-partners pop up in our minds on a first date. Even if it happens to you while enjoying Serbian dating, keep your mouth shut. Otherwise, your girlfriend will think you still love your ex. You both have to enjoy each other and use the time you spend together to develop the connection between you. Small talks about your ex-partners won’t help you feel the desired romantic chemistry. Besides, if you start complaining about your ex, you’ll only make a bad impression.

The Final Thoughts on Dating Serbian Girls

The passionate nature of a Serbian woman will burn you and change your life forever. These unpredictable beauties can make all your secret dreams come true. They are like super women who can fulfill multiple tasks at a time. You’ll never guess how your Serbian wife manages to do chores, work, raise children, and find a free minute to visit a beauty salon. However, if you decide to get a local woman, you’ll have to be patient because ladies from Serbia are conservative and picky. They need to be sure they’ve chosen the best men to become their life partners. Your efforts won’t be in vain, so focus on your desire to win a Serbian woman’s heart, and do your best to make her yours. 

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