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Dating Scottish Women: Why Choose A Girl From Scotland?

Scotland is the northernmost country that belongs to Great Britain. This country’s population is made up of about 5.5 million people, and 4.5 million of which are ethnic Scots. More than half a million Scottish people live in other parts of Great Britain, such as England and Northern Ireland. Scotland is a country with a fascinating history, unique cultural traditions, and fantastic landscapes. However, one of the main reasons that make single men head towards Scotland is a pursuit of happiness.

Although Scotland is a relatively small country, foreign bachelors can find there are many attractive and charismatic Scottish women who are willing to meet potential foreign husbands.

Beautiful, charming, and loving Scottish brides live in this country. People always talk about how wonderful local women are. It can be noticed not only in their appearance but also in many character traits. Keep reading to know more about gorgeous Scottish women.

When you think of local ladies, you might have a particular image. Most likely, you imagine a girl with ginger hair, bright freckles on pale skin, and piercing light eyes. In fact, many Scottish brides fall within these popular beauty standards. However, you can meet Scottish girls with various shades of eyes and hair. These women are all united by a particular concern about their pretty appearance.

Scottish women are always well-groomed, and the point of being always attractive is of paramount importance for them. Also, they have fair, soft, and porcelain-like face skin. Probably, this is due to mountain and sea air in the country. These ladies also pay a lot of attention to hair styling and coloring. In terms of makeup, Scottish women usually place emphasis on their eyes. Girls often use false eyelashes and bright makeup. Older women prefer to use almost invisible cosmetics.


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Female Population2.7 mln
Popular CitiesEdinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow
Most Popular Dating AppTinder
Average Age of Marriage for Women32.9

Defining Scottish Women

Even though the Scots inhabit the Britain Islands, they do not look like smug and arrogant English people. In many ways, the cool climate has influenced the cultural traditions and mentality of Scottish girls. The culture of Scotland is deep and complex. However, women from Scotland have a pleasant and exotic accent, as well as a sense of their own dignity. Scottish women love their homeland and are proud of their national identity. They know their country’s history and carefully maintain folk traditions. They are well versed in art, literature, and the latest tendencies in fashion. However, some manners of girls in Scotland could seem a little feigned and superficial. They just want to brag about their country and the best qualities of these people.

Modern Scottish women can have similar habits and aspirations as British females.


The Beauty Of Scottish Women

Girls in Scotland are famous for their aspiration to be naturally pretty. These women use makeup to highlight their best facial traits while maintaining a restrained and youthful look. Local beauties are also big fans of casual dressing. When you walk along the streets of Scotland cities, you will see that most girls wear comfortable jeans, plaid T-shirts, and hoodies. However, Scottish ladies can look stunning if they dress up for an important event.

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Scottish Girls Qualities Men Value the Most

Scottish women are descendants of ancient, proud, and independent people. Their ancestors were illustrious Vikings and Celts. This is manifested not only in the physical appearance of Scottish women but also in their character traits. Scottish brides are very popular among foreign men due to many personal qualities that make them loyal and reliable life partners like Icelandic women and Russian girls.

Scottish women are descendants of ancient, proud, and independent people. Their ancestors were illustrious Vikings and Celts.

Pleasant Persons

If you have spoken to a Scottish bride at least once, you probably noticed how pleasant it is to talk with her. These ladies have a fantastic feature to easily and naturally communicate with any person on any topic. This feature of your potential bride from Scotland means that she will never let you get bored, even for a second. She will always have inspiring ideas for what you should do together. When you see your Scottish girlfriend in the spotlight of your friends or coworkers, you will feel like you have made the right choice of partner.

Family Oriented

Given that the feminist movement has been popular in the UK for decades, we can assume that Scottish women have the same views. In fact, most Scottish brides are pretty traditional in family and marriage matters. Girls usually grow up in happy and full families. Thus, they dream of starting their own families based on love and mutual respect. 

Scottish women take good care of the relationships with their chosen ones and very rarely become the initiators of divorce.

Honest and Straightforward

Your relationships with a Scottish bride will be perceived as a breath of fresh air after learning how inconsistent and spontaneous some girls in your country are. Scottish babes do not strive to get as much dating experience as possible in their early years. Hence, your Scottish bride will never compare you to her previous guys. Spouses in this country are accustomed to doing everything together and share responsibilities. This applies to everything from house cleaning to babysitting. Your relationship with a Scottish girl can be perceived as a breath of fresh air after learning how inconsistent and spontaneous some women in your country are. Scotland babes do not strive to get as much dating experience as possible in their early years. Hence, your Scottish bride will never compare you to her previous guys. Spouses in this country are accustomed to doing everything together and share responsibilities. This applies to everything from house cleaning to babysitting.

hot scottish woman


Scottish women can hardly be called skinny or overweight. Mostly, these women have athletic figures and prefer to lead an active lifestyle. They love hiking, outdoor recreation, and even fishing. The romantic nature of hot Scottish girls makes them ride the bike or run in a park in the morning. These girls love to eat well and drink a lot of beer or famous Scotch whisky when they meet with friends. Nevertheless, they can effortlessly maintain their physique and always look young, healthy, and attractive. In the matter of clothing, Scottish girls do not differ much from local men. Convenience and practicality are the essential points for them. Even for the first date, coming in a shirt and jeans is a norm for a Scottish girl. In a café or a restaurant, she will most likely expect that the man pays for everything. While they look great in simple tartan skirts, they have a fantastic fashion sense. It is not surprising that many trendy fashion designers can be found among contemporary Scottish women.

Scottish Women


Typical Scottish women are calm, level-headed, and reasonable. Sometimes all a man needs after a hard day is the friendly face of his beautiful wife and her hugs. The kind and understanding nature of Scottish women is manifested always and everywhere. However, the man is not an authority but a partner for such a lady. Scottish women can provide reliable support and assistance for their men in all matters. In return, they expect to be loved and appreciated. Scottish females of all ages are subtle, graceful, and very sensual. Almost every girl was dreaming about having her own stable or a farm when she was young. These babes usually have pets, take care of them, and devote a lot of time to their favorite animals. Besides, Scottish girls are fond of poetry, romance novels, and TV soap operas. For these women, the mere thought that children are starving somewhere in the world is entirely unbearable.

Scottish Women Stereotypes

Many foreigners who have never visited Scotland might have a superficial perception of its inhabitants. Knowing the truth is essential for meeting and dating a Scottish woman. Let’s consider the following three typical clichés about Scottish girls.

  1. They hate the British. Throughout history, the Scots used to fight for their independence and wage bloody wars with England. Both Scottish women and men love their country and preserve their traditions. Many believe that the British are somewhat arrogant towards the Scots and consider Scotland a big village. The Scots agree that they are British Queen’s subjects, but they do not want to be associated with the British.
  2. All Scottish women have red hair. This is a widespread stereotype. Bright ginger hair is not a common occurrence among contemporary Scottish women. Their physical appearance changed over the centuries of an active migration of peoples. Yet at present, Scotland can boast the highest percentage of natural redheads among other countries — 13%.
  3. Scottish women speak Gaelic. The native Scottish language is called Gaelic. According to official data, only 1.1% of the population speaks the Gaelic language. Most of these speakers live in the far north of the country and some islands. Hence, you can hardly hear Gaelic spoken in big cities of Scotland. Most Scottish women consider English as their native language. However, many of them speak English with an apparent and lovely accent. 
scots women

While history has always pointed out more men than women, there are still women who managed to leave their traces in the history of humankind. The same can be said about the most popular women from Scotland. If you’re interested in discovering them, here are some of them:

  • Isabella MacDuff. Isabella was born in the 13th century. There are many mentions of this woman. She’s known for her fight against the English for the independence of Scotland. During the Scottish Wars of Independence, her husband allied with the English, making her angry. She escaped from her husband. Her defiance was costly for her. She spent 4 years in prison.
  • Flora MacDonald. While talking about the most popular Scottish woman, it’s hard to skip Flora MacDonald’s name. Flora was born in the 19th century and was known for her fearless character. One of the feats was to help Bonnie Prince Charlie escape after he was defeated in Battle of Culloden. In the Skye Boat Song, she’s described as a woman of courage and bravery.
  • Marry Somerville. Another dame from Scotland worth mentioning is Marry Somerville. She was born in the 19th century. During the times when women weren’t given equal rights to education, she managed to become one of the most prominent scientists of her time. She was the first woman to be elected to the Royal Astronomical Society. She was known to help to discover Neptune.
  • Frances Right. There are many names associated with the abolition of slavery. Frances Right is one of the names worth knowing. She was born in the 18th century. Frances was known for her revolutionary nature. Born in Dundee, she was a social reformer, lecturer, and writer. She moved to the US to campaign for the emancipation of slaves. She was known to establish the Nashoba Commune. It was a colony of slaves who were bought and freed by Frances Right.
  • Mairi Chisholm. One of the bravest women of her time is Mairi Chisholm. She was born at the end of the 19th century. She was a nurse. She was among the first women to join the war efforts during WW1. She was among the ladies who managed to save hundreds of lives during the war.

7 Reasons Why Scottish Girls Are the Best for Dating

Scottish girls differ from other countries’ female populations by unique facial features, behavior, and dressing style. You can get many benefits from dating a Scottish girl. Some of the advantages are the following:

  1. Scottish women feature gorgeous and natural beauty
  2. They are very friendly and sociable
  3. They always tell the truth
  4. They can tell you many funny stories and show local attractions
  5. They can show you how to move at the pace of ceilidh, a traditional Scottish dance
  6. They can keep you company in drinking some whisky and beer
  7. While dating a Scottish woman, you can binge on some national dishes 

Where to Meet Scottish Women?

Traveling to Scotland with the purpose of meeting and dating stunning local girls is a good idea. You have to consider that young Scottish women like men who are confident and know where to invite them. Therefore, you should think about the right place where your Scottish girlfriend would be comfortable, and you could have a good time together. In Edinburgh, the capital city, you can find many romantic restaurants, lovely pubs, and vibrant bars to meet charming babes. Edinburgh is often called “Athens of the North” for ancient educational institutions, stunning Old Town, and impressive architectural monuments. You will have many opportunities of meeting Edinburgh babes all along the Royal Mile, as well as in George and Princes Streets. Beautiful Scottish women love shopping. Therefore, you can visit such shopping malls as:

  • Cameron Toll (6, Lady Road);
  • Fort Kinnaird (32, Fleming House);
  • Westside Plaza (Wester Hailes Road).
beautiful scottish women

In Glasgow, the biggest city in Scotland, you can walk along Buchanan Street and High Street. Meet and try to talk with Scottish beauties. Most shopping centers are located downtown, an urban area on the north bank of the Clyde River. Such marketplaces and shopping malls are popular among single Scottish women:

  • Intu Braehead (King’s Inch Road);
  • St. Enoch Centre (55, St Enoch Square);
  • Buchanan Galleries (220, Buchanan Street).

Day Game

If you have managed to meet a lovely Scottish girl and got her phone number, you should think about a nice place to talk and know her characteristics. Offer her to visit one of the cocktail bars or romantic restaurants in Edinburgh:

  • The Abbotsford Bar & Restaurant (3-5, Rose Street);
  • Orchard Bar & Restaurant (1-2, Howard Place);
  • Whiski Bar & Restaurant (119, High Street).

In Glasgow, convenient venues for a pleasant pastime with your Scottish girlfriend are:

  • Blue Dog (151, W George Street);
  • La Lanterna (35, Hope Street);
  • Revolution Glasgow (67-69 Renfield Street).



If you love to have fun with music at night, you are recommended to visit the following nightclubs and bars and pick up Scottish girls in Edinburgh:

  • Cabaret Voltaire (36-38, Blair Street);
  • Sneaky Pete’s (73, Cowgate);
  • Why Not (14, George Street).

In Glasgow, you can also find many nightlife spots. Some of them are:

  • Nice N Sleazy (421, Sauchiehall Street);
  • O2 ABC Glasgow (300, Sauchiehall Street);
  • Sub Club (22, Jamaica Street).

Online Dating

The Internet provides a great opportunity to connect with many Scottish mail order brides with minimal time and money investment. On international dating sites, you will find thousands of Scottish girls who are ready to chat and meet foreign men in person. For that, register on an online dating website upon your choice and start browsing singles from Scotland who are ready to explore romantic horizons with you. Some convenient online platforms are EliteSingles, eHarmony, DatingDirect, and Match Affinity propose to meet girls from any part of the world: Argentinian and Israeli women, or Cuban girls.

The Final Thoughts on Dating Scottish Women

Your dream of meeting a beautiful and sexy Scottish bride and marrying her is well feasible. Hopefully, you found practical the mentioned above recommendations. Be kind and attentive with your Scottish girlfriend, and she will make you a truly happy person in every moment of your life.

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Jennifer Joy Butler

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