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Things to Know About Dating Women of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tiny land in Central America. Although considered a poor country, it is a famous tropical paradise attracting thousands of tourists worldwide. Unlike its neighbors, Costa Rica is a peaceful country: residents haven't experienced any conflicts for several decades already. This contributed much to the development of international tourism. Thus, Costa Rica is gradually turning into one of the most promising countries in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Not surprising, Costa Rican women are often considered the most covetable brides in the world. Their natural but sexy looks make men lose their minds and forget everything in an attempt to conquer the hearts of these exotic beauties.

 Over the years, Costa Rica became a land with a perfect fusion of pristineness of nature and life comfort. The country boasts of twenty national parks and eight biological reserves. Amazed by their beauty, Steven Spielberg chose Costa Rica to film his famous "Jurassic Park" movie. In addition to splendid nature and tourist attractions, Costa Rica is the country with the most cheerful nation in the world. Not surprising, Costa Rican women are often considered the most covetable brides in the world. Their natural but sexy looks make men lose their minds and forget everything in an attempt to conquer the hearts of these exotic beauties. Unlike the ladies from other Latin American countries, Costa Rican girls are more traditional and modest. Despite their hot temper, local brides follow conservative principles when it comes to marriage, so you need to put some effort into attracting one of them. If you are ready to do your best to marry a local lady, read our unrivaled guide to Costa Rican women dating. Learn every tiny detail about Costa Rican brides, their preferences, and way of life. Check on the places where you can meet them and reveal the secrets of how to seduce a girl from your imagination. 


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Female Population2.5 mln
Popular CitiesSan Jose, Liberia, Limon
Most Popular Dating AppBumble
Average Age of Marriage for Women25.7

What Are Costa Rican Women Like?


Due to their mind-blowing look, Costa Rican women are usually called an embodiment of perfection. Like all the girls from Latin America, these beauties cannot live without bright, sexy apparel that reveal their seductive shapes. Nonetheless, beautiful Costa Rican women prefer looking more natural than girls from the neighboring countries. Their makeup routine is quite simple. Nevertheless, Costa Rican women are still called one of the most beautiful in the world. When dating one of them, you can be sure she is a creature of God, not of a skillful plastic surgeon.

costa rican girls


In spite of looking exactly like European females, Costa Rican women, however, remain Latinas. Long black hair, full lips, almond eyes, and mind-blowing curves of these Ticas can hardly leave anyone indifferent. Costa Rica babes managed to find a perfect balance between modesty and sexuality. These women know how to live on the fine line between purity and sexuality. 

In spite of looking exactly like European females, Costa Rican women, however, remain Latinas. Long black hair, full lips, almond eyes, and mind-blowing curves of these Ticas can hardly leave anyone indifferent.



If we would like to specify the most distinctive Costa Rican women’s features, femininity is the first one to mention. Despite today’s society’s emancipation, these girls still follow somewhat old-fashioned norms regarding gender roles and women’s rights in general. Costa Rican beauties happily assume the supporting position, treat men like kings, and serve them in all aspects. Such an attitude lets any man dating a Costa Rican lady feel like a Superhero ready to conquer the world. The local social system is mainly patriarchal but Costa Rican women care much about their self-development and education. They successfully graduate from colleges to find jobs and obtain independence. Thus, by preserving their natural femininity but starving for personal growth, beautiful Costa Rican women have got the fame of the most wanted brides in the world. Costa Rican people treat marriage very seriously. If they marry someone, this union is expected to last forever. This is caused mainly by the religious norms all the local women rigorously follow. They believe marriages are made in heaven, and nobody has the power to separate two loving souls. Families in Costa Rica are usually quite extended, with more than three children. As a rule, several generations live under the same roof all their life.

To get what they wish to, beautiful Central American women use their natural wisdom and innate amenity.


  1. They have a sharp mind and know how to take care of others. If you managed to hit on some hot Costa Rican girls, remember, their beauty is not their only advantage. These ladies boast of a sharp mind, a great sense of humor, and a pronounced desire to care for their partners. Any woman represents that gentle, kind, and caring creature who can become your most true-hearted friend.
  2. They are active and like to take the lead. Costa Rican women for marriage know what they want from life and quickly set their goals. Nonetheless, they are far from being bossy or stubborn. To get what they wish to, beautiful Central American women use their natural wisdom and innate amenity. These girls don’t like to stay in one place for too long. All their life seems a breathtaking fusion of emotions, activities, and feelings. Almost any Costa Rican bride is crazy about football that is one of the country’s national symbols. No wonder churches and football stadiums are the most popular Costa Rican venues. The local ladies are passionate sports fans and won’t miss a single game of their favorite team.
  3. Costa Rican brides are always happy and smiling. It is hard to find at least one woman from Costa Rica who would be in a low mood and without a smile on her beautiful face. Costa Rican girls wear their hearts on their sleeves and are not afraid to share their views in a very discreet manner. Costa Rican wife will never make a scandal in public – she would rather wait for a more opportune moment. Nearly all Costa Rican women have outstanding and nonchalant personalities. They will be the first to help you. At the same time, you can forget you could ever walk all over them.
beautiful costa rican women

In one country, Costa Rican women are all unique, so it is hard to specify some common rules on how to date them. Successful dating requires its particular approach with every single lady. And yet, some secrets will significantly increase your chances of taking good care of your personal life by starting to date one of the Costa Rican women for marriage. These tips may not work with all country women. Anyway, the majority of the local ladies will get head over heels in love with you. 

Costa Rican women infographic

Statistics You Should Know About Costa Rican Women

Who doesn’t want to have a sexy girlfriend who’ll like Debi Nova, Natalia Carvajal, or Yokasta Valle? Indeed, it’s hard to deny that Costa Rican women are among the sexiest ladies not only in Latin America but in the world as well. But how well do you know them? Here are some interesting statistics and facts you can reveal about them to know better:

  • Costa Ricans are among the most ambitious women. Besides their appearance, women in Costa Rica are really career-oriented. In this country, women are given more opportunities to show their skills in any sector. One of the most prosperous things about it is the business sector, where women in Costa Rica did their best in business management, which has grown up to 70% thanks to female involvement in it.
  • Costa Rican women don’t rush to get married to locals. From the statement above, it’s clear that ladies in Costa Rica are getting more career-oriented. This is really true when you look through the numbers. There’s been an increase in the average age of getting married since 1976, when the first age of marriage rate was about 19.  Nowadays, women strive to become better, trying to have the same rights as local men.
  • Costa Rican women seek more attention from foreigners. The average male first marriage happens when they’re about 29 years old. It’s been increasing since 1973, when the average age of marriage was 25. Such numbers indicate a decreasing interest in getting married to local men. It’s not surprising why there are so many women from Costa Rican who you can find online for dating. Still, the interest in foreign men is also affected by the sad fact that divorce rates are quite high in Costa Rica.
  • Costa Rican women have problems with gender inequality. Alas, no matter how smart, elegant, diligent, and persevering women in Costa Rica can be, there’s a prevalent problem as gender inequality. For example, they receive 12% less salary than men. There’s a common tendency for women to be underemployed. About 21% of women work less than 40 hours per  week while wishing to work and earn more.

Tips on Dating Costa Rican Women

  1. If you wish to conquer the heart of local beauties, you should be a leader. Although being initiative enough, Costa Rican women expect men to be much stronger. According to the local ladies, being a true leader means being ready to assume responsibility. Costa Rican girls love it when their man does not allow himself to whine or fall into despair.
  2. Costa Rican babes like their men to be intelligent. As any Central American citizen, Belize, Guatemalan, Honduran and other ladies, prefer wise men. This doesn’t mean you have to read textbooks on nuclear physics or acquire skills in Costa Rican cattle breeding of the 18th century. Suppose you constantly deepen your knowledge in some specific field, learn new things, communicate with different people who can teach you something. In that case, you are already a perfect match for any Costa Rican lady.
  3. Don’t rush things up. As you are well aware, Costa Rican women have passionate nature. However, it would help if you remembered that moving to a new stage of your relationship too quickly can mean destroying all that good you have now. No matter how erotically charged your Costa Rican girlfriend is, she needs the courtship stage to be present in your relationships. After this stage, you can smoothly move on to intimacy.
  4. Be attentive and practice your active listening skills.Ears are the most erogenous zone of all Costa Rican women. We are not talking about the sensitivity of their earlobes but a passion for compliments.

It is crucial to:

  • Speak from your heart and stay sincere. 
  • Make your compliment exquisite and to the point.
  • Mention her innate femininity, beautiful shoulder line, or graceful fingers.
  • Try to avoid common phrases like “You are very beautiful/hot/sexy.”
  • Read the lyrics to improve your ability to come up with the right words at the right moment. 
costa rica girls

Where to meet Costa Rican Women

Meeting hot Costa Rican women for marriage is quite an easy task when you know where to search for them. In case your intention to marry a girl from Costa Rica is strong enough, you should try your luck and visit this country. 

San Jose

This is the capital of the country. San Jose combines both the signs of antiquity and modern features without losing the unique Costa Rican traditions. Due to its location in the center of Costa Rica, San Jose is a perfect base camp for further detailed exploration of the country.

San Jose is famous for its nightclubs and bars, where you can quickly meet many hot and single women.



San Jose is famous for its nightclubs and bars, where you can quickly meet many hot Costa Rica single women. All the entertainment spots are mainly situated downtown, not far from San Pedro Square. Try to book the room near this square if you want to be at ground zero of Costa Rica nightlife. 


If you chose San Jose as your destination point to find many Costa Rican women for marriage, you could stop by any coffee house, café, restaurant, or even local market. Local malls like Great Mall, Santana Row, or Eastridge can serve you good with Costa Rican women dating. Choose a girl you like and invite her for a cup of coffee. Such a non-binding gesture can become a good and easy way to establish a romantic relationship.


Another stunning location with plenty of sexy Costa Rican brides. If San Jose is famous for its bars and restaurants, Tamarindo is all about beaches, water, and golden sands. 


The main street of Tamarindo is where you should go at night to meet beautiful Costa Rican women. El Be Club, El Garito, Wild Panda, Pacifico Bar, and many other nightlife spots welcome local single ladies to find their match.


Local women prefer spending time there catching a tan and swimming. The overall atmosphere is quite relaxing, so there will be no problems for you to say “hi” to one of the local beauties.


Thanks to its sandy beaches and beautiful coral reefs, Culebra is usually called a little paradise on Earth.


Culebra is not as crazy and wild as the two previous cities. This silent and calm land is a perfect spot for a relaxing picnic on the beach with a bottle of wine and some fruit. 


There are no large hotels, golf courses, casinos, traffic jams, fast food establishments, and crowds of noisy tourists. Instead, Culebra has secluded bays, magnificent nature, hiking and biking trails, and plenty of cozy cafes.

costa rican brides

Online Dating Websites 

Meeting Costa Rican women offline may be challenging, as these girls seem so gorgeous and hard-to-get that you may get scared to approach them. Fortunately, Costa Rican brides love spending their time on dating websites, so it would be easy for you to run into many local mail order brides online. All you need to do is choose a reputable online platform with a decent audience and a great range of dating options. The Costa Rican dating sites we usually recommend are Latin American Cupid and Badoo. A traditional Tinder is also quite popular among Latin women so that you can try your luck there as well. 

 Final Thoughts

Costa Rican women are deservedly named the most beautiful and caring in the world. Besides, they are the most cheerful and smiling, spreading that incredible positive vibes around. Their easy-going nature and intelligence make these ladies the most desired in the world. From time to time it isn’t easy to imagine that such perfection could actually exist. If you want to approach one, follow the tips from this article, and who knows, maybe someday you will meet one of these gorgeous women at the altar.

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