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Czech Women Dating Guide: Why You Should Travel To Czech Republic?

The character of Czech women is mostly soft and not wayward. You can easily get to know and communicate with one of them.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful, diverse, and hospitable country in Central Europe. This is a country of vibrant architecture and unforgettable recreation, delicious gastronomy, excellent shopping, distinctive culture, and ancient traditions. It is one of the countries that bring real pleasure to tourists in any season. For lovers of history and architecture, the Czech Republic is of great interest. Here, you can wander the alleys of medieval cities, admire the enfilades and halls of beautiful castles, and visit many museums.

It is not easy to imagine this country without the golden-domed Prague. Locals call their capital the City of 100 Towers, and many travelers who have visited various parts of the world rank Prague as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is not only the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, but a real cultural heart of the country. Most of the sights in Prague are located in the Old Town, where you can see the Powder Tower, Old Town Square, Charles Street, and Charles Bridge - the masterpiece of medieval architecture.

The Czech Republic is famous not only for old castles, stunning cathedrals, and majestic bridges that literally breathe history. It is also one of the top gourmet pilgrimage places. Excellent addition to exciting walks and healing nature is a stunning national cuisine with its delicious dishes, hearty serving, and juicy desserts. Here, you can try the fresh beer, aromatic Becherovka, and famous Moravian wine with pickled and fried sausages. After gastronomic delights, you can improve your health in Karlovy Vary.


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Female Population5.4 mln
Popular CitiesPrague, Brno, Karlovy Vary
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women29.8

Are You Ready to Meet Czech Women?

Many tourists come to the Czech Republic to spend their holidays in its unique resorts:

  • Karlovy Vary
  • Marianske Lazne
  • Jachymov
  • Podebrady
  • Teplice

They are famous for their favorable climate and curative mineral springs and muds. Be sure to visit Karlovy Vary, Gothic Karlštejn castle, cathedrals of Kutná Hora, the magnificent Krumlov castle, and the palace in Lednice. 

travel to Czech Republic

If you want to visit fantastic sights and meet beautiful Сzech girls at the same time, you can surely do it in this country. Czech women are easy in communication. Almost all young Czech girls living in Prague speak English quite well. German is also wide-spread here. Also, splendid panoramic views, many attractions, and a pleasant atmosphere require the assistance of lovely babes to make your cross-country trip unforgettable.

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Scientists claim that Czech women have a significantly varied genetic origin. Czech women belong to Western Slavs by 35%, the German-Celtic group by 33%, and Viking ancestors like Finnish — by 10%. The rest of the genes are inherited from different people who lived in Eastern Europe and Asia Minor. That is why Czech women have not only Slavic but also German facial traits. Mostly, Czech women have an appearance that combines Swiss women‘s elegance and sharpness with the cuteness and softness of Ukrainian and Russian girls.

History of Feminism

Be sure that hot Сzech women will not leave you indifferent. Many scientists have recently become interested in these women. Thus, the American researcher Marianne Ferber wrote in her article on Czech feminism that contemporary Czech women have inherited an amazing mixture of strong family values, firm positions in the labor market, self-esteem, and personal independence. Gender equality in Czech Republic is manifested in the fact that both Czech women and men shake hands when they meet, and everyone usually pays their own restaurant bill.

Beauty of Сzech Women

The overwhelming majority of Сzech Republic girls are beautiful, attractive, and natural. Thanks to their delicate and natural beauty, Czech women are often recognized as the most beautiful females at international beauty contests. These women are distinguished by their thin and slim stature and this makes them really hot and desirable. Also, they often have long and slender legs, as well as a tiny waist and large breasts. Generally, Czech women are much more beautiful than, for example, Dutch or Norwegian girls.



Mostly, Czech women have light brown hair like German females. Less often, you can meet brunettes and blondes. Many local ladies dye their hair and turn into light blonde or dark brown colors. Therefore, luxurious blondes and burning brunettes are found everywhere in this country. They always try to look perfectly by doing regular exercises.

Czech Republic women


It is known that Czech women are independent and freedom-loving like Cuban girls. At the same time, their kind and non-scandalous nature makes them famous and beloved by single men from all over the world. If you want to gain a Czech girl’s favor, you will have to try. The man has to show courtesy, attention, and romantic interest. When the affection becomes mutual, she will quickly become even more gentle and inclined for closer communication.

The Attitudes of Czech Women

Indeed, Czech women are self-sufficient. They have the same rights in society as men. Typically, Czech girls start working at an early age and never stay on maternity leave for long. In this way, they are similar to American women. You can find practically no housewives among young Czech women. Most often, they take on administrative positions that do not require high qualifications. Representatives of the stronger gender in this country usually voluntarily agree to women’s financial and moral domination in their families.

Statistics You Should Know About Czech Women

Undoubtedly, Czech women are among the most charming ladies, given their physical features. This explains why so many men try to date them. You can be the one dating these charming ladies, which is possible thanks to online dating. But before your online venture, why not discover some more interesting facts about Czech women. Here are some of them:

  • They’re still marriage-oriented. It’s clear that women in many European countries don’t prefer getting married. But when it comes to the Czech Republic, marriages happen, and women there are interested in finding their life partners. Prior to 2020, there was a steady increase in marriage numbers. Due to pandemics, this number started to decrease. The peak of marriages happened in 2019 when the number reached 55K, which is quite impressive for a European country.
  • They divorce quite often. The changing status of women has made them more liberal and more independent. So, they’ve become less tolerant of men who don’t value them. When talking about divorces in the Czech Republic, the number of divorces is quite high compared to some European countries. Roughly speaking, more than 40 divorces happen per 100 marriages.  It means that the divorce rate is more than 2 per 1K population. The number of children affected by divorce is more than 21K. It means that there are many single parents in this country.
  • They don’t have many kids. It’s time to look at the fertility rate of Czech women. Interestingly, the country’s fertility rate has been low since 1980, approximately lower than 2 kids per woman. For now, it’s about 1 or 2 kids per woman. This rate fluctuates from one year to another. One of the main reasons why there’s a low birthrate is the fact that Czech women get married later than ever before. For now, women in this country marry after they’re 28. This affects when ladies have their first kids as well.
  • They still face discrimination. Gender discrimination might seem to be less in European countries. But when it comes to the Czech Republic, things are quite odd. For now, women in this country receive less salary than men. What’s more, women are granted lower positions than men. It’s one of 3 EU countries that didn’t progress much in equality for women. It means much is to be done to correct this situation.

Nightlife in Prague

In Prague, it is customary to present flowers to local women, walk hand-holding with them, and drink wine on open verandas by candlelight together. The landscapes and the coziness of the ancient city contribute to the romantic relationship. In the evening, the narrow streets of old Prague light up, and the city becomes quiet. Warm summer evenings are the best time for parties in beer restaurants and bars. In autumn and winter, both Prague women and foreign tourists are always ready for new acquaintances and pleasant adventures.

Meeting beautiful Czech women is not a challenging task on any of the evenings. For that, you should come up with a topic for conversation. Almost without exception, Prague girls adore three things to talk about — contemporary art, nightclubs, and sports. You can argue with them about the sculptures of David Černý and discuss the result of the last hockey match. Then, you can invite a cute girl to the nightclub in Karlovy Lazne or SaSaZu, the best Asian restaurant in Prague. The list of the best Prague nightclubs is below:

  • Golden Tree Prague
  • Chapeau Rouge
  • Cross Club
  • James Dean Prague

If you prepare for conversation topics in advance, you will not stay alone during your stay in this incredible country.

women of prague

Online Czech Dating

When traveling to the Czech Republic, do not forget to bring your smartphone with you. With the advent of dating apps, online acquaintances have become an essential part of the entire travel anywhere. This country is no exception, where almost all young Sweden girls, Czech women and men use such applications. So, change your location before the trip and try to pick up the Czech ladies you like. Maybe you will be lucky to meet one of them even at the airport.


For dating Czech women successfully, make sure your in-app profile looks attractive. Try to be creative messaging with pretty Сzech girls. If you did not manage to meet a local girl immediately upon arrival in the Czech Republic, do not fall into despair. You can use one of the speed dating websites or meet local women in cafes or even on the street. If you ask a cute local girl to show you Prague or another neighboring city, she might well agree. Czech women are always pleased when foreigners are interested in their country, culture, and history.

Where Else Can You Go To Meet Czech Girls?

Besides exploring the capital, you can go to Karlovy Vary, the city of romantic architecture and famous healing springs. This renowned city is located just 120 km from Prague. You can also see with your own eyes the magnificent castles:

Perhaps for this, you will need to contact one of the numerous travel agencies in Prague.

However, try not to plan a too busy excursion program if you visit the Czech Republic for the first time. Prague is a wonderful city, and a few days will not be enough to see most of its attractions. Just take a walk along its streets and visit some of the local bars and cafes.

Some other cities besides Prague to meet Czech women:

  • Moravia
  • Zlín
  • Olomouc
  • Brno

Try to talk with as many Czech women as you can and feel the heartbeat of the city. If a nice local girl accompanies you, then you will certainly not be left without bright impressions.


Are you ready to come to the Czech Republic? You will definitely like this European country, and the local girls can pleasantly surprise you. At least, Czech Republic women will never disappoint you. Many foreigners on thematic forums began to call the main distinguishing feature of contemporary Croatian and Czech girls not even beauty, but their quiet dignity. With every next visit to this country, you will discover new amazing sides of it , as well as gorgeous Czech women.

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