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Tips on How To Meet Beautiful Belarusian Women

Belarus is frequently considered a hidden gem of Central Europe. It is quite a mysterious country even for its neighbors not to mention the rest of the world. Belarus people, especially Belarus women, definitely know how it feels to constantly explain where your country is located when travelling abroad. 

Even though being unfairly overlooked, Belarus is extremely beautiful. This land can boast of rich flora and fauna and often impresses the tourists with the pureness of its fresh air. 

Despite the stunning nature Belarus owns, its political and economic situations remain unstable. The presidency of the “last European dictator” raises many disputes, so now the country is in anticipation of the dramatic changes in all its spheres.

Language is a painful issue for Belarus nation. The local population mostly speaks Russian. The Belarusian-speaking people are an awfully rare phenomenon. The country is heavily influenced by Russia and is at risk of losing its unique identity. 

We can talk forever about the beauty and great personality of Belarus women. The life of these ladies can hardly be named easy and wealthy. Despite all the life storms and poverty, they have experienced, these beauties remain extremely feminine, kind, and emphatic. Scarred by the life troubles, Belarus brides know how to overcome difficulties and accept gratefully what is ordained by fate. 

In light of the recent events that occurred in Belarus, the local ladies demonstrated unbelievable courage and fortitude. Thousands of them participated in the series of protests against the results of the last presidential elections. Dressed in all white and with the flowers in their hands, Belarus women became the face of national democracy.


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Female Population5 mln
Popular CitiesMinsk, Gomel, Brest
Most Popular Dating AppTabor online dating
Average Age of Marriage for Women26

The secrets of Belarus women popularity 

Belarusian women seem very attractive to foreign guys. There are myriad reasons why any man would be just happy to marry a Belarusian girl. We have highlighted several main secrets of such abnormal popularity of these ladies. Read them all to find out what’s so special about Belarus brides. 

Belarusian women seem very attractive to foreign guys. There are myriad reasons why any man would be just happy to marry a Belarusian girl.

Belarus women are intelligent

According to recent statistics, Belarusian women are more intelligent and better-educated than the local men. Despite the low standard of living, Belarus can boast of a decent educational level of its population. Locals believe that without a good education, it is impossible to get a nice job and rise above the crowd. Belarusian girls are often taught to be docile and nice. They read a lot and dream about building a good career to become independent. Belarus status as a former part of the USSR still affects the beliefs of the local women who often count on a successful marriage rather than self-realization. However, this tendency is confidently departing into oblivion.

belarusian women

Belarusian brides are gorgeously beautiful

Belarus girls are a true embodiment of the iconic Slavic beauty. As a rule, local ladies have naturally brown or dark blond long hair, bright eyes, and milk skin. Unlike other Slavic or Russian girls who frequently have a very sharp and eccentric beauty, a Belarus woman with her baby-face look would rather seem an angel from one of Abbott Handerson Thayer’s paintings.

Unlike other Slavic or Russian girls who frequently have a very sharp and eccentric beauty, a Belarus woman with her baby-face look.


They rarely apply makeup in everyday life and prefer wearing simple comfortable clothes. The natural charm and overwhelming charisma of Belarus women do not need any excessive details, fancy clothes, or tons of mascara and powder. They are drop-dead gorgeous the way they are. 

Family is the top priority for the majority of Belarus women

Local people treat their family as the most valuable thing in life. Parents take good care of their children trying to give them a good start in life. The grown-up kids help their parents the whole life. Even after they have created their own families, all the relatives prefer living in one house or apartment. Such an approach is dictated both by the economical and personal needs to stay together and take advantage of a common budget. 

Generally, Belarusian women are very good with kids. They can give them both a good upbringing and a sea of love. The children are brought up in strictness and respect to the older generation. However, being naturally cheerful and buoyant, Belarusian women teach their children to love life and enjoy every moment of it. 

Generally, Belarusian women are very good with kids. They can give them both a good upbringing and a sea of love.

Belarusian women own a positive attitude towards the world

Despite their uneasy life that may seem quite thorny, Belarus girls stay positive, cheerful, and friendly. They never complain and always try to share optimistic vibes with others. The smile of Belarusian ladies deserves a separate article. Shiny, sincere, and enormously attractive – when a Belarus woman smiles, the whole world stops for a while. No wonder, these ladies are so popular among Western men. 

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Belarusian brides are excellent cooks

Have you ever had your dinner in at least one of the Michelin restaurants? A marriage with a Belarus lady can satisfy all your needs in terms of exquisite and delicious food, as these girls have a natural talent for cooking. Your Belarusian wife will never get tired of surprising you with new extraordinary dishes that can satisfy the taste buds of the most demanding gourmets. Just imagine how proud you can feel when your guests will express their appreciation for the cooking skills of your Belarus wife!

belarus women

Belarus girls always strive to improve their emotional intelligence

Emotional maturity is the key feature of all Belarus women. They understand their emotions and desires and definitely know how to properly express and control them. Besides, Belarussian ladies can easily read the feelings of other people and act correspondingly.

Belarus girl never shouts or uses insults to express her emotions and resolve the problems. She does make scenes for her soulmate. These ladies rarely criticize others and prefer expressing their opinion by using encouragement instead of depreciation.

Belarus woman never shares any information about her family conflicts with others, even if these are her closest girlfriends. Before she acts, she will carefully consider the consequences and choose the option that will least traumatize others. Any Belarusian lady will never put up with injustice for her own sake. However, she will not enter into confrontation if there is a way of finding a constructive solution. 

Belarus brides know how to keep a balance between family life and career

Self-expression for Belarus woman means harmony between work and personal life. She will not sacrifice herself entirely to her career or kids but will find a solution to achieve success in both fields. A Belarusian wife tries to give enough attention to everyone in her family and always cares about being filled with energy and positive vibes. It is difficult for her to fully devote herself to only one activity, but she won’t do anything half-heartedly.

Belarus women are loyal

Belarus lady realizes that there is nothing better than being faithful to one man. Belarusian girls will never pretend or wear a mask. You will never have to guess her intentions as she will be an open book for you. 

Belarus brides rarely enter into relationships because of some opportunistic motives. As a rule, they choose the men they really love. There is nothing more sincere and surprising than a woman who really wants her partner to be there, even if she is totally capable of solving her problems by herself. 

Statistics You Should Know About Belarusian Women

What do you think about women like Anastasia Vashukevish, Maryna Linchuk, or Tanya Dziahileva? They’re stunning, charming, and elegant. What’s more, they’re from Belarus. It’s not so common that you come across women from Belarus, but they’re worth your attention for sure. Before you start looking for them, why not discover some interesting insights that might be useful for you:

  • The marriage rate in Belarus. Belarus is one of the countries where women are more traditional than many of their European counterparts. Still, there’s been a slight decline in marriages in recent years. The marriage rate is about 3.5 per 1K population.  Yet the good news is that Belarus women don’t delay their marriages as many Europeans do. The average age of Belarusian women to get married is about 26. So, what does it indicate? Belarusian ladies are into getting married, making them more family-oriented women.
  • Divorce rates in Belarus. When it comes to the number of divorces, it’s quite high. But when compared to neighbouring countries, especially Russia, Belarus is doing quite well in terms of keeping marriages. For now, it’s about 3.5 divorces per 1K population. Still, the problem is that divorces continue to grow. But why is the divorce rate in Belarus getting high? The main problem is seen in the economic situation in the country, where families suffer from financial problems leading to breakups. What’s more, due to divorces, the rate of children affected by parental divorce is about 14 kids per 1K population.
  • The fertility rate in Belarus. One of the main problems of Belarus is the population decline. For now, there are more than 9 million citizens in Belarus. The problem of the population is explained by the decreasing fertility rate in the country.  For now, the fertility rate in Belarus is about 1.7 kids per woman. This is quite low for a country with a population of fewer than 10 million people. The National Program of People’s Health and Demographic Security of the Republic of Belarus intends to increase the fertility rate up to 2.1 kids per woman in the future.

The difference between Belarus women and other Slavic girls

Even though Slavic blood runs in the veins of Belarus women, these girls are completely different from Ukrainian women and Russian beauties.

Belarus ladies are humble

While Russian girls appear to be very demanding and often chase for money and wealthy life, Belarus ladies prefer focusing on the inner traits of a person. They are caring and loving, supportive and emphatic. With Belarus woman beside him, every man feels stronger and more masculine. Modest Belarusian ladies know how to actively listen to other people and always express a sincere interest in the life of the closest ones. 

belarus brides

Belarus women prefer natural beauty over fake sexuality

Unlike other Slavic ladies, Belarus girls look more natural. They rarely wear extraordinary makeup and miniskirts. It is hardly possible to meet any Belarusian woman with her hair dyed in some wild colors. Belarus woman rarely haunts men and takes no initiative to conquer a guy she likes. And on the contrary, when it comes to Ukrainian and Russian women, these beauties have learned that it is impossible to get anything on the silver platter and prefer acting decisively. 

Belarus women for marriage are more feminine

Emancipation trends are confidently conquering the world. Slavic girls also started to follow these ideological principles dedicating more and more time to career and personal needs. Even though Belarusian ladies never sit at home and always work on an equal basis with the men, they never forget about their feminine nature.

Where you can meet Belarus women

If your intentions as to the Belarus women dating is firm enough and you are ready to act decisively, do not hesitate to book tickets for your flight to Minsk. But before you dive into Minsk dating, learn about the places where you can meet these gorgeous girls.

Briefly about Minsk

Minsk is the capital of Belarus and one of the oldest European cities. It is known for its architecture and one of the biggest botanical gardens in Europe with an overall area of 96 hectares. It is also known for having the highest business potential among all the ex-Soviet Union cities. Minsk is filled with various coffee houses, bars, restaurants, and parks. So, if you want to meet plenty of beautiful Belarus women, this city should become your main destination spot.

Where to meet Belarus women: Daytime

Daytime dating can seem somewhat challenging if you don’t know how to do it properly. In case you are aware of all the places where you can meet many Belarus women for marriage, this activity resembles rather a pleasant time spent.

  • Coffee Houses. In the XXI century, it is absolutely normal to work as a freelancer or have a remote job. No wonder that when entering any of the numerous Minsk coffee shops in the middle of the working day, you can meet many Belarus women who have chosen this place for work. Take your laptop, choose a table with a bird-eye view and try to observe the ladies around. You can always order a cup of coffee or cappuccino for the girl you like and surprise her with your gentleman behavior. 
  • Shopping malls. Minsk can hardly be considered one of the most popular shopping points in the world. However, it doesn’t concede favored European destinations in terms of the global fashion brands’ presence. Besides, Minsk is well-known for its numerous authentic small shops that attract tourists with their special atmosphere and unique goods produced by the local designers. In case you meet a really special Belarus girl at one of the stores, do not hesitate to talk to her. You can always find a good pretext. For example, you can ask her to try some dress on as you are in search of a present for your sister and not really sure it will fit her. Also, you may pay a compliment to a lady’s earrings, scarf, or shoes she has just bought. Be creative but mind the personal borders of other people.
  • Local feasts. Belarusian people are proud of their national culture and strictly follow local traditions that are frequently accompanied by massive celebrations. If you are lucky to experience at least one of these events, you will be surprised by the beauty and authenticity of Belarus culture. Locals adore such events, so use this opportunity to meet a girl from your dreams.
belarusian girls

Where to meet Belarus women: Nightlife

Belarusian cities are completely different at night. Shining bright with thousands of colorful street lights on, they will encourage you to go look for the love of your life. So, where is it possible to meet Belarus women at night? 

Bars, nightclubs, and casinos. Belarus has its special nightlife culture. This is the time when humble Belarus girls turn into sexy seductresses putting their most skimpy clothes on and go have fun. Belarusian nightclubs may not meet your expectations in terms of music and service level, but they will definitely become a good life experience. Besides, it is a great chance to meet dozens of beautiful Belarus women for marriage in a relaxing atmosphere. You may buy a drink for a girl you like or ask her for a dance. Be friendly and generous, express your interest in her, and don’t try to rush things up. 

Online dating with Belarus women

Lucky for you, Belarus women love online dating which means you don’t have to go anywhere to meet your Slavic soulmate. Tired of the local men who are often rude and passive, local girls choose to find their love online expecting a handsome foreign prince to find and save them. Why don’t you become one? 


All you need to do is find a reliable dating website with lots of Belarusian mail order brides. You may use global dating websites such as Tinder, Mamba, Badoo, or Bumble, or check on the local dating sites. 

Tips on how to meet Belarus women online

  1. Check on the number of Belarus brides available on the website. You may need to communicate with dozens of women before you meet your one and only. If the page features a limited number of girls from Belarus, it is better not to waste your time and search for a better dating platform.
  2. When chatting with Belarus mail order bride, be confident, however, polite and gentle. These girls may be very sensitive and won’t stand any rude jokes or dirty comments.
  3. Don’t rush the things up. We understand how hard it may be to resist the beauty and natural charisma of Belarusian ladies. But this is the case when slow and steady wins the race. Don’t be too persistent and mind the personal boundaries of your interlocutor.
  1. Keep the right balance. If you delay your first offline date, Belarusian bride may think you’re just not that into her. Let her know you like her a lot and are ready to meet her in person whenever she is ready.
  2.  Demonstrate your genuine interest in her. Don’t be a chatterbox who only praises himself. Find out everything about the hobbies of a girl you communicate with, her lifestyle and views. All this info might come in handy during your first offline date. 

Belarus women are probably the only ones among all Slavic girls who have managed to preserve the key features of a true Slavic appeal in its pristine form. Humble and smart, these ladies can become perfect wives and loving moms to your kids. Just be attentive, polite, and generous, and your Belarus soulmate will not be long in finding you. 

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  1. I was enlightened by the interesting facts about these charming ladies. Now I know that these women are strong and will-powered people worth admiration and respect. Is it possible to find a woman from Belarus who can be interested in marriage?

  2. I didn’t know that Belarusian women are quite different from Russian ladies. I used to think that they were one nation. It’s clear that they’re quite unique and distinct women. Any extra tips on how I should date them?

    • Be honest, respectful, and sincere. Then, be an open-minded partner who really cares. Finally, don’t compare them to Russian women.

  3. I think I want to meet and date these ladies. Is there a good dating site offering as many Belaurs women as possible? It would be great to get a response ASAP.

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