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Dating Vietnamese Women in 2021: Best Tips and Dating Spots

Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia surrounded by Thailand, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Here are some facts about this land:

  1. Population – 96.46 million.
  2. Population density – 295/km2
  3. Political system – socialist republic.
  4. Global Peace Index – 1.835 (higher than in the United States).
  5. GDP per capita – $2,715.
  6. Visa for American travelers –E-visa required.
  7. Vaccinations for travelers – not required.

In short, Vietnam is a must-have destination you should visit at least once. It will deliver an unbelievable experience and gigabytes of exciting memories to you. It’s a peaceful tropical country with breathtaking architecture, sunny beaches with warm, powdery sand, and endless rainforests teeming with wildlife.

Vietnam lies within a warm and humid climate. Annual temperature averages between 20°C and 23°C (68-73.4 °F). Hosting eight UNESCO heritage sites, Vietnam can become an exciting experience for both culture explorers and nature lovers.


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So how to get to Vietnam? Check for these preparations:

  1. Obtain an E-visa. Visitors from most countries in North and South America must have an E-visa for 30 days.
  2. Adjust your budget based on average $50/day travel costs.
  3. If you bring $5,000+ with you, you must declare this money.
  4. Bring your medications since some US drugs may not be available in the country. Also, check this list of Vietnam medical facilities with English-speaking staff before flying to Vietnam.

Besides, Vietnam is an ideal place to meet beautiful, mild-tempered, undemanding, traditional and hot Asian women. If you’re seeking a loyal and exotic wife, you can definitely find one among the girls of Vietnam.

What Are Vietnamese Women Like?

Read further to find out what appearances and character traits women of Vietnam share:


Vietnam’s perception of female beauty is the following: fit feminine women with delicate facial features. A significant portion of these women fall under or pursue the following standards:

Slim Figures

It seems like Vietnam beauty standards have low tolerance toward big figures. Most local women in their 20s and 40s eat like a bird to preserve their slim figures.

In Vietnam, a beautiful woman is slim but with prominent breasts and buttocks. But naturally, slender women can’t have impressive breasts unless they’re genetically gifted. That’s why many girls do plastic surgeries to obtain the desired curves.

By the way, Vietnam is rated one of the cheapest countries for cosmetic surgeries, including breast augmentation. Thus, breast surgeries start from only $2,000.

vietnamese girls

Natural Makeup

The women of Vietnam try to look as “natural” as possible while using heavy makeup. So you might be wrong if you see a girl and think: “Wow, she wears no makeup!” In reality, she may use heavy makeup.

Straight Noses and Delicate Facial Features

You will notice that many Vietnamese girls have straight noses and soft facial structures. A typical woman has epicanthic folds, straight long black hair, brown eyes, a thin straight nose, and an oval or heart-shaped face.

While most Asian girls have flattened faces, some local girls have more Caucasian features like strong nose bridges. Many women also do nose surgeries.

Obsession with White Skin

While European and American girls spend days in tanning salons, these women avoid sun exposure at all costs. They’re obsessed with white skin. That’s why these women apply sunscreen and even use bleach creams to make their skin as fair as possible.

It is due to cultural stigma toward natural Asian skin tone: The whiter you are, the more successful you become in every aspect of your life and vice versa. It sounds like discrimination, and it might very well be, but it’s a common thing among Asian girls.





From 1990 to 2016, the tertiary education enrollment rate of Vietnam grew by 1,000%. It means that most girls in their 20s and 30s have bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

English Skills

Vietnam generally has low proficiency in English. According to a massive survey, local women can maintain short conversations on general topics and “understand simple emails.” So a language barrier might come into place between you and Vietnamese girls. It means you will need a dictionary to engage in conversations with these women.

Nonetheless, while statistics display nationwide trends, you have a chance to meet women who speak English at an acceptable level.


Vietnam has one of the highest percentages of women in the labor force: over 70% of girls have full-time or part-time jobs. Are Vietnamese girls intellectual or service workers? The International Labor Organization reports that most women (36.1%) are employed in agriculture. The rest work in service and industry sectors.

vietnamese girl

Personality Traits

Let’s start with a disclaimer: all girls have different personalities, and general trends may not apply to certain individuals. The best thing to know about a particular person is to communicate with them. Now, we will describe a Vietnam mentality and cultural features reflecting the personalities of local women:


In Vietnam, people may judge you by your status instead of wealth. That is, they appreciate age and education. Therefore, most of these girls respect the elderly and intellectual workers.

Consequently, impressing women with your wealth may come short. Instead, you may want to emphasize your personality features or lifetime achievements (a PhD degree, executive position, etc.).

Appreciate Family Values

Vietnam women show deep respect to their elder family members due to their age and status. Thus, girls consider their parents and grandparents by default. Consequently, most young women will seek advice from their parents.

Most importantly, many young families live with older generations under one roof. Parents and grandparents usually help raise grandchildren. As a result, these girls have strong connections with their parents.

This mentality shifts cultural values from career to family. It means many local girls believe creating a family and raising children are their life goals.

Zero Tolerance Toward Bad Habits

If you seek a girl who has never touched a cigarette, finding one in Vietnam is a piece of cake. A 2017 study reports that only 1.1% of women smoke. It’s because Asian society considers female smoking a disgrace. Men, to the contrary, smoke much more often – up to 45.3% of the men smoked in 2015.

As for alcohol, women of Vietnam also seem not to drink that much as men. Studies show that only 0.7% of women have drinking issues compared to 25.5% of men. As of 2016, Vietnamese women consumed 10.4 liters of pure alcohol per year. Although American women drink less alcohol, these girls are still among the healthiest females in the world.


Vietnam culture portraits local women as submissive, reserved, and showing ultimate respect toward their men. It also implies that local women may hide their feelings. These girls are afraid that someone would devalue or mocker their inner world.

So these women must obey men, especially their fathers and husbands. So you shouldn’t expect the local girls to bare their souls to you right from the start.

First and foremost, these girls will need some time to get closer to you, while your task will be to establish trust and let your partner know she can express her feelings without hesitation or fear.

vietnamese woman

Vietnamese vs. Other women

Vietnamese, European, or American women are as different as chalk and cheese, but what about other Asian girls? We wouldn’t compare girls in terms of beauty: beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. We will emphasize mostly personalities and measurable physical features:

Vietnamese vs. Filipino women

In contrast to Vietnamese girls, Filipino women have much darker skin and are not generally obsessed with their skin color. Filipino girls are proud of their tanned curves. They have much more prominent Asian features like flatter faces and noses. Also, Filipino women have thicker lips and figures in general.

As for personalities, both women have many things in common: they’re reserved, friendly, and submissive.

When it comes to English skills, Filipino girls steal the show. They demonstrate a much higher level of English proficiency compared to women of Vietnam. So it’s easier to engage with Filipino women on the streets and pick up young girls in the clubs due to the reduced language barrier.

Vietnamese vs. Thailand women

The first noticeable difference between the Vietnamese and Thai women comes from wealth. Thailand is much more prosperous than Vietnam, which is reflected in women’s fashion trends. Thai girls have more outfits for different occasions. In general, they dress more elegantly and fashionably due to access to well-established international fashion brands.

As for English proficiency, both Vietnamese and Thailand women seem to engage in simple conversations only.

Finally, Thailand women are much harder to pick up due to a constant stream of arrogant men throwing dull pick-up lines at them. These girls would prefer to pass by strangers ignoring their hookup attempts.

Vietnamese vs. Chinese women

Many Vietnamese women consider Chinese girls bad-mannered, impolite, and noisy. Only 16% of Vietnam people like Chinese, while 74% of people consider China a political threat.

So are Chinese girls better or worse than Vietnamese? From a dating perspective, women of both nations will become loyal and skilled wives. Appearance is what makes them different: Chinese girls have darker skin and more rounded faces.

How to Date Vietnamese Women: Tips

At first glance, dating a Vietnamese girl is a no-brainer: all you need to do is introduce yourself, and she will respond with a kind smile and genuine interest. The reality is a bit different: you will sometimes hit a barely penetrable culture barrier.

Asian women appreciate courtesy above all, so the best way to win the hearts of local girls is to act like a gentleman. So, compliment your girlfriend, be a good listener, and buy her some flowers. You may also want to know more dating tips to win the dating contest in Vietnam:

Make the First Move

Don’t expect an Asian girl to make the first move: she will sit tight until you take action. So ask a girl for a date, buy her flowers, and have dinner at the restaurant.

Also, you may want to pay for the appointment for a good reason. Most Asian nations are patriarchal, including Vietnam. A traditional Vietnamese girlfriend expects you to provide for the family. In her eyes, you might turn out to be financially incapable of supporting a family if you’re resilient to cover dating expenses.

The second reason is that local girls have low purchasing power. What you consider pocket money is their monthly salary. So the Vietnam women will take your suggestion to split the bill as an insult.

Don’t Expect Girls to Have Sex on the First Date

Vietnam women are super-reserved and old-fashioned regarding lovemaking. In this country, women treat sex much more intimately than Western girls.

After spending a night with a guy, an Asian girl considers him exclusive. If you slept with one, you’re a couple. But many local girls will often assume you’re in a relationship after the first kiss. So you will have a hard time getting laid in Vietnam. Expect to develop a long-lasting relationship.

How to Tell if a Vietnamese Woman Likes You?

If a Vietnamese girl has a crush on you, she will touch your hand, keep eye contact, aim for hugging, smile, and laugh at your jokes. If you communicate online, she will chat with you all the time and show genuine interest in your personality.

In other words, she will act like most amorous girls across the globe – there is no secret knowledge to master. In practice, you will instantly feel that a Vietnamese girl is into you.

Red Flags You’re Dating a Gold Digger

Some girls might be professional at brainwashing, especially money-minded women from developing countries.

Just think of your situation: you are seeking a wife from Vietnam, a poor agricultural Asian country. Consequently, you’re an ideal target for girls who need your passport or wealth. So check the red flags that indicate you’re dealing with a romance scammer:

  1. Your girl tries to learn as much about your financial status as possible or requires you to pay for her education, language courses, surgery for her sick mom, etc.
  2. Your girl demonstrates unusual affection and powerful emotions right away. She might bait you with her body or demand expensive gifts in exchange for making love.
  3. Your woman doesn’t seem to introduce you to her parents. Under normal conditions, these women introduce their partners to family members fast. Sure, if that doesn’t happen, your girl might cross swords with her parents. But if this takes place alongside other warning signs, you’re most likely in hot water.

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women

Check the following destinations to meet Vietnamese women:


If you’re a night owl, check these best Vietnamese nightlife spots to meet gorgeous women:

  1. Playboy Establishment in Hanoi. Open hours – 19:00 – 2:00.
  2. Hero Club in Hanoi. Open hours – 20:00 – 4:00.
  3. Sky36 Club in Da Nang. Open hours – 18:00 – 2:00.
  4. New Phuong Dong Nightclub in Da Nang. Open hours – 19:00 -3:00.
  5. Sailing Club in Nha Trang. Open hours – 7:00 – 2:30.
  6. Skylight Nha Trang in Nha Trang. Open hours – round the clock.

Daily Spots

Check some of the best cities to visit in Vietnam:

  1. Hanoi. It’s Vietnam’s capital and a cultural center with plenty of museums, theatres, temples, and other captivating destinations to visit. Check the Imperial Citadel of Thăng Long, the Old Quarter, The One Pillar Pagoda, and other spots. Most importantly, Hanoi is a home for over 8 million people – endless dating opportunities are waiting for you!
  2. Da Nang. This beach city is a perfect spot for chilling at the beach and beholding hot girls passing by. Alternatively, you can ask your girlfriend to visit some UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the majestic imperial citadel or My Son, an ancient Hindu temple.
  3. Nha Trang. It’s another resort city with sunny beaches and skyscrapers melting in the hot air. Offering over 20 tourist attractions, including beautiful temples, this city will become the third best dating arena in Vietnam.



Dating Vietnamese Women Online

Traveling to Vietnam today might be a risky idea. The pandemic is still wreaking havoc across the world, and this country is no exception. Thousands of people catch COVID-19 every day.

Due to this, you may want to test the waters of Vietnamese online dating. The local and international dating sites will suit your needs perfectly.

You can select from hundreds if not thousands of beautiful girls from Vietnam online. All you need to do is register an account and chat with some hot girls. Choose the one you like the most and start dating.

The Final Thoughts on Dating Vietnamese Women

Vietnam is a country with a magnificent culture and breathtaking nature. But Vietnamese women are the real treasure of this land. If you seek a lovely, loyal, well-manned, and traditional woman who will do her best in family life, it’s high time to start dating Vietnamese girls. Melting a Vietnamese woman’s heart is easy – all you need to do is be a gentleman and love her sincerely.

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