Vietnamese Girls

Secret Tips for Dating Vietnamese Women in 2021

Many Vietnamese women also have small and petite frames; although this doesn't detract from their beauty, it only enhances it, especially for men seeking their love.

Vietnam is a delight for people who love experiencing unique cultures and traditions. Home to scenic lakes and lovely pagodas, Vietnam is an exotic country for any tourist. However, Vietnam has had its fair share of tragic history. The civil war between Northern and Southern Vietnam on communist policies devastated the country years ago. Thanks to the decisive and proactive nature of the leaders who took the reins of power after the war, Vietnam is well on its way to becoming an amazing country economic wise. This isn’t the only good thing about Vietnam, though. 

Vietnam, like its neighboring countries such as China, Thailand, and the Philippines, is culturally diverse. Hence, it will be easy for tourists to have a satisfying experience in the country. Anyone looking to have a great time can stay on Than Chau Island or can go sightseeing at the Chu Chi Tunnel where the lingering effects of the Vietnam War can be found. For those who want to relax in a calm and idyllic location, the Ba Be Lake is one fantastic place to have a picnic. The country is full of fascinating places that will leave the thrill-seeker in awe.

What is more fascinating about the country is the ambiance of its citizens, especially Vietnamese women who are known for their sublime and cool beauty. Known for their porcelain-like skin and delicate features, Vietnamese girls are some of the most sought-after ladies in Asia.


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What are Vietnamese Women Like?


Unlike the darker-toned girls in the countries surrounding Vietnam, local women have fair skin and delicate features. Their beauty, depending on the woman and how much effort is put into appearance, ranges from extremely stunning to drop-dead gorgeous. Many Vietnamese women also have small and petite frames; although this doesn’t detract from their beauty, it only enhances it, especially for men seeking their love.

Characteristics and Personality

Vietnamese girls are quite wonderful to be around. The majority of these ladies have outgoing and lovely personalities. There is never any dull moment around them. Despite this bubbly nature, the girls are all mushy and soft on the inside. Whenever they are with someone special, special attention, care, and tender loving are showered on that special someone. It’s a huge deal for the women to take care of people they care about, especially the men in their lives. That being said, some of their characteristics are:

1. Vietnamese girls are very conservative: As lively as they are, some lines won’t be crossed. PDA is definitely off the table as it is not in their culture to show too much display of affection. Moreover, this mindset extends to the dressing of the girls. So, don’t expect girls walking down the streets of Saigon in shorts or miniskirts. When dating these women, don’t also attempt to get physical during the first few dates. This is a huge turn off as they are known for their honor and pride. The girls also feel that having sex on the first date means that they are cheap. So, this is not an option at all.

2. Vietnamese women are family-oriented: Like many other ladies from various cultures, Vietnamese ones are very family-oriented. In fact, once a man is dating them, he is already part of the family. Family is a huge part of their culture. Therefore, one must be prepared to meet with the family when dating their girls.

3. Vietnamese women follow the traditional gender roles: One of the most important local traits, this one is linked with the conservative nature of the girls. The girls expect men to take charge of the relationship. The females love playing the traditional role of caregiver and submissive partner. Generally, girls in Vietnam believe that as long as the man is taking care of the living expenses, then the role of cooking and taking care of the man and home is a woman’s responsibility. Be careful, though. If your Vietnamese girlfriend senses that you are taking advantage of this attribute, the relationship could go awry.

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They also expect all the workings of chivalry. Opening the door, buying flowers, and going on dates at nice restaurants is a surefire way to win them.

Vietnamese Women

Vietnamese women vs. other Women

Vietnamese women vs. Chinese Women

In terms of looks, the only difference between Vietnamese women and Chinese Women is in the skin tone. The latter is usually darker in complexion than the former. Chinese girls actually search for serious relationships with guys that are ready to build families as the Chinese society doesn’t take kindly to women who aren’t married by their late 20s. These single women are literally called leftovers. Therefore, a Chinese woman is always ready to commit as soon as possible, compared to a single woman from Vietnam who would want to assess the character of the man before rushing into commitment.

The difference lies in the approach to looks. To a Chinese woman, appearance is everything and this is also reinforced by the culture. So, a Chinese woman would spend a fortune trying to get the perfect face or body. Whereas the girls from Vietnam are not as obsessed with the perfect appearance.

Besides, Chinese women want their men to get expensive gifts for them and spoil them silly. This is an indicator of the financial status of the man. It is also the deciding factor in any relationship one has with a Chinese woman.

In other areas such as conservative nature, the preference for Western men, and the traditional mindset, they are pretty much the same.

Vietnamese women vs. Thai women

Thai women are very attractive and great to spend time with. What’s more, the education rate in the country is high so the chances of meeting a well-educated lady are very high. And they love to cook and like having families of their own. Much like the Vietnamese women, Thai women like taking care of their partners. This doesn’t mean that the average Thai woman is submissive like her counterparts in Vietnam. Thai girls are very humble and respectful; most times, this can be misunderstood and seen as submissive. However, if Thai women are disrespected, the relationship is doomed. This might be one of the reasons why the divorce rate in the country is very high, at an estimated rate of 37 percent, based on the experts’ survey. So, anyone looking for a loyal woman to be their ride or die should definitely pick a woman from Vietnam over a Thai woman.

Vietnamese Women vs. Filipina Women

Filipina women couldn’t be more different from Vietnamese women. The looks and characteristics are completely different.

Filipina women have a darker skin tone, compared to Vietnamese women. Aside from that, Filipina girls are known for having voluptuous bodies and chiseled jaws as opposed to the delicate beauty of the Vietnamese ladies.

The main difference lies in the personalities of both types of women. Filipina girls are also loyal partners when it comes to having a serious relationship. Nonetheless, Filipina women are much more adventurous and liberal than Vietnamese ones. Although Filipina girls love the chase, it is easy for things to escalate right from the first date. Once a Filipina woman likes a guy, nothing is stopping that adventurous trait from manifesting in their behavior.

Filipina women are also family-oriented and are also searching for serious relationships but if you want to have a quiet and reserved girl in your life, girls from Vietnam are highly recommended.

Tips for Dating a Vietnamese Woman

Treat her well…but beware of gold diggers

One proven tip that will help any expat conquer the heart of these girls is to treat them nicely. This will warm their heart towards you. However, you need to be wary of gold diggers. When Vietnamese girls start complaining of financial hardship on the first date, then you should run. Don’t fall for that poor family or sick family member narrative coming from the woman, especially if you have just met them. If you are wondering how to tell if a Vietnamese woman likes you, observe her actions when she is with you. Observe her body language. If she smiles and laughs a lot at your jokes or asks interesting questions about you and is always excited to tell you about herself, chances are that she is really into you. If the girl that you like is a genuine one, then going on dates at nice restaurants or any place you like isn’t a big deal.

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Retain your identity as an expat

To women in other cultures, integrating oneself into the local culture and tradition will warm their hearts. However, this is a huge turn-off to typical women from Vietnam. Dating a foreigner is a big deal and watching the expat engage in Western practices is a source of pride to such a woman. So, the moment an expat attempts to imbibe the culture and tradition of the Vietnamese, the girl will be extremely disappointed. This in itself, is a huge blow to any relationship you might have with your lover.

Chivalry is still a big deal

If one is looking for independent women that thrive on equality, Vietnam is the wrong place to be. Perhaps, American women will fit the bill but Vietnamese girls want and demand chivalry from the men they are with. Little acts such as helping them out of the car, opening doors, buying nice gifts are still very much appreciated. This is mainly because Vietnamese women expect men to play their part as tradition dictates. This role includes protection, provision, and leadership. Nonetheless, don’t become a doormat. Vietnamese women would not respect a man who is a doormat and doesn’t know how to take a stand. At the end of it all, any expat who is interested in these girls must know how to handle the relationship wisely.

Get to know the family

To the people in Vietnam, the family has a colossal significance. The women place their families as a top priority. If you are serious about having one as a girlfriend, be ready to spend a lot of time with the girl’s family. It is also helpful to bring little but thoughtful gifts when going to meet the family. If the family does not approve of a man, it will be difficult for any relationship to occur with their girls. Besides, respect is vital when dealing with their family. Regardless of your expat status, respect must be shown to the woman’s family, despite their social or economic status. If she understands that you can bond with the family and that the family likes you, a serious relationship is already a done deal.

Take Charge

From all that has been said, this should already be obvious by now. Because of the upbringing and culture in Vietnam, the women believe that men must take charge of the relationship. Any man who always does what the girls want and tries to do things equally will be scorned. Vietnamese women and feminism are two Stark opposites so any expat trying to date them with a Western approach will most likely fail to win her hand. Excessive manliness is not a bad thing in Vietnam. In fact, girls love men who exude manliness in every situation. Thus, this is the most important factor when dealing with them. Always take charge.

Saigon to meet vietnamese women

Where to Meet Vietnamese Women

Daily Spots

For men that like spending a lot of time outdoors, one of the best places to meet the girls is at the beach. As an expat, you get a tan and a chance to check out the beautiful girls who stay there. Vietnam is usually hot all year round, so there’s never any time you go to the beach and lovely girls won’t be available.


As in many other countries, clubs and bars remain the best places to meet Vietnamese women in the country. In Vietnam, Saigon especially, it is very easy to find girls just hanging out or partying at night. However, you need to be careful of the kind of club or bar you go into, to avoid mugging or theft.


Introverts who would like to meet Vietnamese women can check out dating sites and connect with girls that have the profile that you like. Who knows, maybe your love is waiting for you there?

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The final thoughts on dating Vietnamese women

Things are different when you meet Vietnamese women. Winning their heart takes time, persistence, and generosity. Nonetheless, all the effort is worth it because they are adept at loving and taking care of the men in their lives. Hopefully, this guide has shown you the way to win the hearts of Vietnamese girls.

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