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Follow These Tips To Get The Best Out Of Dating Indonesian Women

Indonesia is a famous Southeast Asian country situated along the coastline. This archipelago consists of famous islands like the Bali island. The scenery of the beautiful islands continues to lure tourists to the country. Visitors are also fascinated by another beautiful sight in Indonesia - its beautiful women.

Indonesian women have an amazing tan to their skin, making them less in need of makeup. All other features are highlighted naturally.

Many men are drawn to exotic and exquisite Indonesian women like bees are to pollen; eligible bachelors from different parts of the world flock to Indonesia for an experience with Indonesian chicks. If you're one of such men, chances are you'll need help to find yourself the perfect Indonesian girlfriend.


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What are Indonesian women like?

Before making up your mind to settle for a pretty Indonesian as a life partner, you should have an idea about their way of life.


Indonesian girls are famous for their attractiveness. There is so much jealousy amongst foreigners over other men who can win the hearts of these beauties. What man wouldn’t want to have a naturally beautiful wife? Indonesian women have an amazing tan to their skin, making them less in need of makeup. All other features are highlighted naturally. The first thing one will notice about these women is their gorgeous silky black hair that often drops down to their waist.



Many men often lose themselves in the warm, dark eyes of Indonesian women. Typical of all hot Asian women, Indonesian females are petite, thin, and have an average height of about 5.2 feet (1.58m) like Thai girls. Although the vast majority are Muslim, Indonesian ladies are not under obligation to wear a hijab. Religious freedom allows them to show off their cute bodies as they please.


Indonesian women are endowed with natural beauty. There is hardly one you’ll find who fails to enchant you with her graceful and soft skin. Even when you meet a woman wearing a hijab, there won’t be any covering on her face permitting you to see how lovely her face is. Aside from their facial features, beautiful Indonesian women have great body features that make men long for them. When they smile, they radiate hope and happiness.

Aside from their facial features, beautiful Indonesian women have great body features that make men long for them. When they smile, they radiate hope and happiness.

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Indonesian women are raised to have good character. These are some characteristics they possess:

Docile and accommodating

Women from Indonesia maintain good conduct and dignity at all times. When in unfamiliar settings, they keep a formal approach. It is rare to find them nagging as they remain polite to their husbands. Also, they maintain a connection with family. Making new friends is so easy.

Lovers of Family

Indonesian women dream of being mothers and wives and building their homes. And they love to maintain strong relationships with family and friends, as Indonesians consider family to be the backbone of society.

Attention Loving

Before dating an Indonesian girl, keep in mind that they thrive on lots of attention from their mate. Get prepared to shower her with much love and affection. Compliments and flattery are essential to winning them over.


Religion is an essential fiber in the life of every Indonesian. Spiritual growth is vital to them. If you intend to marry one of them, there must be a religious wedding ceremony.


When dating Indonesian women, ensure you are prepared to understand their fragile nature. The women are gentle, friendly, and hospitable. Having conversations with her will bring you comfort, Making you feel as though you have been acquainted before. Dirty jokes or swearing is not part of their habit due to their politeness.

When dating Indonesian women, ensure you are prepared to understand their fragile nature. The women are gentle, friendly, and hospitable.

The average Indonesian girl is conservative and desires marriage and children even while being modern. Traveling is something they love to do. There will hardly be any moments of boredom or loneliness in the relationship. Men who need a friend and a wife in one do not hesitate to marry Indonesian women.

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Do Indonesian Women like Foreign Men?

Of course, Indonesian women love foreign men. To them, a western man is preferred. In terms of finances, they choose to love men that can meet their financial needs. Considering that Western men are comparatively wealthier than native Indonesian men, their attraction is profound. From their standpoint, it is not gold-digging because their culture entrusts financial responsibilities to the men. For Indonesian families, daughters who get married to foreigners have succeeded in helping them climb up a social status. Families would instead approve of marriage to a foreigner than a fellow Indonesian. Still, this is not the case for all women. The bottom line is that Indonesian women are comfortable with the idea of being with foreign men.

How to Date Indonesian Women: Tips

Although Indonesian ladies are friendly and courteous, you don’t want to make the wrong move when dating Indonesian women. Hence, these tips will help you have a smooth-sailing relationship with them:

1. Family approval Is crucial

As mentioned earlier, the family is of utmost importance to Indonesian chicks. The lady you desire may not reciprocate the feelings if you’re unable to win her family over too.

2. Be supportive

Native Indonesian women love it when their men support the ideas they have. When this support comes from a foreigner, they shower him with love because, at times, their men often neglect that. Show genuine interest and support for a lady’s work projects or business, and watch her fall for you. The best part about this is that they often reciprocate whatever help they get.

Native Indonesian women love it when their men support the ideas they have. When this support comes from a foreigner, they shower him with love because, at times, their men often neglect that.

3. Respect her privacy

The sexiest trait an Indonesian woman cherishes in a man is his ability to respect boundaries and keep his hands to himself. Don’t attempt to hold females on their waist until they are comfortable with the idea. Avoid prying into her personal life issues unless she wishes to talk about them.

4. Understand the culture

Family is not the only thing Indonesians cherish. Being interested in their women means having a willingness to learn their culture. The most important for a newcomer is to know major holidays or traditions like Waisak or Lailat al Miraj.

5. Be Reliable

Indonesian women love to marry a strong man who they can depend on. For them, it is the man who bears most of the responsibility, and if you intend to marry them, you should be up to the task. In return, they offer care and loyalty. If you want an Indonesian bride, she has to see you as reliable.

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Where to meet Indonesian girls

After showing interest in Indonesian girls, the next step is to meet them. Here’s how to go about it:


Bali has become a choice destination for most men and women as it has many fascinating spots like fine beaches, yoga studios, and exciting nightlife to meet Indonesian women. The men captivated by the idea of dating pure, natural beauties do not hesitate to visit. The climate makes their stay comfortable and enjoyable. The only downside to settling for Bali women is that their beauty is not as enchanting as their Jakarta counterparts. However, because the environment is highly sought after by most international tourists, most men choose to stay on. However, the men still find themselves surrounded by beautiful young women. Tourists in Bali have a lot of fun both in the day and at night. Some of the venues that people flock to include:

  • La Favela
  • Mirror
  • Sky Garden




Jakarta is not a favorite tourist destination owing to the weather condition and the less inviting environment. Tourists are discouraged by the terrible traffic jams and low quality of amenities. The city still does attract rich and wealthy men due to the abundance of pretty young women. Foreigners are always seeking the company of Indonesian women. If you choose to visit Jakarta, ensure to dress smartly, look fit, and exude style as it will give you an advantage over others.


When in Jakarta, there are rules which will put you on your A-game as you explore the nightlife. Here are some of them: Make a statement by dressing impressively. Nightlife in Jakarta is more exotic than the casual experience in Bali. Many posh nightclubs provide your money’s worth of entertainment. To be at these clubs, you need to dress in a nice suit and shoes. Don’t forget the bottle service. The cost of buying a bottle is not so high but try not to play cheap. In Jakarta, paying for bottle service proves that you’re high class. Ensure you have everything planned out properly Having issues after meeting a woman at the club can be frustrating. Before leaving for the club, make plans not to get stuck in traffic. Also, fix up your lodging close to Grand Indonesia.

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These are some of the venues that will guarantee you a fantastic night outing:

  • Dragonfly

Dragonfly is the first port of call for nightlife hangouts. Here you’ll find many cute Indonesian girls you can start a conversation with. The competition in this club is high amongst western men. But the experience is entirely worth it when you realize how easy it is to meet hot women.

  • Blowfish

The competition in this club will be relatively minimal for you because young people and the Chinese often populate it.

  • X-2

If your interest lies in young girls in their twenties, then this club should be your aim.

  • Skybar

From this venue, you can see the beautiful scenery this country has to offer. That is a bonus to the bevy of beautiful ladies you’ll find.

  • Cloud

Cloud is a rooftop bar that provides almost the same satisfaction as Skybar.

Daily spots

Although some single men argue that nightlife is the best time for finding a woman, do not neglect the wonders of meeting Indonesian women during the day. If this interests you, the malls are your best bet. There is zero chance of finding women in the street because the heat and poor infrastructure make everyone uneasy. But the malls are well suited for you to approach women since the ladies hang out at the malls for their shopping and leisure. Visit these malls during your stay:

  • Central Park Mall
  • Grand Indonesia
  • Plaza Indonesia

Women in Indonesia love to be a little discreet during the day. It’s best to remember that and stick to indirect openers. Wooing Indonesian women may be an awkward experience if you are too flirty because of the women’s timid nature. Maintain a simple conversation with her, get her contact and ask to meet up with her again.

Online Dating Apps

If you cannot buy a plane ticket to Indonesia to find a woman you like, then your best chance of having an Indonesian lover is to register on a dating platform. Such online dating sites are full of Japanese, Vietnamese and Cambodian women. There are a lot of apps famous for helping singles leave a happy life with their partners. All you have to do is register on them and start your search of Indonesian women. However, be careful when choosing an online dating platform so you do not fall victim to scammers who pose as single women.

The Final Thoughts On Dating Indonesian Women

Every man’s dream is to marry a caring, nice woman who shows respect to her husband. You can fulfill this dream in Indonesia because their women are beautiful, loyal, and family-oriented. Being a handsome, generous foreigner increases your chance of having an Indonesian lover. The women love compliments and attention, and if you are excellent at providing those, it will double your chances. Also, show some respect for family and traditions, and you will find yourself in the arms of an Asian beauty willing to give her heart to you.

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