Danish Women

Danish Women: Top 7 Dating Tips

Many people are fascinated by the Scandinavian region, its culture, and natural beauty, but only a few decide to change their lives completely and move to this land of Northern lights, cold summers, and magnificent views. However, some men are brave enough to conquer the hearts of Danish women.

Denmark girls are some of the most popular among international men, and that’s why we created this overview to help you understand their characteristics, expectations, and create a dating strategy. 

Once a Danish woman understands that she likes a man, she can easily come up to him and start a small talk.


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Female Population2.9 mln
Popular CitiesCopenhagen, Aarhus, Odense
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women32

Determining Danish Women

First of all, Danish women are extremely attractive. Every girl you meet in this country looks like an angel: mild facial features, wide eyes, slightly wavy or straight hair, smooth skin… You cannot resist coming up to such a woman and inviting her on a date immediately. However, you cannot do that because of their second feature – they are feminists. 

Do not get us wrong, these women are not haters of men. Yet, Danish girls have been fighting for their independence for quite a long time, and that’s why they are represented in the local parliament by 40% now. Their striving for equality made them spiritually strong so much that they may seem somewhat arrogant and reserved to you. However, that is the wrong impression: Denmark girls just value their self-sufficiency a lot and demand respect for it. 

Third, Danish ladies are great to communicate with. These women are perfectly educated and open-minded, so talking with them is a true pleasure. They are tolerant of others and never say offensive or ambiguous things. 

Fourth, Danish women take men seriously. Everything you say will be taken into account when deciding whether you are the right man for your Danish bride. Consequently, mind your words: no objectification is allowed when you try to approach a local woman. Danish dating culture prescribes you to compliment women’s intelligence instead of their looks, so if you genuinely want to date a girl from Denmark, do not act like an average player. 

Danish Dating Culture

Danish dating culture is one of the most liberal ones, which is common among Scandinavian people. With gender roles and equality, much has changed in the culture of dating in Denmark. If you’re interested in dating women who’ll look like Nina Agdal, Rie Rasmussen, etc., you should know more about them.

Things to know before dating Danish women

Casual dating is in trend among Danish women who value freedom and independence. People in Denmark are among the least religious in Europe and even in the world. So, the dating culture of Denmark can be interesting and spicy to discover, and here are some interesting things to find out:

  • Ladies can make the first move. There are countries where you can’t even expect women to make the first move no matter how much they can like you. This is quite different when it comes to Danish women.
  • Casual sex is also common. Interestingly, sex can happen even faster than establishing a real relationship. It’s common for people in Denmark to discuss sex even on the first date. So, having sex is what you’ll get for sure.
  • Women in Denmark are quite direct. Reading between the lines isn’t the skill you need to have when dating Danish women. You won’t have to spend hours reading guides on how you can understand whether Danish women like you or not. Danish women are quite straightforward.

How to date Danish girls

Planning to date Danish ladies? Here are some great tips that will allow you to have the best of your dating experience:

  • Don’t impress her with your wealth. Simply put, you better not be too stingy or too generous. Neither way is good to impress your Danish girl. Your wealth won’t impress her.
  • Don’t try to have a fancy date. Great and fancy places might impress many women, but it’s not true for Danish women. Arranging a date at pubs or bars is more efficient for you.
  • Be honest and direct. Always make it clear about your expectations and feelings. Danish women are more practical when it comes to dating. They don’t like playing games or guessing someone’s feelings. So, you better be honest with your girlfriend.
  • Spend time online and offline. Danes might not feel great if they don’t know somebody well. So, you better know each other if you want to succeed in creating a long-lasting relationship.
Danish Women

Top 7 Dating Tips for Danish Women 

Below, you can see a few effective Danish women dating tips. Don’t forget to review them once you come to Denmark to find a girlfriend.


Meet Danish Women At A Bar

Once you step over the Danish land, you will notice that it’s not easy to start an acquaintance with a local woman. This is due to the Danish dating culture peculiarities: local people do not meet strangers in a daytime. Instead, they prefer going to bars after work, have a cocktail or two, and meet somebody there. As you might have guessed, one-night stands and quick hookups are pretty regular in this country due to bar acquaintances. 

Danish girl

Don’t Talk About How Much Money You Make

Danish girls are independent and self-supporting as we noted before. That is the main reason why you should not discuss this and other sensitive issues on dates with women. Bragging will not work like it would with Western or Slavic ladies. Thus, if you do not want to be dismissed immediately, refrain from talking about your income and property with a Danish girl. 

Be Aware Of Danish Girls Making The First Move

The Danish emancipation also impacted the way people introduce themselves to each other.

After they find a common language, they decide on the place where they will hook up, take a taxi, and go there. Simple as that.

Get Ready To Compete With Danish Men 

The bad news is that men in Denmark are classy, handsome, and smart. Competing with them is not easy; however, you have a chance to leave them behind. Local men are usually passive when it comes to meeting women, so you have to be alert when you see Danish women you like. Do not hesitate to approach them and grab their attention so that they could not have a chance to even glimpse at other men. 

dating a danish woman

Dress Better

In Dansih society, people are very elegant and tidy when it comes to outfits and style. Both men and women here pay close attention to their clothes, accessories, and shoes. Do you prefer wearing T-shirts and bermudas all the time? When in Rome, do as the Romans do if you want local women to notice you. 

Show Off Your Strong Sides

When dating Danish girl, remember to emphasize the benefit you bring to the community you work in. Do not try to hide your accomplishments from women or say that you work at a boring office job answering customers’ calls. Instead, say “I’m a customer care specialist and I’m helping people to understand our products better”. 

Choose A Proper Dating App

As people usually meet in nightclubs or bars, online dating is not very popular in Denmark. Still, you can meet Danish girls online, Peruvian women or Cuban girls if you do thorough research on platforms where Latvian or Danish brides register. One thing you can be sure about is that if a Danish woman is a dating website member, she is definitely looking for a man to date for a long time.

Nightlife in Denmark

Luckily, you can meet Danish ladies not only at the bars but also in nightclubs. Parties and concerts are some of the most popular activities among Danish youth, so meeting women there would not be hard. The only issue is that fewer people are allowed to enter nightclubs now due to the pandemic. We advise you to start attending parties at famous spots:

  • Culture Box
  • Vega
  • Rust

Dating Danish women during the day

Although meeting in a daytime is not popular in Denmark, you still may invite your girlfriend on a date in the afternoon after you’ve been together for some time. There are a lot of things to do:

  • Swimming at the Charlottenlund Strandpark and Amager Strandpark (yeah, both beaches are open)
  • Visiting Assistens Kirkegård cemetery
  • Riding a large bike for two.

These destinations and activities may not look obvious to you, but they will definitely get you out of your comfort zone for a while. 

travel to Denmark

Final Thoughts On Dating Danish Women

As you can see, the Denmark dating style does not look similar to American, Argentinian, or Slavic ones. It can be a great experience if you are ready to have fun with no strings attached or have enough courage to conquer that independent woman. Either way, the game is worth the candle. 

Jennifer Joy Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler is a professional Love & Empowerment Coach who works at Womenandtravel.net. She’s an owner of this platform at the same time. One of her purposes on this platform is to help people regain their motives to live on, be happy, and find their soulmates. She’s a professional coach who can motivate people to change their perspectives to become better people in the end.

  1. I used to date a Danish woman when I was 20. I was young and stupid enough to miss a chance to get married to that woman. Now, I’m 44 and can say that I’ve never met such kind and gentle ladies like her. Now, I’m determined to find a woman like her with your help.

  2. It was cool to know so much new about Denmark and its women. Do you have any extra guides on these women?

  3. I really admire these brave women from Denmark. I think men should love and be eager to be dating independent and liberal women like Danish ladies. Besides, I can say that they’re really hot women.

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