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Croatia Women: Things To Know Before Dating A Croatian Girl

Croatia is a European country that sits deep in the northwest region of the Balkan peninsula. Although it is not so big, there are lots of geographic wonders in this country.
The breathtaking architecture and wonderful scenery was likely a reason why it was a filming location for many of Game of Thrones scenes. The country is extremely sunny and is home to several world heritage sites.

When you arrive in Croatia, you will be greeted with a fascinating view, and their natural environment is not the only jaw-dropping sight there is in this beautiful country. Croatian women are even more beautiful than their homeland.

With their beautiful hair, eyes, and body, you are going to have a hard time processing all the beauty your eyes see. Known for being among the prettiest women in Europe, Croatian womenhave diverse and unique physical attributes as a result of their unique heritage.


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Defining Croatian Women

If you’re a foreigner looking to date Croatian women, you’ll find that apart from their beauty, some characteristics endear them to people. They are cordial and they welcome foreigners. 

The Appearance of Croatian Women

Famed for their beauty, you know what to expect in that regard. But let’s get into the details. Croatian women have the typical Balkan girl features. If you’re a fan of the Balkan looks, you’ll get it to your satisfaction from the beautiful Croatian women.

Croatian women have the average Mediterranean complexion, although they appear slightly darker. Their olive skin often has a natural tan. The women in Croatia do not have issues with body weight because of their good dietary habits. They’re mostly fit and beautiful. Their long, shapely legs carry their magnificently built bodies. You just have to love Croatian girls for their eye color, hair color, and skin tone. 

You can find any kind of woman you want especially as Croatian women seem like a hybrid of all Balkan features.

Croatian Girl



The Personality of Croatian Women

There are certain character traits that Croatian women possess. They’re often known for being:

  1. Strong-willed. Croatian girls love to own their thoughts, the things they do. They are not worried about people judging them for their views like Finnish.
  2. Transparent. Croatian girls are really honest and sincere. They do everything from their heart. Any feeling they express is genuine and plain.
  3. Cheerful. Spending time with a beautiful Croatian woman will make you happy and it’s not just because of her beauty. They are happy fellows and are known to light up wherever they go because of their cheerful aura. They hardly keep grudges.
  4. Optimistic. Croatian women will always hope for the best. When they’re faced with misfortune, they always believe that they’ll come out of it. 
  5. Lovers of entertainment. When you meet a Croatian girl, you will be quick to observe her love for parties. Croatian women love being social.

Stereotypes of Croatian women

Since you have made up your mind to be hitched to a Croatian woman, there are certain things they are known for. A Croatian woman fantasizes about building a happy family. Although the world has grown more modern, young Croatian girls still love the idea of domestic life. Many of them grow up observing their mothers and grandmas, and they love life.

They also have talents and can be seen wielding many arts and crafts. Many of them learn to make clothes and accessories for their home. They could even do some hard work around the home.

Croatian women know how to combine their jobs and careers with building their home front.

Why You Should Date a Croatian Woman

  1. A fulfilled sex life. When you marry a Croatian, sex will be the least of your worries. People in Croatia usually attest to having a good sex life especially as many are willing to participate in new acts. This means you’re going to partake in the rich and vibrant sex life that they offer.
  2. Excellent cooking. Croatian girls like to eat and prepare good meals. Croatians not only shower you with love, but they also make sure your belly is not empty. Their dishes are mainly traditional, and they have a lot of recipes. Won’t you want to be treated regularly to a sumptuous meal and some good wine to go with it?
  3. Punctuality. This is a feature that is not entirely peculiar to women but Croatians in general. They love keeping to time. They’re not going to keep you waiting if you have a date or another arrangement. The people believe in integrity and will always give you that positive character.
  4. Great soccer fans. While many men dread being distracted by their wives when they watch football, Croatia girls love the game. If you marry one, you’re going to enjoy having to watch the game with them. They also love to go to the stadium to cheer their national team.
  5. Fun-loving. Not many people are as humorous as Croatians. They love going out, having parties, and they do this unprovoked. They have fierce energy and always like to have fun wherever they go. Croatians help you ease whatever nervousness you have about dating because they understand that it is difficult. Your dates with them will not leave you so exhausted.

Dating Croatian Women

Top 5 Things To Know When Dating Croatian Women

1. Get knowledgeable about the Croatian culture and the Balkans

People in Croatia are keen on general knowledge. This is because they had to put up with learning many languages. If you’re going to enjoy your relationship with them, you’ll have to get some knowledge of the Croatian culture. Don’t just assume their history is like the average eastern European. Don’t be haughty when saying something you’re not so sure of as a Croatian girl will not hesitate to put you straight.

2. Try to learn the language

The Croatian language is difficult. This is evident from how hard it is for people to pronounce their names. But if you’re looking to woo a Croatian girl, you’ll impress her if you try to say something in her language. Also, if you are a man with an accent, many women will find you attractive in no time.

3. Be passionate

Croatian dating is reserved for the passionate. The average Croatian is passionate about their entire activities be it politics, music, or even their love life. They love passionately and if you are non-passionate, you will have a hard time getting along with them.

4. Show that you love the good life just as they do

For all a Croatian cares, life should be for enjoyment and fun. They love to drink, eat, and enjoy life. You don’t have to be stingy when you’re with Croatian women. There’s no room for splitting bills. It doesn’t matter who pays but, splitting of bills is often discouraged. So if you want to be with a Croatian woman, don’t bother asking for split bills. The moment they know you love treating them, you will get treated as well.

5. Be in charge

A Croatian girl is highly unlikely to make the first move even if she likes you. Although they’re open-minded, there are still certain things that they won’t do, and making the first move is one of them. This means you have to be intuitive to know when a girl likes you and go after her. If you wait for her to spill it herself, you’ll probably have to abort the mission of marrying a Croatian woman.

Where to meet Croatian girls?

You already know that Croatian women are amazing to be with. How then can you meet them? Of course, if it is convenient for you, you can make a trip to the country and tour the local places to find a Croatian girl to love.

If it is not feasible for you at the moment, there are lots of online dating platforms that help you meet Croatian girls faster. We already know that Croatia is a small country. When you first realize this, you will marvel at the possibility of finding women in this place. However, your best bet will be to go to the big cities. Women from the rural areas may see a foreigner through the lens of a gold digger and you don’t want that. You can try looking in some of the big cities like:

Walls of Dubrovnik


The capital city is highly important and well populated. Being a central tourist destination, judging from the number of people who love coming to see the cultural sites, you have a higher possibility of finding a nice Croatian girl to suit your taste. In this city, there are lots of bars and hangout spots where you can easily hook up with pretty Croatian women, both in the daytime and nighttime. Some places you’ll find them in this city include Diamond Palace Casio, Spunk, Swanky Monkey Garden.


Next to Zagreb in terms of population, this city is also a famous tourist destination. People frequent the city to attend many cultural and sports events. For this reason, there’s plenty of opportunities to meet with the girl of your dreams. Your chances are pretty much high both during the day and at night. In the daytime, you can meet young ladies at the Bacvice beach, Diocletian palace, or split waterfront. At night there are popular bars and hotspots like Carpe Diem, Benny’s bar, Hacienda nightclub, and Kiva bar. Besides Croatian girls, you will definitely find some Latin beauties: Peruvian or Colombian.


This part of Croatia has to be in your plans if you intend to find a Croatian girlfriend. The city is well recognized and also has many tourists. It is popular for being the capital of the seven kingdoms in Game of Thrones. The people hold an annual summer festival and this means your chances of finding a lover here is rocket high. 

During the day, people mostly hang out around the Grand Villa Argentina, Dubrovnik bar, or Soul Caffe.

You can go out at night to places like Culture club Revelin, Banje bar, or Sky bar. Read also our guide on how to meet Chilean women and Czech women.



Final Thoughts

Every man wants to have an intelligent, beautiful, and lovely wife. One who shares similar interests. This is why being with a Croatian woman is your best bet.

Many Western men love Croatian women for their astounding beauty, loving nature, loyalty, love for tradition, and the ability to keep their home. Although these women are not worn easily, you will find yourself lucky when you eventually marry one. If you don’t have the resources to show up in Croatia for a vacation that will help you meet them, you can take advantage of the many dating platforms available. In all, marrying a Croatian woman will make you fulfilled.

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