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Ukrainian Women Dating: The Pros and Cons of Choosing These Slavic Girls

Based in Eastern Europe and boasting of almost 30 years of its independence from the USSR regime, Ukraine still remains an impenetrable, however, extremely attractive mystery for the rest of the world. It has a full tourist pack any land would be more than happy to get. Splendid mountains, access to Black and Azov seas, and rich history that resulted in numerous sightseeing places and incredible architecture make this country genuinely gorgeous. Despite all its natural and cultural wealth, Ukraine is still going through rough times. Its economics is far from being stable due to the high level of corruption and inability of the government to resolve numerous core problems leading to poverty, unemployment, and social insecurity.

Even though Ukraine can hardly be named one of the most developed countries, its women are drop-dead beautiful. Ask any man who has been to Ukraine at least once what he liked about this country the most. He will mention local girls first. Some men cannot believe their eyes, as the striking beauty of Ukrainian brides amazes. You can meet Ukraine beauties everywhere: at the bus stops and supermarkets, at the checkouts, and even on the local markets buying groceries. Most of Ukrainian girls could have become supermodels if they had been born in the USA, France, or Germany, for instance. 

Ukraine beauties everywhere: at the bus stops and supermarkets, at the checkouts, and even on the local markets buying groceries. Most of Ukrainian girls could have become supermodels if they had been born in the USA, France, or Germany, for instance.

In addition to their magnificent appearance, Ukraine women for marriage still follow the traditional family values and are not so emancipated as the majority of American and European girls. No wonder plenty of foreign men are dreaming about dating Ukrainian women, as honestly believe these ladies are perfect to create a family and have kids with. 


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Beautiful Ukrainian Women: How Do They Look Like


Ukrainian women are very diverse. Their appearance cannot be generalized with just one type. You can meet both dark-haired and blonde girls, with light or dark eyes, who will be slim and tall, or on the contrary, have curvy figures and an average height. Such diversity is their trump card, as you can’t help but enjoy new shapes and types of beauty every single minute when strolling around Ukrainian cities. 

Ukraine beauties care much about how they look. Natural makeup, casual but tastefully combined outfit, well-groomed hair, and a sense of proportion in accessories make these ladies look expensive and stylish. Not all local girls can afford to wear world-recognized brands, but their natural sense of taste helps them stay gorgeous in any clothes. 

The injection cosmetology has deeply rooted in the routine of the beautiful Ukrainian women. But the local ladies take advantage of its privileges quite wisely and cannot be blamed for the over-improvement of themselves. 


Although the Ukrainian language is the only official language in Ukraine, the vast majority of the local population prefers Russian for everyday use. If still on the fence about what language to use to break the ice with a single Ukrainian lady, focus on the region of the country you are going to visit. In case your destination points are Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv, or Dnipro, it would be better to learn several basic phrases in Russian. In case you are packing your bags for Western Ukraine to see Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, or Ternopil, focus on Ukrainian. 

Although the Ukrainian language is the only official language in Ukraine, the vast majority of the local population prefers Russian for everyday use.

Whatever language you choose, Ukrainian or Russian, you won’t face any difficulties in being understood by Ukrainian people in any part of the country. But mind that girls in Eastern Ukraine may speak very bad Ukrainian and vice versa: ladies from Lviv or Lutsk may know only some Russian words. 

Language is quite a thorny issue in Ukraine. To be on the safe side, use English instead. Ukrainian women are very well educated and usually know several foreign languages. English is studied in the majority of Ukrainian schools, colleges, and universities, so there will be no problem to start a conversation with a local girl or ask her for a cup of coffee. 

Ukrainian girls




Ukrainian females are beautiful inside and out, as they have managed to successfully combine attractive appearance with kindness, patience, and generosity. What other traits make single Ukrainian women so popular? Keep reading to find out! 

Ukrainian women are hardworking

The families where women work more than men are quite typical for Ukraine. In addition to the everyday job, the Ukrainian girl is in charge of almost all chores while her husband is watching TV or going out with his friends. Ukrainian brides have never got anything on a silver platter, so they get used to counting only on themselves, not expecting anything from anybody. Such a course of events and a very gross kind of local males’ behavior push Ukraine beauties on seeking foreign husbands, as these girls crave attention, adoration, and compliments.

Ukrainian women are smart

Despite the economic crisis Ukraine is currently experiencing, it boasts of a decent level of education. 6 Ukrainian universities have been included in the list of the best in the world, so there is much to be proud of. Ukrainian ladies strive for knowledge and frequently become leaders in their professional field. They build mind-blowing careers, rule the companies, and get into their own business. Sometimes Ukrainian lady resembles a real Superwoman who can conquer the world with one hand while making money, raising kids, and cooking dinner with the other.

Ukrainian girls are passionate

Fatal temptress in disguise – this could be the second name of the majority of Ukrainian women. They look so demure, but you just need to see the way they can express their love and passion! These hot ladies know how to look seductive, talk in code, and make any man go crazy. Ukrainian wife in her bedroom and in public seems like two completely different, however splendid girls.

Fatal temptress in disguise – this could be the second name of the majority of Ukrainian women. They look so demure, but you just need to see the way they can express their love and passion!

Difference between Ukrainian and Russian women

Many people do not see any difference between these ethnicities as both of them have Slavic roots: Estonian, Slovakian and Bulgarian . However, the difference does exist, and it is huge.

  • Ukrainian girls are prettier than Russian. Their face traits are more symmetrical and, therefore, pleasant for the eyes. Besides, Ukrainian women dedicate more time to look younger but natural, while Russian brides prefer fake beauty with false eyelashes and inflated lips;
  • Independence is in the veins of Ukrainian girls. She will never be financially dependent on any man, while Russian ladies often seek a sugar daddy who will throw allowances on them. Of course, sometimes there are exceptions, but they rather prove the rule;
  • Ukrainian ladies are more empathic than Russian girls. If you choose to marry a woman from Ukraine, she will become your most devoted support in all the life storms. Your home will resemble a serene harbor where you can relax and forget all your troubles. When it comes to Russian women, they are more likely to dump you at the slightest problem. 

Ukrainian women dating

Top 5 reasons to dating and marrying a Ukrainian woman

There are plenty of reasons why the guys from overseas would want to date and marry Ukrainian women. Let’s consider the top-5 of the most obvious ones.

Ukrainian girls are faithful

Marriage is essential for any Ukrainian woman. They treat the familial bonds very seriously and will never give you a reason to doubt their loyalty. Ukrainian brides believe in eternal love and consider it a lifetime goal everybody should crave to reach. Despite the rudeness and cruelty of today’s world, these ladies have managed to preserve a pure and romantic mindset. 

Ukrainian wives are loving mothers

Hardly any Ukrainian wife could imagine her life without kids. Ukrainian women are very sensitive about motherhood and dream of giving birth to a couple of children right after realizing their social roles. A mind-blowing career or a 9:5 job have never been an obstacle for Ukrainian women on their way to a big strong family. 

Any Ukrainian woman knows how to represent herself properly

Being smart and friendly helps Ukrainian ladies easily win other people’s trust and attention. The girls from Ukraine can masterfully support any conversation and crack a joke when it is appropriate. No matter who you are with, your colleagues, friends, or parents, you will be extremely proud to have such a smart and sophisticated wife. 

Women from Ukraine are adventurous

Forget about the weekends with the bottle of beer in front of the TV. Ukrainian girls can spice up your boring routine and drag you into exciting adventures you will never forget. These ladies are curious about life and would want to share this excitement with you. 

Ukrainian ladies are good listeners

Nobody would listen to you as attentively as your Ukrainian wife. She will ask you about your day at work, your plans, and all that is on your mind. It would be hard to find a better advisor than a Ukrainian lady. Despite this natural ability, she would never cross your personal borders and will completely respect your privacy.

Dating Tips for Ukrainian women 

Now, when you know everything and even more about Ukrainian women, it’s time to learn how to conquer their hearts easily. Check these six dating tips below to plan your strategy and succeed.

  1. Be polite. Rude and selfish men are a real nightmare for any Ukrainian woman. These girls are very sensitive and won’t stand any kind of disrespect from your side.
  2. Be patient. Unlike Russian women, ladies from Ukraine rarely agree to a one-night stand. They prefer long-lasting relationships that have all chances to grow into a family. So, if you are seeking someone just to have fun, Ukrainian women are not for you.
  3. Be persistent. Ask any guy who had invited a Ukrainian girl out how many tries he made before she agreed? The average number will be three or even more. Ukrainian women are a hard nut to crack when it comes to a romantic relationship. They want to be 100% sure about their man, so they take their time to know you better and check whether you are worth their trust. Ukrainian brides
  4. Make her family like you. Ukrainian girls are very attached to their parents and even extended family. When starting to date one of the Ukrainian brides, you should try to charm all her relatives. The opinion of the closest people plays a crucial role for Ukrainian women, so make sure you know a few tricks on making her parents like you once and for good.
  5. Respect her. You should never tell your Ukrainian girlfriend what to do – this is one of the most important rules if you want to build strong, happy relationships with her. As has already been mentioned, these hotties are very independent and always make decisions by themselves. All you can do is support her and be there for her no matter what.
  6. Pamper her. Who doesn’t like presents? Ukrainian women aren’t an exception. Send her a splendid bunch of flowers with the courier or buy her that cute earring she saw yesterday in the vintage jewelry storefront. Take her to a short trip to France or arrange a romantic dinner on the roof with candles and violin silently playing Frank Sinatra’s songs. Surprise her, and you will get a chance to become the happiest man in the world.

How to Meet Ukrainian girls 

Ukrainian women like traveling, so you do have a chance to meet one in your country. However, this chance is minimal. If you are firm in your intentions to meet Ukrainian women, act decisively. It’s high time to visit Ukraine! But before you would pack your bags and book flight tickets, read our guide to the best Ukrainian cities for dating.


This is the capital of Ukraine and its biggest city with almost 3 million residents. Being one of the most popular destination spots in Eastern Europe, Kyiv amazes with its architecture, cultural life, and entertainment points. Besides, it is stuffed with all types of cafes, coffee houses, bars, and restaurants. Local girls are not only hot and sexy but extremely friendly and speak fluent English. Try to talk to one when buying coffee-to-go or having lunch in one of the cute local places. Ask her to show you around. Your initiative and persistence won’t go unnoticed.


Washed by the Black Sea waves, this city never sleeps and is famous for its gorgeously beautiful ladies. The girls from Odesa are just drop-dead gorgeous, and you can check it by just taking a short walk along Derybasivska Street. It would somewhat resemble Victoria’s Secret catwalk with the supermodels three times more beautiful than real Angels. 


The “soul” of Ukraine is situated in its Western part and is often called the cultural capital of the country. It hosts thousands of tourists all year round and has just the unbelievable atmosphere of the medieval city spiced up with coffee, chocolate, and summer rains. The local girls are real ladies, well-mannered and sophisticated. They are not as easy-going and frivolous as women from Kyiv or Odesa. However, Lviv brides have very high moral values and always put family first.

ukraine women


Kyiv, Lviv, and Odesa have extremely active nightlife and can offer hundreds of decent places where you can relax, have a drink, dance, and meet many Ukraine beauties. Odesa, for example, boasts of its famous Ibiza club that usually hosts famous showbiz stars from all over the world. The most beautiful girls come there to have fun and spend time with the guys while enjoying a magnificent sea view.

Online dating

In the XXIst century, this method of meeting Ukrainian women seems the most reasonable. Ukrainian brides just love chatting with foreign guys online. All you need to do is find a reliable qualitative dating platform with many Ukrainian mail order brides. You can choose global sites like Tinder or Badoo or try your luck on the less popular websites for Ukrainian women dating. Take a risk, as you never know where your soulmate can wait for you.



The final thoughts on dating Ukrainian women

Ukrainian women prove that the perfect ladies do exist. These girls are beautiful, intelligent, and kind. They are great wives and caring mothers who always put the needs of their family first. To check all these statements, you need to meet a couple of these ladies by yourself. You may start with the online platforms or immediately head for Ukraine: with our guide, dating Ukrainian beauties would be easy and effective.

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