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Swiss Women: A Complete Dating Roadmap

Switzerland is a beautiful landlocked European country surrounded by Italy, Germany, France, Austria, and Lichtenstein. What do you know about Switzerland? It never engaged in world wars, has one of the lowest crime rates, and features beautiful Alp ski resorts and thousands of lakes. It’s one of the most developed European nations in all senses, including education, human rights, emancipation, and living standards. Switzerland was ranked the world’s 6th happiest nation in 2019.

So if you want to date a stunning Swiss girl, check our detailed guide into the Swiss dating scene and local women’s characteristics.

Swiss people love traveling and speak four national languages, with English being the most widespread second language across the nation. Over 60% of Swiss people learn it. From a traveler’s perspective, Switzerland makes up a great choice. But only for traveling? It’s an excellent dating arena, too.

Many guys arrive in this country to date gorgeous Swiss women. Indeed, Swiss girls are beautiful, educated, independent, and super-loyal. As a cherry on top, men preserve their leading roles in Switzerland families. So if you want to date a stunning Swiss girl, check our detailed guide into the Swiss dating scene and local women’s characteristics.


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Female Population4.3 mln
Popular CitiesBern, Geneva, Basel
Most Popular Dating AppBumble
Average Age of Marriage for Women30.1

Swiss Women Overview

Ready to learn all about Swiss girls, the local dating scene, and the best places to meet these beauties? If yes, then let’s start with defining Swiss girls’ appearance, character traits, and popular stereotypes.

What Do Swiss Women Look Like?

In many men’s eyes, Swiss girls appear as all quite tall women with grey or blue eyes and luxurious blonde hair. It’s true: Swiss women have typical Caucasian facial features with fair hair, delicate lips, straight noses, and almond or oval-shaped faces. As for figures, most Switzerland women have fit curves with moderate body fat levels. Many girls have hour-glass lines, with prominent shoulders, hips, and narrow waists.

Like most European ladies of today, Swiss girls usually follow natural beauty trends. A woman might use minimum makeup or allow herself to walk along the street without makeup at all. A bad thing, might you think? It’s a good thing since you can choose between the truly beautiful women without tricking yourself with glossy makeup faces.

switzerland women


Swiss women have typical Caucasian facial features with fair hair, delicate lips, straight noses, and almond or oval-shaped faces. As for figures, most Switzerland women have fit curves with moderate body fat levels.

You will hardly find eccentric women with scarlet lips and eyelids painted in blue. As a result, natural beauty trends play in favor of both men and women. As for outfits, Swiss girls wear typical mass-market outfits (Zara, H&M, ASOS, and other brands), which is excellent, too. Most women of Switzerland choose a combination of elegance and practicality in their daily wardrobes. You may meet many typical businesswomen wearing classic female jackets, skirts, trousers, etc.

Most Distinctive Swiss Women’s Characteristics

First and foremost, Switzerland is an emancipated state, one of the core countries with the highest human freedom index. Hence both men and women earn equally excellent money there. So, the average Swiss GDP per capita is almost $82,000, which is higher than it is in the United States. So by no means will you attract a Swiss lady with your purse. However, personal qualities are a whole different story. Your love, support, and respect will be valued way more than your income. Most importantly, Swiss women focus their efforts on financial prosperity rather than marriage and babysitting. So unlike girls from Ukraine, Laos, or Brazil, a woman in Switzerland will prioritize a career over domestic chores. In Switzerland, many women strike for feminism. Do they all hate men, then? In practice, most Swiss women struggle for equal opportunities and salaries rather than matriarchate. In other words, Swiss women love men (foreigners included) and fight against sexism (including discrimination toward men). In this regard, Swiss feminism is about women’s independence rather than hatred toward men.

Swiss Women Attitudes

Like many Western and Central European nations, Swiss people are much more introverted. They don’t usually meet each other on the streets. Instead, Swiss women prefer free and paid online dating applications. Or, they meet their love within their communication environment: at work, at parties, through friends, at bars and nightclubs, etc. So if you want to date a Swiss woman, you will better find her ID on a dating site.

Swiss women prefer free and paid online dating applications. Or, they meet their love within their communication environment: at work, at parties, through friends, at bars and nightclubs, etc.

swiss girls

Each nation accumulates some stereotypes. So check popular beliefs about Swiss people and find out which stereotype is false.

  • All Swiss women are blondes. Some believe hot Swiss girls are natural blondes. However, that’s not true at all. While many women (around 40%) have blonde hair, other girls have brown or black hair like Swedish women. By the way, 80% of Swiss women have dyed their hair at least once, so you will never know what hair color a Swiss woman has just by looking at her. Indeed, for women, hair color is as variable as a modern stock market.
  • All Swiss women are feminists. Swiss women indeed fight for equality. Yet, the country still has some patriarchal roots. As a result, you may find a traditional Swiss girl who dreams of leaving her job and bearing children. Also, Swiss feminism is much softer regarding families compared to Norwegian setup. In a Swiss family, a man preserves the leading role and is responsible for the household’s prosperity. Yet, most Swiss women are working and comprise over 45% of the country’s labor force.
  • All Swiss women have many sex partners. While Swiss women have six partners over their lifetimes, they’re pretty committed in their relationships. Casual dating is almost non-existent in Switzerland, either in Iceland. The locals follow one simple rule: one partner at a time. It’s fair, practical, and doesn’t hurt since your girl won’t cheat on you. Additionally, you have to develop an unfixable misunderstanding gap (to the level when you have become strangers to each other) in your relationship to break up. So Swiss people are loyal and committed to their significant others.
  • All Swiss women are rich. Beliefs and jokes about a person’s financial capabilities always hurt. In our unequal world, some people may make ends meet even living in Switzerland. Sure, this country stands out in terms of living standards, but poverty is still present.

Every nation has women it can be proud of. They can be athletes, activists, scientists, and the like. The same can be said about Switzerland, which has a lot to offer in terms of popular women worth mentioning. Of course, it’s hard to include all the names worth mentioning, but here are 4 of these women who stand out among others:

  • Marie Heim Vogtlin. Like many heroines of Switzerland, Marie had undergone many hardships. She attended the University of Leipzig, where she studied medicine. Born in 1845, she was laughed at when studying medicine, as it wasn’t common for women to become doctors. Did you know that she was the only female student among 3,700 men? Everything and everyone was against her desire to become a doctor. She was even criticized in the newspaper for such a bold desire. Yet she graduated and became the Swiss female doctor.
  • Tilo Frey. She was born in 1923 and died in 2008. Throughout her life, she had to suffer from racial discrimination in her country. The reason was that her father was Swiss, but her mother was from Cameroon. She had darker skin, for which she used to be discriminated against. But she succeeded in becoming one of the most successful politicians in her country. She was elected to the National Council. She’s a symbol that hardships can be overcome with a passion for being strong.
  • Marie Claire Graf. Born in 1996, she’s relatively young. But what makes her popular in Switzerland? When she was a kid, she dreamed about visiting Morteratsch Glacier. She was disappointed to see gray and shrivelled-up ice. She found out that glaciers have shrunk over the past hundred years, impacting global warming. Since then, she’s become a woman who fights for climate justice.
  • Iris Bohnet. Born in 1966, Iris is one of Switzerland’s ladies proud of. She managed to become the first Swiss woman to become a professor at Harvard University. She’s the Director of Harvard’s Women and Public Policy Program. One of her objectives in this program is to eliminate bias in the workplace, schools, and government.
Swiss Women

Dating in Switzerland: The Key Features

Despite that Swiss babes are quite emancipated and independent, the Swiss dating culture shares more features with Eastern Europe than Norway. Thus, you may not expect Swiss chicks to behave like true feminists. So check our insights into the Switzerland dating scene.

A Man Makes the First Move

Swiss men usually hesitate to approach their women. Yet, the local girls want them to do so. Swiss women appreciate it when a guy makes the first move and does all this courtesy stuff. Our suggestion: while dating Swiss brides, don’t hesitate to show initiative and reasonable masculinity. Approach a woman you like, take her phone, text her, ask her for a date, etc. In other words, many Swiss ladies want men to apply some effort.

A Swiss girl won’t mind going to the restaurant, cinema, or café. Yet, she will do this after a couple of appointments.

Outdoor Activities Are Appreciated

Swiss people prefer spending time outdoors. These girls and guys may go hiking, sightseeing, or just walking along the streets on the first date. In summer, your girl will 100% offer you to spend time outdoors. No bars, cinemas, and cafes? Not exactly. A Swiss girl won’t mind going to the restaurant, cinema, or café. Yet, she will do this after a couple of appointments.

dating swiss women

Formal Body Language

Swiss ladies are much more reserved when it comes to interpersonal communication. If you’re a stranger, a Swiss woman will not touch you, for example. If she is your friend, you may not expect to hug her or kiss her on the cheeks. As for the first date, you may shake her hand instead of embracing her waist. Thus, Swiss singles are much more reserved with people they don’t know well. However, once you’re in a relationship, you will enjoy the full range of affection and physical contact.

Typical Conversation Topics

As for conversation topics, Swiss girls are again a bit reserved. A girl may not tell everything about herself on the first date. After all, you might still be a “stranger” to her at this point. Once she gets a bit more comfortable with you and realizes she can build a long-standing relationship with you, she will open her soul to you. On the first date, you may not want to tell a lot about yourself as well. Reserve something to know about yourself for further dates. It will spark your Swiss girl’s interest.

Splitting the Check is Okay

In Switzerland, you may surprisingly spend less money on dating than you would in Latin America. It’s because Swiss couples often split the bill. You may insist on paying the restaurant check. However, you will never discourage your woman by splitting the bill. It’s okay for her to pay for her meal and entertainment since she respects your finances. She doesn’t want to burden your purse.

There is Nothing Special in Foreigners

Let’s imagine you’re going to Brazil for dating. As an American guy, you will face less competition in the local dating arena since you have a higher income, more opportunities, and a higher status. In Switzerland, a girl will ask you “so what?” Relying on your foreign status doesn’t work in Switzerland. Keep in mind two million foreign nationals.


Where to Meet Swiss Girls?

Ready to date Swiss girls? Then check the best dating spots in Switzerland.

Best Cities to Visit: Zurich, Geneva

You will have the highest chance of meeting a Swiss girl in the most populated cities. In Switzerland, these are:

  1. Zurich. It’s the largest city in the entire Switzerland, with the total population of 415,000 people.
  2. Geneva. It’s the second most populated city in the country, with over 200,000 people living there.

These cities feature dozens of cinemas, theaters, clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, parks, museums, and other entertainment sites. So you will always choose from countless places to ask your Swiss girl for a date and get unforgettable memories together.

hot swiss women

Some of the best destinations in Zurich include:

  • Kunsthaus Zurich.
  •  Zurich Zoo.
  • Grossmünster.
  • Bahnhofstrasse.
  • The Old Town.

As for Geneva, you can opt for these sites:

  • Lake Geneva.
  • Patek Philippe Museum.
  • Jardin Botanique.
  • Vieille Ville.

Day Game in Switzerland

Practically, similar day game rules work in any country, including Switzerland. In this state, the girls on the street may ignore you. But if you make enough attempts, approaching several girls, a particular Swiss lady will give you her phone number or social media contact. As for the best day game places, parks, shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants will become your favorite options:

  • Metro Shopping Cornavin, Geneva.
  • Balexert shopping center, Geneva.
  • Jet d’Eau, Geneva.
  • Einkaufszentrum Letzipark, Zurich.
  • ShopVille – Zurich Main Station, Zurich.


You will have a much higher chance to succeed in your dating hunt past 9 PM. Switzerland’s nightlife is vibrant, offering countless places to hang out at night. Bars, clubs, casinos, and pubs of Zurich and Geneva will always come in handy. Check the following destinations in Zurich:

  • Kaufleuten.
  • Gonzo.
  • Club Bellevue.
  • Alice Choo.

The top nightlife sites in Geneva include:

  • Java Club.
  •  Village du Soir.
  • Baby Boa.
  • Mambo Club.

Approaching a slightly drunk girl chilling at the bar counter is much easier than picking up the same girl on the street. At the bar, a single girl might scan the crowd for guys. Once you land next to her seat, alcohol will do its job, and she’s yours.

Online Dating Sites

The best thing you can do is register on Switzerland dating sites and find a girl online. In Switzerland, 90% of households have a stable internet connection. Today, online dating is much more beneficial than traditional game for these reasons:

  • You don’t need to waste cash while hoping to pick up someone at the bar.
  • Most Swiss people prefer online dating sites.
  • Arriving in Switzerland for a girl you have previously met is better than traveling to the unknown. 

The Final Thoughts on Dating Swiss Women

Beautiful Swiss girls become a favorable choice for long-lasting relationships since you will get the cocktail of sincere affection, practicality, and deep commitment. Most importantly, no drama will occur. The best way to find a Swiss lady is by registering a profile on a Swiss dating site. So hesitate no more and find your dream Swiss girl online.

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  1. In addition to Latinas, my favorite women are from Switzerland. They seem like cold ladies, but they’re so hot in reality.

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  3. I thought that it’s only Swiss watches are worth my attention. But now, I see that women living in this country are really worthy of admiration and love.

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