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Taiwanese Women: All You Need To Know About Taiwanese Girls

Taiwanese women are among the most charming ladies, although these girls are often overlooked. If you want to be a future husband of a family-oriented girl, you need a perfect match, and girls from Taiwan can be your consideration. Taiwanese singles are not just beautiful women, but they’re also perfect partner candidates for you. Taiwanese girls make great wives and supportive friends at the same time.

The Taiwanese ladies are not like other women who enhance their looks using artificial means like cosmetic surgeries and plenty of makeup. For beautiful Taiwanese women, beauty is influenced by maintaining health and wellness.

Unlike women in most countries in the Western world, Taiwanese girls will do their best to have good relationships with their husbands and their families, and this shows that family values matter to them. There’s more a Taiwanese girl can offer to a single man like you.

Perhaps, you might want to consider dating Taiwanese woman, but you should think about what you know about dating Taiwanese girl.


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Taiwanese Women: Meet Your Taiwanese Girlfriend Online

Interesting statistics to know

Female Population11.8 mln
Popular CitiesTaipei, Kaohsiung, Taichung
Most Popular Dating AppTinder
Average Age of Marriage for Women30.4
Male to female ratio97 males to 100 females
Divorce rate2.2%
Fertility rate1.2

It’s quite common for single men to rush, thinking that Taiwanese women are easy to find and date, but it’s not like that. If you’re determined to find ladies from Taiwan and have serious intentions, you should discover more about Taiwan women for marriage and learn where you can find them easily and hassle-free. Stay tuned and discover more with this guide on Taiwanese ladies.

10 features of Taiwanese women

If you’re looking for serious relationships with ladies from Asia, you won’t be limited in options. So many cute ladies can be great wives. Unlike Western women, ladies from Asian countries are more traditional, making them ideal for foreign men seeking a chance for committed relationships. For those interested in international marriages, Taiwanese women should be the best consideration.

Why is it so? Dating Taiwanese girls is a great experience, as these ladies will do their best to make you happy. Their self-sacrifice for beloved people and family members is worth respecting and admiring. But it’s not their self-sacrifice that makes them popular women for Western men. There’s more they can offer you.

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Gorgeous ladies

Taiwanese culture gives importance to the looks of local women. It’s believed that a Taiwanese woman should look charming to be able to attract her partner. Besides, Taiwanese girls are quite obsessed with their appearances, like Chinese women.

Many Taiwanese women will do their best to look better. Women tend to invest in their beauty. This explains the charm and elegance behind the beautiful Taiwanese women such as Lin Chiling, Amber An, and Guo Xue Fu.

Perfect bodies

It’s common for Western guys to be interested in sexy and hot ladies, and when it comes to Asian ladies from South Korea or Japan, it’s common to associate them with the sexiest ladies in the world. But again, it’s also common to overlook the charm of Taiwanese ladies.

One of the striking features of Asian ladies from Taiwan is their body type. They tend to be slim. It’s not common to meet Taiwanese girls with plum body shapes. These Asian women tend to be in good shape all the time, making them even more appealing to Western guys.


Passionate girls

When dating a sexy Taiwanese girl, it’s common to think about intimacy. Who doesn’t want to enjoy the companionship of hot Taiwanese girls? But are they really passionate in bed? Although Taiwanese women are known for being conservative, premarital sex is quite common.

It means that dating Taiwanese women will be quite pleasant and joyful for single men. Their passionate nature is another factor making Taiwanese wives ideal for people from the Western part of the world.

Open-minded ladies

Taiwan legalized gay marriage in 2019, which isn’t common in many Asian countries. This indicates that people in Taiwan are more open-minded and liberal. And it means that people there are quite tolerant, and this is also true about Taiwanese ladies.

This is one of the best reasons to date Taiwanese girls. You’ll know that they’ll be open with you, not to mention that it’s cool to find girls from Asian countries who can be considered liberal and tolerant at the same time.

Superstitious nature

As was mentioned, Taiwanese people are quite open and tolerant, but there’s an interesting fact about them. They’re also known for being superstitious. Both Taiwanese men and women are known to believe in superstitions.

Did you know that showers are taken during the night, which is quite common for Taiwanese girls? Or for example, it’s not considered good to give someone a clock as a present. There are many peculiarities associated with superstitions.

Committed partners

Most Taiwanese girls are renowned for their commitment to their partners. Being a loyal partner is one of the main pillars of the dating culture in Taiwan. So, if you’re looking for women who you can trust, you better not miss your chance to meet local girls from this country.

This explains why a Taiwanese makes a good life partner. If you’re from one of the Western countries and interested in finding such a loyal partner, you know which nation can be ideal for you. Taiwanese women are ideal for that.

Submissive partners

Taiwanese women tend to agree with their partners. They don’t conflict with them or disobey. This is what makes them ideal for Western men. So, dating a Taiwanese woman is a chance to experience dating a submissive partner.

You won’t be challenged as a leader of your relationships. You won’t be bothered by gender role division. Simply put, your Taiwanese woman will be the most submissive partner you’ll ever be able to discover. Docile nature is a common feature of many Taiwanese girls. 

Fans of stinky tofu

Once you meet Taiwanese women, it can be hard to resist their charm. Besides, Taiwanese culture is what makes these ladies docile, interesting, and peculiar. It happens that some habits of these women might surprise you.

This is where stinky tofu is worth mentioning. While traveling across Taipei’s streets, you’ll smell the food that stinks. Don’t get confused, as it’s one of the most popular dishes in Taiwan. Stinky tofu is quite popular but challenging to taste.

Religious women

Taiwanese girls are ideal for marriage, and one of the main things that explain and prove that is their religious background. The majority of Taiwanese women are religious. According to their beliefs, women should be loyal ladies for marriage, supportive friends, and good lovers for their husbands.

Doesn’t it sound great? This is actually what explains the increasing popularity of mail order brides, and perhaps, in several years, Taiwanese women for marriage will become among the most demanded ladies in the world.

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Smart ladies

Is there any other reason why you should date Taiwanese women? One of the main features of these ladies is their intelligence. Western men are not purely interested in sexy yet traditional women, but they’re also interested in ladies with impressive intelligence, and guess what? Taiwanese girls are known for being quite smart.

Most girls in Taiwan prioritize education and strive to get better. They learn and show perseverance in studying. In addition to being hot, passionate, and submissive, these ladies for marriage make witty interlocutors. Now that you know why they’re so great, it’s time to consider meeting Taiwanese women.

Where to meet a Taiwanese girl

The dating culture of Taiwan has many similarities with the Western culture. But casual dating isn’t so popular in Taiwanese culture. If you’re ready for long-term bonds with Taiwanese women, you better consider options of meeting them. But which options can you consider to meet and start dating these women? Let’s uncover some of them.

Top 5 cities in Taiwan

You might be looking forward to meeting local women in Taiwan. But what are the best cities where you should try to meet a local woman? If not sure, it’s time to consider some popular destinations.


It’s the capital city. Taipei is one of the major cities known for its blend of modern and ancient architecture. Besides, it’s a place where robust life doesn’t stop at night. Taipei is known to be one of the most populated cities in Taiwan. And it’s a great place to taste street food popular among tourists.


Planning to meet local women who are hot and sexy? This is a great city where you can meet. It’s not as crowded as the capital city. There are myriads of local girls willing to meet and date foreigners, and thus, you won’t have problems approaching them. It’s also known as the largest port city in Taiwan.


If you’re looking for a lady for a serious relationship, you might consider visiting this charming city, which is less popular than the capital city. It’s a laid-back place to meet local ladies. One of the most popular destinations is Botanic Gardens, known for its enormity and beauty.


It’s one of the oldest cities to discover beautiful Taiwanese women. This is a place to indulge in cultural locations. This is a city where you can go to the popular Taiwan Confucian Temple, dating back to 1665. What’s more, you can also visit Fort Provintia, which is even older.


It’s one of the best cities if you’re fond of museums. The best museums in Taiwan are not in the capital city, but they’re in Taichung. In addition to them, you can visit the National Taichung Theater and the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra.

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Online dating sites

You might think that Taiwanese girls are easy to find if you go to this country, but that’s not true. It’s not always easy to meet Taiwanese women. So, how about meeting Taiwanese women dating online? Nowadays, it’s easier to meet them online. But why is online dating considered a better option?

Convenience in meeting Taiwanese girls

Dating culture has changed drastically with the rise of dating apps and sites. One of the main reasons behind such a success is convenience. The same can be said about meeting local ladies from Taiwan with just a few clicks. There are great dating platforms where you can meet ladies for a serious relationship without the need to leave your place.

Affordable way of meeting a Taiwanese woman

One of the main benefits of dating online is that you don’t need to be concerned about the costs of a dating venture. When compared to a real trip to Taiwan, online dating is considered to be quite affordable and cheap.

A chance to meet the woman of your dreams

If you’re interested in dating a woman who doesn’t care about the age gap and appearance, you might need to find a Taiwanese lady. But where to find such a girl? Thanks to dating sites, you can find the perfect partner with just a few clicks.

Dating Taiwanese ladies on the go

What’s so cool about modern dating culture? Nowadays, it’s easy to date on the go, thanks to mobile dating platforms and apps. There’s no need to stay somewhere to start dating charming ladies from Taiwan. The whole world of hot and sexy women is accessible on your mobile devices.

Taiwanese women don’t rush to get married like before. If you look at the average age of the first marriage among local ladies, you’ll see that they tend to marry in their 30s. Such a trend is observed in major cities, while ladies from rural places tend to get married before they’re 30.

As you see, there’s a low birth rate among these women. It’s one of the main problems in Taiwan, and since there’s an increase in the average age of marriage among these women, Taiwanese families don’t have a tendency to have more than 2 kids per family. But the good news is that Taiwan is known for having really low divorce rates. So, Taiwanese women for marriage are great at keeping their families stable.

Taiwanese Women infographic

Tips on dating a Taiwanese woman

Don’t forget that only people interested in commitment can be appealing to these women. These singles are not interested in casual dating or one-night stands. Commitment is a must when dating these charming ladies. But that’s not all. Here are some tips to conquer the hearts of Taiwanese girls:

  • Don’t even think about sex after the first date, as these girls don’t consider that acceptable, so being patient is what you need.
  • Always shower your lady with gifts and souvenirs, as they give importance to such things, and don’t forget that petty things can make your lady happy.
  • Be a careful listener and smart interlocutor so that you can impress your woman, as she will definitely want to feel special.
  • Be ready for a situation when your lady can show up late, as it might take a lot of time before she gets ready to impress you with her beauty and fashion sense.
  • Always show interest in her social and personal life, and be the first to message and call her, as she’ll be waiting for your messages and calls.
  • Don’t ever compare your lady with Chinese women, as this is quite a sensitive issue among Taiwanese girls, so be careful about this.
  • Show that you’re interested in more than sex so that your Taiwanese woman can trust you, which is important to make your relationship better.
beautiful taiwanese women

Final thoughts

Taiwanese women should be among your considerations. They make ideal wives, passionate lovers, great cooks, reliable friends, incredible life partners, and smart mothers for your future kids. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be thinking of getting married to a Taiwanese woman. So, all you need is to find Taiwan women dating on the top dating sites where you can access myriads of Taiwanese girls for marriage.

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  1. Taiwan is really a cool place to visit, and I agree with the author of this article on the fact that Taiwanese women are really hot. Do you have any extra tips on how I can be more successful in attracting their attention?

    • Be yourself, creative, and fun. They don’t like dating men who are too serious. And be sure that you’re ready for committed bonds.

  2. I am planning a trip to Taiwan, and I wasn’t sure which places I should visit. But now, thanks to this guide, I know not only the best places to visit but also how I can conquer the hearts of Taiwanese women.

  3. Thanks for the detailed guide on Taiwanese women. They were helpful and practical. Actually, it was the first time I managed to impress a lady on the first date. Do you have any guide on how I can marry and bring my future bride to Canada?

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