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How to Succeed in Dating Norwegian Women

Norway is a magnificent land that attracts many tourists every year. What are the most widespread associations with this country? Gorgeous nature, legends about Vikings, beautiful fjords, spellbinding mountains, rich history, and interesting culture. Of course, this country has a lot more features and characteristics to boast of, but those mentioned above made Norway famous. The country is located in Northern Europe, in the western part of the Scandinavian peninsula. Also, the country occupies a huge number of small islands. Norway’s population as at 2020 is 5,440,276; 86% of them are indigenous people who call themselves Northerners, i.e., people from the North.

If you think of dating Norwegian women, we may say that you’re on the right track. They have an attractive and unique appearance that no one else nationality has.

Norwegian women are calm and level-headed.

Norwegian women are calm and level-headed. Moreover, girls in Norway advocate for equality, so they don’t think a husband should be the family head. But you shouldn’t forget that all nationalities have their strong and weak sides, so before you decide to date them, you need to explore all their features to be fully prepared and succeed.

You’ve probably heard something about the World Happiness Index. Well, Norway became the happiest country in 2017. Its happiness index was 7,537. Norway’s current happiness index is 7,49, proving that the quality of life in this country is one of the highest.

Moreover, since 2009, Norway has been heading the countries with the highest Human Development Index. By the way, it’s the most democratic country. People here value and respect ancient customs, folklore, and history, but, at the same time, equity and tolerance are the main principles of modern Norwegian culture. No wonder that many people call it the country of contrasts.


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What Are Norwegian Women Like?

If you want to travel to this amazing country, see its beauties, and combine this experience with meeting hot local girls, you need to find out what they like, how they look, and what characteristics they share. Let’s get acquainted with the key aspects that make Nordic girls stand out among other nationalities.

Norwegian brides

A Beautiful Woman Is What You NEED!


A Few Words About Nordic Appearance

It’s reasonable to start our guide by discussing the beauty of Norway women because all men pay great attention to this aspect. All Norwegian women are beautiful in their own way, especially girls from the Scandinavian region like Swedish, Finnish or Danish girls.

The majority of Norwegian women here have naturally blonde hair that makes women worldwide envy them.

The majority of Norwegian women here have naturally blonde hair that makes women worldwide envy them. The prevailing eye color is blue; however, many girls have green and grey eyes. A pale complexion is another typical feature of Nordic appearance. Quite often, European ladies who have too pale skin look morbid and tired, but the same cannot be said of ladies in Norway. These pale-skinned blondes seem to be born to drive men crazy.

Norwegian girls

Characteristics of Norwegian Women You Should Know

You’re not the only man who is obsessed with dating Norwegian girls. Let’s find out what characteristics contribute to such an opinion:

  • They are individual. Mob mentality is alien to their nature. Nordic girls look different, think different, and don’t want to be similar to someone. Individuality is a feature that a lot of people lack.
  • They are positive. If you spend a few days in this country, you’ll notice that the local Norwegian girls are calm and friendly. Be sure you’ll quickly get infected with this positive attitude to everything.
  • They are straightforward. Norway women are used to directly speaking their minds without lying and hiding something; no wonder they expect the same attitude from you.
  • They are honest. Openness and honesty are the secrets of happy and long-term relationships. Fortunately, Norwegian ladies know it firsthand.

The Attitudes of Norwegian Girls 

Norwegians seem strange to foreigners because of their lifestyle and mindset. And exactly these factors influence the attitudes of Norwegian girls to certain things in their life. First, these ladies are independent in this term’s broadest sense: they can earn enough money for living, fix the broken thing, etc. The location of the country changed its attitude to clothes. Unlike other European girls, for example, Spanish women, ladies living in the Scandinavian region dress to stay warm, not to look attractive. Even casual clothes can’t spoil Norwegian women’s natural beauty.

Gender equality is one of the key features of Norway. It means that women work on an equal footing with men and occupy leadership positions. The hardworking nature of Norwegian females doesn’t prevent them from being good mothers and wives. It may seem that being passionate about the career and family at the same time is impossible, but Norway ladies prove the opposite.

What Norwegian Women Think About Local Men?

Both men and women in Norwegia have the same lifestyle and were educated according to the same principles, so it’s no surprise that they are pretty similar. Even though Nordic men look masculine and handsome, some of them lack determination. They prefer to wait till the woman makes the first step, but Norway ladies aren’t used to such behavior. Local men treat Norwegian women as equals; some of them are genuine gentlemen; however, finding a decent man in there is quite a bit of a challenge.

That’s why single Norway ladies prefer dating foreign guys. 

Tips to Know to Flirt With Norwegian Girls

You’ve already checked the information about the specific nature of Nordic women. However, this information isn’t enough to successfully date them. We’ve provided you with the most important information about the nature of Norwegian girls, so you’ve probably decided whether they are suitable for you or not. If you’re reading this, you decided that Norway women are worth taking a trip to this country and dating them.

Check a few secrets of flirting with these Norway girls:

  • Be natural. Local ladies aren’t too conservative, so don’t hide your intentions behind a mask. As we’ve already mentioned, Norwegian females value openness and honesty, don’t forget about it.
  • Don’t try to boast of your income. Hot Norwegian blondes make good money and don’t rely on men in this regard. Moreover, foreigners in this country have no benefits over locals.
  • Be positive. You should smile when you talk to a Norwegian woman, then the chances she’ll like you are higher. Some of them are shy, but your smile will help you to win any girl over.
  • Have a drink with her. Alcohol plays a big role in Norwegian culture, so don’t be afraid to offer the woman a drink — she won’t object to it. The more you drink, the looser you become. 
  • Take the initiative. Bear in mind that Norwegian women here advocate for equality. But it doesn’t mean they don’t want men to be persistent and decisive.

Where to Meet Norway Women

Fortunately, these sexy ladies aren’t too reserved and keep to themselves. The majority of Norwegian women love having fun, going out with friends, and moreover, they are open to making new friends. You may approach girls on the streets, in public transport, at the cafes, at night clubs, and of course, on online dating sites.

Nightlife in Oslo

Oslo is not only the capital of Norway but the biggest city in this country. If you think of dating a Norway woman, you’d better start your dating journey in Oslo. It’s a city of open-minded and forward-looking women, so the possibility of meeting a good girl here is higher. If you want to start the night game, you must be ready; it’s not cheap. Food and drinks in clubs are expensive even for locals; however, if you’ll manage to meet an attractive Nordic female here, you won’t regret the money spent. Bear in mind that all pubs and clubs closed early enough; that’s why you’ll need to find a way to have fun after the closure. 

Nightlife in Oslo

Most of the Norwegian singles prefer to go out after a hard week at work — on Fridays and Saturdays. Oslo is especially lively these days. However, if you don’t want to wait till the end of the week, you may try visiting some clubs. 

Good Local Places to Meet Women

Since Oslo is the largest and the most populated city in Norway, discussing the dating spots in other cities makes no sense. Most of the single men who travel to any country in search of love prefer to stay in the capital city. We’ve already discussed the nightlife, so you know that bars, pubs and night clubs are the most popular dating sports. But let’s not forget that Oslo is full of landmarks and places to visit. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the country’s history and culture, so don’t deny the desire to visit several museums. Why not mix business with pleasure? Buy tickets to a museum you would like to visit and try to approach girls there. Various parks, alleys, shops, and malls are also popular places for meeting Norwegian girls but don’t go there in the daytime: most Oslo women are at work during the day.

The Short-List Of Where To Go

We want to make your dating journey easier, so we’ve collected the list of the best nightlife dating sports. Finding a good place to meet a Norway woman when you’re a foreigner who knows nothing about the country and city may take too much time. You don’t need to waste identifying the popular clubs and checking the reviews because we’ve done it for you. There are three main areas with vivid nightlife:

oslo norway city

Rent an apartment that’s close to one of these areas and choose one of the following clubs and bars:

  • Blå;
  • Lawo;
  • Chair;
  • Magic Ice;
  • Horgan’s;
  • Summit;
  • Bortenfor;
  • Uhor;
  • Herr Nilsen;
  • Oslo Mekaniske Verksted.

Many concerts and festivals occur in Oslo from time to time, and these events are also good date sports. Check the posters from time to time to find some good events to visit.

If you don’t have enough money and time to travel to Norway, you may meet girls online. By the way, online dating is highly appreciated among single Norwegian women who are too busy to visit night clubs and prefer to spend their free time at home. Young ladies register on various online dating sites to meet new people, communicate with them, and sometimes even start relationships. There are no niche dating sites for Norwegian girls: you’re free to use the well-known services, such as Tinder, InternationalCupid, Badoo.

A Beautiful Woman Is What You NEED!


The Best Daytime Date Spots

We advise you not to have high expectations for the daytime game. Not all Norwegian girls are ready to talk to foreigners on the streets. Moreover, if you go to Norway in winter, don’t forget that the weather here isn’t always so good to let you roam the streets for a long time. We’ve identified the best places to meet Norwegian females during the day, so you may use them if you want to give a daytime game a try. 

  • Karl Johans Gate;
  • Frogner Park;
  • Aker Brygge;
  • Lambertseter Senter;
  • Paleet;
  • City Nord;
  • Fram Museum;
  • CC Vest;
  • Huk Beach;
  • Palace Park;
  • Storo Storsenter;
  • Steen & Strøm Department Store;
  • Tøyen Park;
  • Holmenkollen Ski Museum;
  • Sorena Stranda.

The Final Thoughts On Dating Norwegian Girls

We hope that this comprehensive dating guide helped you to learn more about Norwegian ladies, so now you no longer dream about the girls you’ve seen on dating sites. Now you know what features these ladies have, what they appreciate, and most importantly, where you can meet them. Our guide is unique because we don’t share generalized thoughts, such as, “You can meet girls in night clubs and parks”; we list the names of clubs and bars that foreigners can visit. Going to a new country and trying to date at least one local girl there without this valuable information makes no sense. 

Book tickets to Norway to get acquainted with the country’s nature, history, and explore these genuine local beauties.

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