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Surefire Tips On How to Win The Love of Norwegian Women

With its rich history and culture, the beautiful land of Norway is a favorite destination for many tourists. Located in Northern Europe and sharing a border with Sweden, this country is famous for its gorgeous landscape, and it is the origin of the legend of the Vikings.

Norway's population stands at 5.4 million in 2021, making it only the 119th most populated country in the world. 

A variety of languages are spoken in Norway, including Sami, Kven, Bokmål, and Nynorsk (Norwegian). Other languages used in this Scandinavian country include Romani and Rodi. Interestingly, most residents speak English, while others can speak French, German and Spanish. Norway is indeed a multilingual country.

Norwegian locals have been described as the happiest people on earth. The quality of life in the country is excellent. Adding to that, it has the highest human development index since 2009.

The people are hospitable and are very passionate about their history and the ancient traditions that have shaped the principles and values of Norwegians today. Among the highly respected virtues are respect, parity, and kindness. 


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Its geographical location has dramatically influenced Norweigan cuisine as much of Norway’s food includes seafood like salmon, trout, cod, etc. Dairy products are also the main staple, and ‘Lefse’ is a popular type of bread usually eaten around the end of the year.

Norwegians believe that marriage is sacred and should be a bond between two individuals who share similar values. Hence, a marriage based on economic, social, or political reasons is frowned at by the majority.

Norway’s girls are a bit different from other Scandinavian females regarding their views about some social aspects. They prefer equality in the family, viewing themselves as equal to the men. Hence, they always expect to be treated as equals to men.

Dating a hot and sexy Norwegian girl is a great idea, considering the many virtues they possess. Guys are often attracted to their unique nordic beauty and exotic nature.

norwegian girls

Determining Norwegian women

A trip to this beautiful Scandinavian country can provide a great experience, especially as you’ll get to meet gorgeous single Norwegian girls. But it would be a great idea to arm yourself with critical facts about them, their characteristics, and attitudes beforehand. To have a good idea of the attributes of these Nordic beauties, consider the following information about them to see why Nordic girls are unique.


When a man sees a woman, the first attribute that catches his attention is her physical beauty. Safe to say that Norwegian girls do not disappoint in this regard. Like their counterparts in Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, most Norwegian girls are naturally blonde and are envied by women worldwide. Their skin is pale, but never does it look saggy and tired. Other attractive physical features include blue to grey colored eyes, well-defined cheekbones, good height, and a slender figure.




Much of the attributes of Norwegian females are borne from Nordic heritage and tradition. And while some traits may seem strange to some, others are why men prefer them as partners. 

Norwegian women love and embrace nature, and sometimes they get crazy with this love. No wonder they like to live in houses that enable them to feel and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Norway.

The women don’t like to stress over anything, and they avoid any situation that affects their happiness. 

Norwegian females are always happy. That is not an exaggeration. Of course, there are moments when one could be sad and withdrawn, but they quickly try to cheer themselves up by doing fun things.  In Norway, it’s a strong belief that bad times don’t last, so there’s no need to fuss about anything. No wonder they are the world’s happiest people. 

Humility is an easily noticeable attribute of women from Norway. They are polite, respectful and they don’t think too highly of themselves.

norway women

The Attitudes of Norwegian Girls

We gave you an earlier hint about the attitudes of the Norwegians concerning certain things in life. Equality and fair treatment is their watchword. Consequently, the average Norwegian woman does not expect to be dominated by a man, even in marriage.

Norwegian girls are most times described as having an independent mindset. Due to having equal opportunities as the guys, they earn a decent living, which means they don’t have to rely on anyone. If you think of them as go-getters, you are probably right.

Women of Norway are very diligent and are very passionate about their careers. Still, they do not neglect their roles in the family- they are always the good wives and mothers society expects them to be.

Regarding their fashion preferences, they are more conservative. Unlike Spanish or Russian women who like to dress attractively, a Scandinavian woman is more influenced by the weather than her desire to look sexy when choosing what to wear. She prefers clothes that help her keep warm.

Like Swedish ladies, Norway women are calm and elegant but with an element of humor in them. They can easily make fun of anything, including themselves, doing it in a well-measured way. 

If you are looking for women who are easy to talk to, you should look no further because these ladies are the best.

Norwegian Men: What Are They For Norwegian Women

Nordic men have all the excellent features expected of gentlemen. Having a stunning masculine appearance, they easily attract all kinds of women. However, Norwegian girls are not so fascinated about them, probably because they are so used to seeing and interacting with their men. Because the men treat women in Norway as equals, they often delay making the first move, and this behavior isn’t palatable to the ladies. 

There are many decent Norwegian men out there, but the women think that finding one can be challenging. So, it is not surprising that nordic women are open to dating foreign men because they view them as more determined and know what they want, much better than nordic men.

norwegian girl

Tips to Know to Flirt with Norwegian Girls

Thus far, you have enough details about Norwegian girls, and you are probably already thinking about making that first move on one of them. But, before you jump at the opportunity of wooing a Norwegian lady, you need to know the right way to do it. Remember, girls from Norway are a little bit different from others, and so we have provided below some steps to take that are crucial if you want to be successful at dating Norway girls.

Be yourself

Don’t fake anything. Norwegian ladies prefer men who are upfront about their intentions. Guys who are open and honest about their desires are taken more seriously. Even if she says the most dreaded word, ‘no,’ she will respect you as a person. The last thing you want to do when wooing a Norwegian female is to boast of your income. A man’s financial worth does not sway hot Norwegian women because they make good money themselves. Norway is a wealthy nation, so most locals are living well.

Wear a smile

Norwegian women are usually shy around people they hardly know. Wearing a smile while talking to them puts them at ease and will increase your chances of winning their hearts.

Never hesitate

Although Norwegian women preach equality in most aspects of life, they still prefer men taking the initiative to profess love. Guys who are dogged easily sweep them off their feet. 

Where to meet Norway women

You can find gorgeous, sexy, and trendy Norwegian girls just about anywhere in major cities like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, and Trondheim. These ladies love to have fun, and they do so often in the company of friends. So, you’ll often find sexy nordic girls in groups on the streets, cafes, and clubs. Also, there are many Norwegian females on online dating platforms seeking to meet new friends and romance.

Nightlife in Oslo

Oslo is the most famous and most significant city in Norway. There’s a large pool of top-class women in this capital city, so it’s best to start your search here. The residents of Oslo are primarily friendly and open-minded people who are always looking to meet new people.

Having fun at night is not cheap, so you’ll need to spend enough money on yourself if you want a great time. However, Oslo has an insanely rich nightlife, with a vast range of bars and clubs catering to all kinds of people. Although clubs and pubs close pretty early on weekdays, the weekends are more vibrant, making it the best time if you like to stay out late.

Local places to meet a women

Since Oslo will probably be your first destination when visiting Norway, we’ll focus on places to meet Oslo women. It would be better if you first took the time to enjoy visiting the various landmarks, museums, parks, alleys, shops, and malls. These places can help you get acquainted with the city before nighttime when you’ll mostly find women ready to engage in conversation with you. The daytime is not ideal for meeting suitable Norwegian women because most of them will be at work.

norway woman

The short-list of where to go

To make things easier for you, saving time and the stress of wandering about looking for suitable places where you could meet Oslo women, we have compiled a list of exciting bars and clubs:

  • Blå
  • Lawo
  • Chair
  • Magic Ice
  • Horgan’s
  • Summit
  • Bortenfor
  • Uhor
  • Herr Nilsen
  • Oslo Mekaniske Verksted
  • Eight Rooftop Bar
  • Thief
  • Fuglen

Also, check out these three main areas with the most vibrant nightlife:

  • Karl Johans Gate
  • Grunerlokka
  • Youngstorget

Are you worried about the cost or don’t have the time to take a trip to Norway, but you still want to meet beautiful and sexy Norwegian women? Then you may consider meeting them online. The main perk of online dating includes reduced costs and a large pool of singles from which to choose. Additionally, most females you will meet are interested in meeting someone, so it is much easier to approach them using this medium. Although there are not so many dating sites dedicated to Norwegian dating, you can use other well-known international dating services.



Norway women during the day

Do not have high expectations for the day game because most girls are not ready to engage in conversations with total strangers at this time. But, you could give it a try if you are feeling optimistic or you trust your innate wooing skills. There are excellent spots where you could meet Norwegian women during the day. Below are some of them you could use.

  • Karl Johans Gate
  • Frogner Park
  • Aker Brygge
  • Lambertseter Senter
  • Paleet
  • City Nord
  • Fram Museum
  • CC Vest
  • Huk Beach
  • Palace Park
  • Storo Storsenter
  • Steen & Strøm Department Store
  • Tøyen Park
  • Holmenkollen Ski Museum
  • Sorena Stranda

The final thoughts on dating Norwegian girls

We are sure your perception of lovely Norwegian ladies has not only improved, but you have also become even more attracted to them. Knowing all about their features, likes, what makes them tick, and ways to meet them, you have everything to make your dreams of having one of the local girls a reality. Fortunately, many of them can speak various foreign languages, including English, which is an advantage as there will be no language barrier to hinder your progress. If you are keen on getting a Norwegian bride, nothing can hold you back now. Take a trip to Norway to experience the country’s breathtaking scenery, history, and of course, get to meet the beautiful blondes of Norway.


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