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Finnish Women Dating Guide: the ABC of Finland Dating Culture

Northern Europe is one of the most mysterious regions on our planet. Local people speak some of the toughest languages to learn, local nature can offer breathtaking and terrifying views at the same time, and local cuisine is unusual to American’s taste.

Still, visiting this country can change your life completely at least because you can meet your partner in Helsinki or even decide to stay here for the rest of your life. Let’s get to know who Finnish women are, what they can offer you, and what you should expect of them once you are in a relationship. 

When it comes to knowledge of languages, we can affirm that over 90% of Finnish people know at least one language besides their mother tongue. However, the level of English in Finland is lower than in other North European countries, so take it into account when choosing a wife from there. 


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Female Population2.8 mln
Popular CitiesHelsinki, Tampere, Turku
Most Popular Dating AppBadoo
Average Age of Marriage for Women31.2

Important Things to Know About Dating Finnish Women

Do not cheat

The first and foremost thing for you to keep in mind when dating Finnish women is that you cannot date and flirt with a few women at a time upon arrival in Helsinki or other popular spots. Finnish dating culture does not allow a couple to cheat on each other and have sex with random people. Hence, if you want to keep your hot Finnish girlfriend for a long time, be ready to commit to her and forget other options. 

Be polite

Beautiful Finnish women have perfect manners and always mind what they talk about, be they from Helsinki or any other locale. They would never act frivolously with a stranger, so do not expect them to like any pick-up lines you may have collected on that online women seduction course. Politeness and manners play a huge role in making a good impression on Finnish girls or Hungarian girls

Find a way to impress 

In Finland, women are very attractive, so there is no surprise a lot of men try to hit them on dating apps and offline. However, if you think that a trivial greeting or ‘like’ on their profiles will work, do not flatter yourself. Think about a way to introduce yourself unexpectedly so that those lonely chicks could say: “Wow, is this witty guy single?!”

Show your interest

It does not matter whether you have just met or have been dating for quite a long time, do not forget to demonstrate your interest in your Finnish girlfriend. Ask her about her job in Helsinki, vocation, hobbies, and what she is thinking about current affairs in Finland and the world. You will be amazed by her ability to formulate thoughts, talk, and think critically, which leads us to the next dating tip.

Finnish women


Compliment Finnish women intellectual capabilities

Every Finland woman values her brain more than her outer beauty, so you will not make a mistake if you praise her for it. Also, if you tell your girl that she is extremely smart, there will be no lie, since Finland women put much effort into self-development and widening their knowledge about the surrounding world. 

Do not rush

If you are looking for a long-term stable relationship with women from Finland, and particularly from Helsinki you should not hurry. Go with a flow and do not be pushy when it comes to intimacy. Finnish girls are not into having sex with a person they do not know well fast. Make sure you have established a strong bond of trust and mutual understanding before seducing your Finland girlfriend. 

Never come late on dates

Some people think that punctuality is a Finland stereotype, but that’s not true. When it comes to scheduled appointments or dates, Finnish people are never late, not like Cuban girls do. This rule especially applies to timing rules in Helsinki. Moreover, they do not tolerate lateness, and you will hardly manage to conquer local females if you fail to be on time on your first dates. 

Finnish Women

Be yourself

Another important thing to remember when dating Finland women is the ability to be yourself. Finnish ladies from Helsinki and other cities value sincerity much and expect their partners to be genuine in all situations. You never know what life can throw at you, but honesty is a thing that you can control easily, so do not lie to your partner. 

Respect her private space

Before you get to know each other well and start chattering on the streets of Helsinki, you need to be careful with the questions that you ask. Do not mention any sensitive topics in your first talks with women, e.g. politics, religion, gender equality, etc. if you do want to see this particular girl again. Also, do not ask too personal things like reasons for her leaving her exes, her salary level, or her health conditions. Neither of them will help you to build trust, but only ruin her possible affection for you. 

Be creative when it comes to dating ideas

No one likes boring dates, so take your time to think about quality time with your girlfriend. In Helsinki, women like to go out somewhere after work, but why should it always be a bar or cafe? Take your lady to an art gallery or theater, visit a thematic party, watch a movie in a car cinema. You can even travel to Saint Petersburg for a weekend to get acquainted with Russian cultural heritage in local museums. Sounds intriguing, isn’t it? Your Finnish girl will definitely appreciate such an intellectual trip. 

Helsinki women

Determining Finnish women

If you are only starting your journey to the Finnish dating world, you need to know a few more things about beautiful Finnish women before arriving in Helsinki or another city . First of all, they are very attractive. Genetically, they are strong, tall, and slim at the same time. Their physical appeal is very powerful. They have enchanting straight hair of different shades (mostly, local women are blondes), and distinctive green or grey eyes. Their facial features are thin and charming, making Finnish women look like aristocrats. 

Although these ladies are not into fashion much, you can meet true fashionistas among Helsinki women. Girls who live in the capital city prefer wearing more trendy outfits than Finnish women from rural areas. Yet all Finland women have an unusual taste and can dress up well for any occasion. 

Second, Finnish women are feminists. They actively support the idea of gender equality and that’s why you should not discuss this issue with them in any negative light. Just look at the numbers: 47% of Parliament in Finland was represented by female members in 2019. The first woman minister was assigned almost a hundred years ago. Can you comprehend the power local women have in Finnish society? 

You might have thought that such a fight for women’s rights and opportunities made an impact on the personal characteristics of local girls, and you are not mistaken. They did not become haters of men though. Mostly, Finland women want their partners to share household duties and nursing children equally. Also, they are comfortable when the bills are split between both partners. These wishes of Finnish women extend from Helsinki to Espoo.


Where to Meet Finland Women: Helsinki Guide

If you want to meet a partner only from Finland, you need to be aware of all the options:

  1. Meeting during the day. Although it might not be the best way of getting acquainted with local girls, you can still give it a try. Finnish women are friendly and if they like you, you will get their numbers easily. Hitting them on the streets will not work, but coming up to girls in Stockmann store or mall near Helsinki Kamppi Center can be a good solution;
  2. Meeting at night. A Finnish nightlife is vibrant and fun, so you can meet brides at bars and nightclubs without any trouble. However, keep in mind that people in Helsinki party hard and drink a lot. If you can drink a lot and keep your consciousness, it’s worth searching for a one-night stand partner this way. Consider Apollo Live Club, El Patron, Heidi’s Bier Bar, and Kaarle XII for that; 
  3. Online dating. This is the option for everyone who does not like clubbing or getting acquainted on the street in Helsinki. Just download a proper Finnish dating app and start swiping ladies’ profiles. To do that, read reviews on the web, check the apps’ ratings, and do not forget to look through the terms of use to know how to use a dating website safely. Do you know that Danish Women prefer dating foreign men? Once you have found an app that offers good dating features for reasonable prices, sign up and enjoy your communication with Finland girls. 


The Final Thoughts On Dating Finnish Women

As you can see, meeting and dating women from Finland is not hard if you know what to expect and how to act. Now, review our recommended dating spots, book your flight and room, and travel to Helsinki to find your next girlfriend in Suomi. Or use online dating apps that will make the whole process way easier. 

Jennifer Joy Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler

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  1. Ladies from cold countries can be hot, and this is really true. I’ve dated Finnish women, and they’re the best when it comes to dating, sex, and love. Nowadays, I’m planning to find a woman for marriage, and I think I’ll need your help with these women.

  2. Can you elaborate on divorce rates in Finland? Why do they divorce quite often? It’s interesting to know about that before I plan to date them.

  3. What are the challenges of dating Finnish women? I’m from Canada, and I’m not sure whether my mentality will match their mindsets. So, any ideas on this?

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