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British Women — Discover What Makes English Women So Special

England is one of the most visited places on Earth. Known for rainy weather and lots of pubs, this country is also popular for sports, especially football. Besides, England is the best place to have a good cup of tea, but what should attract your attention more is the abundance of beautiful UK women waiting for their partners.

British women are unique women, as they keep their calmness even during crises, try to be polite, and tend to be tolerant and patient, making them ideal ladies for dating. Although modern, independent, and liberal, these women are interested in creating more solid bonds making them different from their counterparts living overseas. So, if you’re interested in dating English beautiful women, stay tuned and discover more.


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What do British women look like?

Dating single British women can be a great experience, but before you find your British lady, you need to discover more interesting things about these charming girls.

How beautiful are ladies from the UK?

Ladies from England are charming indeed. If you wonder how British women look, you need to imagine a lady with pale skin having red or fair hair. You can have a look at the women like Cara Delevigne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, or Kate Moss. These ladies represent the beauty standards of British ladies:

  • Face and eyes. In general, British ladies have normal-size faces with smaller jaws. Yet, you can meet many ladies with higher cheekbones. When it comes to the British expressive eyes, they tend to vary from brown to blue.
  • Body shape. British ladies tend to have slim or curvy bodies. In terms of heights, British ladies are quite tall, with an average height of 164 cm. So, your typical lady can be taller than you may expect.
  • Style of British ladies. In England, ladies have different preferences when it comes to clothes. You can meet ladies keen on the classic trench to neutral blazers common in England. The tendency towards a more free and casual style is observed among English ladies.

British ladies are perhaps undoubted champions when it comes to showing their sexual sides with their elegance and stylishness.

charming british woman

What makes English women so special?

Beautiful UK women aren’t only impressive in terms of their appearances, but you can be pleasantly surprised about the following features making them special and unique women from Europe:

  • They’re supportive women. A friend in need is a friend indeed. This is what they believe in. If you want not only a girlfriend but a supportive partner, you better find a lady from England.
  • They’re smart ladies. England is proud to have one the best education systems in the world, and it’s not a secret that ladies living have solid education backgrounds. A typical British woman is sexy and intelligent at the same time.
  • They’re tolerant. Have you ever been to the UK? You can see lots of people coming from different places of different cultural backgrounds. Thus, it’s normal for a British lady to be tolerant of the different mentalities and traditions.
  • They’re great cooks. English women are ambitious and independent ladies, but they don’t forget how to cook perfectly. In other words, dating an English woman is a chance to try fish and chips, bangers and mash, full English breakfast, Sunday roast, etc.
  • They’re more career-oriented. You need to know that a British woman wants to be independent and to accomplish this goal, she sets goals of pursuing a career. Thus, they manage their personal and career lives proportionally.
  • They’re proud to be from the UK. English women take pride in their history, literature, and culture. English patriotism is inherent in them. When dating them, be ready to listen to how they like their country.
  • They’re keen on tea. It doesn’t matter where you go, be it London or Norwich, you’ll always be offered to drink tea, the most popular drink in the UK. Planning to try the best tea in the world? You better visit this country.

Now you have all the reasons to motivate you to start seeking British ladies for dating, be it online or offline.

The personality of British women

If you wonder about the personality of ladies living in this country, you can relax, as they’re not as bad as their weather. When thinking of a typical lady from England, you need to think of a caring, kind, and gentle lady who’ll do her best to avoid hurting you and your feelings. Besides, they’re known for the following:

  • Being honest. They avoid lying at any cost. For them, it’s better to accept the truth than reveal they’ve been lied to. That’s why they prefer to start their relationship on mutual trust, and it takes time for them to start trusting you.
  • Being skeptical. Another interesting point of their personality is that they don’t rush to believe someone so easily. They tend to doubt everything they hear and learn until they’re convinced or find the proof.
  • Being rational. This explains why English ladies don’t have a particular religion.  More and more, British ladies continue to become rational in their approach to their lives,  problems, and even relationships.

It’s not surprising why it can be hard to get the attention of British girls, but if you manage that, nothing will stop you from making them fall in love with you.

Attitudes of British girls

How do British ladies feel about relationships and creating strong bonds? When talking about the attitudes of English women, it’s interesting to highlight the following ones:

  • They’re keen on more solid bonds. For them, solid relationships mean that they don’t have to change their partners frequently. Simply put, they often prefer to have long-term bonds rather than having casual flings.
  • They don’t rush to marry early. Since British women approach many aspects of their lives with rational thinking, they want to accomplish much before settling down. Thus, delaying marriage is common in England.

Marriage is something they approach with much attention, care, and vigilance. For them, getting married is a serious step in their lives.

The Most Common British women Stereotypes

No one is flawless. While English women are sexy and appealing ladies for dating and marriage, they’re also demanding and capricious. Still, they’re ladies worth your attention and time. Before you meet your soulmate from the UK, you better consider some false stereotypes about British ladies:

  • English women can be aggressive. Actually, who doesn’t become mad at some point in their lives? Still, it’s hard to say that English women are aggressive. Instead, these women are known for their polite nature. So, it’s common to hear words like Sorry, Pardon, Thank you, and so on.
  • British dames are boring for dating. It’s hard to find out the roots of such claims. You should know that English ladies are among the most intelligent women in Europe. Still, it’s not only their intelligence worth mentioning, but these women also know how to party. They’re far from being boring.
  • UK women don’t have a sense of humor. Actually, when thinking about  humor, it’s hard not to recall one of the most popular satirists, Jonathan Swift. The British don’t only have a good sense of humor, they’re people of irony and sarcasm. So, if you think your British girlfriend doesn’t have a good sense of humor, perhaps she’s not from the UK.
  • British ladies love complaining a lot. The only thing that UK beautiful women tend to complain about is their weather in the country. But you won’t hear any other complaints. In many cases, they tend to behave in a calm manner to avoid disturbing others. Again, their manners are what you should be amazed by.
  • UK women are cold. It’s hard to call English ladies too emotional. Actually, they love more rationality than emotions. Still, it’s not true to claim that they’re cold. They just need some time to get attached. They know how to be hot, passionate, and sensual, so all you need is to conquer her.
  • Single British women consume awful food. You need to know that British cuisine is quite rich when compared to other European cuisines. Besides, food in the UK is one of the greatest in Europe. Beautiful British women consume food in the land of 3-Michelin-Star restaurants.

Now you can be sure that British singles can’t be judged by some odd myths about them. You better focus on the positive sides making them unique and great for dating and creating a serious relationship.

sexy english woman

Tips to Date With British Girls

The journey to the heart of a single British woman can be full of obstacles to overcome.  It’s just these ladies can be picky and too selective when choosing their partners. If you’re ready for such a challenge, you need to know how to impress them. One of the first pieces of advice is simply to be honest in a relationship. Here are other tips you’ll find quite useful when dating English beautiful women:

  • Be ready to be a good listener. Women know that it’s hard to find a good and considerate man who’ll be a good listener. Why not become such a man? This always works with beautiful UK women.
  • Don’t try to impress with your wealth. English women aren’t impressed with your money.  Of course, they opt for financially independent men, but they won’t favor men who try to show off with their wealth.
  • Compliment your lady. Compliments work for sure. You should always find a chance to highlight how beautiful, charming, and elegant they are. Compliments are some kind of icebreakers to make your British girlfriend attached to you.
  • Ask before splitting the bill. One of the subtle aspects that can play a key role in your relationship is how you approach paying the bills. Going Dutch is quite common, but you better ask your lady if she doesn’t mind if you pay for her. Such a polite approach will make her heart melt.
  • Start loving football. Football is their passion, and what’s more important, you better find out which team she supports. Single British women are keen football fans, so keep in mind this aspect when dating them.
  • Avoid dramas. British women don’t tend to go emotional. They approach their lives more rationally than emotionally. Avoid being too emotional. So, no matter what happens, be sure to stay calm.
  • Be a gentleman. How to impress an English woman? You better turn into an Englishman. Or in other words, it’s time to be a real gentleman with manners. This is what English ladies are crazy about.
  • Arrange dating in different places. You don’t have to be dating in restaurants all the time. Instead, dating in pubs is considered normal in England. Or why not spend a good time at your house, which is quite okay.
  • Don’t avoid talking about sex. Intimacy is a part of the dating culture in England. Although not fans of casual dating, English women are good in bed, and dating them is a chance to indulge in really sensual moments.
  • Wear casual clothes more often. Dating British women doesn’t mean being clad in a tuxedo all the time. Interestingly, UK women prefer a more casual style than a formal one. So, why not dress to impress? Time to make some changes in your wardrobe.
  • Don’t rush. When dating British ladies, it’s common for your relationship to develop not as fast as you might want. So, you better not rush your lady. Give her some time before she becomes completely yours.

Gaining the attention of British ladies can be challenging, but it’s worth your time and effort, as dating them will pay off for sure.

Where to Meet British Girls?

Although beautiful women in England are modern and independent women, they are still great partners for dating. Thus, it’s normal to think about seeking them. You can meet British women almost at every corner of the world. But what about visiting the country itself where you can meet hot and sexy English women.

Best Cities to meet British women

England is still one of the most popular places where so many people strive to visit and even stay. It has a lot to offer to settle down, and perhaps, pretty British women should be your number one motivation to visit this amazing country. There are cities that are as charming as British single women. Here are top cities to meet beautiful English women:

  • Bath. If you want to visit a unique place, then you need to head to the city of Bath. Its charming architecture and natural scenery are worth seeking. Besides, thanks to great pubs and restaurants, you’ll not have problems meeting single English ladies for dating. What’s more, there are great nightclubs you can visit during the nighttime.
  • Cambridge. Cambridge University is the first association that comes to mind. Indeed, this is a place known as a free-wheeling university town. Thus, meeting young British single women is just a piece of cake. Besides, it offers great coffee shops and pubs to meet singles for dating.
  • Manchester. When going to this city, it’ll be hard to stay far from football. This is a city of European football where you can meet fans of famous football clubs. So, meeting singles at stadiums can be a good idea for you. Besides, it’s a city with the best pubs and bars, so you’ll never get bored in this city.
  • London. It’s hard to miss such a charming city as London. In this capital city, you’ll meet the most beautiful English women in England who are ready for dating. Besides, it’s one of the most popular places for spending your time at the best nightclubs like Phonox and Kadie’s Club.
  • Brighton. If there’s a city as great as London, then Brighton is the first place to rival. Besides offering great nightlife activities, this city is known for its narrow ancient streets full of pubs, bars, and great restaurants. In this place, you won’t miss your chance to meet attractive British women.

Of course, it’s not the whole list of great places in England. You can meet singles in cities like Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, etc.

Online dating sites

Is it required to visit the UK to meet English beautiful women? Definitely not. If you’re interested in dating British women, online dating should be an ideal alternative for you. All you need is to find a good dating site where you can meet your British soulmate for dating. Here are 5 things you need to know about online dating:

  • Find specific dating platforms. Online dating is really popular in the UK, and it’s about more than 10% of internet users who benefit from online dating sites and apps. Thus, you should find platforms where you can meet cute British women, which shouldn’t be challenging.
  • Check before using. If you’re interested in creating more serious relationships with pretty English women, then you need to know more about the dating site of your interest. Spend some time doing your research and reading reviews.
  • Try being picky. Since online dating platforms offer lots of English profiles, you need to be picky to sort out possible options. You should find the one who suits you most. For this, you’ll have to use great search tools.
  • Be open and straightforward. British ladies are known for being honest ladies. No lies, just truth. So, the online arena is where you can be as honest as possible. Make sure that your partner has mutual expectations from online dating ventures.
  • Mind your security. Online dating sites can be good, normal, and dangerous. Since you’ll face the problems of choice, you need to approach choosing your site carefully, and the main thing to be concerned about is your security. Do your best to avoid being scammed.

Dating sites have been great for those busy in taking their time to arrange trips to England. You can discover the mini world of hot English women online as well.

beauty british woman

The final thoughts

Planning to find the most beautiful women in England? Perhaps, your best destination should be online dating sites. There, you can have an opportunity for finding an ideal match who’ll change your life for good. Time to make changes, so what are you waiting for?

Jennifer Joy Butler

Jennifer Joy Butler

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