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Pros And Cons of Dating Portuguese Women

Portugal, a very popular European country, lies around the southwest of Europe, sharing a boundary with Spain. The Portuguese language does share some similarities with Spanish and it is also an official language in some countries outside Europe, such as Brazil, Argentina, East Timor, and Angola. Portugal is famous for its nature, history, and beautiful Portuguese women.

The map of Portugal has the shape of a rectangle, measuring about 561 km and 218 km to the North-south and the East-west respectively.

Portugal is grouped into several regions, including Lisbon, Algarve, the Beiras, Aleteo, Estremadura, Tras-os-Montes, and the Douro. All these regions are characterized by their different cuisine, delightful features, and scenery.

Generally, the climate in Portugal is sunny and dry in southern areas. It is different in the North where the air is more humid and much cooler. Sometimes, it snows around the mountain top of the northeast.

Seafood is ubiquitous in Portugal, which makes it an important part of Portuguese cuisine. They have different varieties of codfishes, fresh fish, and dried fish. Sometimes, regions have species peculiar to them and these species are found only around such regions. 

Other foods popular in Portugal include potatoes, pork, clams, chicken, custard creams, meats, beans, and garlic. Unlike other regions, Azores island’s cuisine is more simple, although it still contains a lot of seafood.

Portugal has a lot of beautiful things to offer. At the top of this list is a plethora of sexy, hot, and beautiful Portuguese women. 

Portugal has a lot of beautiful things to offer. At the top of this list is a plethora of sexy, hot, and beautiful Portuguese women. 

Unlike what is obtained in other countries, especially in the western part of the world, Portuguesehairn show humility in every aspect of their life. They have so much value for family and relationships. They are very hardworking and more interestingly, they are super fun to be with.


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Female Population5.2 mln
Popular CitiesLisbon, Porto, Braga
Most Popular Dating AppTinder
Average Age of Marriage for Women31.1

Determining Portuguese Women 


Portuguese women are brought up to have a mind of their own. However, they still have a tender and feminine side.

Being submissive comes with her duty as a wife. This is why they make good wives and mothers. They love being under the protection of their partners, who make them feel special.

Portugal women



Ever thought of a beautiful sexy lady with a golden tan? Those are the main physical attributes of a Portuguese lady. An indisputable fact is that the beauty of a Portuguese girl will always draw the attention of any man.

Portuguese women’s tanned skin is a result of the sunny weather which the country is blessed with. Although the average girl from Portugal wouldn’t be described as being tall, she makes up with her facial beauty wherever she comes short in her height. There seems to be a certain impregnable aura of attraction around the girls that attract men to them. 

Portuguese women’s tanned skin is a result of the sunny weather which the country is blessed with. Although the average girl from Portugal wouldn’t be described as being tall, she makes up with her facial beauty wherever she comes short in her height.

Although Spain and Portugal might have shared a common origin in the past, their girls are nothing like each other. They indeed share the same border, but their looks are dissimilar and they exhibit different personality traits.


Most Portuguese girls have a Mediterranean look as Greek girls have. They are usually tall and slender with a pointed nose. Their hair color is brown, although some of them have dark hair.

Most Portuguese girls have a Mediterranean look. They are usually tall and slender with a pointed nose. Their hair color is brown, although some of them have dark hair.

Eye color differs from one person to the other. While some may have a blue colored eye, others may have brown or green colored eyes. In the same way, Portuguese wome have different eye color, they also have a different skin color.

In Portugal, you can get girls with light skin and you can also get some with a dark tan. Their skin color is strongly influenced by their weather conditions.

Although most of them have an athletic structure, you can still get some thick and curvy girls amongst them. Whatever you want, it’s here in Portugal.


Portuguese girls aren’t just having beautiful looks; they have an easy-going personality as well. Here are some of these their interesting personality traits:

  1. Portuguese ladies are accommodating. It doesn’t matter if you are a stranger they just met, Portuguese babes will accommodate you and treat you like a friend. Being kind and hospitable is one fine characteristic they possess.
  2. Portuguese women possess a strong character. Most times, their display of strength is always misunderstood for inaccessibility. However, this is not true in most cases. Portuguese ladies don’t just allow anyone to control them or influence their actions without their consent. 
  3. Portuguese women are emotional. Portuguese ladies are good at concealing their emotions. However, you will be surprised at how well they can exhibit a wide range of emotions once they get comfortable with you.
  4. Portuguese women love having fun. Contrary to what may be said about Western ladies, the Portuguese are always cheerful and not stuck up. They love to party too.
portuguese woman


In Portugal, women take dating very seriously, and they do not tolerate flirts and men looking for flings. So consider looking elsewhere if having a fling with them is what you are after. Even before they start being serious with you, they will make sure you are serious-minded as well and not just flirting.

Although most beautiful Portuguese women are free and independent, they still have high regard for their culture and tradition. As a result, they expect their partners to respect and obey their customs and tradition as regards dating and marriage.

Portuguese Women

Portuguese Dating Culture

If you’re looking for a hot and sexy partner for dating, ladies from Portugal should be your ideal candidates. They’re among the prettiest women in the world. Dating them is like dating a woman who’ll be like Iva Lamarao, Sonia Balaco, Andreia Rodgrigues, or Cláudia Vieira. If interested, then you should discover their dating culture.

Things to know before dating Portuguese women

There are so many things that can attract you to Portugal. You can be mesmerized by beach resorts, great architecture, and awesome seafood dishes. But Portuguese women should be your priority. Before you find a girlfriend there, here are some interesting things to know about them:

  • They’re conservative about dating. What does it mean? No worries. It’s not about any prohibition on premarital sex. But it’s more about their serious attitude towards dating and creating relationships. Casual dating isn’t popular in Portugal.
  • They love texting. If you haven’t dated a Portuguese woman, you don’t know what it means to be showered with attention. She’ll send lots of texts per day, which is quite a common aspect of their dating culture.
  • They love football and Ronaldo. There’s hardly any person who doesn’t know Ronaldo. Portuguese women are proud of their football players and their football.  They like visiting local matches, and almost every girl has her favorite team.
  • They love food and cooking. Portuguese women love food. What’s more, they love cooking. Dating a Portuguese woman is a chance to try dishes like Caldo Verde, Portuguese Cod Fish, grilled sardines, and many more.

How to Date a Portuguese Woman? 

Dating a woman from Portugal isn’t such a hard task. Their easy-going nature makes it easy to hang out with them. 

Dating a woman from Portugal isn’t such a hard task. Their easy-going nature makes it easy to hang out with them. 

However, if you are to successfully date sexy Portuguese women, there are key points you need to have in mind. These are not hard kept secrets though, but being aware of them will prepare you for a soft landing in the relationship. 

Portuguese women are strong, motivated, ambitious, and liberal women. They value their privacy, and most of them are feminists. If you’re interested in conquering such women, here are some cool tips:

  • Be an attentive listener. Portuguese women love talking a lot. Thus, you should be a careful listener so that she can feel that she’s important to you.
  • Take her to Sintra. What’s Sintra? It’s one of the most charming places in Portugal. It can be a romantic place to have a date.
  • Walk slowly with your lady. Walking in the streets is quite common among couples. Interestingly, they don’t walk fast. Slow down your pace and enjoy walking.
  • Be ready for much PDA. Portuguese women are passionate. They love expressing their love physically, which you should be ready for.

Dating Tips

You will first of all have to understand to a great extent the behavior of a Portuguese woman, especially when it comes to romance. If you must get along with them fluidly, you must know the intricacies about them such as how they act or react to certain situations. Here are six key things to know and keep at your fingertips: 

  1. Portugees women are deeply romantic. Most people, especially foreigners, believe that the kind of lifestyle Portuguese women (especially married ones) adopt makes them less romantic. On the contrary, they are very romantic lovers.
  2. Portuguese women enjoy cooking and eating. Every Portuguese girl probably has cooking listed as one of her hobbies. They love to explore different restaurants and try out new dishes. Anyone dating them should be prepared to tag along on their many food trips. 
  3. Portuguese women have a vibrant sex life. Although they wouldn’t make it so obvious or state it bluntly, they are very good in bed. To many foreigners, they seem conservative but when you get closer to them, you will realize just how broad-minded and excited they are about sex.,
  4. Portuguese women appreciate the sincerity. Always be yourself. Do not try to overdo things to get their attention. Yes, this might sound like a cliche that is fast losing its significance, but Portuguese ladies are turned off by men who try to impress them by taking on fake personas. 
  5. Portuguese women get married early in life. Typical Portugal women has a higher tendency to get married earlier than other women in Europe. This has been influenced by the minimum age requirement for marriage in the country. 
  6. Do not try to dominate her. It will only backfire. Remember, Portuguese girls are strong-willed. Rather strike a balance when trying to assert yourself, and try not to appear weak by not letting her have her way all the time. She will begin to respect you.
  7. Spice up the relationship by doing the things she loves. Trying new dishes together and partying are some things she won’t say no to. 
portuguese women

Pros of Dating a Portuguese Woman 

  1. Gorgeous looks. Many describe Portuguese babes as such. Their natural beauty is unmatched when compared to many other countries. They are not fashion freaks but they are trendy and know just how to maintain their beauty.
  2. In addition to Portuguese women’s beauty and stunning body, they are a very interesting set of people. They have a way of keeping you amused and occupied even when they are not physically with you. They love to keep in touch via texting and video calls. When with them, you will never get bored too. They keep you wondering what next they would come up with as they are full of surprises. 
  3. You get yourself a smart and adventure-loving young woman when you begin dating a Portuguese girl. She will be more than willing to show you every interesting spot in the country, especially if you are visiting the country for the first time.
  4. Portuguese women will also help you learn their language. In the long run, acquiring a new language will help you develop a fondness for each other and foster better relationships with the citizens of the country.
  5. Cooking is an art that Portuguese women have mastered. As stated earlier, Portuguese women love good food and they are famous for having excellent culinary skills. Therefore, dating a Portuguese lady means having an opportunity to enjoy the delights of Portuguese cuisine. Portuguese ladies don’t only offer the best meals, they also have an almost perfect taste for wine and they are pros at coffee making. 
  6. To further spice up the experience a bit more, they love cooking with their partner. This doesn’t mean they can’t handle it all by themselves, they just love having their loved one around. 

Cons of Dating a Portuguese Woman

Although most men wouldn’t have a problem with this, it appears to be an issue for some. Most Portuguese women might display a trait of indecisiveness. They are always coming up with different new suggestions on how to handle a particular issue. 

Believing the whole world is as kind as they are, they at times act naively letting their guard down when dealing with people. When they do get hurt, they can abruptly cut ties with any who hurt them without a second thought.

They often feel a strong need to be appreciated and valued by the people around them. When people treat them with less importance, it irks them.


How to Get Portuguese Women to Fall in Love With You

  1. If you guys are meeting for the first time, don’t rush into any talk about feelings. This is one mistake most guys make. Take things slowly if you need a long term relationship.
  2. Accept her for who she is. Focus on her strengths rather than point out her flaws. If you love her and she shows you her true self, embrace her in all sincerity if you want your relationship to work. 
  3. Make plans for interesting dates where you can spend time together. Take random pictures of her and surprise her with gifts and free trips, which could be something as small as a city festival or an art exhibition.
  4. Invest time in the relationship. Remember that everyone has interests and hobbies. Discuss her hobbies and invest in her interests.
  5. Don’t always react to every one of her whims. If you are upset with her actions, try not to lash out at her. Talk to her gently but firmly. You must not seek to please her at all times though, as it may make you appear desperate.
  6. Try not to be too possessive. You will only end up looking ridiculous. Portuguese women are smart and know obsessive men when they come in contact with one.
  7. Always compliment her, especially when she has a new dress on or when her makeup looks perfect. 
  8. Always show her you have a purpose for her and the relationship with your words and actions. Let her in on your life goals.
  9. Don’t be intrusive. Being in a relationship with her doesn’t mean you are free to meddle in every one of her affairs.

Where To Meet Portuguese Women 


You can meet PortugPortugueseen almost anywhere in Portugal. But some cities are quite popular for harboring Porteguese beauties.


Bairro Alto is one of the most interesting places in the city of Lisbon. You can spend your day taking beautiful pics on platforms. Feed your eyes with the view of colorful rooftops as you sip on cocktails. 

You can get acquainted with Portuguese women as you take a stroll along the beach. Although the water is usually cold, it still doesn’t prevent hot Portuguese babes from hanging out and swimming.

You can also hook up with a nice Portuguese girl in restaurants and cafes. Most of these restaurants host live musical performances and often attract young people, especially music lovers.

Taking a tour of Nosso Tejo in Lisbon, you not only have the opportunity to relax, but you can also hook up with a nice sexy Portuguese lady as many of them can be found there, enjoying boat cruises.

Additionally, if taking a trip to Portugal is not in your plans at the moment, you can find credible sites online which will help you connect with Portuguese females.



In Porto, you can also hook up with nice sexy Portuguese chicks, especially at night. Some places you can find them include 

  • The Gin Club
  • Hard Club
  • The Wine Box
  • Plano B
  • Bar Labirintho

If you prefer the day game, you can meet Porto’s girls in the malls, parks, by the riverside, and shopping centers.

Most Important Traits of Portuguese Women

Portuguese women have lots of interesting traits that attract men to them. Of all the traits, the most important ones include their ability to care for people – even strangers – and their genuine interest in people. Also, they possess the strength of character, intelligence, and diligence.

The Final Thoughts on Dating Portuguese Girls

Considering the many benefits that come with dating a Portuguese beauty, it is never a bad idea to consider getting close to one of these beauties. Dating them means you not only get a beautiful woman, but you also get a deeply romantic and hard-working woman who is a great cook. Despite their tendency to act on a whim and procrastinate sometimes, their lovely personality makes up for whatever shortcomings they may have. When it comes to love, you make a great choice when you date a Portuguese beauty.

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  1. The average age of marriage for women is 31.1, This is what I was shocked about. I didn’t know that these women tend to delay marriage.

  2. I liked this article about Portuguese women. I wish you shared more about these ladies, as I’m really interested in dating them. But I don’t know where to start. Your help will be priceless to me.

    • The first step could be choosing the right dating site. Then, you need to look for a partner who can suit your interests. Finally, start communication.

  3. I adore Spanish and Portuguese women. But I don’t know who’s better. Who’s better according to your opinion? Any ideas on who can make a better wife for single men from the UK?

    • Well, that depends on your preferences. Both of them share something in common. But Spanish women are more emotional.

  4. I have recently moved to Portugal from Ireland and l love this place.
    It is a beautiful country and the ladies are stunning and very attractive.
    I have read the comments and tips above and l find them most informative and useful.
    Your description of Portuguese woman is quite amazing.
    If all this is true , well they sound like the best women in the world.
    Thank you.
    Can’t wait to meet one…

    Kindest regards

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