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Thai Women: What a Foreign Man Should Know About Dating Thailand’s girls

Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia, renowned for its tropical nature, scenic environment, and delicious fruit- the sweet mango. It is also the only country in Southeast Asia that was never under colonial rule. It is also the only country that boasts of having a rich cultural heritage alongside huge modern advancement.

Thailand is a great city to visit. The culture is fascinating. The people are great, and even though the weather could be jarring, it is a great place to stay. It is always better to travel to the country from November to March when the heat is lowest. This way, there is no risk of being in the country when the temperature rises to 90 degrees. Additionally, the cool weather makes it easy for tourists to enjoy outdoor activities and meet the locals, especially Thai women.

Thai women, aside from being uniquely cheerful and optimistic, are fiercely independent. These qualities already distinguish them from other Asian women. However, there is more to Thai women than people may realize.

There are many stereotypes about Thai women and Asian women in general. The consensus seems that they are all docile, submissive, and willing to offer up their loyalty in exchange for financial protection by the man. Some of these may be true. Yet, not all Asian women fit whatever fantasy that Western men have conjured about them. 

Thai women, aside from being uniquely cheerful and optimistic, are fiercely independent. These qualities already distinguish them from other Asian women. However, there is more to Thai women than people may realize.


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Female Population35.7 mln
Popular CitiesBangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket
Most Popular Dating AppKooup – dating and meet people
Average Age of Marriage for Women21

What are Thai Women Like?

Thai women possess certain defining qualities that draw men to them, foreign and locals alike. Foreign men are flocking to Thailand in thousands to find their life partners. This preference for Thai women is not unwarranted, though, as Thai women have some desirable qualities that make men want to have them as brides. Here are the features of Thai girls that attract men from all over the world:


Generally, all women are beautiful in their way. No one will exaggerate by telling you that Thai women are the most beautiful in the world. Their beauty, however, is one of a kind.

First of all, Thailand’s girls have this youthful glow that exudes warmth and friendliness. It isn’t just about the aura either. Thailand’s women are known for their illustrious, organic, and useful skincare items and routine. Their smooth and firm skin gives this appearance of youth, regardless of the age they are. 


Also, Thai women have such thick, dark, and silky hair. Unlike many Western women, Thailand’s girls love keeping their hair long. It is not unusual for many women to have hair long enough to reach their waists or below. 

Thailand’s women also have fit bodies and well-toned muscles. According to studies, few Thai women weigh over their body mass index. These findings are not unconnected to their preference for a healthy lifestyle.

Thailand’s women also have fit bodies and well-toned muscles. According to studies, few Thai women weigh over their body mass index. These findings are not unconnected to their preference for a healthy lifestyle.

Thai women may not be excessively stunning, but they’ve got the looks, a great body, and a fantastic glow.

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Any woman can draw a man’s attention through her looks. It takes character and personality to keep the man captivated. The essence of Thai women has attracted many foreign men searching for life partners to the country. It is quite fascinating.

Firstly, Thailand’s girls know how to blend an independent nature and respect artfully. Thai women are respectful and yet strong-willed. Thai women can be submissive, but one cannot intimidate them. This tip is critical to note for anyone who’s considering marrying a Thai woman. These women do not like being taken for granted and can be temperamental sometimes, having unstable emotions. 

Apart from having good comportment, Thai girls are reserved and calm, and slow to anger. It doesn’t make them any less exciting. Thai women love to have fun and can be outgoing when they want to. 

A hot Thai woman’s personality is one that men seeking relative peace will find welcoming.

A hot Thai woman’s personality is one that men seeking relative peace will find welcoming.


Thai women have traits that define how they view certain situations. Thai girls also have their unique approach to problems. 

Thai girls are always optimistic, regardless of the situation. Their bubbly spirit also works hand in hand with their upbeat nature. This attribute is not surprising. Thai people are known for being friendly and cheerful, and Thailand’s girls are not different due to their upbringing.

Thai women are also mature and emotionally intelligent, maintaining calmness in the face of anger. Thailand’s women are good at understanding the moods of people around them. The ladies are also aware of how to respond to and deal with conflict. This trait is beneficial as it fosters peace in any relationship.

The traits of Thai women are too helpful for many men to pass on. Anyone considering a Thai girl for marriage is definitely on the right track.

Statistics You Should Know About Thai Women

When thinking of Thai women, you should imagine women like Mookda Narinrak, Amanda Obdam, Kanya Rattanapetch, and many others. The most exciting thing about Thai women is their appealing nature, making many men go crazy about them. But it’s not only their appearance you can be interested in. Here, you’ll find out interesting information about Thai women:

  • They’re more family-oriented. When compared to many other Asian women, Thai women stand out in terms of marriages. They’re interested in getting married. Thus, there are so many women online looking for husbands abroad.  There’s a tendency for increasing marriages in this country. There are about 330K  registered marriages, and this number is expected to increase.
  • The divorce rates are high. The rate of divorce is quite high in Thailand. Only in 2019, there were 128K divorces. The tendency to divorce can be explained by poor economic conditions in the country. Although Thailand made great attempts to eradicate poverty, there are places where people live in poverty.
  • Low fertility rates. One of the problems that Thailand faces nowadays is a decreasing rate of fertility among women. Ladies from this country delay delivering babies. They don’t rush to have kids given the situation in the country. For now, the fertility rate is about 1 kids per woman. For now, the government is promoting many campaigns to convince women to bear more kids to deal with the birthrate crash in the country.
  • Gender equality in Thailand. Men and women shall enjoy equal rights. This is a statement in the constitution of Thailand. Indeed, this country has made great steps toward eradicating discrimination based on gender. The gender gap index of Thailand is about 0.71, which clearly shows that there’s still a lot to be done to improve the conditions for all women in this country.
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Do Thai Women Like Foreign Men?

One important thing to note is that there is no country where the local women do not like foreign men. There is hardly any bias against foreign men anywhere. Thanks to globalization. 

In a country like Thailand, marrying a foreign man is a welcome practice. Some Thai women even consider it an achievement.

In a country like Thailand, marrying a foreign man is a welcome practice. Some Thai women even consider it an achievement.

Due to cultural differences and fear of being used, a Thai girl might be hesitant to accept proposals from foreign men. As time passes and there is proof that there is sincerity, the relationship will begin to blossom.

Once the barriers have been broken, and trust has been established, there is no reason for any Thai woman to hesitate or second guess dating a foreigner.

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Why Thai Women Prefer Foreign Men for Marriage

Often, we hear and read that many Thai women aspire to marry a foreign man. We also hear about Thai women snubbing the locals for foreign men. This news may seem delightful to those who are seeking Thai women for marriage. Yet, some people fail to understand the rationale behind the preference of these women. Why do Thai women choose these men in the first place?

Financial Stability and Comfort

As cliché as this may seem, it is true that lots of Thai women choose to be with men from other countries because of their perceived ability to provide. The preference for men who can offer financial comfort is common among many females. Women want stability and reliability. 

In Thailand, the socioeconomic gap is wide. The Thai society is also very classist. Marrying Thai men from affluent or stable backgrounds is difficult. Therefore, the best option is marrying a foreign man.

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Believe it or not, Thai women prefer foreigners as they often regard them as faithful partners instead of Thai men. The rate of divorce cases due to infidelity in Thailand is relatively high. Many Thai women would rather stay single than be in a relationship with an unfaithful partner. So, if an American man comes along with interest in a Thai girl, she would welcome his advances because she believes that he would treat her better than the local men.

Tender Loving Care

The ladies in Thailand prefer foreign men because of the romantic sentiments they acquired while watching Western TV. Most shows (especially American ones) appeal to women because of the romantic gestures that men show their partners. Many Thai women believe that such romance could be their reality. This belief is what propels them to be partial to foreign men. The thrills of a warmer and more romantic life with a foreigner is more than enough to make many Thai women prefer foreign men.

Status Symbol

Thai women love to date foreign men so that they can show them off to their acquaintances. A Thai lady loves to fix dates with her foreign partner in venues where her family and friends can see her date. It accords the women a higher status among her friends and relatives when they see her hitched with someone from some other part of the world.

Trying out Foreign Men

Some Thai girls do want to date foreign men so that they can show them off. The rich females who spend more time on their careers and are not ready to settle down do it for fun. Thai women can simply date a foreigner to experiment and compare notes with the Thai men they have dated.

Thai Women Prefer the appearance of Western Men

Women in Thailand are already aware of their attractiveness. Men choose them because of their innocent Asian look or their upbeat personality. Whatever the reason is, they know they’re a good catch. Their preference for exotic looks makes most of them look out for foreign men. 

How to Tell if a Thai Girl Likes You

Thai girls are sticklers for traditional gender roles. And it means that a Thai girl would never openly express how she feels about a guy. And she would prefer not to express her feelings directly to him. Instead, she would rather leave clues and subtle hints. It is up to the man to interpret these clues and identify the lady’s feelings toward him.

Here are some signals that a Thai girl might give if she likes you:

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Being chatty around you

Thai girls are well-known for their calm and reserved nature. However, everyone knows that even the most reserved people open up and let their hair down when they are around people they find pleasing. Therefore, if a Thai woman is bubbly and chatty around you, as a man, then she likes you. 

Buying gifts for you

It might be surprising due to the stereotypes that indicate that hot Asian women like to receive gifts, not the other way around. Nonetheless, Thai women are mostly independent. Those who are genuinely interested in men don’t mind giving small gifts from time to time.

Introducing you to family and friends

A universal dating rule this is. If a person introduces you to their family, it means that they like you and they’re ready to have a serious relationship with you. This same rule applies to Thai women. 

Sure, introducing you to her friends might be her way of showing off. Introducing you to her family is something else entirely. It signals that she’s ready to take the relationship to the next level, and it shows that she likes you.


Tips on How to Date Thai Women

  1. Don’t rush into anything. The best way to enjoy a relationship with a Thai girl is to pace the relationship. There is no need to try to cover any bases on the first date. Get her to warm up to you. Get past the awkwardness of the initial meeting before attempting to get physical with her at all. If you do rush anything, the message you are sending is that you are only after her body. That’s not a great way to start a relationship. So, take things slow and get to know each other first.
  2. Be honest with her. Honesty will go a long way in your relationship with Thailand’s girls. A Thai girl dating a foreign man doesn’t like failed promises. Don’t promise the world when you know that you are only visiting the country for a few weeks. Show her you value her opinion: As stated earlier in this article, Thai women are quite formidable regardless of their decision to submit to their male partners. Showing her you respect her will earn you her loyalty and love.
  3. Be good at having conversations. Every relationship will benefit from good conversation. However, this does not mean you should approach your Thai woman with a subject that will put her off. The rules are different in Thailand. When you’re not yet familiar with an individual, it is impolite to talk about sex. Keep the conversation fun and exciting but don’t cross the line.

Where to Meet Thai Women

Meeting girls in Thailand is difficult, and it isn’t due to the population whatsoever. It is due to the type of girls tourists are likely to meet. The type of girls you meet at the bars, restaurants, and on the street is certainly not “good Thai girls,” as the locals would put it. Ladyboys (transgender women) also flock to tourist cities. Although most of them will tell you upfront, others won’t. But be alert if the lady you meet is a lot taller than the average female or has a much deeper voice. Don’t kiss anyone until you’re sure that they’re actual ladies. Therefore, anyone interested in dating a genuine Thai girl should try connecting through dating sites. Tinder and are some of the reputable dating sites to meet Vietnamese ot Thai girls.

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Night owls will find Thailand suited to their tastes. Nighttime is when cities like Bangkok (the capital city) come alive. The best cities to meet Thai girls at night are Bangkok and Pattaya. In Bangkok, Patpong is the ideal spot for tourists to meet Pattaya women. It is also the place that you’re most likely to find pretty Thai women. In Pattaya, 808 Night club and Club Insomnia are some great places to meet hot Thai women.

Why You Should be with a Thai Woman

Thai women are an ideal match if you’re seeking women who can respect you and understand you. However, you need to be sure that you find someone who has the same interests as you do. Once that connection is there, it becomes easier to take the relationship in its strides. 

It is vital to be on the lookout for fraudulent people. Many people love to take advantage of foreigners, so the moment you sense something is wrong, move on. 

Thai women can indeed make great partners. Focus on the qualities that can endear them to you. Thai women are generally lovable and submissive. And they understand their roles in any relationship. Despite cultural and language differences, being with a Thai girl is worth the effort.

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  1. I saw many Thai women, and they’re great indeed. But I didn’t know that they’re traditional and faithful partners. Besides, I didn’t think that they would be interested in dating foreigners.

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