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A Comprehensive Guide to Dating Bolivian Women

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say that Bolivian women are popular women for dating among foreign men. These beautiful ladies are greatly underestimated, and it’s the right time to change it. Read this guide and become an expert in dating girls from Bolivia.

Unlike the majority of South American countries, Bolivia isn’t a hot tourist destination. On the one hand, it’s good because lack of tourism helped save the local nature in its original form; but on the other hand, tourism could generate a good income. And it is a great chance to meet Bolivian women to find out a little bit more about the dating culture of this country. Even though this country can boast of beautiful mountain sceneries, tropical forests, and large lakes, tourists are in no hurry to book tickets to Bolivia. Perhaps, high poverty levels and flourishing crime do the trick. 

However, if you’re reading this, you’re probably eager to see another Bolivian landmark - local women. Quite often, men who hear something about South American women think about Peruvian, Chilean, Colombian, Brazilian, or at least Argentinian women, completely ignoring the existence of Bolivian babes. But extraordinary beauty, adherence to traditions, and a unique mindset make them stand out among other nationalities. 

Before you decide whether dating a Bolivia girl is a suitable option for you or not, you have to know what they look like and find out their main features. Even if you live in a neighboring country, you have to get acquainted with the local mentality of Bolivian women to be sure you and your foreign spouse will get along well. Bolivia is a developing country, but it doesn’t mean that Bolivian girls have fallen far behind the rest of the world. You may be surprised, but there are Bolivian women who are well-educated, intelligent, and have an average knowledge of English, but finding them is a kind of challenge.


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Female Population6 mln
Popular CitiesLa Paz, Sucre, El Alto
Most Popular Dating AppSALT – Christian Dating App
Average Age of Marriage for Women24.1

Bolivian Women: Who Are They?

Bolivian women are deeply religious and respect traditions; no wonder that they become perfect wives like Cuban girls. Mothers teach their daughters how to care about the house, cook good food, and be an obedient wife. Ninety percent of these hot chicks you meet in night clubs and on Bolivia’s streets are ideal housekeepers.

Let’s discuss a few other features of Bolivian women that attract men.

bolivian girls



We used to think that beauty is what attracts men. It’s partly true, but here we want to discuss the other side of Bolivian girls’ attractiveness.

Bolivian women possess a special charm that disarms almost any man.

Bolivian women possess a special charm that disarms almost any man. The way they look at you, the way they walk and move — everything in them is alluring. You have to communicate with these girls at least once to feel the power Bolivian girls have.


It would be a big mistake not to mention ladies’ appearance because it’s the first thing that grabs men’s attention.

On the whole, all South American girls are beautiful, and Bolivia women aren’t the exception. They are of mixed race, and it contributed to their unusual appearance.

On the whole, all South American girls are beautiful, and Bolivia women aren’t the exception. They are of mixed race, and it contributed to their unusual appearance. Most of the girls are hourglass-shaped, tanned, have dark hair and dark eyes. Bolivian women really care about how they look, and it’s noticeable. It is also preferable for Dominican women.

Bolivian Women infographic

Bolivia is a country with a complicated and painful history. Thus, Bolivian women are valued for their strength, patience, and commitment. Throughout the country’s history, there were many great women who are worth mentioning now. It’s hard to count them all, but there are 5 of them you can learn about:

  • Bartolina Sisa. She’s a renowned personality in Bolivia, known as an Aymara fighter against the Spanish Empire. She was an indigenous Aymara woman and guerilla fighter who led many battles against colonialism. In the 18th century, she was one of the leaders who recruited fighters, organized supplies, and controlled movement around the rebel region.  
  • Juana Azurduy. If you wonder whether women can be really strong, Juana Azurduy is a great example. She was born in 1780. Juana was one of the leaders of the army against the Spanish Empire. During the battles, she lost her husband and four children. Despite her efforts and struggles, she died in poverty alone. Still, now she’s one of the most celebrated ladies in Bolivia.
  • Manuela Gandarillas. She ‘s one of the Heroínas de la Coronilla. She was one of the women fighters who tried to stop the Spanish army when all males were on other battlefields. There’s now a statue that commemorates 300 Bolivian women, including Manuela. Even a Mother’s Day celebrates these brave women and Manuela, who died protecting her land.
  • Adela Zamudio. Not every famous Bolivian woman died during wartime. Adela is one of the well-known Bolivian poets. At the same time, she was a feminist and educator who didn’t agree with how the Church influenced the education system in Bolivia, about which she wrote in her poems.
  • Lidia Gueiler. When discussing the most popular Bolivian women, it’s hard to skip this name. Lidia was the president of Bolivia from 1979 to 1980. Despite her hard career, she remains one of the most influential female politicians in the history of Bolivia even now.

How to Date Bolivian women in Santa Cruz?

Let’s not forget that women of Bolivia respect their culture and traditions; that’s why picking them up may be difficult. All your attempts to start your dating journey with Bolivian women in rural areas will fail, so it’s better to look for ladies in Santa Cruz. It’s the largest city in Bolivia and the economic hub of the country.

What Makes the Women of Santa Cruz so Different from Other Latinos?

People in Santa Cruz are more forward-looking and ambitious, but traditions still occupy an important place in their life. If we compare women of Santa Cruz to women from neighboring countries, such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, etc., we’ll notice significant differences. Other Latinos are more confident and open-minded, so foreign men have no difficulties with picking them up and dating them. Latino women respect their national traditions and customs, but they want to live a happier life and let themselves ignore certain rules. Bolivian women of Santa Cruz have already started adopting this mindset, but there’s a lot of work to do.

Bolivia women

The Main Tips on Dating Bolivian Women

Get acquainted with some secrets that’ll help you succeed in dating Bolivian girls:

  • Take the initiative. The traditional mindset does its job, and Bolivian women aren’t ready to take the first steps. Bolivian beauties will wait till you approach them and ask them out.
  • Learn the basics of Spanish. Meeting a Bolivian woman who speaks English fluently is a very rare case. That’s why you’d better get acquainted with her mother tongue.
  • Never violate their boundaries. You should be a man with good manners and never rush; otherwise, you risk being rejected.
  • A one-night stand is taboo. If you want to win over your Bolivian date, you should forget about casual sex, one-night stands, etc. Such behavior is unacceptable for Bolivian women in this country.
  • Be ready to wait. Even if you meet a sexy Bolivian girl that seems to be forward-looking, you’ll have to prove that you have serious intentions. Usually, it takes much time.


Where to Meet Bolivian Women?

As we’ve already mentioned, Santa Cruz is the only city that’s worth starting your dating journey in. If you have enough money and time, you may travel across Bolivia and stay in different towns to meet Bolivian girls. We advise you not to have high hopes for daygame. Most of the Bolivian women are at work during the day, and those you can meet are too shy and standoffish to. However, your chance of meeting beautiful ladies in the evening are significantly higher.

Nightlife in Bolivia

Religiousness doesn’t stop Bolivian women from having fun and visiting night clubs. Nightlife in Santa Cruz is vivid. Local ladies adore dressing their best and going out to have a drink. Nighttime lets you be more straightforward than you are during the day. Don’t forget about the appropriate appearance. Bolivian women are concerned about their looks, especially when they go somewhere. If you want to approach them, you should look the part. 

Local places to meet Bolivia women in Santa Cruz

There are three neighborhoods in Santa Cruz that can boast of being full of people, and especially girls, during the night time.

  • UV – 1;
  • Av. Sta. Cruz;
  • Av. Brasil.

It’s good if your apartment is close to one of them. Each of these areas has several bars and nightclubs you should visit. Here are top Santa Cruz dating spots for nighttime:

  • Maroon;
  • Club 2515;
  • Porongo Electro Fest;
  • Luxos;
  • Duda Bar;
  • Chema Gin Club;
  • Bar 92.

Don’t forget that Santa Cruz holds a carnival each year. This event will help you get acquainted with the Bolivian culture and meet hundreds of local girls that will charm you with their outstanding beauty.

Bolivia Girls

What About Online Dating in Bolivia?

We can’t say that online dating is in high demand due to local girls’ conservative views. However, it doesn’t mean that finding a Bolivian girl on a dating site is impossible. Perhaps, women living in Santa Cruz or La Paz are more aware of the benefits of online dating and use dating websites from time to time. Ladies who don’t know English but want to meet foreign men often prefer online dating because it helps them overcome a language barrier. Register on services that let you filter users based on location and nationality to find beautiful Bolivian girls there.

The Final Thoughts On Dating Bolivia Girls

Bolivia doesn’t seem to be a country everyone is eager to visit. However, if you dream about dating a hot Bolivia girl, you’ll be ready to put up with the high crime level, the necessity to obtain a visa, and other shortcomings of this country. We may say that Bolivian ladies are definitely worth all inconvenience you may undergo when planning a trip to this beautiful land. You’ve already got acquainted with the characteristics of Bolivian girls. If you’re sure that they are what you were looking for so long, don’t waste a single minute and book the tickets to Bolivia.

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  1. I’ve been looking for ladies for marriage, and this guide really impressed me. Now I think I want to meet these ladies. Can you help me with that?

    • Pick a good dating site. Register and create an informative profile. Use search filters. And believe me; it won’t take much time before you find the lady of your preference.

  2. Now I’m sure that I want to meet these hotties. Can you suggest the best dating platform where I can meet real singles interested in serious bonds?

    • On the Love Fort platform, you can really find the audience seeking the attention of men who are particularly interested in committed bonds.

  3. I’ve been to Bolivia 3 times, and I can say that local places to meet singles in Santa Cruz are the exact places to spend a great time in Bolivia. But how about the best dating site to meet these charming ladies?

    • You can easily find your ideal match on the Love Fort dating site. There are myriads of singles from Bolivia.

  4. Why do you have to write such an article, it looks like a check list for a shopping trip. Yes Bolivian people are beautiful in so many ways and Dido goes for practically every country
    Wish you and journalists like you didn’t have an audience for this type of article

    • I’m Bolivian and I agree what this article mentions.
      Only one thing, you forgot to mention the city of Cochabamba. This city is knows for the amazing food , it’s called ”Bolivia’s gastronomic city”
      Also the girls are super friendly and lovely and love to show their love with gifts and surprise but they expect a very romantic man.
      98% of them know how to cook and are great wives.
      Bolivian girls are not used to date on line since they are shy and are old school.
      I recommend all my friends to date a Bolivian girl if they want a wife for life.

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