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20 Sexy and Hot Chinese Girls from Show Business

With more than 1.4 billion inhabitants, China is the most populous country in the world. The girls born in this amazing country of the rising sun are petite, graceful, and charming. Chinese wisdom says that a woman is a heavenly creature, the embodiment of a fairytale dream, a cloud of unrealizable desires, and a breeze of goodness and beauty. Undoubtedly, sexy Chinese women have their particular charm and zest. Even Hollywood stars can envy these beauties when billions of fans create a stir around their photos on social networks.


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Why Are Chinese Women So Hot?

Hot Chinese girls know how to look perfect and how to take care of themselves. Slender Chinese girls with smooth and fair skin are different from Western women. Also, there is something distinctive that distinguishes these ladies from other hot Asians. In China, they say that you need to die young, but as late as possible. For thousands of years, hot Chinese women have followed this ancient wisdom and carefully carried through generations the secrets of sophisticated and timeless beauty. Many sexy Chinese women look much younger than their age.

In fact, the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire do not have the elixir of eternal youth. Perfect skin, slim complexion, lack of excess weight, and wrinkles — all this is achieved thanks to the traditional Chinese lifestyle. The art of personal care is harmoniously combined with the principles of ancient Chinese philosophy. Hot Chinese girls pay particular attention to their healthy diet and tea drinking. They try to remain calm and positive at all times to slow down the aging process. As a result, Chinese women, even after their 50s, attract younger men’s enthusiastic glances.


Sexy Chinese girls with their jet-black straight hair, petite figures, and childish facial traits look very impressive. The standard of female beauty in China is white skin. If in Europe the pallor was perceived as a sign of poor health, white skin has long been considered a privilege of wealthy and high-ranking persons in China. That is why local women often use gloves, broad hats, and umbrellas to protect their skin from sun exposure.

Many women in China use special products to whiten their skin. Hot Chinese girls resort to using masks made from medicinal plants and compresses from rice shoots for cosmetic purposes. Many sexy Chinese girls go for plastic surgery to change the shape of their noses or make their eyes look more European. A Chinese girl could be found more attractive if she has good manners, which makes this Chinese girl sexy. What also makes Chinese women hot is their friendly personality, good education, and utmost benevolence.


Physical Features

Chinese sexy women who live in the north of the country are usually taller than residents of the southern provinces. However, all of them feature slender figures, small graceful hands, and a thin neck. Also, they have beautiful teeth, expressive eyes, and charming smiles. Hot Chinese girls consider their shoulders to be the sexiest part of their bodies. Therefore, they try to hide them under clothes. In China, you can often meet local girls wearing shorts or skirts with long-sleeved sweaters without any cutouts.


Sexy Chinese girls have the ability to dress brightly, think intelligently, and behave well among people of other nationalities. More and more hot Chinese women, especially in large cities, refuse to follow the old traditions prescribing them to be shy, humble, and respectful. Contemporary Chinese girls are more outgoing, financially independent, and all-rounded. They actively follow Western trends and often have opportunities to live, study, and travel abroad.

What else makes any Chinese girl hot is the fact that she becomes a wonderful wife, loving mother, and faithful life companion. However, career-oriented Chinese ladies are looking for men who could treat them as partners and accept their lifestyle. In China, young women who did not marry until 27-30 years old still experience tremendous social pressure. In the public consciousness of the Chinese, this signals that something is wrong with these women. In other words, a single woman in China begins to lose attractiveness at around the age of 24.

Popularity among Men

In recent years, relationships between hot Chinese women and men from other countries have become a common occurrence. You can understand those foreigners who lose their heads because of the unique and exotic beauty of hot Chinese girls. It may seem surprising, but until recently, parents used to forbid their daughters even to speak to men of different ethnicities, much less to have any relationship with them. At present, sexy Chinese girls are open to meet and marry American and European men.

Top 20 Hottest Chinese Girls

In today’s entertainment world, not only beauties from Western countries dominate. There are also Chinese celebrities worth mentioning for their beauty as well as their talent and accomplishments. It is challenging to choose the best among the thousands of pretty and hot sexy Chinese girls who have achieved success in their fields. Find out more about the selected twenty hottest Chinese models, actresses, and singers.

1. Bianca Bai

Bianca Bai

Bianca Bai (born in 1982) is one of the most recognized actresses from East Asia. She was born in Taiwan and was engaged in modeling when she graduated from high school. As a model, she managed to achieve success, but she decided to try herself in the movie industry. In 2010, she was nominated as the Best Leading Actress at the 45th Golden Bell Awards for her roles in TV series.

2. Cherry Ngan

Cherry Ngan

Cherry Ngan (Ngan Cheuk-Ling) is a Chinese actress, singer, and model. She was born in 1993 in Hong Kong. She is best known for her roles in the movies The Way We Dance (2013), The Midnight After, and At Cafe 6. She was nominated as the best actress at the Hong Kong Film Award and the Golden Horse Awards. She also appeared in many advertising campaigns and released several songs.

3. Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau

Chrissie Chau (born in 1985) is a Chinese actress and a celebrity model from Hong Kong. She gained fame after the release of her gravure photo albums in 2009 and 2010. As an actress, Chrissie started her movie career in the horror movie Womb Ghosts in 2009. Then, she appeared in many film productions in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Taiwan. She was ranked 7th in the list of most popular and hottest Chinese models and actresses.

4. Du Juan

Du Juan

Du Juan (born in 1982), also known as Jennifer Du, is a fashion model, movie actress, and dancer. She was the first East Asian model who appeared on the cover of Vogue Paris. Her pictures were on the covers of Vogue China 14 times, and this is a record among other models or celebrities. Many international fashion houses selected her as their global spokesperson. Du Juan was recognized as one of the hottest Chinese models in 2020.

5. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing (born in 1981) is a Chinese actress, model, singer, and TV producer. She was listed as the highest-paid celebrity in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 and was named by The Beijing News the most beautiful Chinese woman globally. As an actress, Fan gained popularity for her roles in the TV drama series My Fair Princess (1998–1999). Then, the film Cell Phone (2003) with her participation became the highest-grossing movie of the year in China. After releasing the film Lost in Beijing, she appeared in several Hollywood movies and got many prestigious awards.

6. Gaile Lok

Gaile Lok

Gaile Lok or Gaile Lai is a famous Hong Kong model, magazine cover girl, and actress. She was born in 1980 in Macau. Her father was Chinese, and her mother was Vietnamese. Gaile studied in the US. She made her film debut starring in the 2000 romantic film I Do. Then, she appeared in the My Sweetie film (2004). She has over 50,000 followers on her official Instagram account.

7. Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong

Guan Xiaotong (born in 1997) is a Chinese actress. She was born and raised in a family that had a lot of acting influence. Her father and grandfather were actors, so Guan was encouraged to join the movie industry from an early age. She is best known for her roles in such films as Nuan, Promise, Painted Skin: Resurrection, and The Left Ear. Forbes China included her in the list of 30 influential persons from Asia under 30 years old who have had a substantial influence in their fields.

8. Guli Nazha

Guli Nazha

Guli Nazha, also known as Gulinazha (born in 1992), is a Chinese actress and model with Uyghur roots. At the age of 16, she took part in a modeling pageant and was awarded the Most Photogenic title. Her beauty received the public’s attention, and her pictures were published online. She studied acting at Beijing Film Academy and dancing at Xinjiang Arts University. Her film debut was in the movie Yellow Emperor’s Sword 7 (2013). In 2019 and 2020, she released two albums with her songs.

9. Karena Ng

Karena Ng

Karena Ng (born in 1993) is a Hong Kong actress. Her career began in 2010 when she was tried at an audition in an advertisement for Tempo tissue paper. She was offered her first role in the film Magic to Win (2011). In 2012, Karena was nominated in the Best New Performer category at the 31st presentation ceremony of the Hong Kong Film Awards.

10. Lin Chi-ling

Lin Chi-ling (born in 1974) is a Taiwanese model, actress, singer, and TV host. She was recognized as The First Face of Taiwan by the Taiwanese media for her gentle demeanor and physical beauty. Since 2006, Lin has been working as an official spokesperson for China Airlines and Longines. As a TV host, she was also participating in numerous shows and ceremonies. As an actress, Lin was most remembered for her leading roles in the Red Cliff and The Treasure Hunter films.

11. Li Qin

Li Qin

Li Qin (born in 1990) is a Chinese actress and singer. In 2008, she graduated from the Affiliated Chinese Opera School of Shanghai Theatre Academy. For her pretty appearance, she was nicknamed Sweet Li. She is best known for her roles in The Dream of Red Mansions TV series and the Founding of a Party movie. For her achievements in cinema, she got many prizes and titles at the Shanghai Television Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival, Golden Screen Awards, The Actors of China Awards, Huading Awards.

12. Lin Yun

Lin Yun

Lin Yun (born in 1996) is a Chinese actress. She is also known as Jelly Lin or Jelly Lin Yun. She graduated from the Beijing College of Performing Arts. Lin Yun is most known for her role in The Mermaid movie (2016). Then, she was offered to participate in many TV series, feature films, and music-themed romance dramas. At the 16th New York Asian Film Festival, she got The Rising Star Asia Award and won the Best New Actress title at Huading Awards.

13. Lynn Hung

Lynn Hung (born in 1980) is a Chinese fashion model and actress from Hong Kong. In 2006, she moved to Hong Kong to work in the modeling industry. She quickly became a top model and began an acting career. Lynn starred in the award-winning movie Ip Man and appeared in such films as All’s Well, Ends Well 2010, Ip Man 2, My Sassy Girl 2, and Ip Man 3. In 2009, she was ranked 4th in the list of the highest-paid models in Greater China.

14. Tien Hsin

Tien Hsin (born in 1975) is a Taiwanese actress, TV host, and singer. She was often called Asian Pamela Anderson for her ability to attract the men’s attention with her beauty and sexiness. This Taiwanese celebrity had a high experience in the world of entertainment. As an actress, she mostly played roles of very seductive, sexy, and tempting characters. In 2011, Tien won a Golden Bell Award as The Best Actress for her role in the drama series Who’s the One.

15. Wenwen Han

Wenwen Han (born in 1995) is a Chinese movie actress, dancer, and musician. Before beginning her career in cinema, she was trained to become a dancer and violinist. She is best known for her teenage role in The Karate Kid (2010) movie, a remake of the original 1984 film. Wenwen Han is active on social media and has a personal website.

16. Wu Qian

Wu Qian

Wu Qian (born in 1992) is a well-known actress and singer from China. She is also known as Janice Wu. As an actress, she debuted with a minor role in the Heroes of Sui and Tang Dynasties 3 & 4 (2014) film. However, she gained true popularity after her leading roles in the hit romance drama My Sunshine (2015) and the Chinese TV series My Amazing Boyfriend (2016). Also, she participated in many TV shows, released two albums with her songs, and participated in music videos.

17. Xu Jiao

Xu Jiao

Xu Jiao (born in 1997) is a Chinese actress. In 2008, she made her debut in cinema in the Sci-fi movie CJ7. Xu won the Hong Kong Film Award in the Best New Performer category for her role of a boy in this film. She also appeared in the Starry Starry Night (2011) and Mr. Go (2013) films. Also, Xu played different roles in such TV series as Ice Fantasy, Midnight Diner, Beyond Light Years, and Heroes in Harm’s Way.

18. Zhang Yuqi

Zhang Yuqi (born in 1986) is a Chinese actress. She is also known as Kitty Zhang. She was offered the first role when she was only 15. Her first significant role was in the CJ7 (2008) film, which attracted the media’s attention and contributed to her acting career. At the age of 24, Zhang joined the Chinese show business and gained her place among the recognized artists. Being a beautiful woman, she is also brilliant and extremely hot. Zhang’s photos appeared in many fashion magazines. In 2009, she was offered to be “a guest of honor” at the Montblanc Arts Patronage Awards ceremony.

19. Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi (born in 1979) is one of the most popular Chinese actresses and models. Chinese media called her one of the Four Dan Actresses in China’s movie industry. As an actress, she won seven international awards for her leading role in the film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. In 2020, Zhang was ranked 1st in the FHM list of The Ten Most Beautiful Women in Asia. In 2001, she was named by FHM Taiwan the sexiest Chinese woman in the world.

20. Zhou Dongyu

Zhou Dongyu (born in 1992) is a Chinese actress and model. She graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 2015 and started a professional acting career immediately. Zhou gained popularity after playing a role in the movie The Love of the Hawthorn Tree (2010). In 2016, she won the Golden Horse Award in the Best Leading Actress category for her performance in the Soul Mate movie. In 2020, she won the Hong Kong Film Award as The Best Actress for her role in the Better Days film.

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