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Slovakia is a country quite popular in Central Europe. It is surrounded by Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, and Ukraine. Its territory measures over 48,000 square kilometers and is filled with mountainous regions that further add to its beauty.

Residents of this nation, the Slovaks are mostly original citizens, making up about 85% of the over 5.4 million residents according to the population estimate of 2019. Slovak (or Slovakian) is the official language. Interestingly, the younger Slovaks can speak English, German and Russian.

Being located in Central Europe, the Slovakian culture has been greatly influenced by surrounding nations.

Slovakian women love art. If you take a trip to Slovakia, you will get to see so many galleries, museums, churches, castles, manor houses, chateaus, and many beautiful monuments. It has been rumored that this nation has the largest number of castles existent in a capital city.

Slovakian cuisine has also been influenced by neighboring nations, just as the culture. Slovaks’ meals consist mainly of dairy products, poultry, pork, potatoes, flour, and cabbage.

Hunting is a popular hobby and vocation for Slovaks in this country. The fact that the country is filled with vast forests and mountains is also an added advantage.

Slovakian Women: A beauty to behold

Seeing a Slovak girl for the first time, you can’t help but wonder at such beauty. Their physical attractiveness is something men from all walks of life can attest to. Their physical appearance is a blend of traits from their Hungarian, Austrian and Slavic neighbors.

The slavic women usually have an enviable height, with a set of eyes anyone would kill to have.

They have a slender build with just the perfect hip/waist ratio. Their long hair is another factor that contributes massively to their beauty. They are either red-headed, blonde, or brunette.

Slovaks possess features quite different from every other eastern country in Europe. The girls are hot, pretty, and they exude confidence. Although they might not be compared to girls from Russia when it comes to sexiness, they are definitely more attractive and sexier than girls from either Poland or the Czech Republic.

You wouldn’t be too far from the truth if you say that Slovakian women are the prettiest set of people on earth. The women are naturally beautiful.

Why a Slovakian woman seems even more attractive is that she is aware of her beauty. She is aware that men would always stare at her, and she tries to keep up her beautiful appearance. Slovak girls love working out and staying in top shape like Estonian girls.

slovakian girls

Characteristics and Personalities of a Slovakian Woman

Most men, especially foreigners, know not so much about Slovakian women, even though they would love to date and perhaps marry these women.

Some men tend to confuse them with Slovenian or Greek women. If you are looking forward to dating or possibly marrying a Slovak girl, it will do you some good to know more about their behavior and personality traits. Here are some interesting traits Slovak girls possess:

The girls love sex and value their sex life.

Slovakian girls would always love to explore. They love trying out new things and keeping them spicy especially in their sexual life.

Slovaks do not entertain polygamous relationships, instead of Dominican women, and so you need to be mindful of this fact. Yes, the girls love adventure but it has to be between them and their sexual partner only. No third party is entertained.

They appreciate families and relationships.

They form very strong ties with family. And the girls love making families of their own, unlike Lithuanian women. This doesn’t mean that they are all baby freaks. There are still some Slovakian girls who wouldn’t want to have babies for some reason. Although an average Slovakian woman isn’t just a housewife and a mother, she knows how to take care of her home. The girls do more domestic work than an average western lady.

They love looking good

As mentioned earlier, a Slovak girl is beautiful, and she is aware of it. She knows just what to wear to any occasion. Although she might not be the type to go crazy about the latest trends and designs, she is still very fashionable. Slovakian girls are always gorgeous and sexy but mind you, this doesn’t mean they are dumb. On the contrary, they are probably one of the smartest women you will see around. They exhibit a good dress sense.

They love to mingle

Slovakian girls like partying and having fun, entertaining less tension, and love to live life to the fullest. Dancing is loved greatly, and they love to be free and express their girlish traits. Most times, they care little about what the world thinks especially when it threatens their social life.

They are far from gold diggers

As opposed to popular belief, Slovakian girls are not materialistic in nature. On the contrary, the girls value little gestures much more than monetary gifts. Give a Slovakian girl a gift that costs little or nothing, and she will be all over you. Those seemingly trivial acts like taking a walk and appreciating nature are greatly cherished by them.

They love romance

Although they may seem strong-hearted, that feminine, delicate side the girls possess is always evident. They like surprises and will appreciate a real man who makes them feel like a real woman. Slovakian girls are easy to please and will quickly appreciate sweet and gentlemanly acts of love from you. 

slovak girl

Slovakian women respect tradition

Some may tell you that Slovak girls are predictable. This is partly because the girls seem strict and rigid with norms and traditions. They are comfortable celebrating Christmas the same way they did the previous year, having the exact same menu from past years and wearing the same set of clothes. Even less religious ones value easter celebrations. They expect to receive nice gifts on such occasions. The girls also love to have gifts in their name on their birthdays, on International Women’s Day, and similar celebrations.

What Kind of Relationships do Slovakian Women Seek?

People of Slovakia, especially girls, value religion and have high regard for traditions. They are mostly Roman Catholics and most times prefer to keep relationships with men who share the same faith.

A typical Slovak girl will not entertain a one-night stand and before they sex with you, they must have something meaningful with you. Most Slovakian girls would not have sex with just anyone until they have been acquainted for at least a few months.

Slovak girls have high moral standards and love to observe every traditional rule during courtship. 

Slovakian women like to keep honest and sincere relationships. Make them feel loved, and they will literally do anything for you. They also like to hang out with attractive men.

Remember, they are not the type to be swayed by money, they are not materialistic. Their eyes will light up when you offer them flowers or cupcakes. Yes, such little things matter a lot to them.

They do not entertain polygamy. They have a very active sexual life and wouldn’t mind exploring with their partners anytime as long as it does not involve a third party.

Most times, Slovak girls know exactly what they want in a relationship. They are confident and expect their partners to have a good level of self-esteem too. They will never make you look stupid or feel less of a man. When they fall in love with you, they will respect and adore you.

Where can you hook up with Slovakian girls?

Nightlife in Bratislava

The capital, Bratislava is the biggest city in Slovakia. If you are seeking a nice Slovak girl to have a nice time with, or for keeps, there is no better place to look than in Bratislava.

Slovakian women like to party and have fun, and one of the best places to look would be at the night clubs. Nightlife here is something every single guy would want to experience every time.

Some remarkable night clubs in Slovakia include:

  • Channels Club
  • Nu Spirit Bar
  • Icebar
  • UHU Club
  • Fuga
  • Radosť Music Club

Day Life in Bratislava

If you have properly followed through the article you must have realized that a Slovak girl isn’t the type to just sit and idle away time . They love being occupied, either working or having fun.

In the day time, the girls are seen in the malls, parks, shops, or cafes. Some of these places include:

  • Avion Shopping Park
  • Shopping Palace Zlate Piesky
  • Bory Mall
  • Aupark
  • Vivo!
  • Eurovea
  • Danubia
meet girl in bratislava

Dating Slovakian Women Online

Just like with every other thing, the Internet has made it easy for people to meet. With just a mobile phone and internet service, you can find pretty hot Slovakian girls on dating sites.

If you need a hookup or a girl to mingle with, use Adult Friend Finder. This is a very popular site with lots of Slovakian girls looking for fun.

However, if you want something more serious like long term relationships and possibly marriage, use the International Cupid.

Interested in more related topics? Read our comprehensive guides to Latvian girls and Czech women.

Final Thoughts on Dating Slovakian Women

A typical Slovak girl is physically attractive, very smart, and confident. They love to look good, keep fit, work hard, and care a great deal about relationships and families. More interestingly, they are very lovely and easy to please. So if you are looking for a gorgeous lady either for fun or for keeps, a Slovak girl is probably your best bet.

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