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Mongolian Women’s Charm: Why Are They So Attractive For Travelers?

Despite the incredible victories of the Mongolian Empire in the past, Mongolia is now known as an economically and politically unstable country in Southeast Asia. Almost 50% of Mongolians live in the capital, Ulaanbaatar. Although Mongolia boasts beautiful landscapes, it can’t be called a popular tourist destination.

Compared to other Asian countries, Mongolia is not accustomed to receiving numerous visitors. Yet, with 3 million citizens, it seems to offer a lot. And you will make sure of that after the very first glimpse at magnificent Mongolian women. These beauties have everything to bring happiness and love into your relationship. Being as hardy as their ancestors, Mongolian women have an inner strength that leads them throughout their life. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be gentle and feminine, though.

Dating in Mongolia is not devoid of challenges though. So, Western men need to be cautious when it comes to meeting local girls.

When it comes to relationships, local girls tend to marry once and for all. This is why it takes time for them to find a perfect partner. Thanks to their adventurous spirit, they are fine with the idea of marrying a foreigner. Dating in Mongolia is not devoid of challenges though. So, Western men need to be cautious when it comes to meeting local girls. The main reason explaining this is that Mongolia ladies are not as open-minded and easy-going as Western chicks. Therefore, make sure that you know all the nuances before taking the first step.


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Female Population1.7 mln
Popular CitiesUlaanbaatar, Murun, Erdenet
Most Popular Dating AppTinder
Average Age of Marriage for Women26

What Are Mongolian Women Like?

Mongolian babes have a lot of great qualities that look appealing to local and foreign men. Apart from physical beauty, they have sharp intelligence and striking charisma. So, let’s go deeper into details.


Western men love Mongolian girls for their exotic traits. They simply can’t resist the inborn charm of local beauties. An average Mongolian lady has almond-shaped eyes, dark hair, and sensitive lips that make the hearts of foreigners beat faster in no time. Despite having a yellowish-brown complexion, her skin looks smooth like porcelain.

Most Mongolian women are quite short yet slim. Similar to other Asian beauties, they know the secret of looking young even at a mature age. So, they don’t need to change something in their face or body through surgery. Through a natural look, they express their individuality. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that casual style and natural beauty suit them best.

mongolian women


You can’t deny the fact that Mongolian women are beautiful. But what hides behind their cute faces? Being the descendants of Mongol conquerors, they have inner strength running in their blood. This has a direct impact on their behavior and attitude to life. Despite living in a predominantly patriarchal society, most Mongolian brides obtain an academic degree. Whether they want to be housewives or build up a successful career, self-development remains an important part of their life.

From early childhood, Mongolian women are taught to be feminine, gentle, and polite. They want to find a soulmate with whom they can have a harmonious relationship that is based on full trust and mutual respect.


From early childhood, Mongolian women are taught to be feminine, gentle, and polite. They want to find a soulmate with whom they can have a harmonious relationship that is based on full trust and mutual respect. This is why they usually get married only once in their life by devoting themselves to their partner. When you come home every evening, your caring wife will be waiting for you. So, your kids will be growing up in an atmosphere of love.


Mongolian women live in a patriarchal society where men take the lead in relationships. But you can hardly call them weak and helpless creatures. Local beauties are brought up in such an atmosphere where they have to be strong. When it comes to their attitude towards life, Mongolian women always act wisely. They know their place in the family, but they also don’t give up on the idea of self-development. They are not scared of challenges due to their powerful personalities. Their adventurous nature makes them ready for new experiences. They always find an interesting topic to discuss or a funny story to share with you. Thus, spending time together will always be full of fun. An average Mongolian girl has traditional family values that make her settle down in her 20s. She is looking for a strong husband who will be able to provide for the family. In her eyes, men from Western countries seem to be perfect candidates for a happy marriage.

mongolia women

Generally, Mongolian women dating is not as complicated as it seems. If your intentions are serious, you will enjoy the greatest adventure of your life. Just give her time to open up to you.

Statistics You Should Know About Mongolian Women

Mongolia is a unique place where you can meet exotic women for dating and marriage. Don’t expect local women to have casual dating, as they’re interested in creating serious bonds. But what do you know about them? Here are some interesting things you need to know about them:

  • Social pressure. In Mongolia, women have problems with social pressure. They feel forced to establish their career and get married. This should be done before they reach 29. This is what makes things complicated for single Mongolian women. In Mongolia, it can be hard for a woman over 30 to find a husband. This explains why local women are more interested in meeting foreign men.
  • Changing trends. Despite the social pressure, marriage rates continue to decrease. The age when Mongolian women marry is about 26. But in 2010, it was about 24. There’s a tendency for women to pursue their careers. This is one of the changing trends in the country. In urban areas, women marry later than 26.
  • Decline in fertility rate. One of the reasons why women are less interested in local marriages is less interest in local men. This is why local marriages continue to decline leading to the decreasein the fertility rate, which is 2.7 births per woman. You may think that the fertility rate is quite high when compared to some Asian countries, but back in 1960, such a rate was higher than 7 kids per woman.
  • Lack of men. There are many women in Mongolia, especially in urban areas. For now, there are about 9 men for 10 women. But in cities like Ulaanbaatar, women complain about the shortage of eligible men for marriage. Indeed, Mongolian women are more successful and more ambitious than their local men.

How to Date Mongolian Women: Top 5 Tips

Conquering a woman with a different cultural background is not as easy as it seems. This is why you should have a clear tactic before you start dating Mongolian babes. By following the smart tips, you will make your first date less dramatic.

  • Make your intentions clear to her. Mongolian brides have strong personalities. It doesn’t mean that they can’t be hurt, though. If you just want to play with them, you won’t go far in this. If you have serious intentions, make them clear to your Mongolian lady at the very beginning.
  • Be respectful. Despite living in a country of patriarchal traditions, every Mongolian woman knows her self-worth. She wants to be treated like a queen in a relationship. So, you should make her feel like that while being next to you.
  • Avoid talking about your previous partners. Although this topic can be amusing for a Western woman, it will be totally unacceptable for a Mongolian single. If you decide to discuss it with her, you should be specific. Are you wondering about her dating or sexual partners? While dating is not forbidden in Mongolia, sleeping with a man before marriage is a totally different story. By asking a seemingly simple question, you will make her feel ashamed or even angry. On the very first date, they try to estimate your potential. Mongolian women don’t give a second chance to those men who fail the first test. They simply don’t want to waste their time on such men.
  • Focus on her personality rather than appearance. No matter how hot and sexy she is, she has much more to offer you. Apart from giving compliments to her cute face, you should also say something good about her kindness, hospitality, or professionalism.
  • Avoid talking about the history of Mongolia. It’s not taboo to discuss local history. But not every Mongolian girl likes discussing blood and violence. Instead of mentioning historical events, you may focus on cultural aspects. For example, horse racing has always been a part of Mongolian history.

Generally, Mongolian women dating is not as complicated as it seems. If your intentions are serious, you will enjoy the greatest adventure of your life. Just give her time to open up to you.


Where to Meet Mongolian Women

Now that you are definitely interested in Mongolian women for marriage, you should choose the best way to meet them. The most convenient option is to buy a plane ticket to Mongolia and meet local girls personally. You can also try to find Mongolian girls in your country. Although it may be hard to do, it’s still worth trying. If you don’t want to rely on a lucky coincidence, you should start your search from one of the dating sites. This is probably the safest way to find a soulmate without leaving the comfort of your home. Before you choose the most suitable option, you should find out all the details first.

mongolian woman


Now that you are about to visit Mongolia, you should plan your trip to Ulaanbaatar. Being the biggest city in the country, it has a lot of options for single men and women to have fun and arrange their private life. Once you are in Ulaanbaatar, you should visit Peace Avenue and Seoul Street, namely the center of local nightlife. You will find a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars, and nightclubs there. No need to say that your chances to meet nice Mongolian women there are pretty high. If you are interested in a one-night stand, Mint and Zu Club will be the most reasonable options for you. After grabbing a few drinks there, you will surely make something happen that night. If a fast fling is not what you are looking for, you may visit some alternative spots with a different audience. These include:

  • Rosewood Kitchen + Enoteca
  • RePUBlik Lounge & Bar
  • Sky 17 Bar
  • CHOCO Metropolis Club
  • Lux Club

Daily spots

Compared to Mongolia, Vietnam is less ignored in the dating arena. The Vietnamese cities have become popular tourist destinations for Western people. Ho Chi Minh City has the highest concentration of hot Asian girls. It is also considered to be the most foreigner-friendly city in Vietnam due to the previous presence of French and American armies there. The city of Hanoi is known for its high temperatures, which makes it a perfect spot for hot night parties and long hours on the beach. Whichever destination you choose, you will have a lot of places to visit in both cities.

Mongolian Women infographic

Online Dating

Mongolian women don’t have many opportunities to find a foreign husband. This is why online dating has become incredibly popular in Mongolia. If you are interested in local girls, you will most likely meet some of them online. Luckily, there are lots of dating websites to choose from. Before making the final decision, make sure that a selected web resource is licensed by the authoritative body.

Mongolian women don’t have many opportunities to find a foreign husband. This is why online dating has become incredibly popular in Mongolia.

Now that you are ready to proceed with your love search, you should pay attention to every single detail. Online dating happens to be less personal compared to face-to-face dating. Thus, you need to make sure that you talk to a real person, not a scammer. If the girl’s profile information and photos don’t look suspicious, feel free to send a message to her. Asian Dating is considered to be one of the most trustworthy sites in Mongolia, Thailand and Japan. Whether you are looking for a fast fling or a soulmate, you will find her here. After all, it’s nice to get a reward before you arrive in Mongolia.

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Mongolian Women for Marriage

After reading the above information, you might be more interested in Mongolian mail order brides. Their life and culture don’t look strange anymore. Before you invite one of them for a date, learn a couple of facts that will make your communication easier.

  • Mongolian women don’t forgive adultery. Trust and honesty make up the foundations of a happy relationship. Local women know how to be faithful partners, so they expect the same thing from men. This is why Mongolian beauties choose their partners carefully.
  • Mongolian women like traveling. Their adventurous nature is not something new for you. So, you should take this part of their character seriously. When a Mongolian girl marries a foreign man, she surely expects to move abroad and see the world. You should be ready to satisfy her travel bug. Otherwise, she will find another way to do it without you.
  • Mongolian women have utter respect for family values. They stick to their moral values no matter what. Family is not an empty word for them. This is why they will never have a serious relationship with a man who doesn’t believe in family. So, even if you aren’t close with your parents and relatives, you shouldn’t demonstrate this to your Mongolian mail bride.

The Final Thoughts on Dating Mongolian Women

More and more foreigners start turning their heads to Mongolian women. These oriental beauties are charming creatures that can change your life once and for all. They happen to be the best candidates for starting a happy family life. Instead of selfish relationships, your Mongolian wife is ready to offer you an equal partnership where you will be a breadwinner and she will take household chores under control. Now that you have the most detailed and useful information about Mongolian women, feel free to take the first step. Being a gentleman will make it easier for you to captivate local beauties. Considering the cultural traditions in Mongolia, a man must be incredibly noble, respectful, and caring in order to deserve a local woman. Once you pass this exam, you will have a chance to enjoy a happy married life. By keeping in mind the above-mentioned information, you will meet a beautiful and smart Mongolian female on your way very soon. So don’t miss such a great opportunity.

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  1. Thanks to this detailed guide, I learned where Mongolia is, what the capital city is, and how charming women are there. It’s said that it can be challenging to date them, but I love challenges. It’s time to plan a trip to this exotic place.

    • Well, nothing to fear. Just be sure to have a guide when visiting this country so that you won’t get lost.

  2. I love exploring places that are not so well-known, and Mongolia is my next destination. I hope I will meet their charming ladies and meet a single-minded partner who can change my life. Where do you think I should start with?

    • It’s much easier to find them on dating websites, and The Lucky Date can be a good destination to find Mongolian women

  3. Now I see why Mongolia is such an exotic place to visit. I hope I’ll have to visit this country to meet local women, as thanks to your guide, I know how to approach them. Any safety tips you can share with me? That would be priceless to know before I go there.

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