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Swedish Girls and Women: How To Date Guide

Whenever beautiful, strong-willed people are brought up in a discussion, Swedish population isn’t far off. Sweden, which is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe, is home to some interesting famous people - Zlatan Ibrahimovic, we’re looking at you. Its landscape is just as amazing, as it has lush forests, glacial mountains and coastal islands that are some of the most beautiful sceneries one has seen.

Swedish girls and men like to get things done without making a show of it.

 When dating Swedish women, you’ll notice this in their personalities. Their renowned beauty and taller heights than that of average European babes are some of the things that will stand out to you upon interaction.

Swedish women have always differed from other European women. 

From the Viking era to modern-day Sweden girls, there has always been a "toughness" to Swedish chicks. In Sweden, you will find many beautiful blondes with strong personalities to match their cute looks.


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Female Population5 mln
Popular CitiesStockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala
Most Popular Dating AppBumble
Average Age of Marriage for Women34.7

Understanding Swedish girls

Genes of Sweden Girls

Swedish girls are from the North Germanic ethnic group. They can be found in the Nordic region, and they closely resemble Norwegians, Germans and Brits genetically. Nordic girls, unlike Spanish or Greek, have great genes, and years ago, you’d be forgiven if you thought Wonderwoman was born in Sweden because of how tall and fit Swedish girls are.

Recently, however, there has been an increase in the number of obese Swedish people. Due to their love for food and life, more and more people are losing their slim and model-like physiques. This doesn’t take away the fact that with proper eating habits, few women come close to Swedish girls in terms of sexiness.


A brief history of feminism in Sweden

As far back as 1883, a woman called Ellen Fries defended a doctoral thesis. She was the first Nordic female to do so, and she was Sweden. This is a testament to how long ago Swedish women have stood up for themselves and worked for equal rights and responsibilities with men.

Even before that, in Sweden, girls have long been independent. In the Viking era, if a man was to go away (to war, for example), his wife would become the head of the house. She was able to make all the decisions in his stead, and her words would hold up just as much as his own would have.

These qualities have been passed down from generation to generation and the modern Swedish girl will always grow up knowing her rights. This may come across as cold to some people, but they are just firm. They draw pride from the sense that they can reach any heights they aspire to, without having to belittle themselves.

How beautiful are Swedish girls?

When it comes to physical appearances, Swedish women stand head and shoulders above most other women – literally! Yes, they’re that tall. The average Swedish woman is around 5 ft 5ins tall, while in comparison, the average English woman is 5 ft 3ins tall.

Their tall legs aren’t the only thing they have going for them. If you’re a man interested in dating a beautiful blonde, then turn your sights to Stockholm women. The blondes over there are so beautiful that there is a long-standing stereotype that Swedes are the most attractive people in the world.

When you see a Sweden woman, you immediately understand what people mean when they use the term, ‘Natural beauties.’ They don’t have to empty bottles of foundation and bronzers on their faces to look good. It’s almost effortless with these hotties. In fact, they are so pretty that they usually forget to put in any decent effort in their style and clothing. It is commonplace to find chicks rocking Timberland boots and thick coats outdoors.

This is unlike what you’d expect from girls in countries like the US. Over there, you’ll often see women strutting around in stilettos and looking fancy. Swedish girls simply don’t care about all that.

Their characteristics

Swedish girls are pretty, tall, and have smooth skin and proportionate features. Many of them are blondes with deep blue or grey eyes and thin lips. They are proud, yet soft-spoken as they believe in respecting everyone around them and expect to receive the same treatment in return.

They are also not moved by how much you have or who you are in society. Many Swedes are rich and it makes no sense to flaunt their wealth when most people around them are equally rich. Unlike Cuban girls, Swedish girls prefer to do what makes them happy instead of doing what makes them money.

Swedish babe

The personality of a Swedish babe

The liberal society in Sweden has greatly influenced the behaviors of Swedish girls. Nobody has the traits for confidence in their genes, so if millions of Swedish girls have positive self-images, then the environment is playing a role in it.

Similar to Finnish women, females in Sweden are independent, successful, opinionated and open-minded. They live in a country where women are as influential as men, so they don’t have to suck up to anyone to succeed. The country’s economy also helps as the average Swede is well-to-do, so money doesn’t sway them. If you were planning to woo Swedish ladies with money, you may need to restrategize.

Their attitudes

Swedish babes usually move in small circles. This is because of the Swedish culture where everyone tries as much as they can to not get in other people’s faces. Even the men don’t approach the women a lot in public, in a bid to not encroach into the ladies’ personal spaces.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have fun. They go to bars and clubs and have great times, just as you’d expect from an adult. The only difference is that their reserved nature can make them come across as cold or unapproachable.

Swedish girls

Political views

Political correctness is a big deal in Sweden and their ladies are not left out. When it comes to sensitive arguments, opinions, and assertions, Swedish women will prefer to play a neutral game. When they want to drop their opinion on a matter, they do so open-mindedly, knowing that they may be wrong.

For foreigners who may have strong stances on delicate issues, this may be difficult to adjust to. It isn’t strange to have a Swedish girl leave you in the middle of a conversation because you handled a sensitive topic without tact. If you have strongly conservative views, then you should consider carefully picking the kinds of arguments you get into with Swedish women.

Swedish men: How do Swedish women see them?

Swedish men aren’t very popular among their women. Not all women are wired this way. However, if you are a tourist in Sweden, you may notice that modern Swedish girls will gravitate towards you than they would do to their countrymen.

This is because Swedish men are not forward in their approaches. They don’t exactly stand out of the crowd, and literally too! Swedish men also move in cliques and many times, women don’t like to be approached when it seems like every other person is watching the entire thing unfold.


Statistics You Should Know About Swedish Women

One of the best countries worth visiting is Sweden. This Scandinavian country has a lot to offer. But what are your associations with this country?  You can think of ABBA, Spotify, IKEA, Roxette, and even more. But you should think about ladies Petra Silander, Maria Lyth, or Johanna Lundback. Women from Sweden are indeed mesmerizing, so what about learning more about them before you start looking for them? Here are some interesting statistics you should know about:

  • Is marriage popular in Sweden? It’s common to assume that marriage isn’t really popular in many European countries. Of course, Sweden isn’t an exception. Still, women in this country are getting married more than women in many European countries. The rate is about 5 marriages per 1K population. What’s more, if you look through the population that’s above 20, almost 44% of that population is married. However, not everything is great. When it comes to marriage, there are 2 main problems. The decline in marriage is one of them, and the second is about higher first marriage age.
  • Is divorce common in Sweden? Women’s higher workforce participation is one of the main reasons why marriages are delayed in the country, but this is also another reason why there are so many divorces. Are there many marriages dissolved by divorce in Sweden?  Although the statistics on divorces are more stable, the rate of divorce is quite high in Sweden. It’s more than 23K divorces a year. Interestingly, the average time of a marriage dissolved by divorce is about 11.5 years.
  • Is the fertility rate low in Sweden? Sweden is one of the best, if not the best, countries in the EU when it comes to gender equality. So, it’s a paradise for women to live in.  Higher participation in the workforce, political empowerment, and many other benefits for women are among the reasons why women postpone their marriage. On average, women from Sweden marry once they’re 33.1. Despite marrying late, the fertility rate in this country isn’t so low when compared to other EU countries. It’s about 1.7 kids per woman, which is quite impressive despite the fact that the majority of women have their kids after 31.
Swedish Women

Tips to Help You Flirt With Swedish Girls

There is no sure method that works for every Swedish woman because no two humans are the same. Some tips will increase your chances of attracting Swedish girls. They include:

  1. Don’t directly ask a Swedish girl out on a date early on. They don’t like the idea of being ‘tied down’ at first. Ask her to hang out instead and she will respond more positively.
  2. Keep your bragging to yourself. Boasting is a big turnoff for Swedes.
  3. Be familiar with feminism and speak about her and other women without being condescending. Don’t crack misogynistic ‘jokes’ around her. You won’t like her reaction.
  4. When you meet her in person, hug her. However, don’t be too forward and lean in for a kiss unless she wants you to.
  5. Don’t be shy and drop the goody-goody attitude. That’s part of why they don’t fancy Swedish men in the first place.
  6. Allow her to split the check when she suggests it.
  7. Show her how to have fun!
Swedish girl

Nighttime in Sweden

At night, Swedish girls stick to their circle of friends even more. This can be an issue if you want to approach a girl. You may not get the chance to talk to her alone, but if you are bold enough, you can always make your move in front of her friends.

Although Swedish women are fine with casual sex, for Stockholm women nightlife doesn’t have to end with their knickers on the bedpost. They aren’t easy to get. However, if you’re a smooth-talker and you know where to look, you can end the night on a high note.

Some of the local places to meet women in Sweden at night are:

  1. Sturecompagniet
  2. Cafe Opera
  3. Port Du Soleil
  4. Sticky Fingers

Daytime Date Spots

If you’re meeting Swedish women during the day, we recommended these locations for a great Swedish dating experience:

  1. Medborgarplatsen by Södermalm
  2. Drottninggatan main shopping street
  3. Brasseriet
  4. 1889 Fast Fine Pizza
gamla stan

Online dating is not popular in Sweden. Because of their reserved and shy nature, they aren’t too keen on meeting strangers online. However, these platforms still work for many people and if you don’t mind being turned down a couple of times before meeting Mrs. Right, then go for it.

Final Thoughts on Dating Swedish Girls

There are many articles about Swedish girls and there will be more after this. However, what you need to know about these ladies is that they are proper representatives of a modern woman – confident, sexy, successful and open-minded. If you are interested in dating Swedish girls, the tips discussed in this article will help your cause.

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  2. Everything was clear and great when it comes to these women. The only thing that was sad to reveal is that they don’t rush to get married. But why do they marry so late?

    • Nowadays, it’s become quite common in many European countries, as ladies get access to better conditions and become more career-oriented.

  3. Your guides on Scandinavian women are really great, but the best one is about Swedish women. And Swedish ladies are now my favorite women I’d love to find online. Perhaps, you can help me with finding them.

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