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Chinese Women: Discover Chinese Girls On Top Dating Sites

Planning to meet Chinese singles? It’s no secret that these family-oriented ladies are among the most popular women when it comes to Asian ladies. These women are known for being resourceful and flexible, so for a foreign guy, it’s not challenging to be on the same page with single Chinese women.

Thanks to their traditional dating culture, they’re known for being the best dates to discover.

Chinese culture is quite diverse and unique, and the same can be said about Asian girls from China. A typical Chinese lady is a person who can be interesting to date, not to mention she’ll make a life partner for any person. Why not consider dating Chinese ladies and find the perfect match, which is possible thanks to great dating platforms?


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Chinese Women: All About Dating Chinese Girls In 2024

Interesting statistics to know about

What do you know about Chinese females? First of all, you need to know that Chinese ladies don’t rush to have their own families. They tend to delay marriage more often than a decade ago. But again, they’re still interested in marriage, as, for almost every woman in China, it’s more important to create a family and have kids.

Female Population689 mln
Popular CitiesBeijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong
Most Popular Dating AppMomo
Average Age of Marriage for Women24.9
Male to female ratio101 males to 100 females
Divorce rate30%
Fertility rate1.7

Before you start dating them online or in major cities in China, why not learn more about Chinese girls? The more you know about these singles, the more productive your dating venture will be. A Chinese woman likes being conquered and treated specially, so you should know where and how to do that. So, read this guide on dating a Chinese woman and learn more.

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10 features of a Chinese woman

Dating a Chinese woman is an incredible journey of romance and courtship, but dating Chinese ladies is quite different from dating European women. Chinese dating culture is full of traditions and customs, making Chinese women quite conservative.

But that doesn’t make them less appealing. Chinese girls are renowned for being great partners, and that’s why you should think about dating a Chinese girl. Discover more about your future Chinese girlfriend.

1. Charming Chinese girls

Have you ever met a Chinese girl? You might know Chinese ladies like Juice Jame, Diana Sandy, and Lil Chili. These Chinese women demonstrate how charming ladies from China can be, and it means that your future Chinese girl will be quite hot and sexy.

This is quite a common feature of many Chinese women, making them quite similar to Asian ladies from South Korea and Japan. Their appearance is what makes foreign men seek a chance to date China women.


2. Chinese beauty standards

Beautiful Chinese women are not only great when it comes to natural beauty. They invest a lot in looking better, as there are higher beauty standards in Chinese society. Single Chinese ladies are known for undergoing plastic surgery, especially when it comes to making double eyelids.

Besides, much attention is given to skincare to ensure flawless skin. Slim bodies are quite common for many Chinese women, so coming across stout ladies might not be the case. This makes Chinese ladies even more appealing to Western guys.

3. Passionate nature of Chinese women

How can a Chinese woman impress you? When dating a Chinese girl, be sure that you’ll be mesmerized by her performance in bed. Although Chinese ladies might seem quite shy, don’t get deceived by their appearance.

These girls know how to be passionate, which makes them great for dating. Thus, if you think that their conservative nature will prevent you from intimate moments, you’re wrong. Dating a Chinese girl has always been a journey of passion.

4. Diligent women

If you’re interested in dating Chinese women, you’re quite lucky to find a partner like a Chinese girl. She’ll be quite a diligent person. This is one of the main features common for many Asian women like Filipinas.

Thus, Chinese girls are not only people who can be good at satisfying you, but they’re also great when it comes to hard work. This explains why they make great housewives. If you’re into women who do their work and never complain, you better consider Chinese women.

5. Smart ladies

Education is a must for Chinese people. For a Chinese woman, getting an education is an important step to climbing the career ladder, and this is especially true for women living in big cities. Although Chinese women are shy in conversation, they’re never boring to talk to.

They know how to talk about different topics, from politics to personal things. It means that your future Chinese date will be a smart lady with an unearthly charm. This adds up to factors making foreign men meet Chinese women.

6. Great cooks

What’s so cool about China? There are many things worth admiring, but Chinese cuisine is one of the first to be mentioned. It’s one of the most popular across the globe, thanks to its great ingredients, and getting a chance to indulge in such cuisine is one of the advantages of dating Chinese women.

Your future Chinese woman will be a great cook, and she can spoil you with dishes like chow mein, hot pot, dumplings, kung pao chicken, and ma po tofu. You’ll get a chance to taste Chinese food. Perhaps, that’s why Chinese wives are in demand nowadays.

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7. Ambitious women

Before you meet Chinese women, you might wonder how career-oriented they can be in real life. The most interesting thing about them is that Chinese girls are known for being quite ambitious when it comes to making careers.

They’ll do their best to achieve their goals. But unlike many Western European women, Chinese girls are capable of balancing their personal or marriage life and their careers. This makes Chinese women quite appealing. 

8. Timid nature of a Chinese lady

Dating Chinese women can be a great experience, but there’s one thing you should know about these charming ladies. They’re not quite talkative. It’s not common for Chinese ladies to be emotionally expressive. And thus, many women in this country are considered to be quite enigmatic.

So, you better be prepared for your Chinese girlfriend to be silent, and this means you need to fill the awkward pauses, which can be regarded as one of the Chinese women dating tips. Chinese brides prefer being listeners.

9. Online daters

One of the most changing trends in China is the rise of internet dating sites and apps. Chinese girls prefer dating online instead of going to conventional places to meet someone. Thus, there’s an increasing number of Chinese women dating online.

It has become simpler to meet and date Chinese women online. Once you know which site is great for you, it’s just a matter of time before you can find and start dating Chinese girlfriend. Isn’t that great for Western guys looking for Chinese women for marriage or dating?

10. Cultural values of a Chinese girl

Before you meet Chinese women online, you should understand that Chinese girls have many cultural values, and these values might be different from your values. The culture of China is influenced mainly by Confucianism, and this explains why family values are emphasized.

While dating Chinese girl, you’ll notice that tea is considered to be a ceremonial drink. This is a part of their traditions and customs as well. What’s more, there are many festivals that you can attend. Simply put, it’s a country of interesting and sometimes strange traditions.

Where to meet a Chinese lady?

If you’re wondering about the best place for dating Chinese women, it can be hard to highlight one particular place. There are many places where you can meet a single Chinese lady. And one of the first things you can consider is traveling to China.

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Top 5 cities to visit

If you’re ready to travel to find these dames, there are great cities worth your attention. If you have money and time, it won’t be challenging to meet a Chinese female who can be a good date for you in China. But where to meet Chinese girls? Let’s reveal the most popular Chinese cities where you can meet single Chinese women.


It’s the capital city, and it’s one of the most popular places, and it’s popular among tourists interested in the Great Wall. Besides, you can visit the Forbidden city popular in China. When in this city, you’ll get a chance to join several guided tours. And don’t forget that you can meet Chinese women in great nightlife places, bars, pubs, etc. Beijing is a great place known for nightlife attractions.


Is Beijing the largest city? No, it’s not, as the largest city is Shanghai. This is one of the best cities to meet Chinese girls. It’s known as the world’s busiest port. What’s more, the city is known to have more than 20 million residents. In other words, it’s the best place to find Chinese girls. So, you might want to head to this city to start your romantic journey.

Hong Kong

If you’re looking for Chinese women with a decent English language level, you better consider traveling to this amazing city. Women in this place are renowned for their elegance, charm, and fashion sense, not to mention that they’re among the most modern women in China, making them popular among Western and local men.


If you’re looking for a charming Asian girl from China, you can also consider going to this city. It’s considered to be one of the most popular places among businessmen. It’s one of the most crowded places in the world, with a population of more than 18 million people. What’s more, it’s a city popular for its Cantonese food and Cantonese language. And it’s no surprise that this city was once called Canton. And don’t forget that it offers a wide range of nightlife venues to date Chinese women.


There are many great cities you can discover in China, and perhaps, you won’t find this place among the list of the biggest cities, but Macau is one of the most interesting destinations for Western men looking forward to meeting Chinese singles. It’s popular for its casinos and nightlife. And it attracts people interested in Portuguese architecture.

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Online dating

While not everyone can go to big cities in this country, there’s a need for an alternative to meeting and dating these women. You can easily date a Chinese girl online. There are many great websites where you can meet women for a serious relationship and create a whole family. But why should one seek women for serious relationships online? Have a look at some benefits of meeting ladies from this country online. 

Convenience in dating a Chinese woman

One of the main reasons why Western men opt for meeting these women online is that it’s completely convenient and hassle-free. Simply put, you don’t need to leave your place to meet someone. Or there’s no need to plan a trip. All are arrangeable by clicking.

Affordable dating option

If you want to find your future Chinese wife, you better consider meeting her on the top Chinese dating sites. Don’t forget that using a dating site is considered to be more cost-effective than going to China and looking for ladies in conventional places.

Meeting a perfect woman

Thanks to the search tool and matchmaking system, you can easily meet someone special. There is a wide range of girls you can choose from. By setting personal parameters, you can meet and date a Chinese girl.

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Dating Chinese women tips

Planning to date a Chinese lady? You should know that it won’t be too easy, but no worries, as it won’t be too challenging, either. To date a Chinese dame, you need to know about some great dating Chinese women tips, and here are some of them:

  • Treat your woman with care and understanding, and don’t forget to shower her with your attention.
  • Ladies from China are known for being reserved, so you should always have some icebreakers to start a conversation.
  • Be patient toward her, as it might take for a woman from China to get attached to you and become more open with you.
  • Avoid discussing the politics of her country, as a typical girl in this country is quite patriotic, so no tolerance for any discussion about China.
beautiful chinese women

Final thoughts

Although Chinese women come from other cultures and backgrounds, they’re quite interested in dating foreigners. And if you think that a Chinese woman can be a good candidate for marriage or dating, all you need is to find a decent platform to meet your ideal woman from China.

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  1. Are there any romance tours to China you can suggest to me? If yes, please provide me with the best options.

    • There are myriads of romance tours to China. You should appeal to the local dating agency. However, I want to suggest you try dating sites like Eastern Honeys before appealing to the romance tour.

  2. I thought Chinese women don’t date foreigners. But now, I’m interested in finding one of these sexy dames.

  3. Hello Jennifer,
    I am glad I found your article… I was just letting my beautiful Shanghai girl I met online a couple months ago how I thought she was “Too good to be true” and that if something is “Too good to be true – it usually is….” But you mentioned in the article about Beijing and Shanghai women who can or tend to be “too good to be true…” Between the language, distance, cultural, and age differences- it will take determination from each of us to get to the point we’re we physically meet someday.
    I really dislike the online platform we communicate on and only wish we had WhatsApp or equivalent type of platform. I do most of the talking but she surprises me with her wit and humor in much of our conversations.
    I have had a few misleading people I have met online and so I am a bit guarded in my thoughts. I would like to talk more about her because she is very special and “Too good to be true “!
    Thank you for the great article and do you have a service for further information?

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