Cuban Girls

Cuban Girls: How to Date Guide for Men.

When it comes to dating Latinas, much has been said about Spanish and Colombian girls. Cubans, however, largely fly under the radar. For people seeking long-term relationships with Cuban girls, this may become a problem.

This issue has not been helped by the fact that the relationship between Cuba and the United States of America has been strained for years. For many Americans, traveling to Cuba has been off the table for years. They never get to know much about the country and its citizens apart from what they see in movies like Narcos and American made.

However, with the recent improvement in the ties between both countries, Americans have rekindled their interest in the country and its people. A lot of these interests have been channeled towards dating and marriage. This article will satisfy the curiosity of anyone interested in Cubans (specifically girls of Cuba) for dating or marriage.

Cuban girls come in a broad range of shapes and sizes. You can find slim, curvy babes, thick girls, and everything in between.

Here, we will talk about Cuba girls, what to expect when dating Cubans, the characteristics of Cuban women, and everything you need to know before starting relationships with Cubans.


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What is Cuba Like?

To fully understand Cubans, you need to know more about the country. There are many stereotypes about Cuba that may negatively influence the way you think about its people, no thanks to its drug-related issues from back in the day.

But where exactly is this Cuba, and what is it truly like? The Republic of Cuba is also known as the country of the West Indies. It is made up of the island of Cuba and many other little archipelagos.

In terms of size, it is just as big as Pennsylvania. It is the largest Caribbean island and looks like a crocodile when viewed from above. This has given Cuba the nickname, ‘El Cocodrilo.’

Life in Cuba has its fair share of drug-related activities, but which country doesn’t? This doesn’t change the fact that its people are one of the most accommodating you can find around.

Cuba is not as dangerous as the media would want you to believe. As tourists, you can go out at night and not be as scared as you’d expect to be in certain other Latin American countries. There are some areas that you would need to be more careful in, but for the most part, Cuba is a safe place to visit.

A little to know about the history of Cuba

When you think about vintage car collectors, cigars, and rum, you should think of Cuba. It is home to approximately 11.2 million people and is located off the coast of Florida and in the Caribbean. Yes, Cuba is one of the beautiful Caribbean islands that you’re so fond of Johnny Depp for.

From the time when Christopher Columbus reached the islands in 1492, and Diego Velasquez founded the first settlements in Cuba, the country has had a steady growth in sugar exportation. Back then, slaves would work to harvest for their Spanish masters. After a while, there came the war as a result of the fact that the slaves started to seek their independence.

Slavery would get stamped out in 1866, but not before leaving traces in the culture and lives of Cubans. After a second war, Spain finally left Cuba alone. Fulenciago Batista took over as a dictator before getting upset by Fidel Castro with his communism that led to a decline in the economy of the country.

The relationship between the US and Cuba grew sour after the Cuban Missile crisis. The standard of living for Cubans dropped and forced Castro to allow tourism in the country as a source of extra revenue. After this, and the takeover of power by Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother, relationships with the US began to slowly improve leading to Obama, the American president in 2015, finally allowing Americans to tour Cuba.

Cuban women

Having known a little about Cuba, let’s get into the real reason we are here – Cuban girls. On their day, these ladies can be beautiful, sexy, and can go toe-to-toe with girls from any other country in terms of attractiveness. However, the downside is that on average, Cuban girls are in the middle of the line in terms of attractiveness.

You may have to go through some bang average girls before finding the one that tickles your fancy.

This makes for more options for men, and that’s a good thing. Not everybody likes the slim girls you’d see on a runway. Some men prefer curvier, thicker cuban women and there is an abundance of them in Cuba.


Cuban Girl

Cuban Girls: Who They Are

Genetics and beauty

As far as genes go, Cubans have mixed ancestry. For most, they share genes that indicate European-origins and African-origins. However, the ancestry of Cubans isn’t reflected in their complexions.

It’s easy to think that a blonde, doe-eyed Cuban woman would have strong European genes. But, in several cases, girls like this had stronger African genes. Sometimes, these girls are identified by their complexions and categorized into black, mestizo, or white.

As far as complexions go, you can find dark-skinned ladies as well as tanned ladies in Cuba. There are also a couple of blondes with blue eyes living in the country. This is down to their ancestry and because of their relations and marriages to foreign men.

When their beauty is brought into the conversation, people have diverse opinions. Depending on what you are looking out for, you’ll find someone that fits the category. If you are into tanned, curvy girls, then thousands of Cubans fit that description. If you prefer slimmer, dark-skinned ladies, then you’ll get them too. It’s a matter of your preference.

The qualities Western men value the most in Cuban girls

When Western men from fancy cities like Miami look at the Caribbean for partners, certain traits come to mind. Cubans embody many of these qualities and if only they got into the spotlight more, these foreign men would know what gems they are. Some of these qualities that can attract to Cuban women are:

  1. Their beauty
  2. Their high sex drive and the fact that they are passionate lovers
  3. Their ability to build a home together with their spouses
  4. Their family values
  5. The affinity they have for children
  6. The fact that they still believe in and practice traditional gender roles and values

The fact that Cuban chicks have most of these qualities make them very endearing to foreign men.

Cuban girls’ characteristics

If you’ve ever been to the country, just by taking a walk and observing the Cubans, you’d notice that their levels of attractiveness differ greatly. One of the reasons why many Cubans may not reach the standards of beauty of the Western world is because of the limited access to makeup, cosmetics and fashion accessories. This isn’t to say that they are ugly – far from it. There are a lot of beauties in Cuba, but more often than not, you’d find average looking girls.

What they lack in looks, they make up for in zeal. There are many single, pretty Cubans, and they are open to dating foreigners. For these women, nationality and age aren’t hindrances to their choice of a partner. You can often see Cuban girls dating older men.

cuban women

The personality and attitudes of Cuban girls

Cubans, even though modernized, have many local families. These families strongly believe in gender roles and therefore you’ll see wives take on the ‘housewife’ role. They make it a point of duty to see that the home is kept, and family members are cared for.

Cuban girls project these values in their everyday life. In relationships, they are caregivers and like to take care of their partners. However, Cubans in the bigger cities are different. Many females are leaning towards feminism and the modern ideologies that gender roles should be abolished. The one common denominator is that both sides of the divide have no problems with letting men be the breadwinners at home.

Cuban girls are not shy – whether indoors or out. When it comes to sexual activity, Cubans are also very active and passionate. They express themselves in the bedroom and if you’re dating a Cuban woman, this is something you are likely to have had a taste of.

Cuban dating is not complicated. Cuban men are aggressive in their approach and this has played a role in the attitudes that Cuban women express. These ladies don’t mind making eye contact when they are impressed by a man. They are bold and love their men bold too. For them, love is fierce.

Women are attracted to the masculinity exhibit. If you are well built, you may have the upper hand, but this isn’t to say that men with ectomorph body types don’t stand a chance. Even if you are as thin as a twig, just be confident and bold with Cubans and you’d have started on the right footing. They are used to the attention that men show them so, if you don’t make yourself seen, they probably won’t notice you.

Cuban girls are friendly and very open to flirting, even though they desire committed relationships. The financial difficulties that Cubans face have a part to play in this. Many women are eking out a living, so if a little flirting will put a few wads of cash in their purses, they are all up for it.

Cuban lady

Long-term relationships and marriage

Cubans are interested in dating for the long term, getting married, and starting a family. The culture in Cuba where you have closely-knit families, similar to what you would find in other Latin American nations influences this desire in these ladies. They want to start their own families and be part of the big extended family.

Cuban girls are sociable. Cubans have a sense of community and if you are in a relationship with a Cuban lady, you can expect to have other people occasionally be up in your business. For some men, this may be a turnoff. However, it has its advantages. The loss of privacy comes with a communal spirit where everyone looks out for and helps everyone else.

There is this growing notion that Cubans are only interested in meeting foreign men as their tickets to leave the country. While this is true for some Havana women who target older foreign men, it isn’t always the case. This issue is more prevalent in Havana men than in local women.

Many Cubans are truly interested in foreigners because of their personalities, and not because of the opportunity for emigration.

If you are interested in dating Cuban women, you should consider these facts. Be careful of who you meet and do an in-depth background check on your ‘bae.’ Even if you don’t exercise such caution, you can still get yourself a keeper, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


3 Important Things to Know Before Marrying a Cuban Girl

  1. Learn to speak Spanish

For a successful relationship with Cuban girls, you need to learn the Spanish language. If you are from a country with Spanish as its main language, then you’re safe and dry. However, if you are from the US or any other country with other languages as its primary language, then this may be challenging for you.

In Cuba, English isn’t a major language. Yes, some Cubans can speak English but for fluent communication, you will have to speak the language they’re familiar with – the Spanish language.

Learning the language will also give you an edge over other foreigners in the area. You will notice that fewer locals will refer to you as ‘gringo’ and opportunistic women will be less inclined to take advantage of you for your money. It will also open more doors for you with women, giving you more options to choose from.

  1. Learn how to dance

Cuban girls are active and they love to have fun and party. They enjoy life and many cultural activities and holidays in Cuba have dances or occasions where Cubans get a chance to dance. The women will be more attracted to you if you can move your body on such occasions.

When you dance well, it can easily be seen as a testament to your good health and virility. You don’t have to be a professional dancer to impress these ladies. Just learn a few traditional dance steps and they will be impressed at the effort you put into learning something about their culture.


  1. Meet her parents

As was earlier mentioned, Cubans are ‘big’ on family, both literally and figuratively. When dating Cuban girls, you will have to get ready to meet their parents and family members. If you are to be their man, they will expect to bring you into the fold.

Sometimes when with her family, some of the family members may look to you to foot the bill when you eat outside. This is related to the mindset that a man should be the breadwinner in the family. Sometimes, they do this to gauge how capable you are of taking care of their daughter, but it is still your money – be assertive and only spend when and on what you want to spend on.

girls of cuba

Where to Meet Cuban Women

There are a host of ways to meet Cuban women. They include:

  1. Online dating

You can meet Cuban girls on dating platforms on the internet. There are many websites with Cuban girls on them looking for interested foreign guys to meet and hook up with or date. When searching online, it all depends on what you want from these ladies.

  1. Havana

Havana is the capital of Cuba and it is also the city with the most Cubans and tourists. Due to its steady influx of tourists, Havana women are accustomed to meeting foreign guys. If you are in Cuba and searching for modern Cuban women, Havana is a pitstop you should make.

  1. Holguin

Holguin is a calm city in Cuba. Here, you are guaranteed to meet many Cuban beauties and the ladies in this city are very fair. So, if you’ve made up your mind to date light-skinned Cubans, this is the place you need to be.

  1. Varadero

Varadero is a hub for tourists. For locals, there is limited access because the area is quite guarded. You can find some classy Cubans and girls from other nations that you can mingle with here.

Life in Cuba


For sightseeing, besides women, consider visiting the beach areas and admiring the coral reefs in Cuba. It’s a great place for snorkeling. While touring Cuba, there are isolated hiking trails, underwater worlds, and beautiful flamingo-inhabited wetlands that you can visit if it’s within your budget.

If you intend to live in Cuba, you should know that it’s the safest island in the Caribbean, and if you use common sense, you’ll do just fine.

travel to Cuba

Drawbacks and overcoming them

Before you go wandering, note that the internet isn’t available everywhere in Cuba. You won’t see hotspots to connect your wifi in most locations. It’s advised that you plan, research, and do your location reviews beforehand.

Most hotels are obligated to register any Cuban girl you bring into the hotel with you, which can be unpleasant. It is recommended that you rent a Casa Particular for your accommodation needs. You can find hosts that will overlook the entire ‘guest registration’ thing.

You may also find it hard to get supplies from stores in some locations. Many areas lack stocked stores and for those with what you need, there may be no signage to let you know that you’re in front of a store. Get ready to ask questions before finding places to buy what you need.

Final Words About Dating Cuban Girls

Cuban women are interesting to meet and be with. Be bold with them as they have a lot going for them in terms of their passion for life and family values. However, if you are dating Cuban women, you should be careful; do background checks and use your head as well as your heart.

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